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Persona в предложении (на )

1. We are aware of his, persona.
2. That was the beauty of her persona.
3. Are we changing Jill's persona.
4. I was persona non grata in two camps.
5. It hardly fits with Jock's external persona.
6. Most of them use their theatrical persona as.
7. Carl is very different from his public persona.
8. Angela was her name, but the devil was her persona.
9. In the hostel, his persona was the suave guy with the.
10. Better she continue with the submissive bimbo persona.
11. Her public persona is the only persona she really has.
12. The gentle kind person that was her persona with Michael.
13. The star quality was there, I guess—in the Marilyn persona.
14. The force of her diva persona rescued me with her zest and spirit.
15. But what is this human being that I indicate with the term Persona.
16. Homo Persona Sapiens is the term that I have adopted for those who.
17. If you know a perfectionist, you could use them as a persona to stalk.
18. Though I imagine his command persona would be a more stern performance.
19. I didn't put a lot of persona in that avatar, but it could take over mine.
20. And you (or your company), have to create a persona that best matches the.
21. Li Ping who was even more vicious in her persona and actions than even the.
22. The persona she had created was now such a part of her being it just… was.
23. Don’t create a completely different persona just so you can win more friends.
24. It had a certain advantage over his usually scared and alone escaped convict persona.
25. Stalk each persona often for several weeks, living the part as if it were the real you.
26. Her mind, persona, attitude, gentle but forceful way, intrigued and then captivated him.
27. The more he hated them, the more he lived up to his persona, and the more they loved him.
28. All roaches are now suspect! Dani’s always had a second persona and I never figured it out.
29. It followed then that when a drowned person dared touch shore, he or she was persona non grata.
30. Louie's persona scared me more, the zoot-suiter's weed-wacker put me in the category of danger.
31. Lay up in the bed, Sandhya tried to fathom the persona of the man that induced love in her heart.
32. In any case, something, or someone, has caused the computer to shut down – at least the persona.
33. Eliminating the talker side of your persona is not always easy…it takes practice and repetition.
34. What were they trying to do to him? They were inventing a whole persona for him and he felt so helpless.
35. This means your social networking persona should be a genuine representation of who you are in real life.
36. Carl showed a changed persona from the semi-depression of past weeks, as would be clear to any who saw him.
37. She definitely would be persona non grata in that latter country now, but she couldn’t care less about that.
38. He wanted to check out Mister Wu’s reaction but his eyes were riveted on the persona of David the Illusionist.
39. Many a man has become instantly persona grata in Northern centers because he registered from one of these towns.
40. Assuming her persona was one of the moments of opportunity I had mentioned above, but it was only the beginning.
41. As his persona of success was beginning to be firmly established, Buffett closed the partnership to new accounts.
42. But I knew very well how the persona you chose to present to the world could be very different from what was inside.
43. IN HIS MICHAEL SULLIVAN PERSONA, he had the habit of thinking things through several times, and not just his hit jobs.
44. Sampath is a quiet, lowprofile man with a non-confrontational persona, very unlike some of his predecessors, such as T.
45. In the 1970s, Amitabh Bachchan’s angry young man persona was suited to a film-going public tiring of chocolate-box heroes.
46. What’s it that makes this fabulous woman so irresistible? Sure there’s much more to her persona than her oozing sex appeal.
47. All too often, we are left disappointed when we discover that the public persona is nothing like the person they are privately.
48. Monroe historian Charles Casillo explains it best this way: There was no place for lines in her face with that kind of persona.
49. My thoughts ran over what I’d been made to think by the Jane persona, as to what I was to have been created into under her knife.
50. Thus, aided by the radiance of her persona that emanated from every square inch of its frame, he found himself moving closer to her.
51. Her strong faith, her ―never giving up‖ persona, and her loving family and friends transfused her body from weakness to strength.
52. Even the statue in the Arboretum remained, though the official line was one of secular reverence for his historical role and persona.
53. By the time she left with her baby, she had acquired not only a very solid qualification in secretarial work, but a whole new persona.
54. It seems preposterous, especially given her dumb-blonde persona, that she was viewed as a serious threat to this country’s security.
55. You always have a surface reality that you respond to with persona and etiquette; secondary there is the level of internal perception.
56. Agatha’s Facebook persona continued on, but eventually he pretended that she died and created his own Facebook page with his real name.
57. Every ancient culture speaks of weird, horrible, insane, deformed, mutated monsters that have more than one shape, more than one persona.
58. In that one moment darkness and light blended into a new persona of opposing forces, reminding me of Cain and Able in the Garden of Eden.
59. While it had become part of his persona, it also possessed an underlying symbolism that gave his work a perpetual exuberance and meaning.
60. The space station and its residents have taken on an almost god-like persona—to many here on Earth—it is more of a devil-like persona.
61. Unconsciously secure in his old persona of never being seen, never being noticed, he turned to look over his shoulder at the new customer.
62. His persona was serious, but underneath it I sensed a bottomless compassion, and a strength honed by a life of prayer, study, and leadership.
63. Despite many preconceived notions and his familiar television persona, the press and most of the American people do not really know Ronald Reagan.
64. This Henry, who was a blend between the boyish enthusiasm of his cover persona and the daring intensity of his Bandit identity, was irresistible.
65. I looked at him with barely concealed trepidation as he swiftly released my neck and stepped back from me, placing his fake mortal persona back on.
66. Will there be a genuine outreach to the minorities or will that run counter to his original persona as the face of unapologetic Hindutva politics?
67. But as her magnetic persona and his nascent love made a common cause, he was constrained to contemplate on the consequences of his attraction for her.
68. It appeared to him from her demeanor that the craving she espied in his gaze synchronized with the longing his persona insensibly induced in her mind.
69. In his adapted persona, he flattered the border guards, customs agents and their supervisors with humorous comments about the many seals in his passport.
70. As was seen, it invariably is the case with all the so-called revealed religions that the persona of its prophet tends to shape the course of its propagation.
71. Ed had an old-fashioned authoritarian streak that didn’t respond well to disrespect, and it certainly compared unfavorably to Nathan’s let’s-have-a-laugh persona.
72. Barely was my fiancée on her voyage when I received mail from the Canadian authorities informing me that they had changed their minds and had now stamped me persona non grata.
73. I am x, or as angst, I am what? This formal angst is manifested in the virtual niche emergence of image consultants, defenders, lawyers and counselors for your online persona.
74. At the moment, he was in his Dialydd Mab persona, moving through a rain-soaked forest towards one of the columns of concentration camp inmates being driven towards the Border States.
75. Bush, and because of the antics at the Democratic National Convention and the March of the Homeless Veterans on the VA, I was persona non grata within the current Democratic administration.
76. I learned that, despite her ditzy persona, she actually ran a genuinely impressive and profitable retail business with stores in thirty-one countries, selling everything from handbags to perfumes.
77. Reflects back and forth inside every living human soul a million billion times… and by this dynamic, it grows in energy and power until it takes over the entire persona of every living human ever born.
78. She became a subscriber; amazed at being anything in propria persona, amazed at her own doings in every way, to be a renter, a chuser of books! And to be having any one's improvement in view in her choice! But so it was.
79. She became a subscriber; amazed at being anything in propria persona , amazed at her own doings in every way, to be a renter, a chuser of books! And to be having any one’s improvement in view in her choice! But so it was.
80. As he closed his eyes seemingly savoring the persona of the woman he had failed to possess as well as to reminisce about the flavors of the one he was able to savor, I went out into the open to have a smoke in the fresh air.
81. If Modi was the Man of the Series for having successfully driven an unrelenting presidential-style campaign with his charismatic persona, then the effective election micromanaging by Shah made him a deserved Man of the Match.
82. The Brown & Backhouse's Lead Representative, Miss Rebecca Backhouse, a daughter to the firm's namesake, evinced a formidable persona with years of construction experience admirably and conscientiously executed already behind her.
83. This time – as the room and its contents shrunk (or he enlarged) and he commenced the usual tirade of threats that could never be fulfilled – he had the distinct impression that the central L-Seven-Six persona was not present.
84. In other words, the whole process of selling the house had made her feel like she had the power to dictate to everybody, and if you stood up against her she would assume that helpless woman persona and that was just one big conjob.
85. He wore a somber scowl and swelled his chest holding his arms ape-like at his sides, but laughter burst through when he began to stride across the office in a Jesus persona by lifting his feet as though they were weighted with lead.
86. There’d been no hope of reopening the investigation by that time, but Ahnzhelyk Phonda in her persona as Arbalest had used that information to recruit Sergeant Mahkbyth for Helm Cleaver six months after his wife’s eventual death.
87. He used to hide and he used to cry, and he has no desire to return, no desire to have his Flynn persona who could handle such things ripped away, no desire to crumple in front of Rapunzel and maybe bring her down too with his weakness.
88. We both discussed the anniversary with the media, and Jim made an interesting point I hadn’t thought of—the biggest difference in my life in the past year of recovery was that his public persona is exactly the same as his private persona.
89. That night, as the family walked into the Pacific Seas dining room in downtown Los Angeles, Marilyn continued with the persona she had created earlier in the afternoon—a mixture of confidence and naiveté… a dignified charm… a carefree exuberance.
90. The result can be seen in how much Hitler in his last days resembled the level of mental illness and the physical deformity of Wilhelm ii who was still alive, and how closely his persona matched that of Wilhelm ii at the end of his life; not in the beginning.
91. Her sad and lonely inner child wandered the dark corridors of a huge adult world, while at the same time she could feel the steam head pressure of outrage building in the magma chambers that brooded darkly in the spaces between her quiet outward persona and her molten core.
92. Soon, propelled by his admiration for his son's persona, Gautam took Suresh into his arms, but finding his eyes welled up with tears still, he stroked his lad's head for mutual solace and as if to celebrate their reunion in unison, he too began shedding tears of joy in profusion.
93. Even so, his baser needs would occasionally resurface and there were those rare times that he would revert, descending from a position of advancing power and prestige to the greedy gathering in of some demented or supremely perverse persona whose allure he could not hope to resist.
94. How I used to savor every nuance of her enchanting persona to her heart’s content; as she made me feel wanted like never before, what a wondrous feeling it was, but still, in those fulfilling moments of our life, I opened the book of my unrequited love that she read with empathetic feeling.
95. Akihiko Sato, an attaché of the Embassy of Japan, persona non grata and to order his immediate expulsion from the United States; but in any event no later than twenty-four (24) hours from receipt of this letter due to activities that are inimical to the security interests of the United States of America.
96. Unless I too have fallen victim to the imaginary ideals of youth, I believe that, on some level at least, many of the athletes of my generation were properly aware of the underlying aspects that defined their ―relationship‖ with their fans; notwithstanding (obvious) concern over their own public persona.
97. With egalitarian access to public and for purchase information via internet connection, we confuse the ability to gather data with the right to know personal, criminal and financial history, or any other secrets that the civic-minded inquisitor deems pertinent to ascertaining your true persona and intentions.
98. It is important to know that there is much still concerning the day of 9/11 that will be exposed but it should be noted that the absence of information is what is crucial and will drive others away from the government and the trustworthy persona that has been held by many since the early days of the controlling persona.
99. How do any of them pay the rent? How come the stupidest actor has the biggest warmest persona? How come the dumbest bimbo has the sweetest heart of gold? And her dumbest utterances somehow magically turn out to be words of unexpected wisdom? Why do these shows try to glorify stupidity? Why should a person be proud of being stupid?
100. But the separatist sentiment propelled by the mullahs and the self-interest of the elitist groups needed political fusion to facilitate Pakistan, and the leadership for that came from an unexpected source, in the persona of Muhammad Ali Jinnah, whom Muhammad, if not banished him as an infidel, would have certainly branded him a hypocrite.

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