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    1. The voice was modulated and scrambled, making it pointless to try and figure out who the person on the other end of the line was

    2. They thought our lives were pointless

    3. They went on a long sailing trip to ease the boredom, but even that was pointless after awhile

    4. I threw everything that I had at the door, behaving like a two year old having an absolutely heartfelt but ultimately pointless tantrum

    5. I tried to block out this sense of pointless waste by focussing on the shapes and forms of my new friends

    6. the speed that Son moved with and found it pointless to draw his sword

    7. They would probably consider it pointless because he was likely to be eaten by something before daylight anyway

    8. Despair taking me, I plunge deep into the pointless misery I have not experienced since I came across

    9. And so we trudged, arm in arm, dazzled by the breathtaking beauty contrasting with the pointless tragedy that had invaded our lives

    10. He could go another week with only casual company if he had to, but saw no reason to bother if it was pointless

    11. It is a pointless gesture

    12. ‘Well … claiming a liking for classical music was stuck up … it was pointless to argue that my ballet exercises were usually done to classical music

    13. At the committee meeting it was pointless to even try to say something in his defense

    14. Sally, it’s pointless spending money on anything fragile for the garden, you know that

    15. however pointless it would have been

    16. in the woods it was pointless remaining on the road –

    17. a point where it seemed pointless to continue, and had

    18. pointless asking the miserable old man any questions,

    19. It was pointless for him to ask how he knew that, Alec had simply grown accustomed to the fact that the One Elf knew everything

    20. To hear a joke in your dream signifies that you are doing something that is either pointless or ridiculous

    21. His appears to be a pointless, hard, and miserable life

    22. However, we need to remember that we concurred to this life plan of ours, so it is pointless for us to blame the Divine forces, for the ‘miseries’ in life

    23. Pointless at best, he realised

    24. But why put off the inevitable acknowledgement of their fate with pointless words? Maybe Josh had the right idea of simply getting Zonked out on tranquillizers

    25. It was pointless trying to imagine either of their reasonings

    26. The unions represent the normal people here, but all our legal courses of action are pointless in the face of what’s coming

    27. then realised how pointless that was

    28. It was a pointless

    29. issues raised by her pointless friends as she never thought for

    30. They tried to argue that it was pointless providing them with food and water though Adem insisted these were the terms of Carl Wilder, the will of one of the Chosen

    31. ‘I’m tempted to ask you about your connection to the Nine, but I guess that would be a pointless question

    32. By this moment, after pointless bickering, the fact remained that neither was likely to get to work on time even if they both left the house within the minute

    33. the fabric she had held against her waist, clinging to pointless modesty, for what He wanted, He would have

    34. No, she wouldn’t go for it, and argument was pointless

    35. But with hostilities ended, Ferguson realized his decision had become pointless, and so he had brought Tracy over to fill in for Colling

    36. It was a rolling-scissors fight, but without gravity or the possibility of stalling, completely pointless

    37. The most important piece of news, without which the telling of the story would have become pointless and would have disappeared from the lexicon of storytelling, was this: that there had been a flood of monumental proportions at some time in the ancient past of the original storytellers

    38. It’s fucking everywhere and you’re acting like it’s pointless

    39. And then there are those who just become confused by complexity too great for them to grasp, as in the quotes from the Physicist Steven Weinberg, that Berlinski uses, “The more comprehensible the universe becomes, the more it also seems pointless

    40. Above his head, light refracts through the water tank, the symbol of the compound’s slow, pointless struggle

    41. At first, she resisted but it was pointless

    42. It was pointless

    43. It’s pointless now

    44. “But even he died a stupid and pointless death,” she began tapping her fingers nervously on the table

    45. It seemed so pointless when I knew we didn't stand a chance

    46. It was pointless arguing, there was

    47. “Track pants” I stated simply, wondering why Akua was asking me such a pointless question

    48. Predictably, Levi’s eyes darkened fatally in a way I had never seen before as we all peered at one another, Ishvara’s arms never leaving my body and mine trying to arrange a more suitable position, it dawned on me that it was pointless, so I gave up trying

    49. I didn’t understand what she meant, and frankly I didn’t care, my mind was full to the brim with pointless, useless riddles, and it would be nice, for once, to have had one simple statement that made crystal clear sense

    50. Violence, conquering and being divided proved to be pointless in the long run

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