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Advancement в предложении (на )

  1. Of their advancement and flaws.
  2. Convey the impression of advancement.
  3. Then only you can expect rapid advancement.
  4. American Association for the Advancement of Science.
  5. There is going to be big advancement in the area of.

  6. The advancement of these products has come along way.
  7. It is necessary for advancement to understand balance.
  8. Always speak in terms of advancement; to do otherwise.
  9. This is a celebrated advancement in our spiritual development.
  10. You have no chance of advancement under the one evil sameness.
  11. It will be a month of continued career success and advancement.
  12. You will see all that happens is for the advancement of all creation.
  13. In matters that do not touch his own advancement he is all sympathy.
  14. Sharia law over yours - along with, the ultimate advancement of Islam.
  15. In the majority of cases, for a workman there is no hope of advancement.

  16. And because all things have contributed to your advancement, you should.
  17. Convey the impression of advancement with everything you do, so that all.
  18. In the absence of sin, there is no repentance, but only steady advancement.
  19. To secure advancement, something more is necessary than to be too large for.
  20. They took advantage of what they thought was an opportunity for advancement.
  21. I also think that the advancement of color was a huge influence on TV sports.
  22. Every living thing is under this necessity for continuous advancement; where.
  23. I have been permitted to observe the advancement and development of his faith.
  24. Invest in your trading advancement with higher price and bigger spread stocks.
  25. But with all the machines, the advancement, they couldn’t save them?

  26. The rule of law is important to the survival and advancement of any society.
  27. Failure to understand this movement will restrict the student from advancement.
  28. The first and foremost step in the spiritual advancement of an aspirant is the.
  29. A heart-stopping shrill, cold and lasting, stopped any advancement in its tracks.
  30. There was no more possibility for advancement without a move to Washington, D.
  31. High Court holding the advancement of the cut-off date as arbitrary and unjustifi-.
  32. Clearly, historical economic and social advancement was far from dependent on formal.
  33. Every type of advancement and profit sharing as well, but they want me in residence.
  34. Quite possibly it contained a futile response to vigorous advancement by collaborators.
  35. With the advancement of technology, it is now easier (or harder) for men to find dates.
  36. Whether it be defined as growth, or advancement, everything is striving to move forward.
  37. Today there is a tremendous technological advancement in the field of communication, as.
  38. Sowing creates opportunities for development, improvement, advancement and long-lasting growth.
  39. The effect of such promotion is obviously the advancement of public improvement and prosperity.
  40. His mental companions went to the table to watch as he assembled the greatest advancement in.
  41. At the time, few colleges accepted women, but Ida knew that it was necessary for her advancement.
  42. You should, on the contrary, realise that the Diary is meant for your own growth and advancement.
  43. The two armies faced one another in line at a sign from the commanders and the advancement began.
  44. Knowing this, women who desire social advancement always seek it through the means of friendships.
  45. If this man were truly a link with the past, he could be invaluable for the advancement of science.
  46. You need to determine whether you want a job for career advancement or simply to earn money from it.
  47. The development of life forms is gradual, with every advancement building on previous accomplishment.
  48. But it seems to me that you will get more spiritual advancement from allowing your creativity to flow.
  49. For her own advancement Tara needed a client, and the larger and more profitable the client the better.
  50. But racism and intolerance are not the major culprits killing the progress and advancement of the black race.
  51. Honesty, bravery, and a readiness to seize opportunities for advancement are upheld in this well-written story.
  52. Most people believe that psychic powers are spiritual assets that we acquire through spiritual advancement.
  53. Sweetheart! You have had the most immensely impressive advancement during the trials and hurdles of your life.
  54. She had the energy to keep going for a long while, and Steve enjoyed being the recipient of her sexual advancement.
  55. Intellectual honesty which is part of a good faith, requires bravery for scratching the truth and make advancement.
  56. What happens is that he's telling his subconscious mind things that will hold him back from making rapid advancement.
  57. The next round had seen the advancement of Mikael, Elijah, Theodor, Isodor, Elena, Molin, Zane and a few other titans.
  58. Your Angel’s main function is to help you learn and experience the lessons you chose for your spiritual advancement.
  59. They had all joined the Band with the same objects, self-glorification and the advancement of their private interests.
  60. Though, ultimately, growth, advancement, development, call it what you will, is the overall feeling of moving forward.
  61. Thus as we make each day better than yesterday, we open ourselves to new avenues of growth, advancement and fulfillment.
  62. This is the final stage of the process of spiritual advancement that has to be gone through from the beginning to the end.
  63. The First Place prize consisted of a $100,000 grant, which was required to be used for the advancement of computer literacy.
  64. As the possibilities of advancement floated through his mind, Frank put the cigar in his mouth and extended his hand to Kurt.
  65. The irony is the fact that this competition and hatred allowed technology and technological advancement to occur at a faster rate.
  66. They do not tell University Students studying business what their actual chances for advancement and upward mobility actually are.
  67. People at this Level of Awareness are attracted to situations that hold the potential for personal advancement within a hierarchy.
  68. I have been employed with the city all my adult life with nowhere for advancement and with a modest financial compensation package.
  69. Papp was being considered for advancement to vice admiral rank and promotion to the position of Chief of Staff at the Washington, D.
  70. The truth of intelligence is distinguished by the notion of an advancement of an idea under original making in test and examination.
  71. The managers are anxious to be instrumental in the advancement of this useful work, and earnestly solicit the co-operation of the public.
  72. Exercise your team members and be prepared to take part, or you will find yourselves unqualified to join others in the advancement of life.
  73. Stephen Douglas, who undermined the Missouri Compromise for his own political career advancement by offering the Kansas Missouri Act in 1854.
  74. My colleagues and I have been working on such an advancement for the last three years and I am here today to introduce you to our end result.
  75. This improvement inevitably leads to the gradual advancement of the organisation of the greater number of living beings throughout the world.
  76. I’m sure that both of them love me and care about me, so I guess they are really looking forward to my advancement to the next step forward.
  77. No longer will our sense of purpose be the advancement of intelligence or physical prowess, since machines will exceed all those capabilities.
  78. Around him his subordinates busied themselves with monitoring the advancement of the enemy, the ship’s weapons and the damage it was sustaining.
  79. Even the jokes around the table dried up, to be replaced with sober considerations about survival, advancement and acquisition of material goods.
  80. Often and upon reflection, what was initially perceived as an adverse or negative scenario, is an essential understanding for overall advancement.
  81. He had felt that he still had a fortune left to him which, so long as he did not squander it on gaming, might be used for our advancement in life.
  82. Looking at her in this light and under these circumstances, Lady Jane explored the possibilities of advancement for the Southern woman’s fashion.
  83. Though medication and operations are available due to the advancement of technology, these methods have an adverse affect on the health in the future.
  84. His zeal had procured him advancement, and he was said to be one of the first who had informed the government of the departure from the Island of Elba.
  85. Riz had managed to scare off each of those sent, he had no intention of spending time learning something that would not benefit him in his advancement.
  86. When it did get shaken off, as in this instance, it should be the subject of rejoicing to every person who had the advancement of civilisation at heart.
  87. With the advancement of science, men over 60 may have a normal or near normal sexual life, only if his approach and treatment are correct and systematic.
  88. There is positive strength in the knowledge that you live for the welfare of others, and that these others likewise live for your welfare and advancement.
  89. Copyright and patent protection should be sparingly awarded and limited to five years or less for the combined prosperity and advancement of civilization.
  90. These men worked long hours trying and failing and trying again that helped shape the industry we know today, with the advancement of science and scientists.
  91. Next, as mentioned at the beginning of this chapter as we discussed taking on more risk with your trading, you also want to invest in your trading advancement.
  92. The successful application of his EMBA knowledge and skills also contributed to his own advancement in the company: He was recently promoted to sales director.
  93. His attitude toward racism was to slowly dissolve it by Negro self-sufficiency and economic advancement based on Negro achievement within the existing culture.
  94. There were many cities, old and new that brought great minds and traditions together, where good ideas and advancement of the arts and sciences could flourish.
  95. In reality, they managed mostly to undo the one major advancement of Humanity in its long history: its political unity, gained a century ago after its last war.
  96. He knows, too, that there may be changes any day in the government, and that what was a ground for advancement yesterday may be the cause of disgrace to-morrow.
  97. I mean what could possess someone to take a silly hobby so seriously and procrastinate with the advancement of science? That’s what we’re here for, you know.
  98. The advancement of international understanding, goodwill, and peace through a world fellowship of business and professional persons united in the ideal of service.
  99. Neither my extraction, nor the most critical adventure of my life, is sublime enough to impeach me of any vanity in the advancement of the proposal you have approved of.
  100. Students want to differentiate themselves from their peers, so that they are better positioned than another potential candidate for career advancement, says McCleary.

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