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Reinstate в предложении (на )

  1. Reinstate them to the Cavalry.
  2. The only way to reinstate the.
  3. To liberate and reinstate the workers!.
  4. Of late I have been forced to reinstate.
  5. He wishes to reinstate that which we might.

  6. Reinstate death sentences and get tough on crime.
  7. If they were to reinstate the power from within they.
  8. Then I will have to pay 50 bucks to reinstate my license.
  9. Protractor, reinstate the Portal and summon Damash of Three.
  10. If so, perhaps the mayor would reinstate him to his principalship.
  11. If Halfshaft was dead, then he would have no choice but to reinstate.
  12. She has asked the Federal Court to quash her suspension and reinstate.
  13. I can just call them and reinstate the lease, I said, shellshocked.
  14. How many more times was I going to have to reinstate my car insurance?
  15. And not behind a person, but behind the desire to reinstate the factions.

  16. I know he only spoke of them to me to try and reinstate my sense of obligation.
  17. Did I really want to reinstate my previous working relationship with him after his.
  18. The ACC/PL is critical for the ability of drug-priming injections to reinstate drug.
  19. If they were to reinstate the power from within they first had to discover its maker.
  20. He’ll even reinstate elections, even though they’ll always be rigged in his favor.
  21. And reinstate a Capitalistic system of hardship… of civilized poverty and ignorance?
  22. A federal court in January 2013 refused an energy industry appeal to reinstate the leases.
  23. Now Zoran was able to think about the need to rest, and to reinstate his role in the remaining family.
  24. It was said that if you came in, the Lyr would cease searching for her, release her family and reinstate all.
  25. Hunting Sticks would have to be the one to reinstate her husband, Delaney, who was now just a child of three.

  26. Charles was certainly high church, in that he wanted to reinstate the role of ritual in the Church of England.
  27. It did not always reinstate them in the possession of the land, but gave them damages, which never amounted to a real loss.
  28. There they could hand over the Globe of Riddalfen to Balzar and help him to the city where he could use the Globe to reinstate himself.
  29. There flashed upon him the vision of a sullen, black-haired labourer, whom he had refused to reinstate; this act was O'Donnell's revenge.
  30. The messages contained not-so-subtle hints of concern that the United States would send troops to Palestine to oust the conquerors and reinstate the Jews.
  31. Still, it was the right thing to do and he would do it with his trust placed in God that, when Michael’s identity became known, they would see their error and reinstate him.
  32. To understand in what this dependence consists it is necessary to reinstate another omitted condition of every command proceeding not from the Deity but from a man, which is, that the man who gives the command himself takes part in.
  33. To understand in what this dependence consists it is necessary to reinstate another omitted condition of every command proceeding not from the Deity but from a man, which is, that the man who gives the command himself takes part in the event.
  34. I was a prime candidate to be seized by the CIA or some other agency and water boarded, until they had what they needed to reinstate the gold standard and kill inflation, all done in the name of what was best for the greater good of the people.
  35. And so, senor, let your goodness reinstate the father that begot me in your good opinion, and be assured that he was a wise and prudent man, since by his craft he found out such a sure and easy way of remedying my misfortune; for I believe, senor, that had it not been for you I should never have lit upon the good fortune I now possess; and in this I am saying what is perfectly true; as most of these gentlemen who are present can fully testify.
  36. He had to reinstate himself in all the wonted concerns of his Mansfield life: to see his steward and his bailiff; to examine and compute, and, in the intervals of business, to walk into his stables and his gardens, and nearest plantations; but active and methodical, he had not only done all this before he resumed his seat as master of the house at dinner, he had also set the carpenter to work in pulling down what had been so lately put up in the billiard-room, and given the scene-painter his dismissal long enough to justify the pleasing belief of his being then at least as far off as Northampton.
  3. The king therefore issued a decree not only reinstating the original decree, (Please.
  4. It basically comes down to reinstating the Word of God as the standard for our lives on all areas.
  5. Rhett’s great love for his child had gone far toward reinstating him in public On the way home, Scarlett was full of County news.
  6. Fifty minutes into our conversation, I glanced up at the teleprompter to see that someone was frantically reinstating all of our deleted questions.
  7. Instead, as the stock price increased, Western Union began repurchasing stock, announcing it was reinstating its plan to buy back $1 billion in stock each year.
  8. Moshe hurried his men, aiming to come from behind upon any camps that had been aroused, reinstating the element of surprise for those who might have been deprived of it.
  9. I have also to mention that besides reinstating the parts excluded by the Censor from the Russian editions, other corrections and additions of importance have been made in this edition.
  10. Reinstating the first condition omitted, that of time, we see that no command can be executed without some preceding order having been given rendering the execution of the last command possible.
  11. Whether that means sending a group of people outside of it, as instructed by Edith Prior—which we thought was important at the time, though I’ve since learned that her instructions didn’t really matter—or reinstating the factions by force.
  12. Dickens was single-handedly responsible for bringing back to England; the legend and myth of Christmas; and reinstating it as an important holiday… His short story was single-handedly responsible for spreading the evil of pure greed all over the world through the new invention of cheap mass produced books.
  13. If, after the proclamation of the President of the United States of the 1st of November thereafter, issued in consequence of that letter, revoking so much of our non-intercourse law as related to France, an unbroken warfare being kept up by France on our commerce—a fact as notorious as the existence of any fact in nature—was it not good cause for reinstating the law in relation to France, and putting her on her ancient ground? Then I would be glad to know, for one, whether our continuing at war with England was any better cause for keeping up the interdiction in relation to her, after she had revoked her Orders in Council? In other words, it being admitted by gentlemen on one side, as it has been contended by gentlemen on the other, that the revocation of the Orders in Council by Great Britain was such a one as did satisfy the terms of the non-intercourse act, what was the reason that the proclamation required by our law in such case did not issue? Why, sir, the state of war between the United States and Great Britain being offensive on our part—being of our own making—was held to be a cause why we cannot execute our law as relates to her.
  1. Giry, who had been reinstated in her functions.
  2. He was reinstated, back in the Department and.
  3. Mary and I reinstated formal education for Annah.
  5. Lord Vishnu then reinstated Indra as governor of the heavens.
  6. All I could do was try to get my patron privileges reinstated.
  7. Sometimes the default in interest is cured and the issue reinstated.
  8. On this date, my thoughts were focused upon getting my patron privileges reinstated.
  9. Their fear was aroused because Archbishop Laud reinstated pomp and ceremony into the Church.
  10. Nobody knew just how yet, but both parties involved wanted the power of the Well to be reinstated.
  11. With the fall of Napoleon, the various disparate legal systems that predated the Code were reinstated.
  12. And regardless of the consequences, he sends in his petition to be reinstated in his pretended rights.
  13. And I shall give orders that these measures should be revoked and the people reinstated in their homes.
  14. There was an awkward moment of silence until she said cheerfully, So your brother’s fully reinstated.
  15. The divor, Robin Boss, being, as I have recorded, reinstated in office, soon began to play his old tricks.
  16. Without a vote, without a hope, although the Powers-that-be Have solemnly declared their rights are reinstated.
  17. It was she who’d stimulated my interest in this new direction and seen to it that I was reinstated at the school.
  18. Then I went and checked the status of my driver's license- it was reinstated! So she didn't have to take me to work.
  19. After he gained his release, he was reinstated in his old position as the tax administration liaison in the city of Kielce.
  20. Interestingly, there was considerable overlap between the drugs that reinstated cocaine seeking and heroin seeking, but the.
  21. It is not inconceivable that Hitler and Stalin would have negotiated their way back to 1939, and reinstated the Nazi-Soviet pact.
  22. She said that since her family was reinstated, everything that was taken away from them would be given back in full and with interest.
  23. She figured she knew where this conversation was headed, so she told him I agree that's why I reinstated his contract, this afternoon.
  24. On that eventful day as Alf returned from Julien with the prayer book to be reinstated in the synagogue, Ray gave the Russians the signal.
  25. After his imprisonment all trace of Cervantes in his official capacity disappears, from which it may be inferred that he was not reinstated.
  26. Suppose the former dynasty of Spain to be reinstated on the throne, it could not desire, for honest purposes, the possession of West Florida.
  27. It should and probably will be reinstated at some point, with more than a penny price increase being required—perhaps a 10- or 20-cent rally.
  28. The ANC leadership, motivated by fear of the firestorm they might ignite from furious Zuma supporters, if Zuma were not reinstated, simply froze.
  29. This canal served commerce until the century of Rome's Antonine emperors; it was then abandoned and covered with sand, subsequently reinstated by.
  30. Volmana wishes to be reinstated in royal favor as he was under the old regime, so that he may lift his poverty-ridden estates to their former grandeur.
  31. After she had been reinstated into the community, they went around town heralding her as the ‘wisest smartest most generous leader of their community.
  32. But what did the Americans do to the Japanese emperor? They reinstated him… When he should have been strung up by his balls and shot like Mussolini was.
  33. It was only through this feeling that, without considering the consequences that might follow, he sent in a claim to be reinstated in his pretended rights.
  34. Through this absolution, he reinstated the intimate relationship with God, as well as the authority over the Earth and over Satan that was lost through Adam.
  35. Fancy what he had to go through! It’s true he has been reinstated, but how could they fail to do that? I think there were not many such gallant sons of the fatherland out there as he.
  36. He said that if he believed it to be a preparation for war, he should have a less indignant sense of the injury than he felt now, as he deemed it pure, unsophisticated, reinstated embargo.
  37. CAN NEVER TAKE WAY SINS WILL BE REINSTATED? My question to them is how do they know they will be reinstated? Why would anyone want sacrifices of bulls and goats when we have the sacrifices of Christ?
  38. They just looked at each other and smiled and now, on the street, with shackled hearts, a thousand memories retrieved, a reinstated love weighing on their souls they felt diffident and unsure of their path; of each other.
  39. He was a staunch democrat and hated the royal family and when the royalty was reinstated after the conflicts, he was not a happy man, his attitude was ‘While the monarchy hid, the Cambodians fought and died for their freedom’.
  40. REINSTATED? Will the perfect covenant purchased with the blood of Christ be replaced with the covenant which only has animal sacrifices and can never make it worshipers perfect [Hebrews 10:1] and makes nothing perfect [Hebrews 7:19]?
  41. He was reinstated to his previous position, having earned the appreciation and respect of his commanders for the high level of humanity he had demonstrated; he had been prepared to sacrifice everything that he held dear for the sake of his fellow man whether he was Muslim or not.
  42. How many times did we face death and defy all difficulties until corruption and crime in this area were finally cast out and the law began to be applied strictly! Justice was reinstated and security prevailed everywhere; people could now sleep peacefully in their beds, free from any fear.
  43. It seems your father's morning health bot analysis indicates he has second stage prostate cancer, but he sent his last insurance premium in late and, therefore, he technically won't be reinstated until the beginning of next month and by then it will be considered a previously existing condition.
  44. I had the most definite and distinct privilege to not have met such a demon in the few hours of my reinstated career as a demon hunter, paranormal fighter, and half-assumed, half-proclaimed almost-unwilling protector of every human with a soul (meaning journalists and lawyers were quite possibly exempt).
  45. Some senior creditors will be reinstated, and perhaps never even miss a contracted-for cash payment for interest, principal, or premium; some creditors will participate in a reorganization and receive a new package of securities (and maybe even some cash) in satisfaction of their claims; and some junior creditors and stockholders will be wiped out, receiving no value in the reorganization.
  46. The famous German obsession with organization and logical mathematical strictness of rules, which had been lacking in the short-lived democratic Weimar Republic was reinstated so that everything was ‘ein richtig’ or correct… ‘right’, everything in its place where it ought to be; as it had been before with the Kaiser as their national mascot and everyone in their little niches of hierarchical Prussian society.
  47. For his command, Arthur had reinstated the use of the cavalry draco-standards, golden dragon-heads that screamed when riding into battle; the heads were held high, and as the men came out, the unit decurions, our captains, saluted him and moved on up the North Road, flying their banners, units with their standard-bearers at the head, the Old Guard still carrying the Roman Eagle in an endless parade of soldiers and horses, all that Britain could send to her defence.
  48. Do professed Christians fear the exposure of a self-sufficient and unconsecrated fellowship of social respectability and selfish economic maladjustment? Does institutional Christianity fear the possible jeopardy, or even the overthrow, of traditional ecclesiastical authority if the Jesus of Galilee is reinstated in the minds and souls of mortal men as the ideal of personal religious living? Indeed, the social readjustments, the economic transformations, the moral rejuvenations, and the religious revisions of Christian civilization would be drastic and revolutionary if the living religion of Jesus should suddenly supplant the theologic religion about Jesus.
  49. Iceland was reinstated into the IWC,.
  1. It reinstates the Law with it's animal sacrifices.

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