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Procession в предложении (на )

  1. And the procession was over.
  2. At this point the procession.
  3. The Procession of the Trojan Horse.
  4. The graduation procession had begun.
  5. This is a procession for Dahral.

  6. The procession was a sight to see !.
  7. Lorry closing the little procession.
  8. And that burial procession whose feet.
  9. Nicolas was missing from the procession.
  10. The procession stops at the park's exit.
  11. Ringmaster at the front of the procession.
  12. The merciless procession simply continued.
  13. Gomes watched the procession from the barn.
  14. The procession covered the whole stairway.
  15. Each has his or her place in the procession.

  16. The clergyman who met the procession was Mr.
  17. The regal procession stopped at the palace.
  18. The funeral procession had finally caught up.
  19. Slowly at first, as the procession walked by.
  20. The procession was long, the bodies numerous.
  21. The rest of the guards guarded the procession.
  22. Nezahualpili was leading the procession with.
  23. The procession reached the estate and Jason and.
  24. The princess and her procession were traveling.
  25. A minute later he led the procession to the table.

  26. They followed the procession as it worked a slow.
  27. Now a procession came from the far end of the court.
  28. In this awkward manner the procession moved forward.
  29. They procession continued forward, the moonflowers.
  30. The procession started out from her father’s house.
  31. He’s right in the path of the clergy procession.
  32. But we are afraid that if the funeral procession is.
  33. She gave orders for her procession to stop and they.
  34. After a while, a procession approached from the south.
  35. Stinger slowly led the procession of horses along the.
  36. The procession stopped directly in front of the general.
  37. They wait to see the procession pass, said Hester.
  38. About the base is a raised procession path 5 feet 7 in.
  39. A church procession was coming up the hill from Borodino.
  40. Can you turn the procession away from there and come.
  41. The family followed the little procession down the hill.
  42. The whole flight of stairs was filled by the procession.
  43. Hiro unwillingly stepped into the procession at the rear.
  44. Finally the head of the procession appears in the square.
  45. A church procession was coming up the hill from Borodinó.
  46. A new procession of roughly a hundred soldiers had begun.
  47. She tried to picture how she might look in the procession.
  48. At the front of the procession, Glacia is hailed as a hero.
  49. The funeral procession had been truncated two lights back.
  50. I can't, I belong in the procession, I'm the one to shout.
  51. All eyes were on the procession, which was nearing the exit.
  52. Procession and Steamroller respectively constitute the third.
  53. The universe is a procession with measured and perfect motion.
  54. The procession was over, and the choir began the closing hymn.
  55. Now he turned suddenly, curving his procession into a circle.
  56. We have just seen the head of the procession pass, Joly and.
  57. The procession left early the next morning to ensure that the.
  58. They all stared in horrified silence at the dismal procession.
  59. A man in black appeared at the front of the funeral procession.
  60. He was watching the procession from a small, pane-less window.
  61. Will you lead the funeral procession to the West Gate?
  62. Barnes, as she was about to form the procession to the chairs.
  63. The procession of our marriage party was traveling in slow pace.
  64. The procession led them to a row of chairs where they sat down.
  65. As we crossed the Pao for the last time I watched a procession.
  66. We had a lovely view, and saw the procession nearly all the way.
  67. The exact same symbolism is displayed by the ritual procession.
  68. Godwyn left the library and joined the procession into the church.
  69. The procession halts, the coffin is laid on the steps at His feet.
  70. The procession moved out, and Adros fell into the back of the line.
  71. The huge procession left the city and moved slowly along the roads.
  72. The procession pauses, and a gust of wind tears at the torch flames.
  73. At this moment the former procession issued from the ladies’ room.
  74. If you will follow me, I will show you your place in the procession.
  75. The procession of black, with its umbrellas glistening, turned away.
  76. On their way they saw another funeral procession coming towards them.
  77. The procession was going in the direction of the Vaugirard cemetery.
  78. At the close of the service came the procession with the offerings to.
  79. The small procession went through all the correct motions of the faith.
  80. Whoa! Jed said, bringing the procession to a halt outside one of.
  81. A couple of days later, a procession was seen approaching from the east.
  82. Later, he realized that he was in the procession of a bag of gold coins.
  83. It was time for Evensong, and she led the procession into the cathedral.
  84. The last person in this Grand Procession, nearest to the door, was Krazy.
  85. When the little procession arrived out of breath, the mass was nearly over.
  86. They joined the long procession of my mothers family and stayed a few days.
  87. Then Philemon, at the head of the procession, pushed him gently from behind.
  88. However, on this occasion Elizabeth left the procession to shoo the dog out.
  89. Her heart shuddered as she watched the slow procession pass into the shadows.
  90. There was a funeral procession that was walking out of Lin Xuan City, on its.
  91. The procession was flanked by mounted riders, bearing torches, lighting the.
  92. These three directors arranged the singing, the orchestra, and the procession.
  93. There was no bridal procession, but a sudden silence fell upon the room as Mr.
  94. To his surprise, Baldur’s eyes are riveted at the far end of the procession.
  95. At that moment our friend the bed-maker came out to see the procession go past.
  96. On cue, the singing stopped, and the procession carried on in a reverent hush.
  97. Harald stood on the manor steps and waited for the procession to enter the yard.
  98. The funeral directors will help to organize the procession when we get outside.
  99. The monks began to enter in procession, singing, and the congregation went quiet.
  100. The warmth drew life, drawing out tufts of green and a slow procession of souls.

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