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    1. involved a fortnightly signing on procedure and, post operation [whilst still waiting for the result], I signed on as normal

    2. Wel I say normal; I sat with a wool hat stretched to its limit over a large bandage whilst

    3. losing most of the normal reference points that social event smal talk requires:

    4. platform choice and sought help – presumably from the most normal

    5. Back to normal, you’ll be glad to hear

    6. The next week went pretty much as normal

    7. Memory is the worst affected by hunger as the brain requires a minute-to-minute supply of glucose for its normal functioning

    8. Reach out beyond your normal scope

    9. Fear, jealousy, resentment, anger etc are all normal, but they are not natural

    10. This is but normal

    11. But Scar was incredibly strong, far stronger than any normal person should be

    12. “Where do you think the gravity returns to normal?” Nancy asked hesitantly

    13. “You must have dropped it while the gravity was shifting back to normal,” Johnny commented, putting the Chip back in his pocket

    14. Technology has advanced our communication and retarded normal conversations

    15. Four local years was less than a normal pregnancy

    16. Don’t worry, the situation will resolve itself in a moment,” Ackers said, thinking quickly that he now had to appear as normal as possible so as not to arouse too much suspicion and have the paper boy call in any authorities

    17. Normal compost tea spray, good for bacterial sprays, mineral sprays

    18. The question then arises: How shall we sit? Is the cross-legged attitude the best, or shall we kneel, or sit, or stand? The easiest and most normal position is the best always

    19. "I feel normal internally but disoriented by all you've told me

    20. Somehow, after my experiences of the previous day, this sort of behavior was almost beginning to feel normal

    21. It relaxes her pottering about with the weeding and dead heading, and by the time Stephen gets home, she is almost normal

    22. do all of these normal things without her

    23. ’ Stephen said, making an attempt to be normal

    24. As is normal with any job these days, I am on a trial period, though in this case it is only one month and not the normal three or six

    25. ’ I said blindly reaching for a digestive, and desperately trying to appear normal

    26. Would it brutalise otherwise normal and intelligent boys? Was I trying to take one step too far with my reasoning? I didn’t really have the means to describe what I was thinking

    27. How could I, a normal boy from the Beirut suburbs, a boy destined for the traditional path no matter how much I might stray in youth, how could I feel this warmth for a man who could as easily kill me stone dead as look at me? Breakfast almost became a dread moment, a mixture of the sublime and the abhorrent

    28. Amy phones me at the on the 24th – I enthuse about her new car (the reason for the call) and, even to my ears, sound reasonably normal

    29. ‘I was so busy in December I hadn’t noticed my period didn’t happen and I’d been lulled into a sense of security by the fact that I had a bit of a period in November … though it wasn’t anywhere near normal

    30. After the living nightmare of the last month, I feel relatively normal, completely washed out, but normal

    31. It is genetically possible, but the girls can't live a normal life so it isn't popular

    32. The fish were spiny and colorful, but adorned with prehensile tails and a row of three eyes on each side of their head where a normal fish would have gills

    33. Just above the lip, these had two more eyes where a normal fish would have nostrils

    34. A further note stated that his medical advisors were contemplating radical and somewhat risky surgery in an attempt to enable him to live a relatively normal life

    35. ‘You know, this time last week I’d never heard of Errd … the concept would have been fantastical, something out of a sci-fi story … and yet as soon as Karal started explaining all seemed so … normal

    36. They meant well, he knew that, but how could they imagine that he could do all of these normal things without her

    37. Hazelnuts are a good source of folate, which plays a key role in keeping homocysteine within normal levels

    38. against the footprints of normal sized feet

    39. He was sleeping soundly, his breath was regular and his pulse was almost normal

    40. "With that get up and this spear we'll be safe from theirops now," Luray told him in a normal voice

    41. "How could you grow up as normal as you have with no human company?"

    42. Your brain tries to compensate, tries to get you back to normal

    43. After awhile your brain expects to be stoned, so being stoned is normal to it

    44. What happened was perfectly normal for two healthy people dating each other

    45. ROBERT: Signs of forced entry and some bleeding would be normal for a first encounter

    46. The redness and irritation is normal since that is the usual state of newly

    47. Slowly Collin’s breathing returned to normal; it slowed and became even, and he started to come around

    48. The East Pole looked like a hole from the outside, but inside it went way back and had three levels, so that it was the size of a normal concert hall while still keeping the atmosphere of a hole

    49. He expected it would go back to normal with me at Myimpaden and Valla in his house

    50. By late Afternoonday of Kadezak the breeze had returned to it's normal languid self and the last week of spring favored them with the full heat of summer

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