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    1. There was still a good chance that her packet hadn't even left Sinbara and Jorma struggled up the path to the house and then down the street to the town side of north island

    2. No passenger ships had sailed since noonmeal, the next packet out was the Jemson's Luuker and she was ready to cast off so he had time for only the most cursory look but he did not find Venna or anyone answering her description on board, nor did he find her in any of the watering holes along the docks were someone would wait for a vessel's departure

    3. The only times she had been on this water before was when tying up in Sinbara for the first time on a local packet out of Zharvai and when she was with Jorma in a borrowed fishing skiff

    4. and a packet of Sigaro Toscano, fitted the holder onto the butt of his cigar and the

    5. The accountant shrugged his shoulders, took a packet of low tar cigarettes

    6. A packet of ten cigarettes

    7. I smoked three or four cigarettes in short order, the last of the packet, and dreamed of being able to offer them around to other similarly dishevelled men

    8. The accountant shrugged his shoulders, took a packet of low tar cigarettes from his jacket pocket and offered one to his companion, who shook his head

    9. Once Ava could capture the packet header as it went by and convert it to something, she could start trying to figure out how the packets were addressed

    10. There could be a lot of activity in the packet headers alone, with all the data areas of all the other bands standing idle, but occasionally there was activity in what she called the 'data'

    11. the rest of the packet in the kitchen,

    12. The packet stopped for meals at some larger docks where there were plenty of cooks around and often a bit of street music

    13. The packet left them at the end of one of the downtown piers

    14. Instead it had a large cabin which looked like the packet they came in on, turned sideways over the deck between the third and fourth masts

    15. It was nicer than what they had on the packet

    16. The children were made to sit at one end of the bench with their father while the mother went off to buy a couple of bottles of fizzy pop and a packet of jammy biscuits

    17. She had no idea why they were suddenly starting to be useful, but with a fresh packet of fags laying open on the kitchen table, with the kitchen cleaned, with something smelling lovely bubbling away on the cooker and with a head that was hosting a motorway maintenance crew, she didn't feel inclined to argue

    18. 'Omi here?' Ish said as he opened the packet

    19. Ken was nursing a dull head and an urgent desire for sugary drinks, but lacking the wherewithal to solve either problem he did his best to bury himself in the nutritional information on the back of the cereal packet

    20. Each grant announcement will contain instructions on how to apply, including where to get an application packet, information the application should contain, the date the application is due, and agency contact information

    21. After a nice cup of tea, and having eaten a whole packet of

    22. decided that enjoying a packet of hard-boiled sweets with her

    23. minted sausages, the turkey wrigglers and the very large packet of

    24. I threw the packet of groundnuts

    25. mother went off to buy a couple of bottles of fizzy pop and a packet

    26. ingredients and a fresh packet of cigarettes for their mother

    27. bearings, and by combining her weekly wage packet with her

    28. They pull into the services and he buys a couple of packets of cigarettes and a packet of cigars for himself

    29. Billy's body is telling him that he needs something with starch and carbohydrates, so he selects the least offensive option; tuna and cucumber, together with a packet of salt and vinegar crisps

    30. He stood up, walked forward and set the packet on the desk in front of Mr

    31. Titania was first to rise and return her packet

    32. She was able to re-transmit the same start-up and get the same single packet response

    33. She did not reply, and after a brief pause, she received a very familiar packet by now, the one she now called 'session disconnect with error'

    34. It would be interesting to see what the packet data was that caused this apparition to appear

    35. They were still less than twelve miles from the Kimoneea and Luray opted to take a packet

    36. “It’s a crisp packet,” I said

    37. “A crisp packet,” I repeated

    38. “An empty crisp packet, that’s all

    39. I walked over to the shrub, picked up the crisp packet and held it up for all to see

    40. This rock is emitting radio waves, using the exact same packet structure that we use

    41. I took the small packet from his hand

    42. For now, we can spare a packet of blood, but I don’t have IV tubing or anything

    43. Alex flushed a little with pleasure as she took the packet

    44. Sebastian handed her a packet of blood, which she tried messily to eat, dripping most of it on herself as they ran

    45. He offered the packet to Jack

    46. ” She dropped the packet on

    47. the TENS machine next to his right hand and a packet of Co-

    48. As I began to search him his dull blue eyes stared at me accusingly seeming to scream accusingly why are you still alive? I got his haversack off and found it contained some melted Fry’s chocolate a packet of wafer biscuits and a can of Ticklers Jam there were also four packets of cigarettes that would come in handy

    49. Opening a packet of breakfast cereal from the cupboard above the sink, he stood with his back against the worktop eating straight from the box, his mind occupied with the intricacies of the wiring he’d replaced yesterday

    50. He shrugged, pulling out a packet of mints

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