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Offset in a sentence

happens to offset it.
ily offset this strategy.
offset the noise of the rain.
order to offset the blue eyes.
offset it with a positive one.
This was given to help offset the.
have a dry run at fitting this offset.

offset the balance of that equation was.
As an offset, he laughed at everything.
legitimate tax deduction to offset their.
Offset some cost by selling the August 67.
Note: There are also offset pan connectors.
Using essential oils can offset this type.
offset, with scant reward in the early days.
It greatly offset the indifference handed.
Every good thing has a drawback to offset it.
years so you will have some profits to offset.
Offset some cost by also selling the August 47.
This would be precisely offset by the net of 0.
for the last time and glue the offset on at the.
be the challenge he needed to offset his boring.
This appears to be offset by the resistive force.
This negative value is offset by the credit of 2.
tially offset some of the negatives? Can supple-.
But even that was offset when blubber boy--or the.
Marie offset this hurt by keeping her mind and her.
your good hormones, or hormones that offset the bad.
to offset the inability of the material to carry heat.
70 in our pocket and that will precisely offset the 0.
00, which would exactly offset a theoretical edge of +6.
This was mainly to offset the cost of maintaining the.
• Offsetting price movements.
stock options dilution, offsetting.
plastic washers that enable the offsetting of.
A method of offsetting this high premium is to sell another option.
For most of us, offsetting one or two of the dangers is the best we can hope for.
60 put will decrease, thus offsetting, at least partially, the movement in the call.
Aggressive public-sector borrowing is partly offsetting private-sector de-leveraging.
Uncovered (Naked) – An option position that does not have an offsetting position in the underlying stock.
The offsetting effect of the strangle simply gives the trader more flexibility in deploying these techniques.
This offsetting effect of a strangle can create a more stable, less-volatile position for the investor.
The recommended strategy (writing naked puts) contains no such offsetting position, and the put is uncovered.
However, the value of the other option will decrease, at least partially offsetting the increase in the first.
They’ll take the necessary measures for offsetting the amount you want and normally say yes to your enquiry.
In more mundane cases, a change to tax laws may impair the effectiveness of a hedge or an offsetting position.
We do not believe in offsetting losing positions with new positions because they can create two problems out of one.
Here I just note the Pollet–Wilson (2008) finding that the weak empirical relation reflects two offsetting effects.
Price increases add value to the business when they add to operating income, rather than just offsetting new expenses.
* But there are two offsetting factors, one of which is practically ignored and the other entirely so in optimistic markets.
Then an offsetting position opposite of the position in the basket of stocks would be entered in S&P 500 futures contracts.
Sure there is an offsetting long that can sell the futures/ETF’s, but who has the urgency here? Clearly the squeezed short.
If it is not one (with future rate changes offsetting yield advantage), it must be the other (realized return advantage).
4 million people had succeeded in acquiring large amounts of assets, but had offsetting liabilities to nullify their wealth positions.
Delta hedging involves offsetting a call option’s delta through dynamic stock trading in a way that eliminates directional exposure.
Spread A long market position and an offsetting short market position usually, but not always, in contracts with the same underlying market.
However, many derivative strategies require carrying an offsetting stock position to expiration, at which time the stock position is liquidated.
While the option sold on the other side of a strangle will offset losses of an adverse move against the other, this offsetting effect is limited.
The legacy portfolio is doing much better but that is because Trinity Mirror is holding up well and its runaway success is offsetting a lot of pain.
This will have the effect of offsetting our downside net contract risk and reducing our negative vega while locking in some of the theoretical edge.
(ii) Various limits to arbitrage prevent rational arbitrageurs from fully offsetting the impact that such irrational investors have on market prices.
If the portfolio consists of many long and short combinations, their mutual offsetting can distort the information about portfolio call-to-put ratio.
Being jostled in the offsets.
offsets the other (Seguin and Zelazo 2005).
recoveries offsets and deductions, claim and.
sixty-five offsets of the first, sure and necessary as they.
GDP growth and higher consumer spending offsets the higher risk.
increase in total costs exactly offsets the increase in revenue.
50 call offsets the value gained from the long position in the 20.
The hairless body of the bodybuilder offsets this intimidating undertone.
As some offsets aren't full hours, this can give you an incorrect result.
Above that call strike price, the stock keeps appreciating, but the covered call offsets all of that appreciation.
A hedge is used to limit losses and involves taking a position in one security that offsets a position in a related security.
To the extent that the growth of accounts payable offsets the growth of accounts receivable, no additional capital is required.
The strangle gives them this luxury because they know that the other side of the strangle at least partially offsets their loss.
These sums would work out to a loss of about $35 per share of common before dilution offsets, or twice its then current market price.
If investors are not fully rational, then maybe more than offsets: proponents of investor irrationality argue that hoped-for growth is overpriced.
The mechanics of such a tax loss carryback transaction can be best explained by a relatively simple example that assumes there are no recapture offsets.
Mindfulness offsets the mind’s tendency toward negative thoughts and allows you to stay in touch with happiness while you are moving about in the world.
Every experienced trader is willing to accept several small losses if he can occasionally offset these with one big win that more than offsets the losses.
This loss after offsets is usually treated under Section 1231 of the Internal Revenue Code as an ordinary loss, even though the assets are considered capital assets.
Apparently, the average variance component offsets and conceals the market-timing ability of correlation, leaving stock market variance unable to predict market returns.
From self-regulation to built-in obsolescence to accelerated safety testing to cost savings through pollution offsets, we have witnessed a wiggly piggish haste to profit.
[1] In equilibrium (if investors are rational), the higher price today and the related higher valuation ratio just offsets growth stock’s advantage of faster expected earnings growth.
Under law they are entitled to charge rates sufficiently remunerative to attract the capital they need for their continuous expansion, and this implies adequate offsets to inflated costs.
The latter variable may suffer from cyclicality that offsets its predictive ability: fiscal deficits and debt tend to expand during recessions when low growth and low inflation keep bond yields low.
This also diminishes the total risk of the portfolio because in the case of a market breakdown, excess put options yield additional profit which offsets partially the losses incurred by short positions.
A long straddle or strangle that involves a simultaneous position in a long call and long put, is profitable if the increase in either option’s price more than offsets the decrease in the other option’s price.
The cost of this option offsets some of the unrealized profit from his short position in the November VIX futures contract, but it also provides protection against a move higher in the November VIX futures contract.
They are provided as part of National Language Support (NLS), but these functions are covered in this section because this is where the formats and informats that provide for time zone offsets and support for UTC are detailed.
Invest in a single share and if you struck it lucky the investment can multiply many times in a single year, and for some people with an appetite for danger that offsets the risk that the company could fold, taking every penny of the investor’s money with it.
Unlike, say, venture capital, with which the investor is seeking a pot of gold (albeit with some diversification so that the occasional winner offsets the losers), the chart is relevant to the large segment of any portfolio designed to create a rate of return for opportunistic capital.
Allowing on the one hand for income tax and other offsets against these special profits but on the other hand for probable additional profits from the sale of securities by the manufacturing subsidiary, it seems likely that all or nearly all of the apparent improvement in earnings for 1928 was due to nonoperating items.

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