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    1. It was a long laborious process and it took him half the night

    2. Silver is very seldom found virgin, but, like most other metals, is generally mineralized with some other body, from which it is impossible to separate it in such quantities as will pay for the expense, but by a very laborious and tedious operation, which cannot well be carried on but in work-houses erected for the purpose, and, therefore, exposed to the inspection of the king's officers

    3. It has been observed to have taken place in France during the same period, and nearly in the same proportion, too, by three very faithful, diligent, and laborious collectors of the prices of corn, Mr Dupré de St Maur, Mr Messance, and the author of the Essay on the Police of Grain

    4. Horrifying Hippo would simply open his mouth wide—but in this case, with a special body position that would clearly communicate that he was not feeling threatened but inviting the Cleaners to give him a hand—and with that, a whole school of the rambunctious, proficient little helpers would scurry over and begin their laborious process with great dedication and skill

    5. To see a kettle of boiling water in your dreams signifies great and laborious work ahead

    6. Kurt could feel the steps becoming laborious and he realized he needed to rest

    7. That minister had unfortunately embraced all the prejudices of the mercantile system, in its nature and essence a system of restraint and regulation, and such as could scarce fail to be agreeable to a laborious and plodding man of business, who had been accustomed to regulate the different departments of public offices, and to establish the necessary checks and controlls for confining each to its proper sphere

    8. In the days of their grandeur, when no enemy appeared capable of opposing them, their heavy armour was laid aside as unnecessarily burdensome, their laborious exercises were neglected, as unnecessarily toilsome

    9. The administration of justice became so laborious and so complicated a duty, as to require the undivided attention of the person to whom it was entrusted

    10. In the progress of the European monarchies, which were founded upon the ruins of the Roman empire, the sovereigns and the great lords came universally to consider the administration of justice as an office both too laborious and too ignoble for them to execute in their own persons

    11. It is the interest of every man to live as much at his ease as he can; and if his emoluments are to be precisely the same, whether he does or does not perform some very laborious duty, it is certainly his interest, at least as interest is vulgarly understood, either to neglect it altogether, or, if he is subject to some authority which will not suffer him to do this, to perform it in as careless and slovenly a manner as that authority will permit

    12. It seldom happens that a man, in any part of his life, derives any conveniency or advantage from some of the most laborious and troublesome parts of his education

    13. Some states, instead of the simple and obvious expedient of a register of leases, have had recourse to the laborious and expensive one of an actual survey and valuation of all the lands in the country

    14. laborious in that Trist’s letters were often fifty pagers

    15. 15 Hate not laborious work, neither husbandry, which the Most High has ordained

    16. This is the most expensive, most laborious,

    17. Very rarely I heard him pronouncing words, with the exception of the daily or , he was satisfied with smiling and rubbing his protruding belly, unequivocal signal of the delicacies prepared by the laborious hand of Severa

    18. She was half expecting some laborious exposition concerning fairy god mothers or what it was like to be under the knife

    19. wil think of the happy ending, instead of the laborious beginning

    20. He avoided clinging briars and low-hanging branches effortlessly, gliding between trees without touching the stems and always planting his feet in the places calculated to show least evidence of his passing; but with Balthus it was slower, more laborious work

    21. Every step was slow and laborious

    22. The latter was laborious because I had to build it first, and what if father would ask me where I am going to use it

    23. The work seemed so laborious to him and the thought of Petra Cotes was so persistent and pressing that after three weeks he disappeared from the workshop

    24. culmination of a laborious courtship, the wedding day, when she could finally sleep

    25. She appeared quite pale and her breathing was laborious

    26. If we had, in fact, seen a laborious 22

    27. Those losses following so close together had been highly laborious to surmount, and the burden of coping with her affliction contributed significantly to the extension of her struggle, until she was blessed with her ability to “see” things no normal person could see even with perfect vision

    28. Mitchell paused, reveling in his laborious victory

    29. It was no surprise that those taking the stairs were the youngest and the most physically fit for the laborious journey up the seven flights

    30. Religion must use laws, rules, and regulations to empower itself, for how else could they control others that they have to have to continue to survive? Law and religion have to have certain laborious and stringent rules or they will lose their following

    31. Sure, a laborer is worthy of being paid for his labors, but preaching, teaching and spreading the ‘Good News’ is not laborious

    32. She went to her desk and started the laborious task of deciphering the card

    33. ‘’My dear Omar, you certainly noticed today how laborious my exchanges in Cantonese or Mandarin were with local people

    34. Ingrid watched for a moment her five year-old daughter as she answered Sarah’s questions in her laborious English, then bent down to kiss her on her head

    35. In effect removing the bags was now a rather laborious job as the ‘special patented quick release’ catches that held the panniers to the rack had all broken and our bungees had been pressed into service as temporary replacements

    36. Tsinapas eyed briefly Kehkakwitas, who was resting besides the fire, a nasty chest wound making his breathing laborious

    37. “What seemed to my friends the most irrational thing in my plan was that I wanted to go to Africa, not as a missionary, but as a doctor, and thus when already thirty years of age burdened myself as a beginning with a long period of laborious study

    38. " He was a painstaking, laborious preacher of the

    39. Joseph Torsella, the US representative to the United Nations for Management and Reform has recently called for a ban on drunken diplomats at the world body’s budgetary negotiations, lamenting that the already laborious process of getting 193 countries to agree to anything is being further hindered by officials consuming alcohol

    40. One subject put the U on the envelope and another one wrote the letter? That seemed laborious

    41. So, for her, while a fall could be grievous, life itself would be laborious in the long run

    42. We are delightfully persuaded that it is more loving to loan monergy than to share all, because contractual obligation, being granted the privilege of the responsibility of being in debt and paying it off, is what gives homo laborious their sense of purpose, creates opportunities for happiness with the acquired ability to purchase, and fills them with the unsurpassed joy of private ownership

    43. And, currently this is not much more laborious than putting out a glass full of wine,

    44. technocants? These immortals with their infinite bloodprints, how much energy will they and their broods consume during the limited and laborious lifetime of your tech-nonabled child – a child without the privileges inherited by the immortals and their eternally entitled kin

    45. The journey had been especially laborious with Sebastian telling stories to his drinks

    46. For what are democracies, but the institutionally slow apparatus for amending rights of equality to constitutions of inequality one long laborious issue at a time

    47. After several laborious seconds the rider and his horse arrived at the abandoned cart at last

    48. Evans together with the PWC began the laborious task of conducting preliminary interviews with all the names on the list

    49. Taking a laborious breath he decided it was best to ignore what Denver was saying

    50. What an invincible (?) argument he would have to carry his laborious definitions to the last exercise and pour out all their fury (?) and find them leaving the people “happy and sensuous” as was the actual fact concerning Israel, after Nichols has found them destroyed

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