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    1. onerous and compared favourably, in Tom’s view, with the work he

    2. Yes, I’d have to live on with the knowledge that I was a murderess, but could it be any worse than knowing that I was reviled on Olympus? It seemed impossible that the callous Fates could spin anything more onerous than what I’d borne already

    3. and that business regulations are onerous

    4. He couldn’t seem to discern which was the least onerous choice, but decided to side with his Moslem counterpart who had ironically become the new “defender” of the Holy Land

    5. With approval of this Project, the result is positive and immediate because the countries and organizations get rid of the onerous monetary reserves to pay national debts and foreign debts or to accomplish mercantile transactions with the exterior

    6. c) Government becomes bigger and more onerous, as the voluntary sector shrinks

    7. As to taxes, they probably would have to pay them, but not for a while, and they had never been onerous in this Khanate, so far

    8. There is no doubt that the Laws of Moses are extremely onerous, even impossible to

    9. This would occur by relieving businesses of onerous health care obligations

    10. Slightly less onerous than our Contracts 1L, this was a two consecutive quarters eight-credit hour course with one exam for the whole enchilada

    11. This conferred tremendous power on the three elected commissioners, none of whom was a lawyer during my tenure, making the assigned assistant AG’s duties doubly onerous as both the legal advisor to the Commission on disputed points of law as well as an active participant in essentially tripartite hearings where the staff, usually the Tariff & Rates division, who were civil servants, put in an alternative case to that advanced by the carriers and shippers, respectively

    12. regulations could impose onerous burdens on U

    13. Hooray for me! Macmillan, did you still think I was soft on shipbuilders? Secondly, back in pre-computer days, when carbon copies of all correspondence circulated widely, one of my more onerous, thankless tasks—required by the Admiral and the ACO—was reading of every last piece of correspondence that went into and came out of both SupShip and Ingalls HQ

    14. What had been an honor had become an onerous obligation

    15. I love Alilia like my younger sister, but there is no doubt that her assumption of unwanted and sometimes onerous duties have given her a mean streak

    16. If the private sector doesn’t pay a “fair premium” then legislation and court decisions will become so onerous that all of the profits from various industries will be swept away

    17. The onerous task of checking each of these vehicles and their whereabouts on the night of the murder was given to a number of junior policemen seconded for this task

    18. What had made it so onerous that I would stagger ‘neath its weight; would

    19. I had thought this task was going to be onerous and distasteful but that

    20. Sullenly, I agreed but he made my solitude less onerous when he brought in several books

    21. The wound was not as extensive as Elise had anticipated but its ulcerative nature made it more onerous

    22. While they could not be forced to go to services, the squadron commanders of those students that did not participate in religious activities generally found onerous tasks for them to do when they would have been going to services if they had gone to services

    23. In the course of my research, it was so onerous a task

    24. It seemed then, that those years when any job, no matter how difficult or onerous, would see a crowd of men fighting to apply for it, were truly over and the skilled man- (or even, as in the case in point, half skilled)- was now able to dictate his own terms and choice of employment

    25. The journey was soon over and the women folk came out to greet us with refreshments, the hard side to our return was when the relatives claimed their dead loved ones, being the High Lord I had to find the words that would help them get through their loss, being on a personal standing with most of the families I knew what they wanted to hear, the ones I only knew casually were more difficult to help, skill and bravery being the tools of the warrior, I flattered liberally, they seemed to appreciate this, all in all I felt quite inadequate and was glad to bring closure to this onerous duty

    26. I told him of the Teoti aristocracy, the city of all our troubles, Teotihuacan, of the onerous demands placed on my people, he was silent for a while, then he said

    27. herself, seemed a different person without the onerous burden of her

    28. moves rapidly upwards as interest expense becomes onerous and the firm moves closer to

    29. , but the most onerous constraint is the amount of capital

    30. in prediction models, but the information and data requirements were onerous: over sixty

    31. been too onerous, and I asked him what he had thought of the story about a gay couple quarrelling all

    32. While most homeowners find this extra monthly charge onerous, without PMI, they would not have been able to purchase the home unless they came up with a 20 percent down payment

    33. Understandably, those anointed as the Islamic religious preachers and teachers, take it upon themselves the onerous task of indoctrinating the faithful to the dogmas of their own upbringing

    34. the onerous force that controlled her every action, she had long ago resigned

    35. Specifically, the webnetted computerized world has so democratized and monetized imagination that the global digital village has entered helter skelterly into the epochal Age of Imagination, where the collective consciousness is beginning both to blossom and be bludgeoned under the onerous expectation of glorious self-creation – which is the liberation of technology, the culmination of culture, and, supposedly, the collective dream of its denizens

    36. onerous weight of mere existence millstones the shoulders of youth

    37. Now an onerous matter had filled every part of it!

    38. The day they changed their residence was a hard and onerous day, filled with cleaning and organization

    39. Had someone discovered information regarding his activities in the Underground Railroad? Was this an attempt by slavers to apply the onerous Fugitive Slave Law? Was this somehow the work of Mrs

    40. Sati turned to see a thin, wiry little man, who also had the onerous task of collecting

    41. The air became cloying as the onerous silence started to overwhelm them

    42. Even to the point of lining its most traveled tourist road with literally thousands of crucified, dying slaves from one of their many, onerous, boring, repetitive, slave revolts… I mean; how important is the butchery of a thirty thousand slaves; to the mighty Roman Empire, that vanquished entire foreign nations and armies? Roman slave revolts are almost never mentioned in modern history books

    43. As a result, I looked for another idea and word that would take us into the future without the onerous and paradoxically charged word and idea of "change

    44. The duke embraced Sancho and told him he was heartily sorry he had given up the government so soon, but that he would see that he was provided with some other post on his estate less onerous and more profitable

    45. ” This clause allows manufacturers in the various states to trade with other countries without the imposition of onerous taxes by Congress

    46. Those who force children into onerous uncompensated labor are also on unconstitutional ground under this amendment

    47. After all, they’ve done a wonderful fucking job this far, haven’t they? Maybe it’s time the Inquisition relieves them of their onerous responsibilities before they lose the rest of the Jihad!”

    48. onerous a job in his condition but asked no questions, realizing wryly that almost

    49. She soon found that whistling to the bullfinches in Mrs d'Urberville's room was no such onerous business when she had

    50. If you include too much detail, you may create an onerous task and eventually stop updating these records every day

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    burdensome onerous taxing grinding laborious strenuous tedious hard arduous gruelling demanding serious exacting galling exigent troublesome rigourous vexatious harsh painful afflictive overpowering crushing excessive merciless fatiguing intolerable irksome grievous heartbreaking