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Perimeter в предложении (на )

  1. Snuck one through the perimeter.
  2. He would have to walk a perimeter.
  3. He squinted, scanning the perimeter.
  4. A perimeter had already been set up.
  5. Vic was hanging around on the perimeter.

  6. It backed on to the CN perimeter fence.
  7. Around the perimeter, stone pilasters.
  8. Joshua had met him at the perimeter as.
  9. I rarely left the perimeter of our home.
  10. They wandered around the perimeter walls.
  11. Most faced the perimeter, weapons ready.
  12. The guards at the perimeter gate had guns.
  13. First at the perimeter of his coordinates.
  14. The defensive perimeter has to break and.
  15. Beyond the perimeter of town was another.

  16. They stopped at the perimeter of a clearing.
  17. So, she cautiously approached the perimeter.
  18. Out here in the perimeter there are no stars.
  19. I reached the perimeter fence of the outfield.
  20. He made a wide perimeter around the clearing.
  21. A burst of machine gun came from the perimeter.
  22. The Royal Seal is patrolling our perimeter.
  23. Along the perimeter of the city several armed M.
  24. We have marines searching the base's perimeter.
  25. Halfway to the perimeter fence, though, Ton Tsing.

  26. The perimeter fence had just the lonely concrete.
  27. Five soldiers stood on the perimeter of camp and.
  28. Punk scanned the perimeter through his sleek shades.
  29. The Fairies closed in, making the perimeter smaller.
  30. I counted five doors around the perimeter of the room.
  31. Thus, once every hour the guards toured the perimeter.
  32. Brian informed me that for now, the perimeter fence of.
  33. We should travel along the perimeter of this opening.
  34. Finally, I was within eye’s view of the perimeter of.
  35. We continued onward until reaching the perimeter of the.
  36. A few construction vehicles lined the perimeter of the.
  37. In my sleep I strained to see the perimeter of the dream.
  38. The Fairies surrounded the forest; it's entire perimeter.
  39. Amaranthe paced the perimeter of the cannery to stay warm.
  40. Relieved, Bill walked away from the perimeter of the hill.
  41. A lip of wood followed the perimeter of the table and was.
  42. As soon as we crossed the perimeter of the puppy mill both.
  43. As soon as I was within spitting distance of the perimeter.
  44. As I approached the perimeter of the hospital my heart beat.
  45. His eyes darted to each of the perimeter wal s, expecting a.
  46. I got up and then carefully approached the perimeter of the.
  47. The proud buck stood just beyond the perimeter of the trees.
  48. I ran as fast as I could scaling the perimeter fence of the.
  49. Before I reached the perimeter of the Westmount Park I took.
  50. As I was within a few feet of the perimeter of the forested.
  51. We should maintain a guard around our perimeter at all times.
  52. The Barbarians had broken through the town guards perimeter.
  53. Kimi watched the eagle as it continued circling the perimeter.
  54. As a precaution he ordered an extension of the perimeter guard.
  55. The commander started walking around the perimeter of the fence.
  56. The Iraqis had set up a defensive perimeter outside the refinery.
  57. Surely once she gets within the mile perimeter they’ll attack.
  58. There was no question of doing so within the security perimeter.
  59. As soon as I reached the perimeter of the yard, I took notice of.
  60. A red ring of warding covered the perimeter of the sizeable party.
  61. Stacey walked the perimeter of the orchard behind the Jensen 327.
  62. The perimeter alarm was triggered by a singular Undead last night.
  63. Some were posted around its perimeter and others inside the house.
  64. Thank you for keeping it distracted while I erected the perimeter.
  65. The property was well treed and had a small stream on one perimeter.
  66. He spoke to LanCoste as they approached the perimeter of the forest.
  67. As he neared the perimeter fencing next to the highway a convoy of.
  68. A floor-to-ceiling window followed the entire perimeter of the space.
  69. It slithered wildly around the perimeter of the room, circuit after.
  70. Later we walked hand-in-hand around the outside perimeter of the camp.
  71. He walked with machine stiffness along the perimeter towards the exit.
  72. After what happened with Mom, we started putting up perimeter fences.
  73. Two soldiers, assigned to watch the perimeter of the village, passed by.
  74. The Tyhunies surrounded the other half of the perimeter of the kingdom.
  75. Visqueen sheeting had been wrapped and stapled all around the perimeter.
  76. A dozen of the massive Arachnoids patrolled the perimeter of their lair.
  77. The Edge i tself, a rocky perimeter to the arena, was startlingly close.
  78. He slowed to a cautious walk as he approached the airfield’s perimeter.
  79. He walked around the perimeter and looked for the third way into the farm.
  80. The Iraqis had set up a defensive perimeter outside the refinery.
  81. Grunion was weeping, but blinking back tears to try to watch the perimeter.
  82. Here they would launch their attack by setting fire to the perimeter walls.
  83. Heavily armed men stood before the main gate and others lined the perimeter.
  84. He kept his gaze on the perimeter security fence that surrounded Fort Meade.
  85. After a while I rose and walked around the perimeter of the camp for a time.
  86. I settled near the perimeter of her home closest to the remains of the gate.
  87. We went outside and started checking the perimeter of the oil fields.
  88. Something was on the very perimeter of the Confederation’s scanning range.
  89. The fence surrounding the perimeter was clear except for a faint blue tint.
  90. A portal opened and within the ethereal perimeter, he saw five people.
  91. Her team – with the necessary arsenal – destroyed the perimeter defenses.
  92. The lowliest of all seemed to ring the perimeter of every other construction.
  93. The perimeter patrol stopped at the barracks office and the two officers went.
  94. It replaced any need for using defensive weapons at night around the perimeter.
  95. They made a dry camp just inside the perimeter and tied the horses to the trees.
  96. Other children were banked in a holding pattern along the perimeter of the room.
  97. The front of the Explorer was pushing in close to the perimeter hedge of the lot.
  98. Walking the perimeter of the concrete slab he found nothing to raise any concerns.
  99. Maybe the satellites can’t see it? You should at least see the perimeter fence.
  100. By now the bonfires had started to spread beyond the desired perimeter of burning.

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