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Paste в предложении (на )

  1. Stir to make a paste.
  2. Then, add the shrimp paste.
  3. He stole miso paste and rice.
  4. Now, paste filler that is made.
  5. She knew this paste would save.

  6. Everyone had tooth paste but it.
  7. We'll then need to copy and paste.
  8. This is as simple as copy and paste.
  9. Mix them to make a homogenous paste.
  10. Jesse then created an herbal paste.
  11. Cover with another layer of thin paste.
  12. Now add the coconut paste and its water.
  13. Ganesh winced at the foul smelling paste.
  14. There are various options to paste special.
  15. Paste the Twitter handle of the competitor.

  16. Next paste this in to Notepad or your word.
  17. Select the upper-left cell of the paste area.
  18. Services and you want to paste the ping list.
  19. She finished applying the paste quickly and.
  20. Paste his drawings and writings on pieces of.
  21. A starchy paste will precipitate in the water.
  22. Tandoori masala, not the paste but the powder.
  23. Grind this mixture in water into a thick paste.
  24. After roasting, rub the bones with tomato paste.
  25. Paint the paste onto plants with a paint brush.

  26. Similar is the condition in applying a Paste of.
  27. Everything in it was melting into a sticky paste.
  28. Fill the scooped out buns with the paste, cover.
  29. Copy and paste that URL into a new Internet window.
  30. In about a cup of water dissolve the tamcon paste.
  31. Next, roll out the paste to about ¼ inch thickness.
  32. Combine cornstarch with water to make a smooth paste.
  33. It is easy to burn oneself if the paste is too hot!.
  34. Fold/mix the mushrooms and the pate to form a paste.
  35. Step back if you don’t want to turn into fine paste.
  36. Combine the bean paste, garlic, salt, wine, and sugar.
  37. Add the herbs, garlic, tomato paste, salt, and pepper.
  38. He had cleaned his teeth, he knew, with arecanut paste.
  39. Copy and paste your release into the body of the email.
  40. The paste is then removed taking the hair along with it.
  41. But that was only the paste, and if you rub it through.
  42. His teeth could be the stars of a tooth paste commercial.
  43. But ignorance, mingled with the human paste, blackens it.
  44. Add the bell peppers and tomato paste, stir for 1 minute.
  45. You paste the cells from the keyboard by pressing Ctrl+V.
  46. Combine cornstarch with cold water to make a smooth paste.
  47. Mix together and then thin paste with hot water until it.
  48. Add the coconut paste to the fruits with salt and mix well.
  49. After a few seconds add the onion, ginger and chilli paste.
  50. Select the source data, and then click Paste on the toolbar.
  51. Copy and paste URL in your web browser – here you need to.
  52. Ayurvati opened the pouch to find a reddish-brown thick paste.
  53. Break the almond paste into small pieces over a medium bowl.
  54. Put all the ingredients into the blender and puree into a paste.
  55. Copy, Paste And Profit With The Proven Automated Profits Machine.
  56. Open the word processor then either use [Ctrl] V or Edit, Paste.
  57. The paste will kill many insects that come into contact with it.
  58. The apple cores are reminiscent of almond paste in their flavor.
  59. Mix this paste with the other spices into the milk and stir well.
  60. Well its better than using tooth paste on a sponge, he said.
  61. Mix cornstarch and water to a smooth paste and stir into mixture.
  62. I relax and close my eyes as Aaron applies the thick paste to my.
  63. The tooth paste is out on the sink in the hall, Lezura said.
  64. Microsoft Word and use the cut and paste feature to add bits and.
  65. Mix together the garlic, tomatoes, tomato paste, olive oil, salt.
  66. Video and then paste the embed code into the HTML of your website.
  67. Grind to a paste with the coconut, garlic and water as required to.
  68. DE made into a paste and painted around base of rose will work also.
  69. Add tomato paste and stir to incorporate, cooking for 2 to 3 minutes.
  70. A drop of vinegar in a spoonful of flour paste supplies the fiat lux.
  71. Lov shook his head as he watched The'oak mix the slime into the paste.
  72. Print out the chart on this page & paste the chart on light cardboard.
  73. The freckles had turned brown against the paste that was Leslie's skin.
  74. You can make a paste by crushing a handful of with a mortar and pestle.
  75. Add the tags (code) to the pages – This is a Copy and Paste job.
  76. If I had a gold star I’d paste it on your forehead, Alice quipped.
  77. Mix the meal to a thin paste with some of the cooled broth (from the pint).
  78. Meanwhile Alan beat the rest of it to paste with the root end of the club.
  79. If there is any remaining paste, top off each filet with it using a spoon.
  80. Chile Paste is an Asian hot item and is useful in controlling many insects.
  81. The people of Leningrad were reduced to eating paste from their wallpaper.
  82. Mix the paste for the crust just a little stiffer than for the boiled pudding.
  83. You can simply press CTRL V on your keyboard to Paste what you copied over in.
  84. Make a fine paste of all the nuts and poppy seeds along with the heated spices.
  85. YouTube page where they can access the embed HTML code, or copy and paste the.
  86. She will edit, clip and paste until all she needs to say and share is complete.
  87. And he provided a scale model limousine so I may cut and paste it on the route.
  88. Place whole green onions in the duck cavity followed by the bean paste mixture.
  89. For bee stings, use a paste of 2 tablespoons of baking soda and 1/4 cup of water.
  90. Add New and copy and paste your text and/or pictures into the body of the.
  91. Where δ is thickness of cement paste that film and glue aggregate’s grains; S.
  92. Simply paste the short code into your visual editor, and click the Update button.
  93. Simply copy and paste the code you will be provided with and you’ll instantly.
  94. Grampa choked, and a mouthful of paste sprayed into his lap, and he coughed weakly.
  95. Add cumin to the oil and as it turns brown, add this paste and gently fry the same.
  96. The old orc carefully scraped the slime into the paste he was making in a clay bowl.
  97. This paste is then used to help reduce the acne in the area in which it was applied.
  98. She brushed her teeth with his toothbrush and paste because she didn't have her own.
  99. Bring to the boil and stir in the flour mixed to a thin paste with cold milk or water.
  100. Figure 5 - Software creates code to Copy and tells you where to Paste it in the pages.
  1. She was carefully pasting the last photo onto the family tree.
  2. Copying and Pasting Information From Another Website is a No-No.
  3. Basically it's simply a case of copying and pasting a small piece of code.
  4. I can’t believe you worked that out simply by pasting stuff in a scrapbook.
  5. The recipes are printed on gummed slips [5×3] for easy pasting in your cook book.
  6. You can save the keywords to a textfile instead of manually copying and pasting them.
  7. When you (or your webmaster) have finished Copying and Pasting the code in your test.
  8. Not that I saw my book going in this direction but- I was considering copying and pasting our whole.
  9. It started by pasting notices on electronic bulletin boards, then on the net as Internet Relay Chat (IRC).
  10. He was laboriously pasting up updates to their sculptor's reference tome when Zlifonn, their greeter, admitted a pair of customers.
  11. Brian Wilson slaved over this track for months, reportedly using over 90 hours of tape and eventually pasting the song’s (noticeable) fragments together.
  12. You will be particularly pleased to learn that a Marine attack squadron was part of the force that administered the pasting we just gave them from the air.
  13. But to his horror he heard them sweeping and dusting, throwing out half-empty sacks, pasting new labels on cans, putting dishes and pots and pans in drawers that had stood empty for years.
  14. Later on we reached Albert and we marched into it under a railway arch that led into the town the further in we got the more we could see that it had taken a real pasting from artillery fire.
  15. Here’s what I did; I copied the canvas picture in Paint making sure my work area was much larger and kept pasting beside one another (in effect, manually tilling the picture) to end up with a larger canvas photo.
  16. The iPhone gives you a number of ways to assist in editing text, including using a magnifying glass to place an insertion point; selecting the text you want to change; and cutting, copying, and pasting text as needed:.
  17. One winter's night, as we sat together by the fire, I ventured to suggest to him that, as he had finished pasting extracts into his common-place book, he might employ the next two hours in making our room a little more habitable.
  18. As far as possible, it is necessary to stick the labels or numbers to the pieces, by pasting; and the surest way is, to write upon the piece itself, 1st, the place where it is found; 2d, the number by which it is indicated in the historical notes above requested.
  1. A notice was pasted on.
  2. I pasted on a fake smile.
  3. I Have Pasted the URL for.
  4. He too, was pasted with blood.
  5. His lids are pasted over with frost.
  6. It’s a poem, pasted on interest her.
  7. The poor chicken was pasted with blood.
  8. A week pasted and he was rested enough for.
  9. There was an ad which had been pasted on the.
  10. GIANT snot was now pasted on the parting doors.
  11. He pasted a smile on his face and informed her.
  12. It was the clean dirt that Maria had pasted on me.
  13. The days slowly pasted by and Maria stopped by often.
  14. But worse yes, she had pasted blood scattered on her.
  15. Stinger pasted the time talking to Daphnie about what.
  16. Xavier assumed that was a yes and walked in pasted her.
  17. Afterwards, I pasted much sand on my wound to stop the.
  18. I think that he pasted ketchup in and around his mouth.
  19. My face, forelegs and eyes were pasted with blood, just.
  20. He pasted on a weak smile and leaned his back against a tree.
  21. There she held on with her hands and feet, pasted against it.
  22. And pasted it as a new photo in Photo Filter where I saved it.
  23. In the vast wilderness, he pasted a ‘Guan’ word on it and.
  24. He pasted a smile on his face, trying to disguise his thoughts.
  25. Van Thorn kept his smile pasted to his face and let the comment.
  26. But what I tell is that this must have been pasted in your heart.
  27. It was full of lumpy papers pasted with raw telegraph transcripts.
  28. He pasted the e mail message in the box and pressed ‘Translate’.
  29. I have seen this wording pasted as a sticker in most bikes and cars.
  30. Maria pasted my face and then the rest of my body with the clean dirt.
  31. He pasted his best jongleur’s smile back on and waved to the throng.
  32. He typed in the address Taj had given him and pasted the key into it.
  33. The church universal uses these verses, cut and pasted, to attack any.
  34. She pasted on a smile and hoped she could ease the concern in his eyes.
  35. This common footer means the code only has to be pasted in one place.
  36. Once completed, I copied the entire photo and pasted it in Photo Filter.
  37. She squinted her eyes trying to read the words pasted above each switch.
  38. A sign for Castlehead was pasted on a small rock by the side of the road.
  39. Westwood copied and pasted the six names and numbers to a new blank screen.
  40. He found an online translator and pasted the Estonian sentences in the box.
  41. It's obvious that years back I had pasted two gummed labels on my Underwood.
  42. Note that it was pasted into my diary out of proper chronological sequence.
  43. After a minute, he walked toward me, with a big smirk pasted across his face.
  44. Like those figure-eight ribbons, cut and pasted by that dear mathematician A.
  45. These instructions are what my webhost gave me, and I pasted them here "as is".
  46. Fishes of silver and gold paper had been pasted haphazard on ceiling and walls.
  47. By the time Id finished eating the organs I had blood pasted on my face and limbs.
  48. She must have known we were coming, said Nesten with a scowl pasted on his face.
  49. Examining it, he saw at once that it was in English, with her picture pasted on the card.
  50. The 272-plus number, though, had been pasted on the war room of Team Modi in Gandhinagar.
  51. Van der Merwe stepped out into the street, hugging his secret, a smile pasted on his tips.
  52. In one of the windows, which was pasted over with paper, burned the feeble flame of a candle.
  53. On its back was pasted a strip of coarse brown wrapping paper, inscribed in pale homemade ink.
  54. From The Bulletin Magazine, dated 28 July 1959, pasted to inside cover of Tom Lee’s journal.
  55. Just beyond the window was the tunnel wall, pasted with a decrepit poster for throat lozenges.
  56. We looked at the two headlines cited earlier, which I had clipped out and pasted into my diary.
  57. He thought pictures would be painted or pasted on the outside where they would quickly wear off.
  58. Now that you have pasted your title tag into the title box, it is time to move on to the next box and.
  59. Janet didn’t reply to that and pasted a fake smile on her lips as she watched with Bernard the strip show.
  60. Like all such computer options, Cut removes the selected text and makes it available to be pasted elsewhere.
  61. I could tell from the thoughtful expression pasted on his face that he was up to something, but I kept quiet.
  62. A crudely printed flyer was pasted on the door, denouncing astrology and fortune telling as the work of Satan.
  63. So you don't believe what they said about me? I asked wiping my face with the tissue that Kate pasted me.
  64. There were lots of emotions in the book, and a few pictures that had been cut out from other sources and pasted in.
  65. I stood in the middle of empty shelves, looking around until I found a note pasted to the top of her silent Moviola.
  66. The moving air plastered his long jacket against his back and his pants became pasted against his thighs and calves.
  67. Sure, sis, she guaranteed and forked the pasta, long enough, and that left some pesto pasted around her mouth.
  68. In front of the statue, pasted on a board, was a prayer to the Blessed Virgin written by Jane de Chantal’s ancestor, St.
  69. As for me, I have a number of bright yellow sticky notes pasted to my monitor with pithy, bold, all-caps statements on them.
  70. Johnny followed suit and the two of them, ears pasted to the metal, strained to hear the words coming from somewhere beyond.
  71. Jimmy Parks was a lanky sallow-faced punk in a dirty newsboy’s cap with a cheap cigarette pasted in the corner of his mouth.
  72. On the other hand, if that was how the Grand Inquisitor was thinking, there was already an enormous target pasted to his back.
  73. Like the last time, pages of a Bible had been pasted onto the scroll, with prophetic quatrains written in India ink over the type.
  74. I do think he was the vandal, but I'm pretty certain that substitute carrier pasted the flyer on the door and left the devil mask.
  75. I was watching him with eyes wide open, a stupid smile was pasted on my face, and the mind was lost somewhere in a different world.
  76. I tried to say his name but the hate that was spiralling through me I couldn't control so I just pasted back and forth in the room.
  77. Along the same lines was a Wall Street Journal story dated November 17, which was pasted into my diary just after the Hulbert column.
  78. Manda sat on the other side of the window, wearing her own set of headphones and a sticker that said Visitor pasted to her shirt.
  79. There was a long moment of silence as the two aliens just stood there, looking at each other with their eyes and faces pasted with emotion.
  80. The front display windows, dusty and cracked, were pasted with yellowing ancient Kodak posters featuring bonny healthy beauties of another era.
  81. Sometime, a long while ago, Cal had found a picture of Scott Joplin, razor cut around it, and pasted it over this other guy's face, head on head.
  82. Nick pasted his attention on the 21 inch monitor nearby and watched the flight surface and thrust information varying as the plane turned and banked.
  83. Almost giving up hope, he finally caught a glimpse of Quentin who had by now pasted the music and crowd looking as though he was heading to the exit.
  84. There was no paper pasted on the wall, either on the side of the Jondrettes or on that of Marius; the coarse construction was visible in its nakedness.
  85. David picked up the stack of folders, looked over his class, pasted a smile onto his face, said, Have a fantastic day everyone, and left the room.
  86. It was pasted with searchlights between every interval of each floor, and it was surrounded by a ten story high mesh fence with two large guarded gates on each side.
  87. Copy leaves the selected text and makes it available to be pasted elsewhere, and Paste places the text that was most recently cut or copied at a new insertion point.
  88. You think you know me?” I said releasing her and sat down on the knees to propose her- ‘Marry Me…” but she still kept muted with same smile pasted on her face.
  89. Before the shower, the beers, and the snooze, I pasted seven or eight newsprint front pages on the wall over my bed, where I might wake in the night in hopes of solutions.
  90. Tell her Karl said walking into the pub, Connor walked pasted him hitting him on the back of the head and I just put my arm over his shoulder pulling him into the pub.
  91. The next story pasted into my diary was a brief column that appeared in the business section of the New York Times and was headed Rapid Rise: Google Passes $400 a Share.
  92. In these sheets a sentence was inscribed from time to time and, in an ironical moment, the headline of an advertisement for Bile Beans had been pasted on to the first sheet.
  93. She wanted to slap him hard and ask him where he had been and where he always disappeared to over the weekends, but she kept repeating her calming mantra with a pasted smile on her face.
  94. The advertisement was not an ordinary pair of sandwich boards, but a sort of box without any bottom or lid, a wooden frame, four sides covered with canvas, an which were pasted printed bills advertising margarine.
  95. Our honeymoon, my first ultrasound, the day we brought JT home, our holidays together, Katelyn as a newborn; All of those precious pictures and moments pasted in the book with his own little messages at the bottom.
  96. I don't suppose that he is more impressed by the writ of two million dollars nailed (or more likely pasted) to the foremast of the Norwegian than I am, who don't believe that the Storstad is worth two million shillings.
  97. Hot with embarrassment I pasted a distracted expression to my face and, feeling somewhat foolish as I was passing open spaces, arrived as if by chance about a metre from my prey, spread the towel, stripped to my pouch and sprawled.
  98. Byron stared in confusion at the man dressed in the short skirt and leather strapped sandals, his olive skin was flushed with anger, and his irregularly beaded jet-black hair was becoming pasted to his temple with angry perspiration.
  99. By the time they returned, suitably refreshed, they would be presented with a finished mix of a newly recorded version of the song, which of course was simply a copy of the original disc dubbed onto a spool of tape with the studio label pasted on it.
  100. Caesar, who was the most relaxed of the bunch, decided to at least finish his beer despite the impending fate, and Johnny, who had pasted himself up against the wall, closed his eyes and fell easily into an act, he told himself, of a man yielding to the control of the situation.
  1. As they pass, Marlie pastes on a smile.
  2. Fillers are fine-grained pastes or powders that can.
  3. Air-entraining admixtures are produced in the form of the concentrated solutions, pastes or in the form of dry and easily soluble powder.
  4. I brushed my teeth and used everything in sight for a fragranced breath, pastes, mouth washes and an elaichi dying inside the pocket of my lowers.

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