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Return в предложении (на )

  1. As soon as I return.
  2. River of No Return, n.
  3. Now to return to lasers.
  4. The point of no return.
  5. The return of the Reich.

  6. I cried for his return.
  7. Each would return by a.
  8. In return for food, he.
  10. I promise to return in.
  11. It is ours to return.
  12. We return him to you.
  13. You will have to return.
  14. Return to Gaea we should.
  15. And return it to Zeus.

  16. I had to return in haste.
  17. That Return To The Paths.
  18. Return the car the next.
  19. He will return and show.
  20. They kicked him in return.
  21. I too, can return at will.
  22. The Return of the Oracle.
  23. I long for the return of.
  24. You may just return later.
  25. I had to return to the USA.

  26. In return for what; full.
  27. That should bid thee return.
  28. The Nord smirked in return.
  29. Seven gifts return to love.
  30. So, they used to return it.
  31. I knew he would return soon.
  32. We promised to return the.
  34. The Return Home to Poznań.
  35. But to return to the story.
  36. It had the return address.
  37. Tell the children to return.
  38. The Return of the Corsair.
  39. In return they betrayed him.
  40. All ships return to base.
  41. He wished to return with me.
  42. You should return it to him.
  43. The symptoms can come return.
  44. I’m sure they will return.
  45. That I do not want to return.
  46. I need to return to the well.
  47. Since my return, my gift of.
  48. Then I would return to that.
  49. He would return the next day.
  50. Our return trip went smoothly.
  51. I shall return, he said.
  52. Meanwhile, let us return to.
  53. I hoped he would return soon.
  54. It will return FALSE if the.
  55. Life goes by without a return.
  56. Return the chicken to the pot.
  57. It does not return any value.
  58. I had to return back to that.
  59. I'm going to return to earth.
  60. Return to preserve the Mother.
  61. She is expected to return to.
  62. You should return to the army.
  63. Return the chicken to the pan.
  64. It will return FALSE if empty.
  65. But he said nothing in return.
  66. Return to the Living Carousel.
  67. And what did I get in return?
  68. I dreaded the return of Smiler.
  69. You may return to your seat.
  70. The return of Death Row Records.
  71. He would return in the morning.
  72. But, someday, I'll return home.
  73. She wanted to return to Canada.
  74. In return he wrapped his arms.
  75. Return all to the 4-cup measure.
  76. About the return of the Bully:.
  78. Chapter 12: The Wyver's Return.
  79. You will return to Krakow?
  80. Return to the Table of Contents.
  81. Orakne, you must return here.
  82. When it is that he shall return.
  83. About the return of the Shadow:.
  84. And it will not return to you.
  85. I should return to my ship now.
  86. Cats habitually will return to.
  87. Only later did this form return.
  88. He could not return her to her.
  89. We return to the old temple.
  90. Theoton might not return for days.
  91. But you should return the favour.
  92. For soon, we will return to the.
  93. It is also called as return type.
  94. I can finally return it to you.
  95. Zoe gave him a wry grin in return.
  96. God willing, I shall return home.
  97. When you return here with our Mr.
  98. Mick, which they wanted to return.
  99. I would return at a more appro-.
  100. We’re on the way to return him.
  1. One of our boys returning.
  2. The idea of returning to.
  3. Returning to his desk, he.
  4. On returning to this room, M.
  5. But as to returning to his.
  6. Returning to the island, he.
  7. Returning to our VPA analysis.
  8. Before returning to the seas.
  9. Returning to its real essence.
  10. After returning to the place.
  11. Tension was returning in waves.
  12. I’m just returning the favor.
  13. The copy that is now returning.
  14. Returning to the bedroom, most.
  15. Returning to the Rest of Faith.
  16. The Colonel dreams of returning.
  17. I will not be returning to the.
  19. I salute you, sir! Returning.
  20. He loathed returning to his home.
  21. We’re returning to the Obsidian.
  22. Returning to Youssaf, he continued.
  23. Returning to our example in Fig 11.
  24. But returning to the planet would.
  25. The money is not returning to them.
  26. Returning to the Safety of Sinatra.
  27. But he saw me returning the knives.
  28. Nelson heard the horseman returning.
  29. Richards, returning, decided that Mr.
  30. Too many of them were not returning.
  31. If they keep returning to the same.
  32. Returning to my Who or what would.
  33. It was the PartyMob returning for me.
  34. Hey, she says, not returning it.
  35. Without returning my greeting he said.
  36. Instead, therefore, of returning to.
  37. Now I’m returning with a boyfriend.
  38. It is past; I am returning to England.
  39. Returning a portion of the capital (e.
  40. Shane walked up as Billy was returning.
  41. He will be returning to you very soon.
  42. If you are not returning to the home.
  43. What is it? And who is returning?
  44. Returning to the Omonia square, I was.
  45. The road was full of the returning men.
  46. Doves returning to nest on our balcony.
  47. I cursed myself for returning to Cairo.
  48. Returning his attention to the grated.
  49. I wasnt certain about returning to Mrs.
  50. Returning home, he quickly joined the.
  51. I have every intention of returning it.
  52. He did a weak imitation of returning it.
  53. Invariably, thoughts of returning home.
  54. Returning to England had come as a shock.
  55. Now I felt a bit of happiness returning.
  56. Returning from the burger bar sometimes.
  57. Thanks, he said, returning the cup.
  58. I see Cherrie returning with Aaron in tow.
  59. I shall not be returning to Egypt, I said.
  61. Something is keeping them from returning.
  62. Now, years later, Jacob was returning to.
  63. Leesa felt the heat returning to his hand.
  64. She could not envisage returning to Cairo.
  65. That was her motivation for returning to.
  66. Perhaps the hallucinations were returning.
  67. Confident the force was returning to its.
  68. We were returning to Judea a different way.
  69. Hoping it was Hanor returning, expectant.
  70. He smiled confidently at the returning lad.
  71. He pleaded over returning phrases of avowal.
  72. He would have been better off not returning.
  73. Then he paused, his eyes returning to hers.
  74. Fun? Ciere snaps, her anger returning.
  75. His returning memories were sketchy at best.
  76. Returning to the streets of Athens, almost.
  77. Returning, he carefully lifted Dubanskis.
  78. She flushed, returning her gaze to the keep.
  79. After returning to Father, I begged to help.
  80. His blood tests show him returning to normal.
  81. There are some returning members and there.
  82. Austin smiled and I found myself returning it.
  83. On returning route, I used the bus route E22.
  84. Returning from an exploration of the masonry.
  85. Returning after two minutes, minus the noise.
  86. There was no returning fire; the ships were.
  87. I assume that’s where he’ll be returning.
  88. There was a soft sound returning Ants whistle.
  89. Wild geese returning to the southern regions.
  90. Things just seemed to be returning to normal.
  91. When he was returning from a campaign he.
  92. On returning home Lydgate had a visit from Mr.
  93. I resumed my trek, returning to the main path.
  94. Generalissimo Franco was returning to Madrid.
  95. But returning to the source is your own task.
  96. The last stop before returning home was New St.
  97. I dropped the phone and started returning fire.
  98. Returning to the ship could only take so long.
  99. The idea of returning to her native town of M.
  100. Returning to her body, she was once again blind.
  1. I returned to my car.
  2. I returned to my seat.
  3. And he returned to this.
  4. I returned to the house.
  5. I returned with a mop.
  6. He returned to his seat.
  7. He returned to the gang.
  8. I returned to my charge.
  9. He returned to the frog.
  10. I returned to the 'area'.
  11. He returned to his desk.
  12. I returned to my patient.
  13. We returned to the house.
  14. He returned the ID to Theo.
  15. When he returned home he.
  16. We returned to the palace.
  17. He has only just returned.
  18. When he returned, he was.
  19. I was found, and returned.
  20. The dogs had not returned.
  21. Link returned with my drink.
  22. Warmth returned to her face.
  23. He returned to his kingdom.
  24. Briz had returned to this.
  25. He returned a moment later.
  26. The lost sheep had returned.
  27. But by the time I returned.
  28. A week after we returned, Dr.
  29. And I think he has returned.
  30. Brian returned with the tool.
  31. Quonez returned to the fort.
  32. He returned to his old life.
  33. He returned me a blank stare.
  34. When he’d returned to his.
  35. I have just returned from a.
  36. In time, my strength returned.
  37. She returned his gaze coolly.
  38. Returned to the small street.
  39. Then his grim humor returned.
  40. Manna returned to the guides.
  41. The looters had not returned.
  42. I returned home with Staszek.
  43. He returned to Ghana in 1975.
  44. When we returned the visions.
  45. Within the hour Nuke returned.
  46. At least he had returned in.
  47. He returned after a few hours.
  48. When he returned to Jerusalem.
  49. I returned to the furious four.
  50. Guichard and have him returned.
  51. Yet when it returned, I felt.
  52. Doc returned from the kitchen.
  53. None had returned to the city.
  54. Two weeks later Major returned.
  55. It returned to haunt Carl now.
  56. Yes, but he never returned.
  57. When she returned to Jamaica.
  58. My evil father had returned!.
  59. The same day I returned home.
  60. Betty returned red and furious.
  61. Saul returned the grip in kind.
  62. Ten minutes later, Mum returned.
  63. Then he returned to the bridge.
  64. Ten minutes later, he returned.
  65. As expected, no giants returned.
  66. He returned to the control room.
  67. All winnings were returned to.
  68. He returned a few minutes later.
  69. She returned to the dining room.
  70. Gaston had returned to Brussels.
  71. She kindly returned the smiles.
  72. So, Moses, you have returned.
  73. He returned to check on Athene.
  74. So, we returned to the dining.
  75. From 300 air cars returned 148.
  76. It was never returned unopened.
  77. He returned her gaze with just.
  78. None of the adults had returned.
  79. Athene returned and prodded him.
  80. I ate my fill then returned to.
  81. He returned home empty and alone.
  82. I returned to An Huang’s ship.
  83. Tim did as I asked and returned.
  84. With a pop his hearing returned.
  85. Hope had returned to their souls.
  86. The cats returned to their food.
  87. Billy returned to his own table.
  88. Tony returned to the strip club.
  89. They returned to the front gate.
  90. As soon as she returned to her.
  91. I heard Joseph when he returned.
  92. Ten minutes later, she returned.
  93. She hesitated, then returned it.
  94. When I returned he asked me to.
  95. When they returned to their home.
  96. Rani and Bilo eventually returned.
  97. Gretchen returned to Tom’s side.
  98. When I returned I felt refreshed.
  99. He returned towards the back door.
  100. The urge to puke returned at once.
  1. The returns in Table 6.
  2. By the sky that returns.
  3. That is, it returns the.
  4. He returns to the Legend.
  5. He returns to his earth.
  6. Aaron returns to the chair.
  7. So much for average returns.
  8. At 12% returns per year (i.
  9. The spirit that returns to.
  10. When the driver returns to.
  11. THE BOY returns the next day.
  12. Returns the remainder of 8%3.
  13. Isabella returns with the box.
  14. The model’s returns of +33.
  15. The doctor returns to his work.
  17. Returns the floor of the 4 // 3.
  18. He can call me when he returns.
  19. I will see you when he returns.
  20. The day returns, but nevermore.
  21. She returns the smile, confused.
  22. At early morn returns the maid.
  23. I said, Your cousin returns.
  24. The annualized returns were 17.
  25. When both returns and leverage.
  27. As Cass stands, the boy returns.
  28. Weighted average of returns, 83.
  29. Aaron returns to MacGregor Range.
  30. I press send as my mother returns.
  31. She returns my stare for a second.
  32. You see the effect on the returns.
  33. Returns the transpose of an array.
  34. And another dance when she returns.
  35. She looks up and returns the smile.
  36. Enough on historical bond returns.
  37. I want to be here when he returns.
  38. We also have a 17% cap on returns.
  39. He returns to Mr Hooperman's side.
  41. Jesus returns with a tray of drinks.
  42. He returns scarred, changed inside.
  43. Satisfied, he returns to the house.
  44. Jock returns the stare for a moment.
  45. He is lost if he returns to London.
  46. When Christ returns at His second.
  47. When our Bridegroom returns, will.
  48. If average returns were plotted vs.
  49. A$ = SPACE$(145) returns 145 space.
  50. The crowd returns to their gossiping.
  51. Want to know what the returns for U.
  52. Chasing returns has a bad name.
  53. Thus, the condition quickly returns.
  54. Camera returns to present, where Mrs.
  55. He returns his attention to her music.
  56. It returns to Him with its work done.
  57. The algorithm also returns to step 2.
  58. High Returns Earned on Total Capital.
  59. Returns some information to the user.
  60. His headache returns and he ignores it.
  61. When sense returns, I’m lying on him.
  62. An hour passes and the doctor returns.
  63. The full moon wanes and returns again.
  64. They hang up as he returns to D’ante.
  65. High returns earned on total capital.
  66. Since real equity returns were over 5.
  67. I was happy that he returns to normal.
  68. Returns are higher, and risk is lower.
  69. What will he say when he returns?
  70. The squadron of archers returns after 9.
  71. She returns to the counter and wipes it.
  72. Denson returns from his haircut at 5:45.
  73. Davie returns with an open can of lager.
  74. His mind returns he tries to hold back.
  75. Returns the absolute value of a number.
  76. John waves and Matthew returns the wave.
  77. Returns whether x is 5 < 3 returns True.
  78. No traveller returns, puzzles the will.
  79. Sleep comes more easily than it returns.
  80. That fruit returns tranquility among us.
  81. Also note, the long term returns of +33.
  82. And with that, she returns to the car.
  83. Median returns were much worse at –25.
  84. Average returns for these stocks were 0.
  85. The Las Vegas Hilton touted 97% returns.
  86. He is smiling when he returns with our.
  87. We are using our lower returns of 4%, 5.
  88. Patrice returns to her work with a laugh.
  89. Returns can be expressed in various ways.
  90. The town returns to its calm quiet sleep.
  91. Stocks with Highest Annual Total Returns.
  92. What’s the reality of chasing returns?
  93. Your father will explain when he returns.
  94. If the spirit that returns to God is an.
  95. A drenched Hani then returns to the crypt.
  96. The median returns were negative as well.
  97. Space$(number) just returns number spaces.
  98. Average excess returns over cash were 16.
  99. Victoria returns the passionate movement.
  100. Never, monster! He returns in the.

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