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    1. “Sorry,” he said as he entered, “Sometimes the staff can be quite obtuse

    2. The angles become more obtuse

    3. to what appeared to be a deliberately obtuse question

    4. to tell if the man was being deliberately obtuse, and

    5. She ended up calling him obtuse,

    6. aggravating ways, her obtuse view of the world and how things were, Heather still

    7. ‘I don’t mean to be obtuse or such,’ said Janice

    8. Whether the Redguard ever realized how pettily obtuse she was being or not, he would not cater to or indulge it DRAFTChapter 8 129

    9. Mother was rambling from the start of the obtuse conversation

    10. General Rubin entrenched his forces in a disused Bacardi distillery, with rough trenches built at an angle obtuse to the approaches

    11. This is too much! I must be spiritually and morally obtuse because these hackneyed storylines seldom seem to ―move‖ me

    12. At other times you speak of obtuse philosophical questions with more sophistication than I could

    13. Some of these may seem slight, obtuse, even petty, and I beg the

    14. The firm, uniform, rhythmic flight, from the obtuse hillsides mending the bluish summits, thinly at first, then extending, energetically, the fabulous ailerons allowing him to glide on the tiny greenish heads of the trees and the transparent threads of the rivers, similar to the hair of a woman lifted to the wind

    15. Heterosexuals are sometimes very obtuse

    16. However, Jersey was being his typical obtuse and obnoxious self

    17. Shimon, a solidly-built man with a rather obtuse appearance, hesitated but finally walked away, glancing from time to time behind him to see what Yeshua was doing

    18. without being overpowering and obtuse

    19. � He came to attention once inside the room and saluted Robertson, a solidly built man but also an officer that could be quite obtuse

    20. Seeing that Robertson was even more obtuse than she had expected, Nancy decided to take off the gloves with him at once

    21. While she was still proud to be a Canadian, she was much less proud of the present government of her country and of the obtuse, biased security officers it was throwing in her path

    22. ‘’Without baffling you with our usual, obtuse military jargon, Madam President, I can tell you that these pictures show that the Chinese have effectively occupied the Senkaku Islands and that they are in the process of landing sizeable garrisons on them


    24. He was not however obtuse or blind and knew too well about the infighting within the kingdom

    25. Try to keep from doing anything obtuse, said Ben

    26. Perhaps she was obtuse

    27. He tested her and was as enthralled as everybody else but could not explain her achievements as she was able to answer his questions including obtuse mathematical problems filling a blackboard even before he had finished writing the question

    28. You are being very obtuse today and it’s getting late’

    29. Then there was the obtuse stuff

    30. Venarya recognized that she was deliberately being obtuse on the details, and respected Yazril�s privacy despite her curiosity

    31. She also says that she’s not trying to be intentionally obtuse, but she will relay as much information to you as she thinks is prudent

    32. But wouldn’t she be happier here with Samir? He might be obtuse about his feelings, but there was a lot more to recommend him

    33. When I think of Poseidon and of his hostility towards Ulysses, I think of a god who is obtuse, unfair and domineering

    34. Specially after keeping in mind the people she lives with, in her house; your obtuse parents, the heartless you

    35. No, in that way you’ll never create a New Science! Of course, it shouldn’t be either let “desecrated” and “profaned” by such dilettantes as myself, but there must be some limit for the obtuse stubbornness that makes it impossible to see and discern in the outer reality even the most obvious manifestations of Consciousness on the part of all possible “Fields” created and explored by you — this is

    36. Netanyahu, for a man of phenomenal IQ with degrees from MIT and Harvard, is phenomenally obtuse

    37. But, her obtuse behavior the day before, when she purposely kept

    38. Those who think of monogamy as something imposed on human nature through external authority, a sort of strait jacket of emotional restraint, are obtuse to the overwhelming testimony of human nature

    39. The other corner was disproportionately obtuse

    40. To this Sancho made answer, "Indeed those gentlemen the judges that send you to me might have spared themselves the trouble, for I have more of the obtuse than the acute in me; but repeat the case over again, so that I may understand it, and then perhaps I may be able to hit the point

    41. What sort of an obtuse, self-absorbed friend had Madeline been to have missed something like that? Just because Celeste didn’t walk around nursing black eyes and split lips didn’t mean there hadn’t been clues, if she’d just bothered to notice them

    42. To compete with phrasemongers, incapable of thinking consecutively for sixty seconds? To submit himself to the criticisms of an obtuse middle class which entrusted its morality to policemen and its fine arts to impresarios?

    43. "I have been very obtuse, Watson," said he

    44. “Obtuse? Me? God, you’re challenging

    45. Marian, primed to a humorous mood, would discover the queer-shaped flints aforesaid, and shriek with laughter, Tess remaining severely obtuse

    46. She was being obtuse on purpose, he thought

    47. “Because they’re waiting to see if you’ll actually use it, you obtuse prick!” my father shouted back

    48. This type of configuration, looks like an obtuse angle (greater than 90 degrees)

    49. “She needs to buy something to have an excuse for having been here,” the Mechanic said wearily, like he was accustomed to the yellow-haired man being obtuse

    50. But though Rakitin was very sensitive about everything that concerned himself, he was very obtuse as regards the feelings and sensations of others—partly from his youth and inexperience, partly from his intense egoism

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