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Prolong в предложении (на )

The fear of the Lord prolong days.
Prolong the life of whatever you own.
I saw no reason to prolong this agony.
To prolong doubt was to prolong hope.
If this situation exists for a prolong.
Play to the crowd, and prolong the moment.

It is caused by prolong high levels of environment.
No one can prolong the past, nor can they extend time.
To deny his request would just prolong the inevitable.
I purposely opened the door slowly to prolong her agony.
It means it wouldn't change the outcome, just prolong it.
The plausibility of his excuse might prolong their lives.
She clicked off so he would not answer and prolong the pain.
Then he would prolong their punishment as long as possible.
Don’t try to ask questions just to prolong the interview.
Money can prolong the life span but it cannot make it better.
He could prolong, for a moment anyhow, his last combat mission.
Prolong period of taking these kinds of food without balancing.
It shows that JF-31 would enable to prolong the life of the pig cell.
He sat down with these words, evidently intending to prolong his visit.
The time, they added, had come to end the campaign, not to prolong it.
The prolong period of inflammation causes blood static as resulting of.
Remaining in the cold place or swimming in the cold water for a prolong.
At this point, chemo will most likely not save her life, but prolong it.
How to prolong the suffering? How, first of all, to bring it about? Well.
They munched slowly, masticating every bite to prolong the sense of eating.
Do not prolong the discussion or do something that will break the monotony.
He tried to hold back, tried to prolong the exquisite pressure but lasted no.
By then most successful people were able to prolong their lives indefinitely.
If there was something wrong there was no need to prolong the news any further.
There would be no fruitful qualities of the inner being to prolong civilization.
He stared up at me in disbelief at what he’d just done to prolong his own torment.
Bulstrode, it is not desirable, I think, to prolong the present discussion, said Mr.
If blood clots are allowed to accumulate for a prolong period of time in the veins of.
It is against the will of God that you prolong this incomplete stage of your development.
In order to prolong their meeting, the group ensured that Rebecca and Syd were never alone.
By doing that, you would not just save energy, but also prolong the lifespan of your lights.
Yes, he’d toy with her a bit longer, to prolong her terror, before he went in for the kill.
Though the Lord makes His life an offering for sin, He will prolong the days of His offspring.
Prolonging desire in the.
Prolonging bath day did have its advantages.
I knew I was only prolonging the inevitable.
There was no sense in prolonging the suspense.
There was no point in prolonging the inevitable.
You’re prolonging the inevitable, give me the gun.
You’re only prolonging the inevitable, Stenworth said.
He hummed, prolonging in solemn echo the closes of the bars:.
The pill is considered a blockbuster pill for prolonging life.
Does he know you? Alex asked prolonging the girl’s game.
The hunters take aim, prolonging the moment for dramatic effect.
That was Julie's way of saving and prolonging her mother's life.
Instantly they got a brilliant idea of prolonging their stay here.
There is still a problem, I said prolonging the grimness, I.
I touched my hair impulsively, prolonging the moment to think of a lie.
Your prolonging the inevitable will only cause you difficulty in the long run.
Harry with his assistant Sarah resumes working hard to achieve fauna life prolonging.
They had to get me back home and prolonging the situation was only going to make me worse.
Not prolonging the agony of her situation, he made haste to bring the engine back to life.
If it worsened, a game cancellation was imminent, just prolonging the inevitable end of the.
They think of doing a research to stop JF-31 cells for prolonging the lives of the soldiers but they fail.
But, the emperor accepted the futility of prolonging the conflict and intervened in support of the peace faction.
There seems little point in prolonging the agony and the old man will get himself royally pissed before too long.
In general, one can claim that the developer should strive for prolonging the out-of-sample period as much as possible.
Magoo, prolonging registration, then shuffling beneath the string of high hexagonal lanterns straight toward the elevator.
Are we really ready to deal with overpopulation and famine on this scale? We seem to be better at destroying life than prolonging it.
The heat of her body was urging him on, and Colling fought to control his physical reactions, holding back and prolonging the inevitable.
Quietly, calmly, sensuously, voluptuously, prolonging our union, moving in soulful kisses from the flesh to the soul and back again, in the third.
Whether you are talking to someone or looking at someone at a distance, prolonging eye contact can send the message that you are interested in her.
Harry and Sarah have no choice but to disclose their discovery to the United States of America government to use it in prolonging the lives of the soldiers.
The innate decency and honesty and health of the German culture and people had to be systematically destroyed as much as possible by prolonging the war as long as possible.
By prolonging period τs, we increase the probability of capturing diverse market phases, and, thus, reduce the sensitivity of the strategy to the changing market environment.
All he answered was, Very well, your leaders son will remain in our custody, please inform him that his decisions are prolonging the hostage taking and potentially ending his life.
Accepting the conclusion that hostilities are unavoidable, we must make every preparation, not only for withstanding the first shock, but for prolonging the war as much as possible.
Her mother chimed in to the same tune: a certain way she had of making her labours in the house seem heavier than they were by prolonging them indefinitely, also weighed in the argument.
But when it is Reagan’s turn to speak, he looks bold and confident: I definitely think that the demonstrations are prolonging the war, he says emphatically, and then lists the reasons.
What more could I hope to do by prolonging the interview? I had succeeded on behalf of Herbert, Miss Havisham had told me all she knew of Estella, I had said and done what I could to ease her mind.
What's more, she promptly confiscated Stepan Trofimovitch and carried him off to the drawing-room—as though he had had no interview with Lembke, or as though it was not worth prolonging if he had.
The German generals, despite being shocked at the decrepit extent of their leader’s physical decline had little option other than to fall in line with his insane plans, thereby prolonging the agony.
There was a prolonged pause.
The prolonged ring went on.
The visits were not prolonged.
Prolonged silence was the norm.
A prolonged ecstasy will burn.
Heir But Prolonged His Choosing.
The boy went through a prolonged.
The denial stage may be prolonged.
He prolonged it just long enough.
We all had a good prolonged laugh.
He had the same prolonged silences.
Petersburg are a prolonged twilight.
His prolonged stay puzzled them and.
This suggests that prolonged loss of.
The latter gave him a prolonged stare.
A prolonged and awkward silence followed.
There may be the same prolonged sexual.
This caused prolonged laughter among us.
Prolonged steam baths, overlong massages.
Prolonged exposure to it can prematurely.
They heard a muffled and prolonged splash.
The mice lives are prolonged to five years.
His statement only prolonged the stare for a.
However, the beating was savage and prolonged.
Helga’s prolonged prayers, as well as the.
Prolonged abstinence subjects showed signif-.
It is like prolonged suffering in child-labor.
Prolonged exposure to this will cause problems.
Or to any prolonged statement of individuality?
There was a sound of a hollow and prolonged cough.
The prolonged convalescence that followed created.
She fell into a prolonged and uncomfortable silence.
Nostromo's prolonged silence made the doctor uneasy.
His stay there had been prolonged from week to week.
I think it would really hurt in a prolonged manner.
A burst of applause, a prolonged tide on a dark shore.
There followed a prolonged sensation in court, which.
The base is prolonged beyond the minimum time required.
I may have just prolonged its agony, he commented.
No one seemed concerned about Talaric’s prolonged rest.
And there is a wicked man who prolongs life.
Such thinking only prolongs the state of unhappiness.
Haven't you read? The latest research claims that sex prolongs life.
The fear of the Lord prolongs days; but the years of the wicked shall.
And then more long will prolongs inertial moving of emitted free particles.
Hope in reality is the worst of all evils because it prolongs the torments of man.
Fiber can actually make you feel full longer, since it prolongs the digestion process.
Heart beats increases in order to improve the power and prolongs the action of muscles.
Likely Custer's tactics prolongs the war, much like how the Washita Massacre sent a clear message to Natives that they could expect little mercy, causing them to fight even harder.
Every effort to change what is being felt or seen presupposes and confirms the illusion of the independent knower or ego, and to try to get rid of what isn’t there only prolongs confusion.
They are a fast-fading race, drowned in lotus dreams, stimulating their waking hours by means of the golden wine which heals wounds, prolongs life, and invigorates the most sated debauchee.

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