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    1. Tempus Fugit [as featured on the cover of this section] works as a metaphor in that the mol usc - not known for its speed - has fossilised with the inexorable passage of time

    2. Do not try and remove a foreign object from the nasal passage without a doctor’s assistance

    3. She had promised Kulai she would be back by the end of next week but if she was taken down to Gengee it would be several more weeks, especially if she had to book passage on a commercial ship to get home

    4. She had to share a cabin to afford passage to the next port, but the man she picked was more of Kulai's build than Herndon's or Jorma's

    5. shelter via the back passage

    6. The gaoler fiddled with his keys and unlocked the door at the end of the passage,

    7. Danton turned slowly and walked towards the door at the end of the passage

    8. passage beyond slice into the heart of the cell

    9. shows the importance of this passage in Acts 7:25 - “For he supposed his brethren

    10. Under the bare, low-wattage bulb hanging from the ceiling in the outer corridor, I had glimpsed a narrow passage running away from me as I knelt at the foot of the ladder

    11. At this unfathomable depth of day and night, where darkness and light merged into one long, monotonous passage of time, my blood thinned and cooled

    12. "We need to use a new protocol to push the preexisting hypermass distortions over their mass/energy thresholds to achieve a unified anomaly structure and open a viable faster-than-light passage

    13. “Can I have a cigarette?” I asked, surprised by my sudden boldness, but I was desperate to finish my first meal in days with that final token that would mean release from my futile fasting and a passage to one short moment in heaven

    14. The passage the Lancers and the breaching ship and the junks had to traverse was less than 650 meters wide and constantly changing shape

    15. reference to this passage, our readers are to be reminded of Ezekiel 34:1-19 where the

    16. This passage teaches that all the members of the body of Christ should work together with each other, having the same care and concern for one another, with each member using his

    17. I remembered a passage from an early English novel, one that I studied at university

    18. The sticking point was native passage thru the territory

    19. "We will not restrict passage, we'll welcome everyone as cheerfully as any of the natives do," Ernesto said, and would have said more but was interrupted

    20. Traffic, weather, stops for fuel and food, and a slow passage thru the tunnel because it was choked with a sunken ship made it take a day longer than two weeks, but that was still a third of the time it took for the fastest native airships

    21. Reaching the end of the path beyond the fabulous city, I entered the huge conch-shaped rock, crossed the dark passage quickly and found myself at the vast rosy seaside again

    22. It is also within this passage that Paul explains the freedom we have in Christ and the way in which the cross overcomes the power of the devil

    23. How many times have I heard this passage references, or read this passage in the Bible? How many times have I heard someone say that Jesus’ death on the cross delivers us from sin? How many times have I heard it equated that Jesus is the Messiah because He sacrificed Himself for our sakes? All of these statements, as true as they might be, were shallow clichés that missed entirely the point

    24. The gaoler fiddled with his keys and unlocked the door at the end of the passage, pushing it back to reveal a short flight of steps carved out of natural rock

    25. How many of us have read this passage and had no idea what was being spoken of? For years I didn’t understand it

    26. I’m sure we’ve all read the passage in Galatians where Paul reiterates the verse in Deuteronomy about how anyone who dies upon the “tree” is considered cursed

    27. In the very next passage, Christ starts to explain how there will be many that say, “Lord, Lord

    28. commented on the passage of time

    29. ” This passage in Isaiah speaks of an escape

    30. in the passage of the bone coach driven on in the round

    31. He wished there was a passage that was clear and literal enough for her, he could cite her a few about sloth and degeneracy, but she wouldn’t know them anyway and probably wouldn’t care if she did

    32. Arthur considered, and said, "That passage is held up as an ideal, but line three of that chapter tells us ‘The husband should give to his wife her conjugal rights

    33. You should not take that passage as forbidding you to make love to your wife

    34. You see I don't take that passage as forbidding me, but more like it is excusing me

    35. We stepped over the threshold and through the doorway with its weathered wooden uprights and down a short, narrow passage that opened into the usual general-purpose space

    36. That passage she mentions, is it 'Far from the Madding Crowd' which opens like that or does it come later in the book? I know there's something similar at the beginning of 'Oliver Twist' but that's Dickens, not Hardy

    37. The passage was getting narrower and looking more like a cave

    38. They passed a cut thru an older wall, then squeezed thru a narrow passage into an even narrower passageway

    39. Well fed, dressed like the better class of peasant women, and with a much better ID, they set off on the road to the harbor and passage to the 57th century

    40. As he fills the remaining sachets he talks loudly so that she can hear over the sound of the boiler as it wheezes into life, telling her how he bought a ride on a smuggler's boat to Italy and how he worked his passage on various ships, until, after some weeks at sea, he made landfall in the little white town of Bideford

    41. He might even get some of his passage refunded, not that he needed to, not that he had paid it

    42. He was an experienced big-water sailor and could get passage anywhere

    43. the wiser of their passage

    44. The old wooden floor was scarred by the passage of

    45. Miss Hill quickly closed and bolted the door behind her hostess when she was merely a pace or two away down the passage

    46. had been specifically instructed not to interfere with the passage of a

    47. between the worlds prevented the passage of radio waves, in much

    48. block, cracked and worn by the passage of time, and

    49. A single road offered passage to the wetlands

    50. In fact she wanted to stay off the public paths until she went to book passage

    1. The reverend quoted passages out of scientific studies about how singing raises the white blood cell count

    2. It can help cleanse the air passages to make you breathe easily

    3. As one reads these passages it should be apparent that those who are given watch over

    4. There are no passages of scripture which specifically say "Majority Rule" is wrong and should not happen or be allowed within a congregation

    5. The benefits of this exercise, apart from cleansing the lungs and bronchial passages, are the toning up of the whole lung action with highly stimulating effects on the entire body

    6. " He immediately launched into a recitation of many biblical passages exhorting one to speak the truth to the master like 1 Kings 22:16 and all those in Proverbs all the way to Zachariah 8:16, dozens of passages in all

    7. Many biblical passages regarding sexual immorality ran thru his mind as he watched this woman

    8. How sure was he that the scenes depicted on this ceiling were really what the Bible foretold? When he read the passages he saw the armies and harlots and beasts and plagues as they looked over two thousand years ago

    9. “Yes, and plenty of other passages

    10. Inside was a rabbit's warren of small passages and alleys

    11. Gnomes lit with candles rather than bioluminescent panels and the smoke and smell of old wax or even grease, mixed with moldy paper dust, their own personal odors and the residual odors of a cuisine heavy in fried wevn, kvarit and mushroom, never left the passages

    12. Since the 40's the passages to leave open had been planned when filling in and there were many Gnomes on the facilities committees

    13. Chloe seconded her observation and opened the Baedecker to read passages describing the island's history and attractions

    14. The beautiful voice and delivery of song by Miss Kaitlyn, the tempest, and the Port of Liverpool with descriptions of its environs were always favorite passages

    15. He was actually shuddering because of all the passages in the old testament she just described

    16. “Read the highlighted passages

    17. From here there are two passages to Lappranile’s balcony and several short hallways into the barn

    18. Shinvei put on a pair of muck boots as were required in some of the passages down by the docks, a sheer cape and a tribal pendant around her waist

    19. He had to use his own torch to travel these passages, they were musty and full of refuse

    20. dared to pass through the mountain passages and dodge and weave through the great trees

    21. His access to the palace gave him that edge that few others had and she usually hung on his lips when he updated her on all the activities and the latest titbits from the royal passages

    22. Narrow and twisting passages lead to rooms ever more and more intriguing than the previous

    23. By reflecting on these passages daily with an open heart and mind,

    24. The labyrinth of Greek legend was an impossibly complex maze of passages

    25. The Jews, on the other hand, reject this notion and they feel that Christians are mistaken in believing that Jesus is Israel’s Messiah and that passages in the Old Testament actually refer to Israel itself, whereas Christians would see those as references to Jesus Christ

    26. There has been a lot of controversy over this piece of scripture where Jews feel that Isaiah 53 refers to the nation Israel and they provide proof from various passages that show that when God refers to his servant, it actually points to Israel

    27. While Jews reject Jesus Christ as their Messiah and the New Testament in its entirety as being part of God’s Word, Christians are of the opinion that the information conveyed through Isaiah 53, as with many other passages and models that are used throughout the Bible, points to Jesus Christ as the Messiah

    28. So how does one then know which view is correct? There are many models, passages, and specific prophecies that point directly to Jesus as being the Messiah and also serve as proof that he is indeed Israel’s Messiah

    29. Returning to the question whether Jesus knew who he was and what his mission on Earth was - consider the following passages:

    30. Both are found in passages from the Bible and form part of the supernatural aspects as discussed

    31. How then should we treat those statements or sections from the Bible which we are unable to verify authenticity? Would it be accurate to assume that if we can prove 100% factual truth in all cases, would it be fair to treat the sections or passages for which we lack the evidence or foresight into the future, with exactly the same attitude? Would it be stretching it too far to think that we can demonstrate scientifically that the Bible as a whole is a supernatural unity and that we can accept with certainty that it contains true information on all aspects - even on subjects that we are unable to validate, due to our limitations? If we know that the information contained in this Book, predicted events that would happen in the future with 100% accuracy and continue to predict future events which we cannot assess from our point in time, should we not pay serious attention to what it says about those future events?

    32. Why did God create the Sun, Moon and stars only on the fourth day? Is it perhaps because people would one day adopt the Theory of Evolution? Did God in anticipation of this, have an order and sequence in his creation work, that would provide insight into the fact that it happened over a short period of time and was completed within 6 actual days, as opposed to Evolution’s billions of years? How can we be sure that everything was in fact created in 6 days and that these days are not to be interpreted as ages? If we look at Exodus, we have the following two passages:

    33. The Bible is clear about the topic and elaborates on the statements in Genesis 1 through additional passages elsewhere in the Bible - answering the question with clarity and putting aside any confusion one may have about the topic

    34. From the passages above it is clear that God mentions several times that “all flesh” and “all living creatures” on Earth would be destroyed through the Flood which he had brought on the Earth

    35. Can one then adopt an interpretation that God actually meant only the people and animals in the region where Noah lived? Would this be a true reflection of the meaning that is clearly emphasised through various passages? If God repented that he had made man, beast and birds, would he then only destroy 10% of them and leave the other 90% alive, when he said that he would “destroy all flesh” and destroy “everything that is in the earth”? Would he accomplish anything by destroying only a certain percentage as would be the case with a localised flood? Genesis 9 specifically refers to this Flood as a “flood to destroy the earth”

    36. We should also carefully consider whether we should cling to our knowledge of the Earth’s condition today, or whether we should rather look at the conditions on the Earth before such a flood occurred as described by the Bible? From what the Bible tells us, the world was a lot different in the times before the Flood from what we experience today: Below are some passages describing various aspects:

    37. From the passages above we can identify specific facts that indicate to us that different conditions prevailed on the Earth during the years before the Flood, compared to conditions on earth today

    38. From the passages above it is clear that the Bible is referring to an underground body of water which formed part of the Earth when it was made

    39. Interestingly enough, the garment which is referred to in two passages above, firstly points to the water covering the entire Earth as a garment and secondly it describes the subterranean waters being covered by a “garment” before the Flood

    40. Another section from the Bible that specifically anticipates and addresses the Theory of Evolution is given in the passages below:

    41. The Bible clearly declares in the passages above that no person will be justified in God’s eyes by attempting to keep his laws; yet many people still think that they can prove God wrong

    42. together passages dealing with elders and see how this

    43. consider that in several passages elders are charged to

    44. as not to contradict other passages the elders must

    45. passages such as I Peter 5:2 where Peter told elders:

    46. passages inspired by His Spirit

    47. New Testament passages, we may arrive at the

    48. Meanwhile, deep within the temple, through centuries-old hallways, walkways and other passages,

    49. hallway’s ceiling, with a stairwell on the corner of one of the passages leading off of it

    50. They were undeniably bright, well-read academics with a penchant for dissecting and analyzing Old Testament passages

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