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Notional в предложении (на )

  1. The notional value of the futures contract is therefore 100.
  2. It is there that notional wars are waged and real troubles are confronted.
  3. In the same way, a client may put in an order to buy $25,000 notional vega at 30.
  4. She would have sniffed at compliments to her notional beauty; those words had hit their mark.
  5. This is purely notional in the above example because you still need to find the additional $5,000 for the second investment.

  6. The amount of stock that the trader will need to purchase will depend on the size, or notional value, of the futures contract.
  7. Also each year there are a number of territory-wide exercises when notional enemies are dealt with, tactics devised, and carried out.
  8. Why didn’t these Posthumans just come for him already? The notional little banister that had been welded here for safety was slick from snow.
  9. Having observed the FTSE 100 index trading in notional range 5000 to 5500, we establish a long position at 5100 with a stop order to sell at 4900.
  10. His notional assignment as the chief logistician and supplier of all things military had gone well---his true mission and life’s goal even better.
  11. If the buyer of a volatility contract pays 20 for $10,000 vega notional, but the contract is settled in variance points, each variance point has a value of.
  12. And stack gold up against the outstanding notional value of the world’s derivatives market—a whopping $800 trillion—and the value of physical gold looks puny.
  13. That is why, for the time being, let us agree and consider that each “personality” still has a certain notional “length of Life”, although it is very subjective.
  14. I wasn’t tempted to sell out for a big profit, nor to set a tight stop-loss to protect my notional big profit, because I was now in this position for as long as possible.
  15. The global stock markets have a market capitalization of around $40 trillion, and the notional value of the outstanding derivative securities is a staggering $800 trillion.

  16. This VVU-Information hasn’t disappeared anywhere, but is an integral part of its Formo-systems of Worlds from the notional category the Memory-of-the-World-of-the-Past.
  17. Some products have high notional yields and yet low prospective returns, due to high default risk, embedded options, or other complex features that conceal elevated risks and costs.
  18. In essence, these are notional time limits that distinguish a subjective reality of one type from a subjective reality of another type in terms of their energy-information contents.
  19. In the first case, the contract is settled in variance points, with each point having a value equal to the notional vega divided by twice the volatility price: $10,000/(2 × 20) = $250.
  20. The stop level does not change at all unless the trader manually changes it; which he does only when the price retraces and then bounces off a notional support level at around 80 on 7 / 8 April.
  21. So the ungrateful nation was saddled with, though for a while, by a non-Congress kichdi cabinet of notional netaas headed by Deve Gowda with the backing of regional satraps like Chandra Babu Naidu.
  22. As the net equity increased, and my stops were gradually raised, more notional funds were released thereby allowing me to place more rolling bets – without having to introduce any more cash funds.
  23. Of course, this example is very simplified and notional, but, perhaps, it will help you to understand better this very difficult (for the three-dimensional system of Perception) energy-information process.
  24. The profit or loss at expiration for a realized volatility contract will depend on the price at which the initial trade was made, the notional amount of the trade, and the value of the contract at expiration.
  25. Why? The point is that the property of different-qualitative “compatibility” or “incompatibility” is notional to some extent and depends on many intermediate synthetic states of Aspects of each of these Pure Qualities.

  26. One more time: every trade needs a stop-loss, and a stop-loss is that exact price (not a notional, in-your-head price "area"—give me a break!) at which you will close the position in the event of a loss or decrease in profit.
  27. This side-effect of stop orders allows for a form of pyramiding in which you raise your stop levels in line with rising prices, and then reinvest the notional (as in the ETF example) or real (as in spread betting example) additional funds.
  28. If the buyer of a realized volatility contract enters into the trade at a price of 20 percent with an agreed-on notional amount equal to $1,000 per volatility point and the realized volatility over the calculation period turns out to be 23.
  29. The target is somewhat more notional in the sense that it represents a level that, it can reasonably be argued, the security has a good chance of reaching, but it does not mean that the trade will be kept opened until this level is reached.
  30. All objects, whose wave frequencies differ at least “slightly” in their value from “ours” (by at least 10-17 notional centimeters or more), belong to other Worlds with different frequency parameters of individual rotation Cycles; this is why we cannot visually perceive them.
  31. Both these notional types of Energy-Plasma are manifested as equally synthesized in One Whole Creation, however, in the inertial dynamics of different Formo-systems of Worlds, there is predominance of different qualitative types of vibration and different degrees of inertia of realizational Forms.
  32. Nonetheless, it is still preserved in the form of NUU-VVU-Configurations only in the notional category the Memory-of-the-World-of-the-Past, which ALWAYS — just like the Current-Content-of-the-World and the Future-Content-of-the-World — slloogrently structures each skrruullerrt system by Stereo-Types.
  33. While in resonant processes there is a mutual amplification of the creative dynamics due to joint “efforts” on the basis of common Aspects of Qualities peculiar to both systems, tensor tension characterizes that part of Configurations of systems which are in notional “antagonism” (as if “opposition”).
  34. Everything you feel and experience at every moment of your infinite Existence is specific VVU-Information vested in Energy of definite quality, which is formed in this wave Configuration by an innumerable set of all possible force UU-VVU-interrelations that exist at this notional moment between Aspects of all Pure Cosmic Qualities.
  35. Do understand that it is very difficult to comprehend this entire notional space-time structure for those who try to study IISSIIDIOLOGY but still fail to understand anything only because Configurations of focused-by-Them Forms still have Self-Consciousness greatly differentiated into nonexistent “particulars” and “discretenesses”.
  36. So that to begin to gradually understand this very complex issue, let’s consider one notional instant from different points of view, by simultaneously “including” into it both an aboriginal (in the traditional understanding, it’s an uneducated, intellectually underdeveloped “human being”) and a highly-intellectual “human being”.
  37. Right? And what is the notional (because it doesn’t exist actually!) un-synthesized dynamic (that is, inertial) state of MENTO-Plasma? It is Information, or, the whole aggregate of all possible kinds of Collective Intelligences that represent the realization of VVU-, FFAY- and YYA’-Forms of OO-UU-Entities of the RESOSCONTIONAL Branch of development.
  38. Thus, we make sure on the basis of this notional “image” that every Stereo-Type (”puzzle piece”) is initially included into differently-directed “rotation” dynamics of sequential UFS refocusings “made with different intensities at one and the same moment in the entire diversity of Directions corresponding to a given qualitative Ray of Choice Vectors.
  39. If you were more attentive, dear Uksstukkullur, you would have noticed that any “discrimination” of the features of notional “mentality” relative to the features of notional “astrality” doesn’t exist: both the Mental Plane-Overtone and the Astral Plane-Overtone simultaneously and equally manifest themselves in one and the same range of Energy-Plasma — from +9.
  40. Usually, it doesn’t exceed extreme limits of notional diapasons of dimensions (the 1st-2nd, 2nd-3rd, 3rd-4th, 4th-5th, 5th-6th dimensions and so on), but periodicallythere are such resopasonal (transitional) periods, in its inertial Existence (for example, as the one that our Continuum has now), when the range of creative manifestation of all Forms increases almost by a half!32.
  41. After another (to “you”) fact of “Death”, this lowest-qualitative part of NUU-VVU-Configurations of “the personality” in which You also inertially focus after “Death” (in your more favorable scenarios) can no longer rezonationally participate (“belong to”), as before, in the further dynamics of your Self-Consciousness (in the notional category the Future-Content-of-the-World).
  42. There is only that which is “encoded” in the temporal ethereal constituent, and we “realize ourselves” (“implement ourselves creatively”) in our inertial development not from “the past” into “the future”, but vice versa, from the notional “end” of the initial Process of our simultaneous creative manifestations on Levels of Formo-Matter into its notional inertial “beginning”.
  43. I have already mentioned that the degree of compatibility is quite a notional term, because in any energy-information interaction between two different-qualitative Aspects a new, third, state is continuously synthesized, which I call Creative, that is, the one that potentially contains all individual possibilities of the two main participants of the process and something else, which previously hasn’t been present in any of them.
  44. What does the word RESOSCONTIONAL mean? I have told you that I invented it from the words “resonance” and “concentration”, that is, it’s the state of a certain “concentrated resonance”, which makes it possible (at any notional moment of Existence of the Creation) for any thing (that consists of Energy and Information) to be simultaneously used in billions of various combinations, irrespective of the Universums to which “users” belong.
  45. If this is “an instantaneous Death”, then, even though it inertially “lasts” for one notional “instant”, the process of its clear individual perception in the next inertial flow of the NUU-VVU-Configurations will take about three seconds or about 1000 SSFU-UNGSS-shifts (during which the “personality” will feel light dizziness) and, therefore, will pass through no more than a thousand of duvuyllerrt group of Worlds (and Stereo-Types included in them).
  46. Moreover, the difference of Configurations of Self-Consciousnesses of the NUU-VVU-Forms of “people” from the dynamics of Self-Consciousnesses of other Proto-Forms is that, in ODS, the Configurations of “people” have their own unique mental-psychological Sphere of Creative Activity, the notional “coordinate axes” of manifestation of which are the two qualitative Dominants that in definite degree correlate with the background dynamics of Aspects of the other ten Pure Qualities.
  47. The World is the instantaneously expressed (in a definite type of Space-Time) dynamics of different-qualitative energy-information interrelations (but not at all spatial positions of simultaneously manifested objects relative to each other!) carried out in the noo-time mode between all Forms of Collective Intelligences not in one notional dimension, but on various frequency Levels, in a very wide qualitative range of Energy-Plasma which is inertially synthesized by Collective Intelligences of all these Forms.
  48. After that — actually at the same notional instant! — there is inertial (only individually for “us” but not for anybody else!) karmo-quantization or frequency “materialization” of this VVU-Information (that is, a decrease of the dynamics of our FCA and FDR from Levels of the superlight flaks dynamics of the flluuy Fields-Consciousnesses that structure this Information to wave NUU-VVU-Configurations of lower-qualitative Levels characteristic of the Fields-Consciousnesses of elementary particles of our Reality.
  49. Every one of you “personally”, in each of Worlds of this Formo-system, inertially have the resonance not simultaneously with all Formo-copies that constitute the NUU-VVU-Configuration focused by You at a given moment (don’t forget that at any moment you can focus not a full “personality” visually manifested in a given Space-Time, but only the Configuration of one of its notional 328 Stereo-Types), but sequentially: at this instant — with one of your UU-VVU-copies, at the next instant — with another one, then — with a third one, and so on.
  50. All these narrowly-specific concentrated states of the general creative dynamics of Energy-Plasma that are provided by the noo-time dynamics of self-conscious Elements (Fields-Consciousnesses) of the RESOSCONTIONAL Branch of development are absolutely fathomless, boundless, they can never become exhausted, end, but only infinitely (inertially) multiply in each notional instant in billions of billions of specific situations implemented in individual rotation Cycles of all possible Forms of Collective Intelligences that structure innumerable Conversums of Universes and Universums of the Creation.
  51. Owing to this, each of UU-VVU-copies is continuously projected (by vibrations of its typical SFUURMM-Forms) into the dynamics of all creatively active NUU-VVU-Configurations and has no idea about any subjective “Death” of any “personality” and never interrupts its participation in all the dynamics of the Subconscious activity of those NUU-VVU-Configurations, which are objectively structured by the VVU-Configurations of this UU-VVU-copy (simultaneously in all notional beyond-time categories: the Memory-of-the-World-of-the-Past, the Current-Content-of-the-World, and the Future-Content-of-the-World).
  52. If you can at least slightly abstract yourself from the inertial process, in which your “personality” Self-Consciousness sequentially realizes itself, you will understand that all that “we” and all of “them” (UU-VVU-copies) in each our subjective “now” experience (in the whole energy-information volume of our joint Existence — eons of time in “the past” and eons of time in “the future”) already initially IS and is projected to us from “the future”, which in fact is Our true, higher-qualitative “Past” “separated” from our “present” subjective existence only by notional inertial “limits”.
  53. But again, only with a particular NUU-VVU-Configuration (although, this NEVER happens, because each personality, even in the notional category the Memory-of-the-World-of-the-Past, always continues to live in its typical scenario!), while it is absolutely impossible for all NUU-VVU-Configurations; in order to do it, RRGLUU-VVU itself must somehow disappear, but this simply in principle cannot be, because it — through the whole set of interrelated (among themselves) Configurations of Formo-Types of LLUU-VVU — energy-informationally structures particular creative dynamics of many rotation Cycles of Formo-systems of Worlds and Continuums (which also means Conversums, Universes, Universums, and the whole Creation!).
  54. When one of countless factor Axes for some reason ceases to “unfold” VVU-Configurations of UU-VVU-Forms in the information space of the Self-Consciousness (it is one of intermediate “ends” of sequentially changing scenarios of this rotation Cycle) and their UU-VVU-copies stop to be projected into ODS, at the same instant, any existing UU-VVU-copy has a real opportunity to continue its life creativity in the same way (simultaneously and occasionally) in the same rotation Cycle (but in the notional category the Memory-of-the-World-of-the-Past), as well as through the structures of Self-Consciousnesses of many other “personalities”, where their participation is provided by the same (in terms of quality) specific content of the temporal ethereal constituent.
  55. In the whole different-qualitative and boundless multidimensionality of Space-Time of the Universe, any variant of your “future” scenario of development, into which you will certainly refocus one day, already initially exists, being “unpacked-unfolded” at this very instant in the information “space” of your “future” Form, just like every instant of any of scenarios of your “past” lived by you also always already initially exists, not only in your recollections of it, but as the most real — for your other “personalized” Interpretations — “present” (which we refer to the notional time category the Memory-of-the-World-of-the-Past — that eternal state of Space-Time, where absolutely all variants of our “past” always exist, and, whatever we do “now” or in “the future”, we cannot change their specific sequential dynamics for a single instant).
  56. When they “are unfolded” in the information space of Self-Consciousness and are perceived by the system of Perception of “the personality” (by the Formo-Creators of the brain) as “external circumstances of its Life”, they undergo a certain kleks-change, subjectively “collapse” (“are archived”) into electromagnetic oscillations that are suitable for the biochemical activity of the bio-Creators of the nervous and endocrine systems, are reflected as a psychic reaction (through the corresponding Focus of Dual Reflection of a SFUURMM-Form that already exists in ODS) in the information space of Self-Consciousness of “the personality” and, after generating a new creative Impulse in the skrruullerrt system, return not to the OLLAKT-DRUOTMM-system, but to their initial “place” in the temporal ethereal constituent, automatically becoming a part of the dynamics of the notional category the Memory-of-the-World-of-the-Past.
  57. At a certain conscious instant of its multidimensional Existence, following a strong inertial resonance with individual high-frequency thinking of one of Forms of Self-Consciousness, one of slloogrent Focuses that organize some realizational part of the Creative Activity of one of Configurations of this flaks rezonationally becomes (during one notional instant) a structural part of the quantum-holographous dynamics of TEC that are “unpacked-unfolded” in the information space of Self-Consciousness of a certain “personality” and, being immediately automatically kleksized in its resopason by the dynamics of the Focus of one of high-frequency karmo-klofts of this Reality (that is, being rezonationally involved in an energy-information interaction with a SFUURMM-Form formed by it), it can — only during this notional instant! — inertially manifest in this information space in the form of a wave Configuration of a certain Thought-Form (VVU-Information) of a corresponding quality.

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