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    1. Nobody wil truly appreciate the enormity of this phrase unless they too have a terminal il ness

    2. is a phrase he uses to express how much he was longing,

    3. I believe in the phrase: practice makes perfect

    4. covered hands in his, and to her he whispered that simple phrase that brings life to the

    5. “Go an sin no more!” I first heard this phrase in 1999, when, being

    6. every rising phrase, letting the maelstrom notes burn through the universe

    7. trailing veins and cables, ground out one last phrase on behalf of the revolutionary

    8. He did evil - This phrase is misleading but very instructive

    9. ” I began to repeat this simple phrase during my meditations on our collective state of being

    10. And what did he mean by the phrase: “not yet”? Did he really harbour dreams of returning? And what did that mean for me?

    11. ’ He said, stumbling a little over the phrase as he took in her appearance

    12. The Hebrew phrase is tohu vav vohu

    13. ‘I’ve been careful, saved sensibly so I can retire when I want to … and Joris left me … some …’ The phrase stuck in her throat; concentrating her attention on the plate in front of her, she hauled herself back together again under cover of sharing condiments

    14. ” That wording “in the midst” is the Hebrew phrase for “in the center” or “in the middle

    15. When posting an image, the contestant simply has to add the #shoe (or other hashtag), and their image will be tagged to that word or phrase

    16. In a corner, Citizen Marat’s severed head, trailing veins and cables, ground out one last phrase on behalf of the revolutionary committee of the brotherhood of new men before dropping its eyelids and falling permanently silent

    17. We are intrigued by the phrase ‘matters of mutual interest’ and keen to learn what it might denote! Until tomorrow - Liesse Yare

    18. In these two verses, we see a phrase about restoring the “tabernacle of David

    19. I do not have the capacity to understand such a phrase

    20. It goes back to the Hebrew phrase mentioned only one time in the Old Testament: Genesis 48:19 – Ephraim will be a multitude of nations (fullness of Gentiles)

    21. By and large, the phrase “Kingdom of God” has been spiritualized, and therefore we have robbed ourselves of the very content necessary to progress toward the end time purposes

    22. After an excellent snack I wandered through WH Smith and thrilled to the dizzy heights of buying my first phrase book but from then on it was a downward spiral of fear and boredom

    23. As a Catholic she's naturally concerned for the spiritual welfare of the whole family but just doesn't know when to horn out,' I was warming to the phrase

    24. The old tart was very flattered by his kind words, completely missing the sarcasm that Archibald had tried to inject into that last phrase

    25. insane asylum where people never come back in any sense of the phrase

    26. Driving ahead they would speak to me hoping a word or phrase would sink in so I could grasp what was really going on

    27. As I approached their table one of the ladies gave me a wide smile and asked loudly, 'Just wondering, how do they say “Thank you” in Greek? My husband said before I left that I aught to bring a phrase book, but you'd think they'd all speak English here, wouldn't you?'

    28. Chanting a mantra (short word or phrase) can have the same effect on your brain waves as

    29. 'Just good friends should be a banned phrase

    30. The phrase “I love you” would invariably result in a

    31. while the phrase “I hate you” would result in a very

    32. that this common phrase has a basis in reality

    33. Sera smiled at her turn of phrase as she continued to walk about

    34. “I’ll have to remember that” is a potent phrase

    35. The key phrase is that “Let the ends be

    36. The phrase "it is what it is" has sprouted up in frequency

    37. The key phrase to use is merit what you are

    38. Get the phrase “Mega Profits” embedded into your brain, because without

    39. Going through the Trust documentation, he points out the clause which says that Mum can assign her rights under the Trust … at least I think that is the phrase he used

    40. Mickey nodded as though he understood every word and Ozzie interpolated a phrase here and there as though proving that he too understood

    41. Out of the static, circling and repeating comes a phrase that Billy has heard too many times

    42. Looking directly as Alistair, Yise then added a phrase in the

    43. When he did, he reddened – it was an idiomatic phrase, an

    44. Without knowing why, she feels in her bones that it is necessary for her to consign it to the past actively … what’s that phrase she heard once from one of Ozzie’s friends … closure

    45. ” Ted considers the phrase for a moment

    46. Mike’s not quite 28 and newly married; he’s not yet used to the concept of ‘his wife’ and uses the phrase regularly just for the kick it gives him

    47. Suddenly she understood the phrase "its own supply"

    48. “We are interested in learning what this primitive simian mind attributes to this meaningless computer-generated phrase,”

    49. Matt even remembered the great secret of his past, the secret that he had forgotten, the secret behind the phrase, Revelation 7

    50. The phrase, to count your blessings, can therefore quite confidently be confirmed as a useless adage, yet it has somehow managed to survive the test of time, even though the advice in question is most clearly totally detrimental, totally idiotic and totally ill-conceived

    1. He phrased his observation in what he hoped would be taken as proper scientific reserve

    2. Mandy Hill, in an exertion of will to remain civil, said, “I have just come from an inspection of the Livingson Bungalow Lodges,” she carefully phrased, “and was graciously received, properly entertained, and handsomely impressed with Livingson's sophistication and good taste

    3. It’s a politely phrased command

    4. She over looked the Sweetheart stuff, but she really wished he hadn't phrased the rest of his reassurance that way

    5. “And you would gladly take her place,” he phrased that more as stated fact than a question

    6. the place,' as she phrased it, and cakes, mince pies, and puddings were

    7. The tart’s story was beyond stunning, she wouldn’t have believed Mike’s rendition regardless of how he may have phrased it

    8. This is what was once commonly thought to be part of “the laws of nature and of nature’s God” as Thomas Jefferson phrased it

    9. this, and I had always thought of it and phrased it like that:

    10. With this politely phrased charge, Youssaf was sent on his way to spend a long, sleepless night directing stragglers

    11. With this politely phrased charge, Youssaf was sent on his way to spend a long, sleepless

    12. as “When will you be arriving?” “Can you tell me where you started from?” would be phrased in the

    13. “I would have phrased it differently, but yes

    14. Affirmations are always phrased in the first person and usually in a present tense ("I am") rather than a future tense ("I will") in order to increase the realization of the statement

    15. would have phrased this apparent contradiction as “God is reproducing himself

    16. Armstrong (1892-1986) would have phrased this

    17. would have phrased the union of humans with God as “God is reproducing

    18. “Then Fairmont wasn’t involved with any official city business,” Wickland phrased the comment more as a statement than a question, then added as a disclaimer, “to the best of your knowledge

    19. "It is too coincidental for chance," H'llot said, and wished he had phrased it differently

    20. So the same sentences are going to be phrased out but they are now positioned differently along this manner and so these elusive elements should now end up being `made useful to us`

    21. conduct would refrain from making fun out of what had been just phrased, then this symposium could now proceed and continue along the previous chapter that was left dangling at the end

    22. frigid characters and icy atmospheres becomes friendly and homely whenever this word is being phrased out

    23. If our style of `irony` should be kept at bay and our `cynical` conduct would refrain from making fun out of what had been just phrased, then this symposium could now proceed and continue along the previous chapter that was left dangling at the end

    24. The word of `Peace` might have nowadays lost its former graceful qualities and has been altered and changed out into just plain words of `hi` or `hello` but the ingredients are still effective when frigid characters and icy atmospheres becomes friendly and homely whenever this word is being phrased out

    25. and this year, I don't remember EXACTLY how I phrased my resolution (it's always

    26. And he slowly phrased

    27. updates are posted and how they are phrased

    28. So what had changed; was it because he was one? No matter how you phrased it he possessed magic

    29. “The Spirit is a very powerful and sought after… ah, stimulant, is how I believe it would be phrased in Universal Speak,” said Valtar

    30. He, or it, was clothed, or draped or however it should be phrased, in what appeared to be an absorptive shroud that allowed no light to reflect from its surface

    31. Douglas termed this "popular sovereignty" but his opponents phrased it as "squatter sovereignty"

    32. Half a dozen times she had invited him to a home-cooked evening, as she phrased it, and had hinted that he would be served more than dinner, but George had always found an excuse

    33. Or, phrased alternatively, the universe is what is known of the

    34. Alternatively phrased, it is

    35. I have deliberately phrased the question in this simple form

    36. ) is the able and popular master, he is reported by eyewitnesses as having stated that once a woman has let the cat into the bag (an esthete's allusion, presumably, to one of the most complicated and marvellous of all nature's processes—the act of sexual congress) she must let it out again or give it life, as he phrased it, to save her own

    37. One was that Phillips’s crew had turned back to Hawaii; the other was that they were, as Deasy phrased it, “in the drink

    38. Sir Bartyn Sahmyrsyt, the heretic commander, had phrased his written message with at least marginal courtesy, but the iron fist inside the rather threadbare silk glove had been there for any to see

    39. ) These personal things, phrased in the usual terminology, always sound so grim and forbidding

    40. It didn’t matter how many different ways Hagan phrased his questions; she couldn’t tell him what she didn’t know

    41. Notice how the instructional text on the form is phrased as:

    42. The prior discussion is phrased in terms of ‘stopping out of’ long trades

    43. Boris Drubetskoy, having left his wife in Moscow and being for the present en garcon (as he phrased it), was also there and, though not an aide-de-camp, had subscribed a large sum toward the expenses

    44. ”—Then he pressed five hundred roubles into my hand—to buy myself some bonbons, as he phrased it—and wound up by saying that in the country I should grow as fat as a doughnut or a cheese rolled in butter; that at the present moment he was extremely busy; and that, deeply engaged in business though he had been all day, he had snatched the present opportunity of paying me a visit

    45. And they find it in "the judgments of the finest-nurtured," as an English æsthetician has phrased it, that is, in the authority of the people who are considered educated, nor in this alone, but also in a tradition of such authorities

    46. Borís Drubetskóy, having left his wife in Moscow and being for the present en garçon (as he phrased it), was also there and, though not an aide-de-camp, had subscribed a large sum toward the expenses

    47. “You have to sling softsoap to suit the pig-headed old sissy,” he phrased it

    48. On the same day the first Chinese child of our church was baptized, under the “Christian name,” as her father phrased it, of Lily Lee

    1. Ricci begins to sing, a bit over-the-top, eying Ahmed as he phrases each word

    2. This was a forum where even the lowly could present ideas, but they often got only a few phrases in before they were overruled

    3. Nevertheless, I often suspect -from askance looks, certain phrases, bored movements- that Aphrodite doesn't really like such discussions

    4. Here are a few other phrases you might want

    5. holding safe words and phrases that form

    6. and these phrases, these clauses,

    7. I was forced to pay attention, just to keep up, and with careful imagination I began to string together phrases of my own

    8. Over the bed someone had painted a few phrases on the wall

    9. ' Her voice softened to slow, easy phrases, 'Close your eyes and take several slow, deep breaths

    10. The sound grew slowly, repeating refrains and phrases in a growing, circular pattern, quite unlike the recorded version, until the volume and intensity of these paradisiacal sounds overwhelmed them both completely

    11. 'That's fucking-follow-on-fantastic,' Ish said, inventing his own phrases for the

    12. So, tell me?' Of all the phrases ever said on the phone,

    13. slowly, repeating refrains and phrases in a growing, circular

    14. Standing in the blackness out there on the moor, he had heard scraps of phrases in his head as they shovelled the dirt over Chas’s body

    15. “This simple contraption makes it so that millions of meaningless words, phrases, verses and images pass by in the human subject’s brain in an endless loop,”

    16. Cody: Why did Douglas Adams choose the number ‘ 42’ to answer the ‘ ultimate question’? It means many different things depending on what context you’re using; for example from the actual story’s perspective, it’s an appropriated warning sent by some unknown alien force, symbolically it’s about cosmic connections, from a philosophical perspective it’s about how easy it is to apply meaning to arbitrary phrases and verses, from a thematic perspective it’s a red herring, because it seems like it has a religious meaning but is actually entirely secular

    17. the instructor by shouting encouraging phrases, such as:

    18. instead, will begin with some phrases like this:

    19. On the remaining copy, complete the table, using ten words or phrases

    20. She proceeded to recite the vilest phrases she remembered

    21. “Within the words you have heard, may now be hearing, and soon Will hear, are several phrases, which will enter into the unconscious, Re-attach themselves in a certain manner, and begin to function in a Prescribed way

    22. You can’t have exact phrases that are word-

    23. When he came to speak to me his voice suddenly changed from speaking fluent English to a comedic Indian accent with broken phrases

    24. He was able to pick out phrases

    25. She knew she was repeating the very same words and phrases that her beloved father had spoken all of those years ago

    26. His strangled words became clearer and the sounds and phrases suddenly clicked in her mind

    27. If he had not been a soldier, this man, who was he? Penelope had to admit that the language of the note, phrases that echoed with riddle-like mystery, intrigued her

    28. Whether you are holding a meeting or attending a meeting, it is imporant that you understand key English phrases and expressions related to meetings

    29. It is relatively easy to find 4 to 8-letter words or phrases in any text, but to have meaningful and relevant codes of 296-letters that convey an understandable message about a specific subject or person is a phenomenon that is only encountered in the Bible

    30. All these symbolic phrases drifted through her head

    31. Roleston bunched his shoulders and said something in one of his french book phrases which they didn't catch

    32. For almost two centuries people’s communications had been monitored for key words and phrases, for the sake of national security

    33. As you know I also said that no-one including me really understand the terms and conditions and Latin phrases which makes it sound so good

    34. All the lawyers regulate themselves with nice high sounding phrases to limit the fees allowed to charge but there is (always) a loop hole

    35. Thus you find the most wonderful phrases and words flowing in an elegant way quoting legal sections and other parts of previous letters to create as much pages as possible

    36. " It was one of the best phrases of the war and widely remembered today

    37. myself clear, but to me the differences in phrases and

    38. How often had his dad had to lift his spirits on the bus home in the past? He remembered stock phrases like “Football’s not everything, son,” and “Watch them go and win next week against top-of-the-league

    39. not been thinking, suddenly hear these phrases, and

    40. Colling raised his hand in a friendly wave, calling out one of the Polish hailing phrases that Zaminoski had taught him were used by those who sailed the river

    41. He did not seem to recognize Colling, and Colling used the phrases that he had heard Elizabeth use, “I know someone who knew Sosabowski

    42. A good part of their time over the next two weeks was spent drilling the two little girls and their mother in a series of English phrases and reminding the children that they must avoid speaking Polish whenever strangers, especially policemen or soldiers, were present

    43. Discovering that I was not the only one out of touch with up to the minute buzz words and phrases was most comforting

    44. He and Hunter had come up with a series of codes to use in case of danger, phrases they could say either on the phone or in text and email

    45. When we say that the texts are words of God, one could imagine that God has dictated the phrases that he wanted to reach readers in the author´s ear; that´s how represented the authors of the sacred books are usually represented in many of the paintings seen in the churches

    46. ” She has a way of flattening even those phrases that should have inflection built into them

    47. But when spring comes and Wolf is occupied with other things and Wind is doing his skipping song that melts the ice, she replies with phrases from the wind and wolf duet

    48. phrases and content that links to the website when searched

    49. When key words or phrases are entered into the query

    50. He moaned, then mumbled incoherent phrases about what he was doing and what she wanted while his rhythm slowly grew, becoming a deep hard motion

    1. the sublime melodic phrasing of the hit of the year

    2. So keep that in mind when creating your emails, and always avoid potentially problematic phrasing and words that may trigger spam filters

    3. English is not his first language, and some of his phrasing differs from an American writer

    4. Please note the way in which some of the ideas are stated using different phrasing

    5. One question reverberated in my head, why did he spare me? Why had the werewolf chosen to free all of his natural destroyers? Adrinius and Zacchaeus may have been strong, but I had watched them, studied them being overpowered by this creature, and I, for a lack of better phrasing, was an easy kill

    6. Although the Bible has outstanding value and can actually establish equity in mankind, it was written long ago and because of the phrasing, is misquoted, misinterpreted, and exploited

    7. Selma was taken aback at his phrasing, “Isn’t the boy your

    8. feeler probes," said Calvin, coughing to buy himself a few more seconds to iron out his exact phrasing

    9. There was something very attaching about him, his opinions and philosophies, his phrasing, his generosity towards all, his humour

    10. I know I’m not phrasing this very

    11. While this phrasing avoids reference to any deity of any religion, the Jew would say that he turns his life and will over to the care of Hashem

    12. For much it is just clever phrasing to offer the view that something is better or healthier when it is truly more detrimental or at least neutral to you

    13. She frowned and winked at Clarene with the type of wink someone uses when she is too polite to use the actual and more accurate phrasing

    14. Feltus pursed his lips as he considered the question’s phrasing, the ambiguity of which left room to answer either way depending on which aspect he surveyed

    15. Pay attention to the phrasing on the label, but ignore the gimmicky words and pretty pictures

    16. I understand there is something you would like us to take a look at,” he boomed with his usual straightforward phrasing

    17. to help me with the medical terminology and associated phrasing

    18. “I understand their results – not to mention the phrasing of the questions – are not consistent with the other surveys done

    19. The phrasing of the question struck me as odd, “practicing nudity

    20. precept, a variant phrasing refers to « intoxicants that cloud the mind and cause carelessness, »

    21. just another way of phrasing the same question

    22. His phrasing was clear, his words well chosen, his facility in elocution remarkable

    23. ” James Burchard of the World-Telegram found more original phrasing: “It was a story of psychology, pure nerve, and rowing intelligence

    24. ” In hindsight, that may have been a poor choice of phrasing

    25. ” Then she flinched at my phrasing and pointed out that not all men love vagina stories and that her father was going to read this book and might get a bit offended and so I told her that I’d add a small note apologizing to her father for my vagina

    26. Inside, he had written sentences in Japanese and English—“I feel like eating melon,” “Don’t you intend to buy a piano”—followed by notes on proper phrasing, verbs, and tenses

    27. His sense of phrasing was so very distinctive that it could not be completely conveyed on the written page

    28. “My mom’s due in a month,” Charlie told the teacher, borrowing his dad’s phrasing

    29. They also need a flair for interviewing and phrasing questions; they have to be plugged into the emotional undercurrents of their party

    30. Every year the company must produce an account of its finances (the phrasing in law is a little more complicated but that is what the rules amount to) and this must be sent to all registered shareholders

    31. (There is a well-developed art of Delphic phrasing that adjusts itself successfully to whatever the future brings

    32. Harry had told me that Bach should be played very softly, and very loudly, to exaggerate the phrasing, because the pieces themselves are so ordered that the emotion needs to come through in the playing

    33. Some pains should be taken to make something pass into English of the felicitous phrasing

    34. Two individuals who possess this faculty and belong to the same social circle or the same family apprehend an expression of feeling precisely to the same point, namely, the point beyond which such expression becomes mere phrasing

    35. It may be that they too had their “apprehension,” but it so little ran with ours that, where we already perceived the “phrasing,” they still saw only the feeling—our irony was for them truth, and so on

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