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Programme в предложении (на )

1. Next item on the programme.
2. He thought about this programme.
3. What's your programme today? Ay.
4. Stay with the programme and do not.
5. It's in another programme, that's all.
6. The whole programme was about the Jews.
7. I’m still shaping the work programme.

8. Though this poem is not in the programme.
9. Here is my programme: sky-blue and silver.
10. He closed over the programme and slipped it.
11. I stopped on this programme, because, opening.
12. Yes of course but I just love this programme.
13. There's a great gardening programme on the telly.
14. It was an essentially radical programme, though.
15. That was his programme as far as doing things went.
16. I think that the programme of this service, as Bro.
17. You were aware of the programme from the beginning.
18. This grim programme was but too faithfully executed.
19. In the background the news programme continued from.
20. However, this three-month programme would have to be.
21. This has resulted in the Team Namibia programme.
22. The news programme presenter welcomed him to the studio.
23. Smith loved the Universal Light Programme that fizzed.
24. He was accepted into the space programme by NASA in 1976.
25. You would magically have created a programme – for life.
26. A rich, spirited and helpful programme is to be presented.
27. Experts say the programme appears to have suffered setbacks.
28. Before we reached the venue, the programme had already begun.
29. The programme attracted 40 million viewers in the USA alone.
30. Cambridge Interfaith Programme at Cambridge University, told.
31. Are you interested in a master study programme that features.
32. This face of a healthy honest boy is the programme of all good.
33. The first three at first sight appear quite true as a programme.
34. But in this very programme there lay concealed germs of disorder.
35. Professor David Ford, director of the programme, said the letter.
36. Oh’ programme was there on the first day and he is the master of.
37. Very few photos … a programme for the Edinburgh Tattoo for 1965.
38. This new scientifically formulated programme means that you can get.
39. This can be thought of in much the same way as a computer programme.
40. There were children from all over the eastern bloc on the programme.
41. Pyotr Stepanovitch shall run round to you and tell you the programme.
42. This new scientifically formulated Fat Loss & Fitness programme will.
43. For 54 years Peale’s weekly radio programme, The Art of Living, was.
44. Sports or the AIS and initiated the world's best scholarship programme.
45. Introducing the most powerful scientifically formulated programme ever.
46. In the programme, it had said that the sonata was new for the occasion.
47. The problem consists only in keeping within the limits of the programme.
48. He also briefed him on the Chief’s training programme, to which the C.
49. The Cat Colony Care programme has shown that by catching, neutering and.
50. The Chief Of Police was shocked at the speed that this programme was made.
51. Our deputy editor at CNN-IBN, Sagarika Ghose, was anchoring the programme.
52. He had built his reputation through the programme Aap ki Adalat on Zee TV.
53. That’s why we stopped financial support for the land reform programme.
54. The mission, STS-5, was the fifth flight in the US Space Shuttle programme.
55. Standard Bank Accelerated Development Programme and had gained a completion.
56. Please check with a qualified practitioner before initiating this programme.
57. It could be borrowings for acquisitions or for a large redundancy programme.
58. This has led to a huge wind turbine building programme all around the country.
59. Banks must have an ongoing employee training programme so that the members of.
60. What about the programme disc Jim has been using? Suppose they find that?
61. Discovering Buddhism at Home Programme, "Subject Area 13: Introduction to Tantra".
62. Gymnasium Basic Training Programme during weekdays, then it is no wonder that all.
63. He stopped the programme running, and opened a different programme on his machine.
64. And I suppose we should remove the ‘trojan horse’ programme from the bank, too.
65. These two commercials were broadcast apropos with the theme of the network programme.
66. She looked at the screen, her patience wavering as soon as she saw the chat programme.
68. Two days after ABC News aired this particular programme, something extraordinary happened.
69. As a fail-safe, back-up copies of the software programme were made and safely stored away.
70. Sheena watched him, praying that the programme had loaded and was running in the background.
71. Every newspaper and every television programme ran special editions and lurid news flashes.
72. I would like you to watch this TV programme, I think you will find this very interesting.
73. Sighing loudly, I tried to concentrate on the end of the News programme that was now showing.
74. Appearing on my programme that night, Derek, a TV quiz host-turned-politician, was unrepentant.
75. We went ahead and aired the programme that night but ensured we edited out any personal attacks.
76. The truth is that he had never counted upon this programme when he came to Paris to seek us out.
77. Also she had to participate in the ABC news programme, and this was a very gruelling task indeed.
78. Not only was he chatting on a banned programme but he’d closed several of her word documents!.
79. I let Alwyn discover this for himself the following day, and soon our programme was full once more.
80. In the programme Linda and Ben spoke in different locations as the drama unfolded in the programme.
81. And what’s that, may I ask? Developing a programme that prevents this type of fraud, I suppose.
82. Liz retired to her room to watch TV, or more correctly a news programme she had recorded last night.
83. This programme al ows you to enter quantities and foods and the programme wil update and break the.
84. This miscarriage had its consequences, however, which were perfectly distinct from Brujon's programme.
85. Let’s blow it up a bit, said Clayton, manipulating the computer programme to enlarge the image.
86. The three software specialist set about correlating Norm’s data and creating a programme for Theory.
87. Do we have to watch this? Max asked the rest of us, referring to the programme on the television.
88. Liz enjoyed this new item, and knew that no way would such an explosive programme be allowed on British TV.
89. He held a programme in his hand, and, while he was talking to her, he chewed one end of it into a moist pulp.
90. This programme will ask weather these race riots will become the norm as they have in major cities in the USA.
91. Yet, after this programme of dress, Bacon adds the beautiful trait, 'that he had a look as though he pitied men.
92. A well arranged programme, with reports from the eight auxiliaries, filled with interest a three hours' session.
93. The whole population was mobilised to work on the programme, and the hardest workers became national superstars.
94. The broadcaster rejects the characters before televising a programme containing suspiciously similar characters.
95. Also he was to learn that Linda and Ben had been paid $100,000 USA dollars each, for appearing in this programme.
96. If not, it will take a lot of time, added Valya, in spite of the faster programme that we have developed.
97. Why didn’t they communicate by E-mail or a Chat programme? She had the facility didn’t she? She certainly did.
98. These are both essential elements of the Government’s approach, and of a cost-effective climate change programme.
99. The previous October, the World Food Programme office in Islamabad had been bombed and five aid workers were killed.
100. A few minutes before the programme went on air, I got another mail from the Reliance lawyers, urging us to back off.

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