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Spit в предложении (на )

Spit it out.
She did spit.
Junya spit in.
She spit at him.
Eric spit on him.
wit and wet spit.
And spit me out.

Then spit on him.
Just spit it out.
' she almost spit.
You can spit out.
Okay, spit it out.
So I spit in his.
Then it spit on me.
I was going to spit.
She spit in his face.
I will spit them out.
Seven spit in his cup.
spit out the expected.
Hands spit in his face.
worth spit in the wind.
I spit on the common.
Raphael spit out his.
He spit on the ground.
He paused to spit.
The truth, spit it out.
Drew spit in her hand.
Who spit out new foods.
the spit I could throw.
spitting in his eye.
The demons are spitting.
Molly spitting them out.
That meant no spitting,.
Ryan began spitting blood.
Spitting me upon the shore.
Spitting is an act of hate.
within spitting distance of us.
Someone made a spitting sound.
A spitting image of his mother.
Spitting feathers I called Brad.
Dawes advanced slowly, spitting.
Brie said, spitting in the floor.
crying for it or spitting it out.
After spitting out, we of course.
He was his fathers spitting image.
Ryan began spitting blood.
was the spitting image of my sister.
without ever spitting a drop of rain.
of cleaning and spitting the rabbits.
"Yuk," she said spitting a mouthful.
Brie said, spitting on the floor.
spitting out a giant slobber of saliva.
the spitting image of the country’s.
Their unclean practices and spitting.
within spitting distance of his muzzle.
his mouth and spitting it upon the ground.
The money was within spitting distance!.
Spitted out the remains of him onto the floor.
`He stands a fair chance of being spitted for an.
He spitted away the dryness from within his mouth and.
One of the charming little Loves is already fairly spitted.
The hound was stabbed through, spitted on a black thorn branch.
entreated, and spitted on: And they shall scourge him, and put him to death:.
YOU ASS HOLES, what do you think of yourself, huh? he spitted on the roadside.
People huddle around, holding what look to be broken car antennas, meat spitted at the end.
He saw a gathering of Gai’den beside a fire with a spitted roast boar sizzling over the flames.
I was fighting you for Allah, when you spitted in my face, I feared to kill you for myself not for Allah's satisfaction.
As he predicted, the smaller pair leaped off the dock immediately, but the female was spitted by a thrown javelin before she struck the water.
As was brought home when the boy looked from the man who’d almost spitted him, to the man he’d spitted himself to such lethal effect, and puked his guts into a berry-bush.
The National Guards, however, had gone up to the first floor of the town hall with buns spitted on their bayonets, and the drummer of the battalion carried a basket with bottles.
With a total of 105 bullets per second being spitted out by her eight heavy machineguns, her target was literally shred to pieces and disintegrated in the air after a mere second of firing.
The man was astonished and said to Imam Ali: "Why did you leave me after you got me?" imam Ali said: "At first I fought you for Allah's sake, but after you spitted in my face I fear that I may kill you to revenge for my self, then I won't deserve reward from Allah.
They continued fighting until their horses died, they stood and continued fighting by their swords until they were broken, after that they started freestyle wrestling, imam Ali carried the man, lifted him and threw him to the ground, he got out his penknife to kill the man, suddenly the man spitted in the face of imam Ali, then imam Ali stood and left the man.
The first thing that presented itself to Sancho's eyes was a whole ox spitted on a whole elm tree, and in the fire at which it was to be roasted there was burning a middling-sized mountain of faggots, and six stewpots that stood round the blaze had not been made in the ordinary mould of common pots, for they were six half wine-jars, each fit to hold the contents of a slaughter-house; they swallowed up whole sheep and hid them away in their insides without showing any more sign of them than if they were pigeons.
There is no whine of the panther, no whistle of the catbird, nor any invention of the devilish Mingoes, that can cheat me! I have heard the forest moan like mortal men in their affliction; often, and again, have I listened to the wind playing its music in the branches of the girdled trees; and I have heard the lightning cracking in the air like the snapping of blazing brush as it spitted forth sparks and forked flames; but never have I thought that I heard more than the pleasure of him who sported with the things of his hand.
She spits out blood.
The man spits out.
’ The marker spits out.
’ He spits on the ground.
The Family, he spits.
He spits out the tooth faerie.
She’s fine, he spits out.
He spits one word at them: Run.
that spits out the numbers for you!.
behind the stove or fridge; he spits.
The rotating wind funnel spits him out.
But she only spits at the dogs our pet.
May you cap its bile as it spits you out.
She spits that I can not live from past rent.
The blacksmith curses and spits on the ground.
‘How much further?’ he asked between spits.
Safe behind bars Helen turns and spits at Davie.
Thanks, I'll remember that when one spits on you.
You had her looking after Evie, she spits.
Her lips and mouth was red with the spits of paan.
But instead he spits in your face as well as mine.
The contraption spits out an audio/visual message.
We cannot help a Nun who spits defiance in our face.
Jerry holds one sip in his mouth and spits it at John.
TK spits out the toothpaste-induced foam from his mouth.
She spits out her bite of five-grain bagel into a napkin.
‘Bollocks!’ He spits out in reply, clenching his fists.
spits out qualified results - prospects - on the other end.
He jumps to the kitchen and spits the salty cum in the sink.
spits tofu juice on the floor, looks at her, and says, Your.

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