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    1. They looked like ghosts as they set the NS191 replacement emitters in their mounts

    2. "I'm inclined to allow we leave them here," Kelvin said, "especially when we have to consider that we don't have suitable replacement entities available without delaying our departure

    3. ‘No, neither do I, but it’s very interesting that she was moved here from Renald’s team … I’ve met her replacement

    4. The men’s bathroom raised a couple of less than complimentary remarks from the secretary of the association … mostly on the subject of empty toilet rolls and how no man she had ever met could understand the mechanism which required the replacement of an empty toilet roll with a fresh one

    5. Your replacement shall be installed immediately

    6. The relationship of supply to demand is a key economic principle – here the demand for parts exceeded supply; hence, the profit from attaining a replacement turbofan would be handsome

    7. Might even be from her replacement at her command was late last month family employer, just read it as best I can and see what it says

    8. that a replacement was waiting for us in Avignon

    9. of the replacement credit card - which was also sent

    10. replacement theology, which says that the Church has replaced

    11. a replacement when I spoke with him just this morning

    12. the older girl saw the younger child as a replacement for

    13. ' "I would be gone, a replacement would take over and you will never know, especially if it has become skilled at keeping conversations focused on its area of expertise

    14. The concept of malleable reality is really the corner stone of any new structure that you want to built in replacement of any present reality you wish to replace with a more pleasant one

    15. And it is for that reason, among others, that we shall request that our own Dena of the Elhehrim be made interim Guild liaison until such time as a truly suitable replacement can be found

    16. Bagenov data replacement coarse sand for fine sand in concrete can reduce strength for 25

    17. The equipment they originally landed with was mostly bare-minimum specification and their manufacturing facilities could not cope with the volume of replacement parts needed

    18. “Hello lads this is Lt Smith who has been lent to us by the 1st8th Battalion as a replacement for Lt Cole

    19. I walked through the gates of the camp and reported to the guard house there was a soldier on duty that I didn’t know and I thought he must be a replacement as I said

    20. Later on when everyone had returned they all disappeared on fatigues and working parties so I went off to the stores with my chit and was issued with my full kit in replacement for what I had lost

    21. “I’m not having a hip replacement; I couldn’t stand it

    22. maintenance care and replacement can eat up your budget

    23. But I got the shock of my life when I was informed that the bastard who had raped Rosie was here yes that fucker Tommy Smith had been sent as a replacement and I just bloody wished that they had put him in the line with us

    24. “I was transferred to your Battalion and put in Charlie Company as a replacement for this show

    25. Mum will then have to dash to the local supermarket for a replacement bird

    26. the contract for that restaurant or whatever would call us to fix it, and he’d want a replacement game yesterday

    27. When DD heard that the San Francisco guard was on the injury report, he wasted no time finding out all about Chang’s replacement and was overjoyed to hear that it was a rookie

    28. “Hi everyone, sorry I’m late, this old bitch is a replacement as the one I wanted had broken down

    29. Consequently a few of us had to pay the SAP the amount of R50 (5 USD) per month for years for a replacement fuel injection system

    30. "It's traditional for the Preceptor to select his own replacement

    31. I had of course planned for both to be damaged in the attack, and have the replacement boards all precut and shaped

    32. The drawbridge was up, and the new boards of the replacement gate were nearly in place

    33. good for humans and that weapons are tools of destruction, not replacement

    34. absinth, ounce of pure cocaine, camera and replacement suit in his car, checked spare wheel,

    35. That morning, I arranged for my replacement and the next day I received the keys to a two-story house with a garden that I chose from among several houses that were shown to me

    36. Now that he's left of his own accord it will save me the trouble of course, and I'm thankful for that! I'll send you the outstanding bill, which will include the cost of a replacement pillowcase

    37. a replacement will be dispatched at once

    38. “But honestly, it would take some time for her to find a replacement

    39. This for sure puts you on the list for department lieutenant or even a replacement to the Captain's chair when he retires, which may be soon

    40. Colling’s absences had prompted Ferguson to find a replacement clerk

    41. The next man was one of the replacement privates who had serious blisters on his feet from poorly fitting shoes

    42. The community toilet, with a bucket and spigot as replacement for the shattered tank was without a seat, light, ventilation or paper

    43. The rails had undergone a considerable amount of repair and replacement, and the car that he rode in was in much better condition than those he had previously experienced, resulting in the ride being relatively free of jolts and jarring

    44. “Your replacement, Angelina Lafevre, what do you think of the job she’s doing in your place?” asked Raoul as the car on the screen went through another series of more gently banked S-turns and then accelerated up another straightaway with a gentle right-hand bank and bend to it

    45. But a shaft bearing is, I fear, not long for this world, and then, unless a replacement can be brought from Germany, there will no electricity for the estate

    46. It is treated by the removal of the rotted (decayed) parts of the tooth and the replacement of the missing parts with a 'filling'

    47. The amount of wood available for repairs was limited, however, and the young fisherman ended up pulling planks from the main deck hatch cover to serve as replacement material

    48. has renounced its goal of doing away with individual nations and their replacement by a world

    49. That is possible because the act of the Process Validation makes the replacement of the working capital of the organizations and of the people’s income in an automatic form, without there to be vinculum of the employment, in other words, the supplier doesn’t depend on the buyer’s money to accomplish its production, as well as the people don’t depend on the employment for receiving income

    50. This economic cycle guarantees the efficacy of the methodology with replacement of income for continuous feedback of the productive process of the corporations and maintenance of the well-being to the individuals

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