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    1. She snapped herself out of this, took her eyes from Sol in the sky and paid some attention to the substitute for coffee we have here

    2. Choruses should be the expression of joy, not its substitute

    3. Speed isn’t a word used in Yoga, rather substitute the word pressure

    4. Sugar is no substitute for honey as, chemically, it is of an entirely different nature

    5. agreeing to substitute them with the most expensive pair of black

    6. substitute on the bench

    7. Harry had to manufacture the proper sanding blocks as he could not seem to find a suitable substitute wherever he searched

    8. You took a fragile girl and made a 'Tigress,' and he is most glad to substitute the talisman for the realization of the ideal in his own daughter

    9. French, James decided to substitute her words with a

    10. In a few weeks he came to love her dearly for herself, not as a substitute for Desa

    11. If you can substitute healthy foods for those that are less healthy, you will be on your way

    12. For example, you can substitute skinless white meat chicken for dark meat drumsticks

    13. If you cannot dream, imagine, and plan a substitute, you will remain imprisoned in the present one for lack of real desire to really improve your situation

    14. In column two, list what you would substitute for the items in column

    15. them for a substitute (or what

    16. Teachers have said there is no substitute for the power of spiritual patience when it comes to realizing our own identity from within

    17. I had to seek a substitute to replace

    18. We thirst for and seek out sense pleasures, in the mistaken belief that they will give us happiness, or as a substitute for the happiness that is out of reach for us

    19. You can substitute different vegetables, but be sure to use ones that have contrasting colors

    20. Chris sat for a couple of minutes, chewing on a piece of painfully artificial-tasting meat substitute, thinking about what might have happened back at the command section of the Elysian since they left

    21. He finished chewing the bland meat substitute and swallowed it before turning to give his answer

    22. His stomach was not sure it wanted the meat substitute and for a moment was tempted to give it back

    23. ” he said and then took the final mouthful of the meat substitute

    24. Afterwards, they universally found it convenient to delegate it to some substitute, bailiff, or judge

    25. This substitute, however, was still obliged to account to his principal or constituent for the profits of the jurisdiction

    26. He had nothing that would substitute such an object

    27. substitute for cultivating a relationship with the Holy

    28. But by submitting to leaders as a substitute

    29. fact that soccer was a good substitute if his Dad got his way

    30. The reason for this is that, there are a lot of believers in the body of Christ that think that they can substitute “studying the word” with “confessing the word,” and then they wonder why it does not produce much fruit in their lives

    31. They are not going to stop unless they get stopped, until the electorate wakes up and recognizes that political rhetoric is no substitute for competence (with thanks to Thomas Sowell)

    32. Had it exactly right in saying that there is no substitute for victory

    33. ‘I once thought the simulacrum could be an adequate substitute

    34. If pecans aren't your forte, substitute walnuts or almonds!" Original recipe yield: 1 pound

    35. Do not use margarine as a substitute for the butter; the water content is too high

    36. She assigned me work as a substitute dentist in the village of Yanikurgon, twenty kilometres from Namangan

    37. Calley's remorse did seem genuine, but was hardly a substitute for justice

    38. would find expressing a coherent thought particularly challenging? Although each of us has the potential to exceed the somewhat (flexible) limits imposed by natural designs, no substitute exists for natural intelligence

    39. Someone tried a substitute cheque-book scam

    40. The tablets the doctor prescribed as substitute for the injections offered no relief

    41. There’s no substitute for cubic inches,” I told Bill

    42. Men got more hours in the air, and there is no substitute for hours of experience

    43. Amonas then made some broth of what he had found to be an adequate substitute for uwe, and sipped appreciatively

    44. Colling was used to a large breakfast, and the coffee and roll that the hotel provided was a poor substitute

    45. is complementary to general medicine and should not be viewed as a substitute

    46. During the 1970s the Church of Scotland Panel on Doctrine was of a mind to ditch the Westminster Confession and substitute a much shorter Statement of Belief but without a conscience clause

    47. LP wondered what substitute they would use

    48. For the word “discipline”, substitute the word “control” (and usually by men)

    49. When Colling pointed out that her grave would be in Pennsylvania, the doctor advised that perhaps a visit to the place where the accident had occurred might be a substitute

    50. However, other developers and landowners will be helped in substitute locations nearby

    1. having substituted the first fag of the day

    2. And so Terry was substituted, about which he was quite happy

    3. It was as if he had two left feet and he was substituted after just twenty minutes

    4. His diagnostic adapter could have substituted a signal from any source

    5. substituted, about which he was quite happy

    6. if he had two left feet and he was substituted after just twenty

    7. How could he know this? Yes, that is all that we live in isn't it? The principal that one thing can be substituted for another that produces the same output

    8. When paper is substituted in the room of gold and silver money, the quantity of the materials, tools, and maintenance, which the whole circulating capital can supply, may be increased by the whole value of gold and silver which used to be employed in purchasing them

    9. be eliminated or substituted with alternatives AND, by doing so, would

    10. A nation may import to a greater value than it exports for half a century, perhaps, together; the gold and silver which comes into it during all this time, may be all immediately sent out of it; its circulating coin may gradually decay, different sorts of paper money being substituted in its place, and even the debts, too, which it contracts in the principal nations with whom it deals, may be gradually increasing; and yet its real wealth, the exchangeable value of the annual produce of its lands and labour, may, during the same period, have been increasing in a much greater proportion

    11. Fine powder lime-sand binder that has as a rule high activity (25-35% of active СаО+MgO) can be substituted by lime-slag or fly ash binder with lower activity by content of active calcium and magnesium oxides (10-15%)

    12. For these reasons, the project of a tax upon shops was laid aside, and in the room of it was substituted the subsidy, 1759

    13. Chamomile can be substituted for any other fragrant herb

    14. The same held true when I substituted the one and the two

    15. "This recipe uses an almond buttercrunch confection; a plain chocolate bar could be substituted for a more traditional fudge

    16. "This candy is good any time of the year but it's especially festive at Christmas! Vanilla, lemon or walnut extract can be easily substituted for almond to add a little variety to your candies

    17. Especially the ones where the “snow” is substituted with glitter

    18. The church exhibits a modern look, with reinforcement columns in Y shape beams, open without walls, which were substituted by low railings made of steel

    19. ’ We took off the original, stock Clergets and substituted more powerful engines

    20. Might a lessor contest be substituted? the settlement side suggested

    21. On the fourth day, after Elizabeth seemed out of danger, Colling, realizing he had been remiss in not doing so earlier, asked Hermann about the Countess, expressing his concern with what the Russians might do to her when they became aware that she had been substituted for Elizabeth

    22. She substituted herself for Elizabeth to permit her to escape

    23. Toma to may be substituted for the onion if preferred and no fat used

    24. For those who prefer it, milk and dairy butter may be substituted for the water and nut fat

    25. A godless state religion must be substituted for traditional religion as the source of culture and morality

    26. Those were the only ones in which he substituted himself for me as “attorney of record

    27. If the all-embracing welfare state, which substituted the security of the government for the traditional ties of family, had not run

    28. When I had finished, I would find that I had merely substituted the putting of words on paper for learning

    29. Three seconds later the second piece was substituted for the first, and the process was repeated eight more times

    30. Room 366 one time substituted as a studio lounge after an eccentric man vouched for its authenticity by rarely leaving and tipping his hat forward

    31. Affective incest has substituted sexual incest, on the level of desire, and

    32. when it is substituted with S, it indicates that chip is

    33. regular summons, with the words shadow of Bes substituted for Bes

    34. • Tomato-Onion Gotsu More tomatoes can be substituted instead of the

    35. Row once told us that these substituted words, which are given in each root

    36. Note the similarity of this formula to that given earlier for relative density, except that masses is substituted for weights

    37. 11 Jesus transcended all the teachings of his forebears when he boldly substituted clean hearts for clean hands as the mark of true religion

    38. When my masters decided upon his doom, the lock, in its golden, jewel-encrusted case, was stolen from under her pillow while she slept, and another substituted, so like the first that she never knew the difference

    39. Dominex Pharmaceuticals had substituted a whole new set of supposed volunteers in place of the real ones

    40. I’ll bet he destroyed the original and substituted one he’d printed himself

    41. When the coast was clear and he was confident nobody would notice the noise from the alarm warnings, he had entered Vicky’s house, then her office, found the USB stick with the coding program on it and substituted it for a blank

    42. Liberals invented a false global mission that they substituted for Christ’s true mandate

    43. This is called polymorphism where a sub-type can be substituted in any situation where a parent type is expected i

    44. Government eventually substituted the word ‘nation’ with

    45. Hot sauce can be substituted for the cayenne; however, the last four spices add a distinctive touch

    46. “Ja-mes Gibling”, I substituted and we sat drinking while he studied me in silence

    47. may be null and then substituted value may be user"s value

    48. If she had substituted the word “chairs” I would have been able to simply count them

    49. She then returned to the meeting, so the bug could be placed in Kay’s office and the envelope substituted at the same time, for the one in the safe

    50. substituted for capital without undue risk, the firm moves toward an optimal capital

    1. But when, from different causes, chiefly from the continually increasing expense of defending the nation against the invasion of other nations, the private estate of the sovereign had become altogether insufficient for defraying the expense of the sovereignty; and when it had become necessary that the people should, for their own security, contribute towards this expense by taxes of different kinds; it seems to have been very commonly stipulated, that no present for the administration of justice should, under any pretence, be accepted either by the sovereign, or by his bailiffs and substitutes, the judges

    2. When the value of a dollar has decreased in relation to its (historical) value; that is to say, if a dollar in today‘s market will purchase less of a particular commodity than it would have, let‘s say, a week ago, the consumer, everything being equal, will either purchase less of that commodity or seek (product) substitutes at a lower cost

    3. Accomplishing this intention, we utilized new paradigm of alternative human society that substitutes the existent models

    4. It changes the style of current administration that substitutes obsolete organization chart for the

    5. ” This System substitutes the current monetary system entirely to avoid the currency issue or physical money with its anonymous possession, as well as ending with continuity of the financial securities issues for the monetary authorities

    6. The solution of the payment of the national debt: With the implantation of the Computational Monetary System, the Virtual Central Bank substitutes all the national debt securities for Virtual Coin and it deposits its nominal values in Current Account “Personal” of its title-holders in a linked way, without there is issue of physical money to cover those securities in the Virtual Bank of the country

    7. ( user07) The investment is unique, because it substitutes all the state-owned expenses of these countries

    8. now substitutes its clairvoyant hunches for the scientific evidence that might or might not support its regulatory proclivities

    9. The recipes following are intended to be used as substitutes for meat, fish, etc

    10. Neither all the politically correct substitutes designed to fill the void of lost belief, nor cold science turned into dehumanizing rejection of the metaphysical will suffice

    11. We need to use olive oil for orthodox services, of course -- we are not in the days of Saint Cuthbert anymore, when fish oils were acceptable substitutes! The convent had a large supply of olive oil; enough to last all this year, and some of next

    12. *Many commentators see the “eye” as a meaningless anomaly, and accordingly, they then rely on a poorer textual tradition that substitutes “eye” with “iniquity

    13. Many substitutes have come and gone, but none that satisfy

    14. God substitutes or attorneys to represent Catholics to God

    15. Like most contemporary art practitioners who have spent too long in tertiary art institutions, her head was full of mesmerising psychobabble substitutes for rational thought

    16. However, the farmer slips half the proceeds back to you and substitutes the ‘organic’ food with ordinary every day crap

    17. The phenomenon is not limited to cinema production: one encounters it all the time when dealing with somebody who, from the height of his experience (and therefore acclaimed and recognized as an Expert), substitutes the client with himself with enormous arrogance, thinking that he can decide taste and preferences, making his own evaluations on his own idea about what is good and what is not

    18. substitutes of their female children and the devastating effect on their psychological

    19. Both biology and chemistry classes were now being covered by a parade of substitutes who usually decided very quickly not to come back or who were not invited back after some classroom fight or other disaster, the worse of which was a fire that destroyed one room and left the school with page 168

    20. When you do your research, you would find out that lots of products that you need have available substitutes

    21. Thus, you should consider purchasing the substitutes of the items that you need, which are more affordable, but can offer you the same thing

    22. of substitutes for men and

    23. What Python does here is that it converts each item in the tuple into a string and substitutes that string value into the place of the specification

    24. Of course, there are substitutes for it, which may not be much better

    25. These don’t bring back those mighty creatures to life but instead rely on animals that exist today in other areas as substitutes that offer remediation

    26. How do we replace it? The answer is the same as for how we replace fossil fuels: with substitutes

    27. or her crop is dependent on weather, foreign competition and the availability of substitutes

    28. so it attracts equity funding with its higher EPS and substitutes it for debt

    29. 3) Total Liabilities - The optimization substitutes debt for equity and adds to (subtracts

    30. And we use words as substitutes for them

    31. Admittedly, you’re unlikely to come across a selection of coolamons at your local camping gear shop, but what you will see is a variety of metal and plastic substitutes

    32. number of sugar substitutes

    33. However, this is a naïve way of thinking, since some sugar substitutes increase your

    34. These types of sugar substitutes are often called

    35. substitutes in Ann Widebody

    36. • Just good schooling and tuitions are not substitutes for emotional cushioning

    37. As the omniscient being of the planet, the Watcher had a funny feeling that it would all end in tragedy, unless Thane was able to vanquish the warlock before his woefully inadequate substitutes stumbled upon his adversary’s mountain fortress

    38. Candles or maize stalks are placed in the coffin as substitutes for surviving relatives, so that the dead soul doesn’t return to take its loved ones with it; and when the family leaves the home for the cemetery, an old woman remains behind to sweep the house and bid the dead soul to depart with the body

    39. Products that have many close substitutes have real problems creating

    40. There was too much light pollution in this area for the stars to be visible, and the building lights and street lamps were poor substitutes

    41. The problem with this advice is that scientists fed lab animals only egg substitutes and this diet caused rapid death in the animals

    42. “truth” are substitutes; but these concepts are also dealt with throughout

    43. A spin substitutes a sheep act with wolf and push foolish people towards the negative energy

    44. Must realize that as chess, sports like football, even the supposedly "unified" human Olympics are only substitutes for all-out deadly warfare, so is this life

    45. Wondering what you can do with your kids, friends and loved ones, if you rule out all entertainment-cum-killing substitutes? Try making something together

    46. substitutes for the real thing

    47. goldenseal is threatened in the wild due to over-harvesting, substitutes such as Oregon

    48. Certain sugar substitutes appear to have anti-caries benefits beyond that of reducing

    49. They are called the food substitutes

    50. We cook with egg whites or commercial egg substitutes

    1. The existence of the possibility of substituting a reality for another is certainly difficult to grasp but is in fact highly plausible for people trained in the metaphysical fields

    2. The judicious operations of banking, by substituting paper in the room of a great part of this gold and silver, enable the country to convert a great part of this dead stock into active and productive stock; into stock which produces something to the country

    3. A French author {Le Reformateur} of some note, has proposed to reform the finances of his country, by substituting in the room of the greater part of other taxes, this most ruinous of all taxes

    4. Substituting a four got me the recording again

    5. The mission of the United States is one of BENEVOLENT ASSIMILATION substituting the mild sway of justice and right for arbitrary rule

    6. The introduction argued that substituting a political position checklist for humanitarian results is excuse making for one side or the other

    7. The post-Exodus Hebrews dared not call their God by his ancient name “EL” for all the centuries of their succeeding history, substituting the Tetragrammaton, Yahweh (YHWH)

    8. death fully paid both for our sin, and our sins, substituting His death for ours

    9. Use the recipe for Date Pudding, substituting for the dates washed chopped figs

    10. Even if they were hard-up, there would be euphemistic words or phrases substituting, say, God’s grace, blessings of the Goddess of music, and so on

    11. By substituting a word

    12. Of course we eliminated top management and owner salaries, substituting what we felt would attract competent hired management

    13. what has brought us to a total rejection of love, as well as to substituting love


    15. If you would be truly triumphant over the temptations of the lesser and lower nature, you must come to that place of spiritual advantage where you have really and truly developed an actual interest in, and love for, those higher and more idealistic forms of conduct which your mind is desirous of substituting for these lower and less idealistic habits of behavior that you recognize as temptation

    16. Prejudice can be eliminated only by the abandonment of self-seeking and by substituting therefor the quest of the satisfaction of the service of a cause that is not only greater than self, but one that is even greater than all humanity -- the search for God, the attainment of divinity

    17. 14 When Jesus' immediate followers recognized their partial failure to realize his ideal of the establishment of the kingdom in the hearts of men by the spirit's domination and guidance of the individual believer, they set about to save his teaching from being wholly lost by substituting for the Master's ideal of the kingdom the gradual creation of a visible social organization, the Christian church

    18. 11 Even if God were the stern and legal monarch of a universe in which justice ruled supreme, he certainly would not be satisfied with the childish scheme of substituting an innocent sufferer for a guilty offender

    19. They fall upon that myterious pre-human kingdom of the south and overthrow it, substituting their own culture, modified by contact with the older one

    20. And so they went forth, endowed with power from on high, preaching glad tidings to the people -- even salvation through Jesus -- but they unintentionally stumbled into the error of substituting some of the facts associated with the gospel for the gospel message itself

    21. sang her a few bars of John Lennon’s song to his son Sean substituting

    22. Origin: Alludes to the dishonest practice of a merchant substituting a worthless cat for a valuable pig, a fact that was discovered only when the buyer got home and opened the bag

    23. Because of some of the crude comments on Santa’s part – he must have had a tough year – I have taken the liberty of substituting a few words here and there, but I left in the misspellings

    24. paying off the private lender Promissory Note by substituting the collateral with a

    25. By substituting words and concepts for

    26. He was a man who saw fighting only in terms of the utmost brutality; substituting the art of war with brute force and will-power

    27. By substituting debt for equity in the correct proportion, ROE was able to rise despite the

    28. she must be content with substituting the juxtaposition of interest expense with the book

    29. substituting the best understanding we have of the various imagery into the text and

    30. The point in question was the indignity of the accused, allegedly, having stored the body of Sir Alex Clegg in the meat cold room with the intention of substituting it in the casket with the two frozen pork carcases acquired for that very purpose; and then the cremation to follow

    31. Yet in her version they discarded the Christian God and His Holy Communion, substituting instead the Shamanic guidance of Spirits and the Powhite rituals of old

    32. Mostly because he was substituting compulsions using the holosuite as a relief and a demystifying tool

    33. I started with the seventh position first, and set about substituting all the letters in the alphabet for it

    34. Finally, after substituting P at the respective position in the above Eq

    35. With such an ideal in mind, the ways and means can and will be provided, but the mistake must not be made of substituting the means for the end

    36. A data table is a range of cells that shows the results of substituting different values in one or more formulas

    37. selected two containers, substituting them with similar containers from their backpacks

    38. a week (without substituting pricey fish) and you could save $25 a week,

    39. ” I had just arrived at his house a half hour earlier and seeing his mood, I had asked the question substituting the letter „w" for the more appropriate letter „b" to qualify them

    40. substituting tea laced heavily with sugar, and boiling hot rum or alcohol

    41. Civilized abstraction is the evil, sick, stupid, blind process of substituting something that is actual: with a token or symbol

    42. You"re just substituting one

    43. The drunks were momentarily at a loss and seeing this she turned to satisfy them, translating what she had said into Russian substituting Keroauc with Dovlatov, Vanya continuing to twist his beard as she spoke

    44. The Septuagint translators, therefore, who well knew the native meaning of both words, have, by substituting uniformly the one for the other, shown beyond question what the word Sheol meant in the opinion of the Hebrews

    45. For starters, you can re-engineer recipes by substituting healthy ingredients such as ingredients with less fat content

    46. Instead of using powdered seasons with additives, why not consider substituting those with fresh herbs and spices? They're definitely more natural, which is a plus

    47. He once yearned so frightfully for that occupation, and it was so welcome when it came; no doubt it relieved his pain so much, by substituting the perplexity of the fingers for the perplexity of the brain, and by substituting, as he became more practised, the ingenuity of the hands, for the ingenuity of the mental torture; that he has never been able to bear the thought of putting it quite out of his reach

    48. They found three specific symptoms: Reagan’s use of repetitive words increased, as did his habit of substituting “it” or “thing” for specific nouns

    49. This small staff was quite equal to all the requirements, for a canal between Beaucaire and Aiguemortes had revolutionized transportation by substituting boats for the cart and the stagecoach

    50. This was the case that Mary Linden had sold to Didlum; the latter had had it stained a dark colour and polished and further improved it by substituting a clock of more suitable design than the one it originally held

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