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Spit в предложении (на )

  1. So I spit in his.
  2. I was going to spit.
  3. Then it spit on me.
  4. She spit in his face.
  5. Seven spit in his cup.

  6. I will spit them out.
  7. I spit on the common.
  8. Hands spit in his face.
  9. He spit on the ground.
  10. Who spit out new foods.
  11. The truth, spit it out.
  12. I do not spit on my.
  13. Then spit the seeds out.
  14. He spit as if it was as.
  15. He spit it out with disgust.

  16. I spit a mouthful of blood.
  17. The tube spit them out in.
  18. I was unable to spit it out.
  19. We were spit out by the wall.
  20. I spit out the refined metal.
  21. Blood spit between his lips.
  22. I’m reminded of Noosa Spit.
  23. I spit on all of your graves.
  24. Don’t spit on it and enjoy.
  25. It spit venom at Son but Son.

  26. Gul Tormin spit at the floor.
  27. You can even have spit wars or.
  28. Seven repacked his lip and spit.
  29. The foreman looked up, then spit.
  30. Then they spit on Him, punched.
  31. He’d spit into his hands and.
  32. The radio spit and crackled again.
  33. God will that it may spit you out.
  34. Again he coughed and spit up blood.
  35. He had the impulse to spit at them.
  36. She threw a tiny spit ball in the.
  37. She spit blood and tried to counter.
  38. I sipped mine and nearly spit it out.
  39. Star spit water into Garcia’s face.
  40. She spit and increased her thrashing.
  41. Will could have let spit down on him.
  42. The third time, you spit in her face.
  43. Then, I tried to spit out the pacifier.
  44. If they even spit at us, destroy them.
  45. He gagged, then spit phlegm and blood.
  46. You spit the seeds out upon the earth.
  47. Hah! I spit on them! Most of your.
  48. Go fetch a stick before I spit on you.
  49. A hundred grand is nothing to spit at.
  50. Blood fills my mouth and I spit it out.
  51. I thought she was going to spit on him.
  52. You are meat cooked on a barbecue spit.
  53. Spit upon it and set it within the box.
  54. They coughed and spit water out, heaving.
  55. Rain started to spit onto the windshield.
  56. I was so thirsty I couldn’t even spit.
  57. Leblanc with a horrible look, and spit.
  58. He managed a meek cough and spit out the.
  59. Sue and I went to our sinks and spit out.
  60. The wild pigs on the spit sizzled gently.
  61. I will spit it out and all it stands for.
  62. Sticks on yer boot like a wad of spit.
  63. Sandburn whose face he spit in that night.
  64. Dust-filled lungs caused everyone to spit.
  65. He sampled one and spit it out, disgusted.
  66. Ben was also watching the snake as it spit.
  67. Dogs, rabbits, thieves—I spit on you!.
  68. He turned and let loose with a long spit.
  69. I spit out another wad of blood and nodded.
  70. She peered at me as if I'd spit on her hand.
  71. Brad almost spit out the mouthful of salmon.
  72. The fire spit and crackled under his hands.
  73. I hesitate, think about it, and spit it out.
  74. She was as nervous as spit on a hot kettle.
  75. There was nothing for me but to spit and go.
  76. He spit out a throaty curse across the room.
  77. Water directly from the mouth of Jesus; Spit.
  78. I ate it up and spit it out, I faced it all.
  79. A kid walking past hacked and spit at Inacio.
  80. She turned her head and spit as more came up.
  81. Never! I spit out into the things face.
  82. My father blinked, trying to spit out a reply.
  83. He laughed and spit at Zutar’s proposal to.
  84. It didn't work; she had no spit at the moment.
  85. He spit the water out of his mouth and yelled.
  86. Hi! Spit in your own eye, boss! Mummer's wire.
  87. He tried to spit the ingested liquid back out.
  88. After a few chews, she spit out a wad of hair.
  89. He tried not to spit but didn't quite succeed.
  90. Nick? Her bottom lip was wet with my spit.
  91. Swish this one, spit it out, and drink this.
  92. Seven smiled, spit and kicked dirt on top of it.
  93. She wiped the spit from her mouth and blew her.
  94. I looked to my right and spit my toothpick out.
  95. Still the spit fire you were when you were two.
  96. The answer he got was a ball of spit in one eye.
  97. In the car I always needed a bottle to spit in.
  98. It had begun to spit rain at five minutes to six.
  99. The Fox spit the remaining liquid onto the path.
  100. As the energy spit up into smaller units there.
  1. Spitting me upon the shore.
  2. Spitting is an act of hate.
  3. Someone made a spitting sound.
  4. A spitting image of his mother.
  5. Spitting feathers I called Brad.
  6. Brie said, spitting in the floor.
  7. After spitting out, we of course.
  8. He was his fathers spitting image.
  9. Their unclean practices and spitting.
  10. The money was within spitting distance!.
  11. Hickathrift, almost spitting out his words.
  12. Or by Gypsy Mummy spitting out blank cards.
  13. He tries to talk while spitting out leaves.
  14. The cat squatted down, snarling and spitting.
  15. She was a spitting image of her dear niece.
  16. After spitting out some fresh and enticing.
  17. Fuck you! I growled, spitting out blood.
  18. First is the symbolism of cobras spitting or.
  19. I hear myself almost spitting the words at him.
  20. I found myself within spitting distance of the.
  21. And he made a jaunty show of spitting to one side.
  22. The old man kept kicking Hannah, spitting on her.
  23. The angry surf was spitting spray high in the air.
  24. Rodney, practically spitting into the phone, asked.
  25. Then, spitting on his hands, he took the oars again.
  26. He fired it, rapidly spitting out laser after laser.
  27. He would have preferred her to be spitting with rage.
  28. As soon as I was within spitting distance of Carol's.
  29. You really are the spitting image of your old man.
  30. As soon as Corey got within spitting distance of the.
  31. As soon as I was within spitting distance of the GPS.
  32. As soon as I was within spitting distance of the city.
  33. Oh, you fool! said the old man, spitting angrily.
  34. Soon, I was within spitting distance of Stanton & Sons.
  35. Cynthia and I were now within spitting distance of the.
  36. As soon as Tommy was within spitting distance of us my.
  37. As soon as I was within spitting distance of the young.
  38. If spitting into a mouth could convert only one Hindu.
  39. As soon as I was within spitting distance of the pond I.
  40. As soon as I was within spitting distance of the grassy.
  41. He coughs, spitting out a mouth full of teeth and blood.
  42. Spitting fat or corrosive chemicals may burn the eyeball.
  43. You have not earned respect, Trolos said, spitting.
  44. Can you stand? Kiera asked, spitting the words out.
  45. Roughly twenty five minutes later, I was within spitting.
  46. As soon as I was within spitting distance of the cage, I.
  47. Chap in the Burton today spitting back gumchewed gristle.
  48. As soon as we were within spitting distance of our motel.
  49. As soon as the sentries were within spitting distance of.
  50. He graunched the ignition, spitting stones as he turned.
  51. As soon as I was within spitting distance of the lynx he.
  52. You’re the spitting image of Bertram, what else?
  53. As soon as we were within spitting distance of the tree I.
  54. As soon as we were within spitting distance of the secret.
  55. As soon as I was within spitting distance of the window I.
  56. His hazel eyes stared ahead, fixed on the spitting flames.
  57. There was a gurgle in his throat and he was spitting blood.
  58. As soon as I was within spitting distance of the perimeter.
  59. By spitting on the earth: and all that the earth stands for.
  60. As soon as I was within spitting distance of her I got the.
  61. As soon as I got to within spitting distance of the Quebec.
  62. A short while later we were within spitting distance of the.
  63. As soon as we were within spitting distance of the Spalding.
  64. As soon as I was within spitting distance of the fraternity.
  65. As soon as we were within spitting distance to the entrance.
  66. This 'Daughter of Krakatoa' had been regularly spitting and.
  67. I followed the hissing and spitting sounds of Medusa’s hair.
  68. Cloud gagged, spitting the sewage water from his mouth as he.
  69. And directly there were five Black Cats spitting and miauling.
  70. Things are different now, he said, spitting on the floor.
  71. Valkyries, Loki says, the word spitting out of his mouth.
  73. Foo, hang it, Pyotr Stepanovitch was on the point of spitting.
  74. You’re in my mind,’ he said, almost spitting out the words.
  75. There are many localized tales of the uraeus spitting fire and.
  76. The frying pan of potatoes was hissing and spitting over the fire.
  77. Aquarius looked over to Samara who was spitting glass out of his.
  78. He wipes his mouth with his forearm, spitting blood to the ground.
  79. Beside her, Rykus did the same, drinking and spitting and coughing.
  80. Again, the word 'selfish' has been twisted into a spitting insult.
  81. They replied with finger signs, spitting at him as he walked past.
  82. The tape over her mouth prevented her from spitting the water out.
  83. Throwing buckets of water on the flames felt like spitting in hell.
  84. Ask any artist to create an abstract image by spitting on something.
  85. And you know it, 'cause if you don't, you aren't worth spitting on.
  86. Katsuya smile a grin that is the equivalent of spitting in his face.
  87. A few of the sisters tried to resist, spitting and kicking furiously.
  88. So the two camps settled down to name calling, spitting, and cursing.
  89. The storm whipped up from nowhere, spitting and hissing at the boat.
  90. Five minutes are up, he says, almost spitting the words at Eric.
  91. He kept spitting on the ground as he tried to radio the headquarters.
  92. Jock is on all fours coughing and spitting blood out onto the gravel.
  93. No one said that, Matthew says, spitting out the string necklace.
  94. What's her name? he said to her, spitting on the ground before me.
  95. She gasped and coughed, spitting and swallowing water at the same time.
  96. The fringes of the flames could be seen spitting up into the morning air.
  97. As I continued onwards I finally got to within spitting distance of escape.
  98. Little knots of buccaneers pursued them, spitting those who fell exhausted.
  99. He continued spitting out vile things until Big John popped him on the head.
  100. Krugerrands, he said, spitting the word out as if it were an obscenity.
  1. Spitted out the remains of him onto the floor.
  2. He spitted away the dryness from within his mouth and.
  3. One of the charming little Loves is already fairly spitted.
  4. The hound was stabbed through, spitted on a black thorn branch.
  5. YOU ASS HOLES, what do you think of yourself, huh? he spitted on the roadside.
  6. People huddle around, holding what look to be broken car antennas, meat spitted at the end.
  7. He saw a gathering of Gai’den beside a fire with a spitted roast boar sizzling over the flames.
  8. I was fighting you for Allah, when you spitted in my face, I feared to kill you for myself not for Allah's satisfaction.
  9. As he predicted, the smaller pair leaped off the dock immediately, but the female was spitted by a thrown javelin before she struck the water.
  10. As was brought home when the boy looked from the man who’d almost spitted him, to the man he’d spitted himself to such lethal effect, and puked his guts into a berry-bush.
  11. The National Guards, however, had gone up to the first floor of the town hall with buns spitted on their bayonets, and the drummer of the battalion carried a basket with bottles.
  12. With a total of 105 bullets per second being spitted out by her eight heavy machineguns, her target was literally shred to pieces and disintegrated in the air after a mere second of firing.
  13. The man was astonished and said to Imam Ali: "Why did you leave me after you got me?" imam Ali said: "At first I fought you for Allah's sake, but after you spitted in my face I fear that I may kill you to revenge for my self, then I won't deserve reward from Allah.
  14. They continued fighting until their horses died, they stood and continued fighting by their swords until they were broken, after that they started freestyle wrestling, imam Ali carried the man, lifted him and threw him to the ground, he got out his penknife to kill the man, suddenly the man spitted in the face of imam Ali, then imam Ali stood and left the man.
  15. The first thing that presented itself to Sancho's eyes was a whole ox spitted on a whole elm tree, and in the fire at which it was to be roasted there was burning a middling-sized mountain of faggots, and six stewpots that stood round the blaze had not been made in the ordinary mould of common pots, for they were six half wine-jars, each fit to hold the contents of a slaughter-house; they swallowed up whole sheep and hid them away in their insides without showing any more sign of them than if they were pigeons.
  16. There is no whine of the panther, no whistle of the catbird, nor any invention of the devilish Mingoes, that can cheat me! I have heard the forest moan like mortal men in their affliction; often, and again, have I listened to the wind playing its music in the branches of the girdled trees; and I have heard the lightning cracking in the air like the snapping of blazing brush as it spitted forth sparks and forked flames; but never have I thought that I heard more than the pleasure of him who sported with the things of his hand.
  1. He spits out the tooth faerie.
  2. Peter (spits and puts on coat).
  3. She’s fine, he spits out.
  4. He spits one word at them: Run.
  5. But she only spits at the dogs our pet.
  6. The rotating wind funnel spits him out.
  7. May you cap its bile as it spits you out.
  8. She spits that I can not live from past rent.
  9. The blacksmith curses and spits on the ground.
  10. Safe behind bars Helen turns and spits at Davie.
  11. Thanks, I'll remember that when one spits on you.
  12. You had her looking after Evie, she spits.
  13. The contraption spits out an audio/visual message.
  14. Her lips and mouth was red with the spits of paan.
  15. But instead he spits in your face as well as mine.
  16. We cannot help a Nun who spits defiance in our face.
  17. Jerry holds one sip in his mouth and spits it at John.
  18. TK spits out the toothpaste-induced foam from his mouth.
  19. She spits out her bite of five-grain bagel into a napkin.
  20. He jumps to the kitchen and spits the salty cum in the sink.
  21. And so, she spits on their graves and leave them to rot together.
  22. THE BAWD: (Spits in their trail her jet of venom) Trinity medicals.
  23. Doesn’t he? the cook spits the words out as if they are knives.
  24. When it spits out that water and breathes on it, the water solidifies.
  25. Why the hell are you torturing me? He spits out with unrelenting rage.
  26. She’s no witch, you are he says and spits onto the body of Brutus.
  27. Becky, I didn’t know you were here, Sam says as he spits the blood.
  28. The mind-executioner raises the great cane and fire spits from its carving.
  29. It is fat, its breasts sag, it spits, bad breath, but they can see the beauty.
  30. Who are you? he spits, straddling me now, his palms pinning my shoulders.
  31. The branch spits and crackles when it hits, then falls to the ground, scorched.
  32. He remembered the Enborne, its surface broken by gravel spits and plant growth.
  33. Cap spits out, Let us have 16 of your specials along with matching pints of ale.
  34. He offers it to Russ, who grins, spits out his wad of chewing tobacco in a trashcan.
  35. The mind-executioner strides towards him, and the dark cane he holds spits bright flame.
  36. The story of the man who spits upon himself while trying tospit upon the sky is as old as.
  37. Conversely, a cobra regularly raises its head (mindset) high into the air and spits fire.
  38. As Dad gets back to his feet, blood is pouring from his mouth as he spits out a broken tooth.
  39. Here, she’s all yours, Ameana spits as she walks me over to where Miku and Jay are seated.
  40. It spits you out into the soil, mutating you, pouring fertilizer all over you, just as you did to it.
  41. Angrily he spits a grenade from his cheek at the force field, blasting the thin structure apart easily.
  42. The new cry was a war cry, mixed with the spits and hisses that would be associated with pain from an.
  43. It assimilates intelligence, all forms of it, and spits it back out in a perverse duplication of itself.
  44. He stands, spits tobacco juice out the window, reaches for a binder, starts leafing through it, hands it to John.
  45. Archan’s head had bounced off the wall and as he is still trying to gather his senses, he spits out more blood.
  46. Everyone’s sick, he spits, pushing the muzzle of his gun into the base of my skull, forcing my head forward.
  47. Maggie stands up straight and spits out the words, And I've told you never to use this place for that kind of stuff.
  48. But here, on the Test, there were no submerged branches and no gravel spits or beds of weed above the surface at all.
  49. I don’t want to sit passively until the computer spits out something useful, I said, straightening my shoulders.
  50. One of them takes the bag with water, drinks and enthusiastically spits a flow of water and sticky saliva into Sammy's face.
  51. He takes me in my dreams and tortures me, grinds my flesh to sand, rends my love and hope from me, and spits and pisses on me.
  52. I saw his eyes widen and all the sudden he spits his gum out in surprise, the gum ending up in the girl's hair in front of him.
  53. When someone spits on you, it’s hard not to respond; a nightstick applied to your head without a reaction means you’re probably a saint.
  54. Alex hears the kettle click off as it spits water out onto the dressing table veneer but pays no attention to his primary need for stimulation.
  55. Torches and lanterns were lit in the fading light, as well as large campfires, where cooks began to boil stews and prepare spits for roast deer and lamb.
  56. They are merely cashed out at the opening price (defined as whatever the calculation formula spits out taking the opening tick from each component).
  57. Perhaps it's out of the question to say to a woman of that class that one spits on her intrigues, but I had said that, and it was just that that I was pleased with.
  58. This film idolizes only professional fun… and spits upon all children who play baseball without getting paid for it… and who never become professional athletes.
  59. The weather had turned while he was in the timeless silence of the Bodleian building; overhead, the clouds were flat and low, and the rain had turned to spits of sleet.
  60. It takes a couple of seconds before the shower spits and coughs, signalling the arrival of hot water, time enough for Ted to undress and roll his soiled clothing into a ball.
  61. Her dark blue powdered eyes pierced my core with spits of fire as she told me to sit and wait in a gruff voice which I presumed she had inherited from all the cigarettes she clearly smoked.
  62. This statistical technique, available on most spreadsheet packages, produces the best fit of the three factors to the manager returns series and spits out a blizzard of output numbers.
  63. But the Spanish hate ’em most, and e’en Today when you hear the Word Demonio or Corsario Luterano from a Spaniard’s Lips, he says it and then spits upon the Ground—for so they also term these Buccaneers.
  64. For example, if the magician wants to stir up discord between a bewitched man and his wife by means of the object over which he spits, the devil will make this man disincline to his wife by sending deceptions and insinuations into his chest.
  65. Do you think there could have been a better way to make these images on the walls of caves other than spitting? What does the act of spitting on something mean to a man or a woman? If someone spits on you… what are they trying to tell you?
  66. When I lie to him that I have some previous experience but not much, he spits out scornfully: When I was in junior high school, all my classmates, boys and girls, had sexual relationships! And we sniffed at those girls who were still virgins at the age of 13!.
  67. There were five or six workingmen in the shop discussing the value of a gentleman's estate in County Kildare They drank at intervals from their huge pint tumblers and smoked, spitting often on the floor and sometimes dragging the sawdust over their spits with their heavy boots.
  68. O ’twas clear she thought herself fitted only to cook La Haute Cuisine; therefore, to show her Displeasure with our humble Kitchen, she left the Spits unclean’d, the Fowls unsinged, the Roasts half raw, the Potts unscour’d, and she made sure to comb her Hair o’er the Pottage of Pease.
  69. Steve laughs and looks at Sheila who is busy at the cooker, the bacon hisses and spits as she turns it over in the hot frying pan; �That's why I asked Sheila to join us, you like to hurt men don't you Sheila?� Steve asks raising his voice so that she can hear above the noise of the cooking.
  70. If the ATM machine goes crazy one day and spits out $10,000 in cash that you don’t actually own and you decide to bury that money in the woods that evening, no legal contract, action by the bank, or action by the government will ever be able to recover that cash; if you decide not to tell them where you buried this money, it is not directly reachable by the legal system.
  71. The billows, torn and lashed by the wind, encompass him hideously; the tossings of the abyss bear him away; all the tongues of water dash over his head; a populace of waves spits upon him; confused openings half devour him; every time that he sinks, he catches glimpses of precipices filled with night; frightful and unknown vegetations seize him, knot about his feet, draw him to them; he is conscious that he is becoming an abyss, that he forms part of the foam; the waves toss him from one to another; he drinks in the bitterness; the cowardly ocean attacks him furiously, to drown him; the enormity plays with his agony.

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