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Offset в предложении (на )

  1. This was given to help offset the.
  2. As an offset, he laughed at everything.
  3. Offset some cost by selling the August 67.
  4. It greatly offset the indifference handed.
  5. Note: There are also offset pan connectors.

  6. Using essential oils can offset this type.
  7. Every good thing has a drawback to offset it.
  8. Offset some cost by also selling the August 47.
  9. This would be precisely offset by the net of 0.
  10. This negative value is offset by the credit of 2.
  11. This appears to be offset by the resistive force.
  12. But even that was offset when blubber boy--or the.
  13. Marie offset this hurt by keeping her mind and her.
  14. This was mainly to offset the cost of maintaining the.
  15. Adding a weekly cheat day can offset this unwanted effect.

  16. So trades in these could be merely offset with other ETFs.
  17. This has several downsides that offset its ease and speed.
  18. His energy level ebbed, to offset which he drank more coffee.
  19. This is because you have some positives to offset the negative.
  20. Secondly, changes in the business cycle can offset additional.
  21. Equity loss offset by theoretical gain in put options of $3,950.
  22. That offset causes the position of the rising sun, when measured.
  23. A business can offset the negative effects from inflation if it:.
  24. Nevertheless, the premium you received will help offset the losses.
  25. Thus, certain declines in BRP will directly be offset by widening ERPB.

  26. Small reversals are possible, so long as they are offset by what follows.
  27. The offset is calculated based on the time zone at the local SAS session.
  28. There are many different ways to manage or offset risks in option selling.
  29. Straddles are very expensive, so it takes a big move to offset their cost.
  30. As such, they will do the most to offset the negative gamma in this range.
  31. Contra account : An account that is offset by a matching associated account.
  32. What we now have are two series of 872 monthly returns, offset by one month.
  33. The only factor that could possibly offset this decrease in EVA would be an.
  34. You can offset the labor-intensive business of constantly reaiming the coolant.
  35. Any fears which Miriam experienced were wholly offset by a devout thankfulness.
  36. If the loss in interest is great enough, it may more than offset the profit of.
  37. The +08:00 hour offset means that GMT plus 8 hours will give you the local time.
  38. Through selling another call, some of the cost of the long option will be offset.
  39. The higher return offset the higher risk, however, bringing the Sharpe ratio to.
  40. The composition and characteristics of the assets that offset the capitalization.
  41. For those in between, you will need to start with relaxation to offset the tension.
  42. Offset the cost by selling the August 9 puts (15 cents) for a bullish Risk Reversal.
  43. TZONEDSTOFF returns the time zone offset value for the specified daylight saving time.
  44. For him, the occasional shriek or scream was more than offset by a man’s blasphemy.
  45. In the long run, however, a good trader’s profits will more than offset his losses.
  46. TZONESTTOFF returns the time zone offset value for the specified daylight saving time.
  47. These forces tend to push the curve shape in opposite directions and offset each other.
  48. If the price does decline, the put can be sold at a profit to offset losses in the stock.
  49. We need something that will offset your vulnerability but will have some class to it.
  50. Choose a color that is a bit lighter than your regular foundation to offset the circles.
  51. You will need all the markup you can get with these products to offset the high cost of.
  52. Others say, We buy back enough shares to offset the dilution of our stock-option grants.
  53. The refounders made conditions something narrower, but offset that by quadrupling the value.
  54. I guess it qualifies as a minor attunement, but it's not enough to offset the fire you have.
  55. The time zone offset might also be indicated by the letter Z, representing the zero meridian.
  56. Each is balanced by the other in the infinite here or offset by the other in the eternal now.
  57. While the two positions are open, they will offset each other equally, so it’s a perfect hedge.
  58. Each simulation in a group performed identical motions, offset a bit in time, position and angle.
  59. Thus the profits taken may not offset the losses occasioned by unsound commitments in this field.
  60. However, the profit from the long November contract was not nearly enough to offset the loss of 38.
  61. I may even reduce this rate further but that could be offset by the cost of the gun and ammunition.
  62. Therefore, the conversion from local time to time at the zero median is local time minus the offset.
  63. Remember that anything added later, after the estimate has been given, will offset the initial quote.
  64. You will need to sell Calls at the right timeframes to collect enough premiums to offset commissions.
  65. Selling has an open-ended risk, thus shorts can demand modestly inflated premiums to offset that risk.
  66. If the stock drops, the put might increase in value, which would offset part of the loss in the stock.
  67. The $130 call is profitable up to $135, at which point its gains are offset by losses on the $135 call.
  68. But in the long run, that risk is offset because they are also collecting double the amount of premiums.
  69. Note that there are no delimiters in the ISO basic datetime string including the +/- of the time offset.
  70. Because they are different contracts, the long and short underlying positions will not offset each other.
  71. In the beginning of banking, interest was used to offset the risk of providing the credit to the borrower.
  72. Since it was inboard, the loss of thrust didn't require much rudder offset to maintain a straight heading.
  73. But when he does win, he can expect a return that is great enough to more than offset all the small losses.
  74. Notice that with only an average volatility increase the negative affects of time decay are totally offset.
  75. An Administration order can take a large part of your disposable income to offset the relatively high cost.
  76. This allows for the possibility of earning enough money to offset a substantial portion of the current loss.
  77. But to offset that, he’d still heard nothing from Tyrwait, who commanded the other one of those regiments.
  78. The instability of individual companies may conceivably be offset by means of thoroughgoing diversification.
  79. The American firm can offset the risk it has acquired by purchasing a call option on euros, for example, a 1.
  80. As noted, we can offset this risk by trading a futures spread along with the futures option calendar spread.
  81. It is a book of darkness; you have to search for a book of light that can offset the effect of this spell!.
  82. I know you want to sell put options to collect enough cash to partially offset the loss from buying the calls.
  83. It should be made very clear from the offset exactly which fields need to be fil ed in and which are optional.
  84. But to offset this seeming laxity, we insist on a satisfactory assurance of safety based on adequate analysis.
  85. I offset that a bit by registering over forty miles for each gallon of gas that I used, even approaching fifty.
  86. Of course any appreciation he might have shown could not offset my sacrifice, and he didn’t show any, anyway.
  87. Even if he only wins 1 time in 38, this will still more than offset the small losses he takes each time he loses.
  88. Risk-neutral investors will require a break-even yield cushion over Treasuries to offset expected default losses.
  89. It is well to remember that all initial steps are hard, for the habits and rhythms of many years have to be offset.
  90. The new implied volatility at time of offset is an important factor in the computing the profit/loss of the trade.
  91. Why I could almost believe you took one of my sleeping pills to offset the diet pills, she muttered aloud.
  92. In order to show the relationship between the two, the scales were offset so the lines did not completely overlap.
  93. I sold these options, he’ll explain, and then I bought one of these to offset it, but then XYZ happened.
  94. For the strategy to be profitable, the rise in implied volatility has to be sufficiently large to offset time decay.
  95. Clem was bigger than Louie, had a crew cut to offset Louie’s shoulder-length hair, and looked a heckuva lot meaner.
  96. The offset is calculated from the time at the zero meridian in Greenwich, England, using the TIMEZONE= system option.
  97. With fewer than 20 days to the dividend payment, we can never earn enough interest to offset the loss of the dividend.
  98. Note that the trader will avoid call calendar spreads because the volatility and skew will tend to offset each other.
  99. When determining whether the stock repurchases add value, disregard those repurchases made to offset options dilution.
  100. Up front, can you see anything up ahead yet? Moshe shouted, loudly enough he hoped to offset the noise of the rain.
  1. A method of offsetting this high premium is to sell another option.
  2. For most of us, offsetting one or two of the dangers is the best we can hope for.
  3. Aggressive public-sector borrowing is partly offsetting private-sector de-leveraging.
  4. Uncovered (Naked) – An option position that does not have an offsetting position in the underlying stock.
  5. The offsetting effect of the strangle simply gives the trader more flexibility in deploying these techniques.
  6. This offsetting effect of a strangle can create a more stable, less-volatile position for the investor.
  7. However, the value of the other option will decrease, at least partially offsetting the increase in the first.
  8. They’ll take the necessary measures for offsetting the amount you want and normally say yes to your enquiry.
  9. In more mundane cases, a change to tax laws may impair the effectiveness of a hedge or an offsetting position.
  10. The recommended strategy (writing naked puts) contains no such offsetting position, and the put is uncovered.
  11. We do not believe in offsetting losing positions with new positions because they can create two problems out of one.
  12. Price increases add value to the business when they add to operating income, rather than just offsetting new expenses.
  13. Here I just note the Pollet–Wilson (2008) finding that the weak empirical relation reflects two offsetting effects.
  14. Then an offsetting position opposite of the position in the basket of stocks would be entered in S&P 500 futures contracts.
  15. Sure there is an offsetting long that can sell the futures/ETF’s, but who has the urgency here? Clearly the squeezed short.
  16. If it is not one (with future rate changes offsetting yield advantage), it must be the other (realized return advantage).
  17. Delta hedging involves offsetting a call option’s delta through dynamic stock trading in a way that eliminates directional exposure.
  18. Spread A long market position and an offsetting short market position usually, but not always, in contracts with the same underlying market.
  19. However, many derivative strategies require carrying an offsetting stock position to expiration, at which time the stock position is liquidated.
  20. While the option sold on the other side of a strangle will offset losses of an adverse move against the other, this offsetting effect is limited.
  21. The legacy portfolio is doing much better but that is because Trinity Mirror is holding up well and its runaway success is offsetting a lot of pain.
  22. This will have the effect of offsetting our downside net contract risk and reducing our negative vega while locking in some of the theoretical edge.
  23. If the portfolio consists of many long and short combinations, their mutual offsetting can distort the information about portfolio call-to-put ratio.
  24. It may be objected that the large increase in bond interest rates since 1961 would justify some offsetting reduction in the coverage of charges required.
  25. The risk would be that instead of someone kindly buying the offsetting puts after the market maker has bought the calls, more sellers of options appear.
  26. These three factors—the amount of encumbrances, the operations, and the nature of the assets themselves—tend to be interrelated and may be offsetting.
  27. Because at-the-money options are neutral with respect to kurtosis, a trader can achieve this by taking an offsetting vega position in at-the-money straddles.
  28. Without the offsetting short put position, the market maker is therefore exposed to losses; he will lose money if the value of implied volatility falls below 24.
  29. There are also offsetting happy surprises to the upside, but it is very hard to develop an intuitive grasp of the contribution of randomness to our trading results.
  30. We initiated the spreads by either purchasing or selling options and then offsetting the option’s delta with an opposing delta position in the underlying contract.
  31. In most cases, excursions beyond support or resistance are usually short-lived, as they are quickly met by offsetting pressure that pushes the market back into the range.
  32. How does the exchange make this decision? The party who is assigned must be someone who has sold the option and has not closed out the position through an offsetting trade.
  33. If you are wrong, and the market and prices move higher, the long-call gains value almost as fast as your short call, at least partially offsetting losses on your short call.
  34. While there may be no real mathematical difference between offsetting risks of loss by a higher income or by a chance for profit, the psychological difference is very important.
  35. But: the offsetting balance to this raising of human populations out of complete slavery and oppression has, in the last two centuries, been the rape and pollution of the entire planet.
  36. This finding may reflect the forward-looking nature of stock prices (they reflect cash flow news several quarters and years ahead) or the offsetting impact of changing required returns.
  37. The potential for profit or loss is limited in this strategy because an offsetting Strangle is positioned around the two options that make up the option Strangle at the middle strike prices.
  38. A lower dividend return for a common stock should not ordinarily be considered as a strong offsetting factor, since the dividend is usually adjusted to the earning power within a reasonable time.
  39. There is also the point, so far almost overlooked, that income bonds effect a substantial saving in corporation taxes as compared with preferred stocks, without important offsetting disadvantages.
  40. This trader can add the half she already exited back to the trade; a stop-out at the initial stop point will now be only a half-sized loss because of the offsetting win on half the initial position.
  41. Offsetting this somewhat is the likelihood that the insurance company knows that the more senior the issue and the shorter its maturity, the less the corporate analysis that needs or ought to be undertaken.
  42. If some stocks in the index rise while others fall, the offsetting changes in stock prices may result in the index itself remaining unchanged, even though the price of every stock in the index may have changed.
  43. What we apparently see with some regularity is two offsetting days on Monday and Tuesday of expiration week (turnaround Tuesday anyone?) followed by a pretty good chance of consistent strength for the remainder of the week.
  44. The empirical analysis discussed below can distinguish whether wide yield spreads tend to predict offsetting future changes in rates (or prices) or, instead, high near-term returns, but they leave the question of rationality open.
  45. Hence if a bond is both well secured and convertible into many shares at a low price, it will have an excellent chance for very large profit without being subject to the offsetting risk of greater loss through a speculative dip in the price of the stock.
  46. Aren’t those all the things we’re trying to avoid by selling options in the first place? Offsetting with futures may work in some situations, but our experience has been that it’s best to set a firm exit point when you enter a trade and abide by it.
  47. The modest returns of standard commodity indices such as the S&P GSCI in recent years—notably negative roll return offsetting most of the spot price gains in 2000s—have raised interest in more dynamic indices that try to enhance performance in various ways.
  48. Here is a recap on option pricing using the replication argument: in the classic Black–Scholes–Merton (BSM) world [1] option traders can continuously delta-hedge the market-directional (delta) risk of their options by trading offsetting amounts of the underlying security, and thus create a synthetic risk-free asset.
  49. Since the expiration of the front month would result in a large net delta exposure, exposure to the raw directional moves of the underlying stock, professionals will use a jelly roll to move the delta exposure from one month to another, offsetting the exposure in both months leaving no net delta exposure once the front month expires.
  1. Being jostled in the offsets.
  2. GDP growth and higher consumer spending offsets the higher risk.
  3. The hairless body of the bodybuilder offsets this intimidating undertone.
  4. As some offsets aren't full hours, this can give you an incorrect result.
  5. Above that call strike price, the stock keeps appreciating, but the covered call offsets all of that appreciation.
  6. A hedge is used to limit losses and involves taking a position in one security that offsets a position in a related security.
  7. To the extent that the growth of accounts payable offsets the growth of accounts receivable, no additional capital is required.
  8. The strangle gives them this luxury because they know that the other side of the strangle at least partially offsets their loss.
  9. These sums would work out to a loss of about $35 per share of common before dilution offsets, or twice its then current market price.
  10. If investors are not fully rational, then maybe more than offsets: proponents of investor irrationality argue that hoped-for growth is overpriced.
  11. The mechanics of such a tax loss carryback transaction can be best explained by a relatively simple example that assumes there are no recapture offsets.
  12. Mindfulness offsets the mind’s tendency toward negative thoughts and allows you to stay in touch with happiness while you are moving about in the world.
  13. Every experienced trader is willing to accept several small losses if he can occasionally offset these with one big win that more than offsets the losses.
  14. This loss after offsets is usually treated under Section 1231 of the Internal Revenue Code as an ordinary loss, even though the assets are considered capital assets.
  15. Apparently, the average variance component offsets and conceals the market-timing ability of correlation, leaving stock market variance unable to predict market returns.
  16. From self-regulation to built-in obsolescence to accelerated safety testing to cost savings through pollution offsets, we have witnessed a wiggly piggish haste to profit.
  17. Under law they are entitled to charge rates sufficiently remunerative to attract the capital they need for their continuous expansion, and this implies adequate offsets to inflated costs.
  18. The latter variable may suffer from cyclicality that offsets its predictive ability: fiscal deficits and debt tend to expand during recessions when low growth and low inflation keep bond yields low.
  19. This also diminishes the total risk of the portfolio because in the case of a market breakdown, excess put options yield additional profit which offsets partially the losses incurred by short positions.
  20. A long straddle or strangle that involves a simultaneous position in a long call and long put, is profitable if the increase in either option’s price more than offsets the decrease in the other option’s price.
  21. The cost of this option offsets some of the unrealized profit from his short position in the November VIX futures contract, but it also provides protection against a move higher in the November VIX futures contract.
  22. They are provided as part of National Language Support (NLS), but these functions are covered in this section because this is where the formats and informats that provide for time zone offsets and support for UTC are detailed.
  23. Invest in a single share and if you struck it lucky the investment can multiply many times in a single year, and for some people with an appetite for danger that offsets the risk that the company could fold, taking every penny of the investor’s money with it.
  24. Unlike, say, venture capital, with which the investor is seeking a pot of gold (albeit with some diversification so that the occasional winner offsets the losers), the chart is relevant to the large segment of any portfolio designed to create a rate of return for opportunistic capital.
  25. Allowing on the one hand for income tax and other offsets against these special profits but on the other hand for probable additional profits from the sale of securities by the manufacturing subsidiary, it seems likely that all or nearly all of the apparent improvement in earnings for 1928 was due to nonoperating items.
  26. Internal Revenue Code, in many situations where a company sells to an unrelated party assets used in the trade or business (whether they are current or fixed, from an accounting point of view) for less than the tax basis of those assets, the selling company will have realized a loss for tax purposes subject to offsets, namely, possible tax recapture of investment tax credits and accelerated depreciation.

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