persona sätze

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Persona sätze (in englisch)

We are aware of his, persona.
That was the beauty of her persona.
Are we changing Jill's persona.
I was persona non grata in two camps.
It hardly fits with Jock's external persona.
Most of them use their theatrical persona as.
Carl is very different from his public persona.

Angela was her name, but the devil was her persona.
Better she continue with the submissive bimbo persona.
In the hostel, his persona was the suave guy with the.
Her public persona is the only persona she really has.
The gentle kind person that was her persona with Michael.
The star quality was there, I guess—in the Marilyn persona.
The force of her diva persona rescued me with her zest and spirit.
But what is this human being that I indicate with the term Persona.
Homo Persona Sapiens is the term that I have adopted for those who.
If you know a perfectionist, you could use them as a persona to stalk.
Though I imagine his command persona would be a more stern performance.
I didn't put a lot of persona in that avatar, but it could take over mine.
And you (or your company), have to create a persona that best matches the.
Li Ping who was even more vicious in her persona and actions than even the.
The persona she had created was now such a part of her being it just… was.
Don’t create a completely different persona just so you can win more friends.
It had a certain advantage over his usually scared and alone escaped convict persona.
Stalk each persona often for several weeks, living the part as if it were the real you.
Her mind, persona, attitude, gentle but forceful way, intrigued and then captivated him.
The more he hated them, the more he lived up to his persona, and the more they loved him.
All roaches are now suspect! Dani’s always had a second persona and I never figured it out.
Louie's persona scared me more, the zoot-suiter's weed-wacker put me in the category of danger.
It followed then that when a drowned person dared touch shore, he or she was persona non grata.
Lay up in the bed, Sandhya tried to fathom the persona of the man that induced love in her heart.
Eliminating the talker side of your persona is not always easy…it takes practice and repetition.
In any case, something, or someone, has caused the computer to shut down – at least the persona.
What were they trying to do to him? They were inventing a whole persona for him and he felt so helpless.
This means your social networking persona should be a genuine representation of who you are in real life.
Carl showed a changed persona from the semi-depression of past weeks, as would be clear to any who saw him.
She definitely would be persona non grata in that latter country now, but she couldn’t care less about that.
He wanted to check out Mister Wu’s reaction but his eyes were riveted on the persona of David the Illusionist.
Assuming her persona was one of the moments of opportunity I had mentioned above, but it was only the beginning.
Many a man has become instantly persona grata in Northern centers because he registered from one of these towns.

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