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    1. Naturopaths recommend following a cleansing programme, or short fast, a couple of times a year, preferably in spring and in autumn, to cleanse and strengthen the digestive system

    2. Please check with a qualified practitioner before initiating this programme

    3. Recognising the void that suddenly lands on the senior citizen in terms of emotional support hitherto provided by joint families, Government, NGOs and Associations of senior citizens can institute this highly effective “treatment” programme

    4. Smith loved the Universal Light Programme that fizzed

    5. Organising the programme for Friday afternoons for the next three months is taking up an incredible amount of my time and a lot of effort

    6. Smith loved the Universal Light Programme that fizzed across the unseen radiation waves of His thought, but He loved each and every aspect of silence as if, for a fleeting moment, it was the only silence He had ever heard

    7. Every newspaper and every television programme ran special editions and lurid news flashes

    8. Entries were invited from gardeners across the land, the prize being the chance to have your very own television programme about gardening on one of the satellite television channels

    9. As old Ted signed the contract for his new television programme, as the crowds cheered again and again, no one noticed the furious argument taking place between the judges

    10. With everyone’s confidence in his gardening knowledge thoroughly shattered and with old scores being settled, his programme was axed from the schedules and his publishing deals quickly dried up

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    Synonyms for "programme"

    program programme plan computer program computer programme broadcast course of study curriculum syllabus

    "programme" definitions

    an announcement of the events that will occur as part of a theatrical or sporting event

    an integrated course of academic studies

    a radio or television show

    (computer science) a sequence of instructions that a computer can interpret and execute

    a system of projects or services intended to meet a public need

    a series of steps to be carried out or goals to be accomplished

    a performance (or series of performances) at a public presentation

    write a computer program

    arrange a program of or for