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Pursue в предложении (на )

I did not pursue it.
I mean to pursue this.
The fourth way is pursue.
We do not pursue in vain.
You can pursue that plan.
I decided not to pursue that.
I did nothing to pursue him.

We will pursue that defense.
They continued to pursue him.
Does it mean to pursue Him?
But pursue the matter a bit.
I did not pursue the subject.
That's an idea I could pursue.
She continued to pursue Thomas.
Corinthians to pursue the gifts.
And the sighs that pursue thee.
The dragon didn't try to pursue.
Dion has managed to pursue the.
Let us know, let us pursue the.
Of the monsters that pursue him.
He didn’t have to pursue May.
Maybe I’ll have to pursue this.
They pursue the highest knowledge.
It's always the women who pursue us.
Harry wished to pursue architecture.
We have no need to pursue this part.
Move constant toward what you pursue.
The second thing is, we need to pursue.
I now cajole, now threaten, now pursue.
Maybe it’s not too late to pursue it.
The worst is that they do not pursue to.
The nurse continued to pursue the woman.
He continued to pursue a life lived by.
You have a future in the Isle to pursue.
The Borg hadn’t bothered to pursue them.
She shall pursue it with the soul of love.
Things I can’t pursue here, not really.
I do not take Him casually, I pursue Him.
I have chosen not to pursue yet more money.
He knew better than to pursue that with her.
It is still pursuing you.
She was faint, yet pursuing.
He had been pursuing her for.
Love, however, is pursuing you.
Lov gave a curse before pursuing.
Was I pursuing the wrong dream?
What he thinks of my pursuing Aaron.
He knew Rykus was pursuing the CR2.
There was no point in pursuing her.
Willie was pursuing the bird on his.
She had prevented him from pursuing.
The opponents that had been pursuing.
She looked again at the pursuing Raiders.
He leaped over it and kept pursuing her.
No, he yelled at the pursuing pack.
Penn kept his eye on the pursuing soldiers.
The pursuing taxi nearly hit Connie’s taxi.
The French who had been pursuing him stopped.
It was because her enemies were pursuing her.
There was no point in pursuing her concern or.
Besides, I was still half heartedly pursuing.
Those pursuing forces had shut off as soon as.
A group of pursuing soldiers spotted them, and.
By pursuing his own interest he frequently pro-.
Danny replied that he was pursuing several leads.
Doctor Jurak, I’m not pursuing legal options.
Alexander is presently pursuing Buddhist studies.
Pursuing a healthy, holistic life is one of the.
Boris, who had been pursuing Andzja, followed her.
Then faint not in pursuing the speculation, he said.
Run with the vision but how? Run pursuing Someone:.
The media was now everywhere, pursuing her wherever.
Moore, a young preacher pursuing his studies at Fisk.
Love is pursuing you and will find you after the 20th.
An opportunity cost, the amount given up by pursuing.
It exploded and the Humvee quit pursuing us after that.
He was also pursuing an object he had long had in view.
M: Guided by memory you have been pursuing the pleasant.
Exhaust all the possibilities before pursuing this route.
She wants to be pursued.
Then he pursued a course.
She had always pursued art.
He did, hotly pursued by Gladys.
Max pursued her line of thought.
It cannot be pursued, because.
That experiment was not pursued.
The two women pursued their chat.
The senator pursued his advantage.
And they pursued them at sunrise.
Neither would it be pursued alone.
Still the city police pursued him.
As who pursued with yell and blow.
It was then, when pursued by the.
I was not being pursued but herded.
Marius pursued his senseless course.
Tera then pursued him on the subject.
We’re being pursued by hostiles.
At the camp, Birdie pursued the topic.
Nevertheless, Gavroche pursued his way.
Each pursued his own train of thought.
It was at a party, pursued Arthur.
One impression pursued her relentlessly.
Maybe it was Homer that Stenarch pursued.
The law pursued relentlessly through Vic.
We have pursued that avenue of inquiry.
Why were we selected? pursued Monty.
They were being pursued by the Egyptians.
But it wasn't me being pursued by nothing.
They pursued the Israelites to the Red Sea.
And then what? the counselor pursued.
But the most dreadful ill-luck pursued me.
Which, Rob’s scouts informed them, pursued.
She dropped her eyes, and he pursued his way.
Jaggers yet? he pursued, as we walked along.
He took his relatives with him, and pursued.
He pursued his own thoughts without heeding me.
United States has not been aggressively pursued.
And We pursued them in this world with a curse.
The Swift Fox Recovery Team has pursued a re-.
Buxhowden pursues us- we scuttle.
Evil pursues sinners, but to the.
Above th' Aonian mount, while it pursues.
A burly rough pursues with booted strides.
The dove pursues the griffin; the mild hind.
There’s a skulking numbness that pursues me.
She then pursues her cause with fanatical zeal.
But the ignorance of customs pursues me no longer.
The ‘I am’ that pursues the pleasant and shuns.
In Act Two of your book the Hero/Heroine pursues That-.
A spiritual person pursues self-knowledge for self-realisation.
He entered on the path he had marked for himself; he pursues it still.
The wicked flee when no man pursues: but the righteous are bold as a lion.
At one point Neme looks back and realizes that nothing pursues them anymore.
He’s very well respected and has intimate knowledge of the things he pursues.
A Scorpio arrives at the goal secretly, without ostentation; a Leo pursues it openly.
So Jesus pursues us, offers us covenant, and we are secure in our relationship with Him.
He then pursues his case with a customer to the extent that he reduces said customer to tears.
The world pursues a complex life as a result of a relationship between motivation and adaptability.
People like him are born with one idea, which, without being aware of it, pursues them all their life.
He screams out a denial, his voice nothing but a whisper compared to the wild howling that pursues him.
Philosophy pursues with its glance, probes the evil, and does not permit it to escape into nothingness.
From instinct and without question, Ralph pursues him, a nagging knife of familiarity stabbing at his thoughts.
Any completely so-called selfness action requires the selfish decision of the individual who pursues that action.
He’s a good guy that’s trying to be less creepy in how he pursues possibly dating you more out in the open.
The change happens when US General Otis betrays Filipinos and pursues war without Washington's approval or knowledge.
The fact that the Son of Man pursues his earth mission alone is in no way a reflection on the desirability of marriage.
Because an artist who actively pursues his or her talent and continues to improve it is one who cares about their art.
Driven by fear and the desire to gain favor and power, management pursues solutions to problems aimed at creating better outcomes.
Is someone who pursues God's approval the same as someone who incurs God's wrath and his refuge is Hell-the miserable destination?
The night overtakes the day, as it pursues it persistently; and the sun, and the moon, and the stars are subservient by His command.
The wicked escapes when no man pursues, but the righteous are bold as the lion; Because of the transgression of the land the princes.
In the marriage, the man pursues the woman, offers her covenant, and then is faithful to her in the whole season of their relationship.
But whoever desires the Hereafter, and pursues it as it should be pursued, while he is a believer; these-their effort will be appreciated.
Hundreds of millions of people are not allowed to develop their own system of government because of how the US Government pursues its oil policy.
From the beginning, Ulysses pursues the realization of a relationship that itself creates immortality, without it having to be given from anyone else.
Here he picks up Campbell’s thread and pursues it another degree, which is evidence that the clergy have much confidence in the strength of their arguments.
Not just me, but virtually everyone pursues the silliness of this life, giving little thought to our real Life, that which, God has placed inside with abundance.

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