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    1. This formula can also be used to create a paste (slowly add water to mixture, and stir until it turns into a paste)

    2. Paint the paste onto plants with a paint brush

    3. The paste will kill many insects that come into contact with it

    4. The paste also will kill beneficial insects as well, so use on spot applications only

    5. Curry: Made into a paste painted on trunk of plant to protect from insects and can also be made into a liquid and sprayed

    6. Chile Paste is an Asian hot item and is useful in controlling many insects

    7. DE made into a paste and painted around base of rose will work also

    8. Meanwhile Alan beat the rest of it to paste with the root end of the club

    9. Four workmen, caked with the paste of cement dust and oil, were packing up for the night after a hard day's slog right across the road from my veranda

    10. plate of vermillion and saffron paste that he was carrying in his hand

    1. He thought pictures would be painted or pasted on the outside where they would quickly wear off

    2. pasted a minor banishment versus the dreaded influence from beyond

    3. Stinger pasted the time talking to Daphnie about what

    4. A week pasted and he was rested enough for

    5. Manda sat on the other side of the window, wearing her own set of headphones and a sticker that said “Visitor” pasted to her shirt

    6. biological hazards were pasted across the plastic-coated walls, the

    7. on with pasted torsos, grappling arms and twining tongues, loitering with the actual "in"

    8. Our honeymoon, my first ultrasound, the day we brought JT home, our holidays together, Katelyn as a newborn; All of those precious pictures and moments pasted in the book with his own little messages at the bottom

    9. “So you don't believe what they said about me?” I asked wiping my face with the tissue that Kate pasted me

    10. “NO! You can't do that”' I knew she would put a fight up for this because in the pasted if we went out of business lunches or dinners it would take me half the meal to tell her I'm paying but I didn't care she needed to understand that I had money to burn if I wanted and I wanted to spend it on her

    1. Air-entraining admixtures are produced in the form of the concentrated solutions, pastes or in the form of dry and easily soluble powder

    2. As they pass, Marlie pastes on a smile

    3. I brushed my teeth and used everything in sight for a fragranced breath, pastes, mouth washes and an elaichi dying inside the pocket of my lowers

    4. Fillers are fine-grained pastes or powders that can

    1. He was laboriously pasting up updates to their sculptor's reference tome when Zlifonn, their greeter, admitted a pair of customers

    2. Later on we reached Albert and we marched into it under a railway arch that led into the town the further in we got the more we could see that it had taken a real pasting from artillery fire

    3. Copying and Pasting Information From Another Website is a No-No

    4. You can save the keywords to a textfile instead of manually copying and pasting them

    5. Not that I saw my book going in this direction but- I was considering copying and pasting our whole

    6. Here’s what I did; I copied the canvas picture in Paint making sure my work area was much larger and kept pasting beside one another (in effect, manually tilling the picture) to end up with a larger canvas photo

    7. pasting magnetic letters onto your car and building a Web site to calling bookstores

    8. I can’t believe you worked that out simply by pasting stuff in a scrapbook

    9. to call; pasting posters throughout the neighbourhood,

    10. appear ugly and unattractive by pasting their faces and bodies

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    paste spread library paste glue mash pulp dough curd mush batter purée adhesive cement adherent binder compound blend stick affix attach secure set make fast