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Capable в предложении (на )

  1. He was capable of it.
  2. He seemed capable of it.
  3. He was capable of many.
  4. He is more than capable.
  5. First Class was capable of.

  6. She was capable of taking.
  7. Where it should be capable.
  8. A highly capable judge, Dr.
  9. He is Capable of everything.
  10. While no longer capable of.
  11. Humans are most capable of.
  12. God is Capable of everything.
  13. I was only capable of killing.
  14. He is not physically capable.
  15. You are capable of doing that.

  16. Since we are only capable of.
  17. She is capable of anything.
  18. He is capable of multi-tasking.
  19. The man is capable of anything.
  20. But it is capable of much more.
  21. He is more than capable, I.
  22. If the BB-boys are capable of.
  23. He wasn’t capable of loving.
  24. I was not capable of doing that.
  25. But when people are capable of.

  26. I was capable of realising that.
  27. I am not capable of being with.
  28. He is Knowledgeable and Capable.
  29. They are quite capable of that.
  30. He was such a sturdy, capable man.
  31. You'll see what I'm capable of.
  32. And God is Capable of everything.
  33. Wilks was capable of such an act.
  34. I knew now what I was capable of.
  35. The training is to become capable.
  36. It could be capable of journeys.
  37. Fifth Brother, you are so capable.
  38. I am capable of showing a little.
  39. That you were capable of such an.
  40. She must still be capable of love.
  41. What would she be capable of? Was.
  42. Are you capable of doing that?
  43. Are they capable? Karyl asked.
  44. Often the mind-body is capable of.
  45. That’s why they’re capable of.
  46. He:That we're capable of correction.
  47. Believe me, Bosco was capable of it.
  48. I’m not capable of loving anyone.
  49. And all capable of such tenderness.
  50. No one knew what he was capable of.
  51. He’s evolved and much more capable.
  52. None was capable of rational thought.
  53. You dwarves are capable spelunkers.
  54. That is all of which you are capable.
  55. This answers why babies are capable.
  56. Is that nag out there capable of.
  57. She's capable of loving you, my lord.
  58. Fear of what he was capable of doing.
  59. I wondered what else I was capable of.
  60. This ship is quite a capable vessel.
  61. Women, when feminine, are capable of.
  62. I was capable of anything in that mode.
  63. All are capable of making that choice.
  64. What are they actually capable of?
  65. I agree, hes more capable of running.
  66. Are still capable of tremendous fallout.
  67. Karimov proved to be capable to curve.
  68. A capable and well respected leader.
  69. You are quite capable of crossing over.
  70. I realized I was capable of it, in a way.
  71. It, too, is capable of a figurative use.
  72. The ceiling was capable of being lit up.
  73. He’s capable, but he works on his own.
  74. Federation is as capable as Uar and his.
  75. But luckily for me, Sue was capable of.
  76. He feels he is not capable of the job.
  77. None of those ships are hyper capable.
  78. She looked entirely capable of lifting.
  79. Inside, was a fork-lift truck, capable.
  80. She always was a brave and capable woman.
  81. Why were only ours capable of the short.
  82. The fear of not being physically capable.
  83. Computers were capable of amazing things.
  84. The body is fully capable of creating as.
  85. But Linda we all are capable of murder.
  86. But she was capable of great decisiveness.
  87. You have no idea what they are capable of.
  88. She wasn’t capable of out-thinking Paul.
  89. I believe he is capable of hearing you.
  90. See what you are capable of and you will.
  91. Mike was capable of anything – negative.
  92. Inorganic and capable of thought, that is.
  93. Leaving his horse in the capable hands of.
  94. And it seems I wasn't even capable of that.
  95. He wants you to see what you are capable of.
  96. No one was as capable a builder as Merthin.
  97. Doctor Wayne knows what I’m capable of.
  98. Is that all the Rakai is capable of?
  99. I certainly would be capable of doing 158.
  100. You need to see what he is capable of.

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