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Pilot в предложении (на )

I waved to the pilot.
Alex is a great pilot.
I am a military pilot.
But, hey, I’m a pilot.
The pilot turned to Jean.
We did as the pilot told.
The pilot closes his eyes.

The pilot said, Oh, much.
He is the pilot of the U.
The pilot was the same Mr.
This is your pilot, Cap-.
The pilot scans the ground.
The pilot opened the door.
The pilot banked the air-.
That made the pilot chuckle.
Just then the pilot, on a.
I’m the pilot in command.
Have the pilot lift off.
Jake is our pilot for today.
The pilot was Edward Miller.
Including the pilot and me.
He's an F-100 pilot here?
Then he turned to the pilot.
You told the pilot where to.
Is the tow pilot here?
The pilot has just informed.
Six of you came here, Pilot.
Pilot Bob decided to take off.
I'm not that great of a pilot.
Are you a pilot? I asked.
The most aggressive pilot wins.
Yeah, it’s on auto pilot.
The pilot refuses to take off.
David guessed Kim was the pilot.
Billy steps back on auto pilot.
The pilot looked out his window.
The pilot must have been wrong.
Down, Pilot! I again said.
David guessed he was the pilot.
Tell me about the pilot?
I’m piloting the Raven.
He insisted on piloting the test.
Piloting the shuttle was the easy part.
Then who’s piloting the plane? ATC said.
Apparently my inadequate piloting abilities amuse him.
Oh well, I will have to live with piloting that P-47 flying brick.
IRENA Shulyov seemed to be piloting the vehicle entirely by memory.
That, and I like the illusion of speed offered by piloting a Star Ship.
He is piloting as if he is about to pass out, probably from loss of blood.
Are you piloting the Isle of Wight back across to the mainland Ron? he asked.
Mona did so, piloting the scooter to a hover above the rear courtyard of the building.
Helen and Colleen survived only by Helen’s skill piloting the tug for so many years.
In fact right behind her Gabriel could be seen piloting Freddy Malins across the landing.
She is currently advancing her piloting skills and has turned out to be a gifted strategist.
Wren insisted on piloting Rachel’s personal launch for the field trip to the surface.
Is it true that you and your sister have been piloting warships since you were babies?
Greg’s piloting ability was exemplary and more than compensated for his merely adequate marksmanship.
There was no way to know who was piloting it, but he thought it could only have been the owner, Carla Day.
The men had practiced piloting the airboats on the open water of the great Lake near the city of Southland.
A tall woman with black hair and wearing the same gray uniform as Groth and the giant was piloting the platform.
If this ends in tragedy, then Lieutenant General Dows will not survive the day: she will be piloting the SPS-10A.
Seeing the machines put a childish smile on Joey’s face, and in his mind he thought of one day piloting a Viceken.
If Joey hadn’t read up on the mechsuit, he would have thought it an actual robot and not someone piloting the machine inside.
Phist sat at the opposite end of the plot table watching the screen in front of him and piloting the ship along the chosen course.
Williams’ sole claim to fame was that his father died while piloting his plane above NYC into the Empire State Building during WWII.
Repairs on the ship she had been piloting when Captain Darwin recruited her took longer than anticipated due to the lack of parts.
Kamal continued, The pilots have been tied-up and made ineffective, I am piloting the plane, the passengers are in our custody and behaving.
And I thought about that night in Afghanistan when I was piloting a transport helicopter to Kandahar from base with fourteen Marines in the cargo bay.
Their conversation went on in a friendly matter for a few more minutes, centered mainly about flying in general and the joy of piloting in particular.
The trip to the tower took only a minute or so, with Laplante piloting her platform directly inside a hangar situated in the lower level of the building.
She locked her eyes to her left and saw the Slothtrack helicopter emerge, with the delivery man who was piloting was showing what amounted to an invoice.
Usage of prototypes, conference room piloting, performing meeting with client or review by client all of them contributing to validation of requirements.
The congressman closed his eyes and flew with the music, imagining himself piloting an attack helicopter south, through the geometric canyons of Manhattan.
They were then silent for long minutes, Erik piloting his mini quad copter and Dean keeping watch in case one of Graschev’s guards came in their direction.
Even before positioning themselves over the village, the Love Spirits piloting the ships had desired that all weapons systems of the Evil ships stop working.
Because of Butterfield’s Air Force and vast piloting experience, Ehrlichman suggested that Butterfield become the head of the Federal Aviation Administration.
If Sebastian were a little arrogant, it probably wouldn't be such a big deal, as he seemed to be content to do most of the piloting while Alex relaxed in the living area.
And we were left stranded in a great mausoleum that echoed with the laughter of school chums now incinerated or, if still alive, wielding crutches and piloting wheelchairs.
While the 99th Composite Wing was still fighting and gaining glory and fame in the Pacific, female volunteers with previous civilian piloting experience had continued to flock to recruiting centers.
Ingrid ended up personally piloting the light helicopter that Collins and Walker used to inspect the frontlines, something that allowed her as well to give her frank opinion once Collins asked for it.
Captain Darwin piloted the ship with Lt.
He piloted the second of the destroyers.
Dave piloted the Odyssey toward the relic.
Have you piloted this vessel from Earth, Miss.
The one who piloted the ship that shot up the ROYAL.
Tom piloted the car skilfully along his preferred route.
At nine thirty the transports were waiting for them, piloted.
Rachel piloted the one I own and Wendy piloted the one Avi owns.
Michael thanked Kandras for the magnificent way he had piloted the.
Wendy piloted one of the destroyers and Raphael Rivera piloted the other.
Called hovercraft, they were piloted by one man but could carry many more.
By that time Fanny, who had gone up the back way piloted by Manby, was in bed.
He piloted them with a rough carefulness which even included young Carrington.
Nyx piloted the Day Star, shouting at the helm, the others engaged in the fight.
Captain Keller piloted the shuttle that delivered Tammas and Spock to one of the.
Being probably aware of that historical fact, Amelia Earhart piloted the BABYLON.
It was piloted by two Egyptians and went down close to Nantucket in October 1999.
He piloted the craft himself and four other people accompanied him on that flight.
The defenders’ piloted ships held their positions waiting to see if the decoys worked.
Dave piloted the Odyssey, and followed the shiny, green ships down toward the dense, boreal forests.
Nuke informed us that it was his friend Rapsar who had piloted the sabotaged craft which had crashed.
We even suspect that some of the Egyptian Air Force aircraft are actually piloted by British pilots.
Several hours after Star’s police interrogation, the two boats returned, piloted by their respective crews.
He was absently whistling a Marvin Gaye song, What’s Going On, as he piloted his bus through the night.
This is the shuttle Cunis to Erotis 3, do you copy? Dar said as he piloted the shuttle toward the surface.
Ed piloted his electric wheelchair along the train platform pulling a wagon equipped with seats for his children.
The captain of the freighter was a portly old man who, with his wife, had piloted freighters for half a century.
By the way, that success paves the way for the third objective she had: sending a piloted spacecraft into orbit.
BLAINE PILOTED THE boat over the rolling sea, Nicky still fighting to release her cuffed hand from the steering mechanism.
The mist gates opened just wide enough for the jolly boat to pass through, and Ambrosius piloted it to the docks and moored it.
I took out four of their ships in as many seconds, leaving only two Interceptors remaining—the ones piloted by Rostam and Viper Vance.
A RAF helicopter flew in from the distance and it hovered over the lake and it was piloted by Julian who had come to pay his last respect.
Once they observed that the pieces of Gordon's Lamp were going to re-unite, the mainstream became convinced that these asteroids are indeed piloted.
He piloted the ship that took the class on a field trip to the moon, but I think that’s it and he only did that because his adviser ordered him to.
He piloted his Wellington aircraft through vicious flak to a height of one hundred feet to ensure accuracy and dropped his bomb load to inflict severe damage.
More than seven thousand had come and the local population, piloted by the Legislative Council ad hoc group on refugees, had been calling for something to be done.
Innumerable drifters flying the Naval flag dotted the narrow waters, and two Naval officers coming on board off the South Foreland, piloted the ship through the Downs.
Of the half dozen freighters in the convoy, Warren had insisted that they travel on one particular freighter piloted by an old friend with whom he had traveled many times.
Meanwhile, Dave, at the helm of the Odyssey, piloted the tough, little ship toward another nearby Taelrok battle cruiser to try his phase and super heat trick once again.
It was in such a setting that India ventured to formulate a constitution for itself, of course, piloted by Ambedkar, the intellectual from the oppressed sections of the polity.
The top pilots did this.
There were no pilots left.
It was a fighter pilots.
It’s combat pilots we lack.
One of our test pilots should.
It was smarter than its pilots.
One of the pilots was injured.
Two pilots stayed with each ship.
She thus called her pilots again.
One of the pilots put up his hand.
Seeing the pilots of the fighters.
We simply need more fighter pilots.
Navigators third and pilots fourth.
Procedure is what keeps pilots alive.
Roger that, the pilots answered.
New pilots were to arrive soon, also.
Up front both pilots seemed to relax.
Some of my pilots are coming with me.
My kudos to the Alaska Airline pilots.
Owens and Dexter were the other pilots.
Stone Temple Pilots, but close enough.
A story one of the Maya Air pilots told.
And the same goes for pilots and planes.
They wanted the pilots to come out first.
They are some of the best pilots in the.
All six were certified spacecraft pilots.
You would need to bring down some pilots.
We have pilots who can make cargo runs.
There was always a shortage of good pilots.
He pilots the MDV and MAV, Beck said.
That cost us three pilots and four planes.
Kind of hard to hide it from the pilots.
Pilots called the card Music to Strafe By.
Four new pilots would handle the dawn raid.
I understood why the pilots refusal to say.
Individual pilots must have more initiative.
The pilots answered the call of their captain.
Let’s make sure they’re German pilots.
Sunday pilots complained bitterly afterwards.

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