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Patter в предложении (на )

1. He heard a patter of feet behind him as.
2. A soft patter of rain had just started to fall.
3. There is the soft patter of rain on the car roof.
4. They’d liked Ben’s patter, but Trey was spookier.
5. There was a rush and a patter of feet, the door burst open.
6. As I close my eyes I hear the patter of rain on the window.
7. The talkative driver continued his patter for the next hour.

8. The door burst open, the patter of small feet followed by a.
9. There were lightning, far-off thunder, and the patter of rain.
10. The hard patter of boots echoed throughout the space with each.
11. There was a patter of footsteps and he appeared in the bathroom.
12. The only sound is the patter of the rain turning Saint-Malo into mud.
13. Thunder rumbles and I hear the patter of rain on the ground, but no rain falls.
14. They hid in a side room as the patter of native feet raced by, down the passage.
15. The patter of softly-shod feet mingled with the voices and now and then a laugh.
16. There was a patter of quiet chuckling; everyone in the courtroom shot a look at L.
17. And if it rains, the drops patter and patter as if they were saying something nice.
18. Ingwe watched the kitten patter back from the furthest corner of the cave, her eyes.
19. At last, raindrops began to patter over the dirt, the Quack, and the body beneath him.
20. There might even be the patter of tiny feet, the women being thrilled at the prospect.
21. She heard the patter of Prissy’s feet as she broke into a trot, and then the sound died.
22. Pulaski was a detective, too, then, and this must have been part of their patter, their routine.
23. He heard something like the gentle patter of several drops of rain on the plank which covered him.
24. Afterwards you shall, though really I don't know what you can answer me, she said in a rapid patter.
25. His instinct remained that this patter about villains and explosions was just an attempt to distract him.
26. Back in the cafe, Wat starts his patter with, ‘My wife phoned me and said she had water in the carburettor.
27. The muddy roads, the soaked forest, the plaintive patter of the rain, were wiped out of existence between a sleeping and a waking.
28. The rain was already passing away again into a disinterested patter, though the clouds remained overhead, iron-grey and oppressive.
29. Miriam is startled with the terror of being discovered as she hears the pitter patter of sneaky feet in the house just outside her chamber door.
30. But after two days of forced inactivity she had become used to—even to like—the patter lulling her to sleep at night or to nap during the day.
31. The last thing he remembered before falling asleep was the patter, patter, patter of it gently and rhythmically hitting the tiled roof above his head.
32. Most animals that die in laboratories never feel grass under there feet, or smell fresh country air, or feel the warmth of sunshine, or the patter of rain.
33. The rain on the kitchen window did not patter more ceaselessly than the footsteps strode up and down, and the groans got very much on to the girl's nerves.
34. And in one particular aisle I fancied that I heard the pitter patter of feet and saw the ends of a little girl's bright blue blouse as she turned a corner.
35. Men guffawed and women snorted knowingly as the comedian concluded his smutty patter with punctuation by a cymbal crash and the better half of a bad song.
36. He heard the patter of bare feet on the flags behind him as he ran more by feel than by sight, and the walls resounded to the vengeful yells of the pursuers.
37. We heard her say, 'Mother, there are two men in the house waiting to see you,' and an instant afterwards we heard the patter of feet rushing down the passage.
38. He has to tone his usual patter down a little, and his sincere belief that fathers should never accompany their teenage daughters in public is suitably reinforced.
39. Objects patter onto the roof—shell fragments? cinders?—and Marie-Laure says aloud, You are too high in the house, and forces herself out from beneath the bed.
40. In order to prove this point two examples could be cited out when the instructions of the patter had been misplaced and displaced out from their chronological set order.
41. There was a rapid patter of bare feet, and an unseen hand opened the door into the huntsmen’s room, from which came the clear sounds of a balalayka on which someone, who.
42. Now, with a quick patter of little running feet, a small Mexican boy, with half a pie, burst in from the kitchen, followed closely by the irate cook, who was also his mother.
43. Down the corridor they sped, while the swift patter of flying feet drew closer and closer, and then suddenly Techotl panted: "Here is the stair! After me, quick! Oh, quick!".
44. Harsh, cruel, forcing the old tree to scratch the window with its long, jagged branch, it shook the windows in their panes and made the ceiling crackle with each patter upon the roof.
45. The air was still and, when there were quiet moments between the bustle of noise made by the police teams, the patter of drops of water falling from the farm buildings and surrounding trees could be heard.
46. Melchisedec had, in fact, found it rather dull; and when the rain ceased to patter and perfect silence reigned, he decided to come out and reconnoiter, though experience taught him that Sara would not return for some time.
47. They spoke to the mules in a soft foreign patter and the mules would flick their large ears backwards and forwards as they listened and you could tell by watching them that both mule and muleteer had a real understanding between them.
48. We had hardly closed the thornbush door of our zareba, clasped each other's hands, and thrown ourselves panting upon the ground beside our spring, when we heard a patter of feet and then a gentle, plaintive crying from outside our entrance.
49. Squeezing Virginsky from behind more and more tightly and convulsively, he went on shrieking without a pause, his mouth wide open and his eyes starting out of his head, keeping up a continual patter with his feet, as though he were beating a drum.
50. As the road climbed upwards` Frodo's spirits rose a little; but he still felt oppressed, and still at times he heard, or thought he heard, away behind the Company and beyond the fall and patter of their feet, a following footstep that was not an echo.
51. It is important, that until you leave our physical existence permanently, and even beyond, your true purpose, your universal purpose at all times, is to learn, grow, acquire knowledge, have new experiences, not cling to a repetitious patter for all of your days.
52. The rain scourged the timbers of the skiff incessantly, and its soft patter induced melancholy thoughts, and the wind whistled as it flew down into the boat's battered bottom through a rift, where some loose splinters of wood were rattling together—a disquieting and depressing sound.
53. Richard’s first beat back home was the Village, and when there was no news to report—no strike on the docks, no murders, no robberies to go pestering Larry Pulaski about—he spent hours in the jazz clubs, soaking up the between-sets patter of the musicians who came down from Harlem to play.
54. At the usual hour the jailers' whistles were heard in the corridors of the prison; with a rattling of irons the doors of the corridors and cells opened, and the patter of bare feet and the clatter of prison shoes resounded through the corridors; the men and women prisoners washed and dressed, and after going through the morning inspection, proceeded to brew their tea.
55. The Indian chief paused another moment to consider the signs of the contest, which was now rolling rapidly up the ascent, a certain evidence that the Delawares triumphed; nor did he actually quit the place until admonished of the proximity of his friends, as well as enemies, by the bullets of the former, which began to patter among the dried leaves on the ground, like the bits of falling hail which precede the bursting of the tempest.
56. With the patter of small arms, the warning s-s-t of the rifles,.
1. The pattering sound stopped.
2. Droplets could be heard, pattering heavily on.
3. A few big raindrops fell pattering upon the leaves.
4. Shouting, laughter, a squishing and pattering of water.
5. The roof leaked and the rain came pattering down on my bed.
6. Listen! You can hear their little feet pattering on the grass.
7. The pattering and whispering of the rain sounded softly but distinctly outside.
8. The first newsboy came pattering down the stairs at their heels and rushed out.
9. The troop of bare feet was heard rushing along the hallway and pattering up the.
10. She played and each time her fingers moved, the rain fell pattering through the dark hotel.
11. The stillness had only been broken by the pattering of the rain upon the slates and the skylight.
12. Morning came, and with it, the first light pattering of rain from the storm that had been moving.
13. The heavy rain was pattering as it would be going to swallow the whole earth with its flood water.
14. However, still there was heavy pattering of rainfall, non-stopped, and there was no sight of halt.
15. Pattering echoes of footsteps and whispered grumbling emanated from smaller, torch-lit passageways.
16. Cami met Vince at the bottom of the stairs, her heart pattering with excitement as he watched her descend.
17. He was just going down the new hole when he noticed that some small creature was pattering about in the grass.
18. The sounds seemed to have awakened the maids, too, for I could hear their bare feet pattering outside my door.
19. Some nights I like the rain—I like to lie in bed and hear it pattering on the roof and drifting through the pines.
20. Exactly it was happened at that night- who knows that all those pattering rainfall might be the drops of tears of Raj.
21. He closed his eyes and listened to the sounds around him--leaves rustling in curb-side trees, rain pattering on the windowsill.
22. There was a swift pattering of feet racing up the hall from the kitchen and Melanie burst into the room, her eyes wide with alarm.
23. I told him to go to sleep alone, and here he is, downstairs, getting his death a-cold pattering over that canvas, said Meg, answering the call.
24. A pattering of hoofs on the soil of the field, which they had not noticed in their preoccupation, ceased close behind them; and a voice reached her ear:.
25. The stones, in falling, struck against these projections and reboundedfrom one to another; and the result was a series of pattering sounds that exactly imitated a rainstorm.
26. It didn’t come pattering like a shower, but in a wild dash against the side of the house, as if the wind had caught the crests of all the waves and was hurling them landward.
27. We must go after this Sir no matter what happens because this will precede another counterattack, he said this I could hear the shrapnel pattering down like hailstone on a tin roof.
28. And holding the little paper fast, as if it were a promise yet to be fulfilled, Jo laid her head down on a comfortable rag bag, and cried, as if in opposition to the rain pattering on the roof.
29. So she feared to send him home and he remained in Atlanta, a frightened, silent little ghost, pattering about desperately after his mother, fearing to have her skirt out of his hand for even a minute.
30. He was there—at least, a few yards further in the park; leant against an old ash-tree, his hat off, and his hair soaked with the dew that had gathered on the budded branches, and fell pattering round him.
31. I loved it for the soft pattering of snow against my window at night, for the way fresh snow crunched under my black rubber boots, for the warmth of the cast-iron stove as the wind screeched through the yards, the streets.
32. I was holding his legs while Lord Linchmere was endeavouring to relight the lamp, when there came the pattering of many feet in the passage, and the butler and two footmen, who had been alarmed by the cries, rushed into the room.
33. The slope The place was deserted, except for yellowhammers and a few mice pattering was already in shadow when Campion came running down with the news that he had come face to face with Blackavar and Holly in the upper part of the combe.
34. It was the rule that Lizzie shouldn't come into the room, but, stationary on the other side of this door, her function was to thrust dishes through it; and to her from the kitchen, pattering ceaselessly to and fro, came the tweeny bringing the dishes.
35. As I listened to her clear, pleasant voice reading aloud, I kept glancing from her to the path of the flower-garden, where the rain-spots were making small dark circles in the sand, and thence to the lime-trees, upon the leaves of which the rain was pattering down in large detached drops shed from the pale, shimmering edge of the livid blue cloud which hung suspended over us.
36. Lubov Sergievna also seemed enraptured, and asked (among other things), How does that birch tree manage to support itself? Has it stood there long? Yet the next moment she became absorbed in contemplation of her little dog Susetka, which, with its stumpy paws pattering to and fro upon the bridge in a mincing fashion, seemed to say by the expression of its face that this was the first time it had ever found itself out of doors.
37. Even more than their conversation, she missed the shared silence; the long hot days on the patio gazing into the depths of the Wisteria vines while thinking isolated thoughts; Saturday nights in the kitchen, both of them too busy baking cakes for the next day’s Church gathering to utter any word other than the occasional “thank you” or “excuse me”; early mornings with rain pattering on the tin roof, both of them lying in their rooms, knowing the other was awake and they’d soon meet in the sitting room for morning coffee.
1. Ben pattered about on his own sniffing at things.
2. He pattered into the room, reached over the chair and turned on the computer.
3. The fog came in, the rain pattered down, a white flashing light raised in the waves.
4. The bullets pattered along the lake, and one even pierced the bark of their little vessel.
5. He looked down, his heart pattered imperceptibly and his chest rose and fell in shallow breaths.
6. The water pattered down on the floor, just catching the edge of the desk and the half-emptied teacup.
7. But a gust of wind bowed the poplars, and suddenly the rain fell; it pattered against the green leaves.
8. And the rain pattered relentlessly down, and the streams broke their banks and spread out over the country.
9. Pork pattered into the dining room and Scarlett groped her way into the inky small room and sank down on the sofa.
10. The rain pattered on the roof and he used the sound to help him wash away the notion that this was a losing battle.
11. She slipped off her worn shoe and, barefooted, she pattered swiftly to the bureau, not even feeling her festered toe.
12. There he showed off at a great rate, and pattered about his duchesses till the snobbery of the creature turned me sick.
13. The shrapnel flayed the ground and pattered down on us like hailstone only this stuff that dropped from the sky was deadly.
14. Bullets sought us out and pattered and rattled behind us as we slid down the wall of the trench into what was comparative safety.
15. Willis’ natty boots pattered about Fourteenth Street—at the first crossing, it is Bohemia and the wise push we will sup with.
16. The waves roared with a hollower sound than before, and the rain pattered down on the boards of that crate more loudly and more frequently.
17. Rain pattered steadily on the tent, bringing to mind a camping trip when she was quite young, bunking in a metal-roofed cabin during a wet spell.
18. Seryozha, with radiant eyes and smiles, holding his mother by one hand and his nurse by the other, pattered on the rug with his fat little bare feet.
19. The clouds came nearer and nearer, the slanting drops of rain, driven by the wind, pattered on the platform of the car and stained Nekhludoff's overcoat.
20. He felt the ivy cling and make a second garment over him; he felt the small flowers bud and open and petal away, and still the rain pattered on his body and on his head.
21. It was going to be settled, he repeated several times, degrading by a strange, anxious whine the sonority of the Spanish language, which he pattered rapidly, like some sort of cringing jargon.
22. I couldn’t stop and knew there was nothing I could do for him as I walked forward with tears in my eyes and a heavy heart as the shrapnel pattered around us like hard peas being poured into a pan.
23. Then the drums began to roll, ripping startled shouts from Tide’s crew, and bare feet pattered across planking as the ship’s company rolled out of its hammocks and dashed for its action stations.
24. Captain," she pattered all at once, like peas dropping, speaking Russian confidently, though with a strong German accent, "and no sort of scandal, and his honour came drunk, and it's the whole truth I am telling, Mr.
25. A light rain started to fall, which was miserable in the cold; the Library’s coat was waterproofed, at least, and Jess pulled up the hood to shield his face as the rain pattered harder, and then, without warning, cut loose in a silver flood from above.
26. I had dropped, with the joy of her reappearance, back into my chair—feeling then, and then only, a little faint; and she had pattered straight over to me, thrown herself upon my knee, given herself to be held with the flame of the candle full in the wonderful.
27. You see, if that'll please you, I've flown here to announce that I'm not at all against it, since you were set on having my opinion as quickly as possible; and if, indeed," he pattered on, "you want to 'be saved,' as you wrote, beseeching my help in the same letter, I am at your service again.
28. The shrill, melancholy minor of Prissy was raised, From the kitchen below, she heard the rattle of china as Prissy prepared breakfast, but “Jes’ a few mo’ days, ter tote de wee-ry load…” The song grated on Scarlett, its sad implications frightening her, and slipping on a wrapper she pattered out into the hall and to the back stairs and shouted: “Shut up that singing, Prissy!”.
1. A faint breeze gave ambient texture to the background as Boris's movements made only the slightest patters of footsteps on the road.
2. He had listened while his father explained the intricacies of laying patters out to make the best use of the cloth and the extra profit made by skilful cutting.
3. From his footprint patters we can deduce that he is looking for Ainsley, as the trail moves in different directions backwards and forwards but eventually moves straight towards where Ainsley was hiding.

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