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Queer в предложении (на )

  1. It was a queer map.
  2. But how queer life is.
  3. It looked queer to me.
  4. But the Forest is queer.
  5. No? Queer kind of chap.

  6. Now we have this queer.
  7. Folk are queer up there.
  8. It's queer, all the same.
  9. He was a very queer bully.
  10. A queer child, but devoted.
  11. Yankees are queer that way.
  12. There are queer folk about.
  13. Paul’s queer as a coot.
  14. How queer that he should come.
  15. Yes, it was queer thing to do.

  16. He looked at us in a queer way.
  17. There was a queer smile about Mr.
  18. A queer kind of fear, bourgeois.
  19. I've heard queer stories of that.
  20. Even the chief of police is queer.
  21. He was giving Ralph a queer look.
  22. They do all sorts of queer things.
  23. Tell me why you are so queer, Mr.
  24. Little queer never could hold his.
  25. Still New Bedford is a queer place.

  26. It is a queer business, apparently.
  27. He still made love in a queer way;.
  28. That had a queer effect on the Ents.
  29. As I said earlier, no one’s queer.
  30. You see it would look rather queer!.
  31. What a queer fellow! But here we are.
  32. There a queer scene presented itself.
  33. Now a queer change began to take place.
  34. Queer I was just thinking that moment.
  35. So they are not at home? That's queer.
  36. I seen queer things too, ups and downs.
  37. Born in a ferry-boat! That's queer, too.
  38. This made the children feel rather queer.
  39. Queer can only be better than that!.
  40. A rogue! Queer that that term should hurt.
  41. There are queer spots on those great men.
  42. He looked so queer, eager, hurt, mocking.
  43. This queer aloofness made people whisper.
  44. He had a "queer" end, as she expressed it.
  45. These townees were queer folk, he thought.
  46. Queer the number of pins they always have.
  47. There was a multitude of queer things there.
  48. Who knows, maybe the Old Man’s a queer?
  49. He was supposed to be a queer, quiet child.
  50. Such a queer dream, King-Post, I never had.
  51. It gave all the children a very queer feeling.
  52. It was so queer talking to a professor about.
  53. My husband said a queer thing to me yesterday.
  54. It is queer that a person can suffer like that.
  55. Folks round here already say she's a queer one.
  56. I experience a queer feeling once, he went on.
  57. But still it’s queer to me, just as at this.
  58. That guy Johns is closing the queer community.
  59. What, did you go queer on me? Randall said.
  60. Suddenly there was a queer shout coming from afar.
  61. He's a queer one, he thought, no doubt about that.
  62. The queer little sad smile was on Sara's lips again.
  63. Her cousins followed her look, and thought it queer.
  64. Oh no, I ain’t showing my cock off to no queer.
  65. Natica stood watching it with a queer, queer smile.
  66. But he’s a queer fish, and quite without breeding.
  67. My brother’s the queer, not me, Cyprian said.
  68. What conceited words! And it was queer and unexpected.
  69. It was queer to see what a change had come over them.
  70. Goin’ to collect that queer fairy boy’s lunch.
  71. That’s queer, he murmured, wrinkling his nose.
  72. What a queer fellow he is! added Stepan Arkadyevitch.
  73. And now comes the queer point about the whole business.
  74. A queer, faint feeling had come over him while he swam.
  75. It was the old wrecked ship! No wonder it looked queer.
  76. Scott strolled after him, with a queer look on his face.
  77. Very queer he was, and as soon as I had roused him, he.
  78. What a queer fellow he is!’ added Stepan Arkadyevitch.
  79. Poor old Bonamy! No; there was something queer about it.
  80. She waked in the morning, with a queer, doubtful feeling.
  81. Damn me, but all things are queer, come to think of 'em.
  82. It would be marvellous to visit the queer little island.
  83. It was all far too exciting to worry about feeling queer.
  84. Some queer star turns up, underlined by an enormous tail.
  85. Tib has to be considered, and she has a very queer temper.
  86. Three of them! There's something mighty queer behind this.
  87. But then I remembered a queer look he gave us at the time.
  88. Watching them, Charlie experienced a queer sense of danger.
  89. She's a decent body, if she is as queer as Dick's hat band.
  90. He would never allow anyone to rape him, especially a queer.
  91. I bet that’s it, I found the one queer vampire there is.
  92. It was very queer, what happened, and bad, too, I'm afraid.
  93. Gaffer, but Bag End's a queer place, and its folk are queerer.
  94. There was a queer, contented look lurking in the lad’s eyes.
  95. But a queer thing happened a year since—a very queer thing.
  96. I thought as soon as I saw it that there was something queer.
  97. Then he heard the same voice yell, Only a queer would walk.
  98. She gave him a queer smile containing traces of embarrassment.
  99. Starbuck all the time—queer—sir—queer, queer, very queer.
  100. It was a queer little sound she heard—like a soft scratching.
  1. She was pressing the button when her elbow got jostled, queering the shot.
  1. You see, her knowing this was the thing that must have always queered me with her.
  1. Nothin but steers and queers.
  2. Queers are soft and effeminate.
  3. One-beer queers and two-can Sams were strewn about.
  4. No one I knew was voicing concern for persecuted queers.
  5. The one thing I hate worse than vampires are queers - and you’re both.
  6. Congress opening the floor with a debate on the legal rights for queers to.
  7. I didn't mind being called Harrods, till that singer came along and I found it was a Queers name.
  8. The queers came here for assignations, there were vice raids all the time, one of them had lost his pants.
  9. When it came to queers versus straights, straights won every time in his book, even if they were more than a little bent.
  10. The others were acting more or less normally, but didn’t seem to care if everyone knew they were travelling with a clutch of queers.
  11. I could have been summarily dismissed and deported as a paedophile – because, as everyone ‘knows’, all queers are child-molesters.
  12. There was some rumours about this new disease that hit junkies and queers but we thought it had been invented by the God botherers to frighten us.
  13. Queers were liberated individuals evolved beyond the primitive need for one special mate, with a duty to share themselves among as many men as possible.
  14. My refusal didn’t deter them from opening half a dozen bottles with their teeth and downing them in quick succession, laughing and joking at the expense of wogs, women and queers.
  15. Another followed to a National newspaper with a warning to all voters in West Wales not to support Labour, or any other party that allowed queers, blacks and Jews to run the country.
  16. George had found another occasional lover to seduce in his attic and Marvin took me to a private house where an oleaginous Catholic priest held court among a gaggle of somewhat histrionic and nervous queers overburdened by their unwanted outlaw status.

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