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Pansy в предложении (на )

  1. The poppy and the pansy blow.
  2. He says I’m a wuss and a pansy.
  3. Rupert was the make-up man, a right pansy if ever there was one.
  4. I’d rather be the pasty PI than the pansy PI in the eyes of SDPD.
  5. His stepmother always called him a crybaby, a little pansy, a fairy.

  6. No way! You wouldn’t be here if you did! I hate those pansy queens.
  7. My pansy friend had not been in London twenty-four hours before he'd heard.
  8. He ran in the scullery, came back with the flannel, and carefully washed the pansy.
  9. Green eyes and pansy purple, rosy red lips that were parted in breathless anticipation.
  10. My host defied all expectations and was surely not of this world…Alex Ben Pansy.
  11. He had silver hair and eyes the deep pansy of a violet, merry cheeks and a little bow mouth.
  12. Hey Beau, is it really true that you wear pansy pink underwear…? And with this both women went into peels of laughter.
  13. He was one of those guys that think they're being a pansy if they don't break around forty of your fingers when they shake hands with you.
  14. But we can’t, unless we wanted to look like a pansy or something, we have no choice but to walk around all over the place with a spotlight directly on our zits.
  15. With eyes of deep pansy violet and black pupils, dark winged brows in a pale faintly peach tinted complexion with short hair the deepest black of a raven’s wing.

  16. Unless you’re scared and you know you aint shee-ott bee-otch, In that case we could battle for flowers, pansy, finger jabbing banger had said in a menacing yet derisive tone.
  17. The wind is icy, and the snow patches are actually still here, but in the nearest garden I can get to I saw violets yesterday in flower, and crocuses and scillas, and one yellow pansy staring up at the sun astonished and reproachful because it had bits of frozen snow stuck to its little cheeks.

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