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    1. He does not have a residence permit

    2. This building put most of the residence about twenty floors above the ground with a courtyard in the center and balconied residential turrets extending out and above that

    3. Ginger panned out to within a few miles of the residence, and scanned the rest of the morning's activity

    4. ‘Only, I’m missing that argumentative, independent woman who’s taken up residence at the other end of my house

    5. The night was long and we were young and this was an occasion for a special bottle or two, for the saved and revered whisky, a drink that I had slowly grown accustomed to during my residence, and one that always left me feeling as though I had spent the night with my head next to a camel’s rump

    6. Father: If you dream of your father, you will change residence

    7. Situppy Pottypears was not in residence

    8. place of residence, proof of ID that is government

    9. Over the course of her first week in residence Annie, who was naturally quiet even in happy times, impressed her great-aunt with her obvious inner sorrow, which the old dear thought only fitting for a woman of the Craig line, and the next Saturday afternoon Annie received her first invitation to call on her relative in her own apartment

    10. He was one of the richest and most powerful men on Earth, but he initially chose to make his residence in the hills near Scranton because it would never be suspected, and he had near total control of so large an area, thru the judges and their constables

    11. Had these girls been mortal once, on Earth, in Minoan times? Did they believe, like the captain’s mother, that they were in the heaven that was promised all along? What were they promised, if they lived fifteen hundred years before Jesus was born? All ancient religions had some residence for the dead, for the classical Greeks it was Hades, the underworld

    12. Over the course of her first week in residence Annie, who was

    13. gatehouse, obviously the entry to some grand residence

    14. To have as your own neighbor: a world renowned, internationally acclaimed Master Rod and Reel Craftsman should fill every citizen in this village with immense pride---just at his residence here, let alone his acquaintance

    15. It’s still early and if he is quick he can probably get into the communal bathroom before the girls across the landing take up residence and all of the hot water goes

    16. She had taken final residence with her own Shoshone on the Wind River during her final ten years

    17. Allcock's family and residence in “

    18. Chloe was absolutely rapt with attention to the exploits and talents of the young gentleman now in residence under her own roof

    19. Harry's rooms were a bit larger than the other guests, as he was 'part of the family' and would be in residence, so to speak, for the duration of his stay in England

    20. Harry called her attention to the residence near at hand

    21. “Harry,” Kaitlyn began, “we certainly understand all the efforts made in the renovations to the White's residence,” then Chloe added, “And we most assuredly think all your instructions of 'just so' and the like were tedious but well meaning, even useful

    22. He had been absent the estate upon business through a majority of their residence; so it was up to Kaitlyn to determine the disposition of everything connected to the house and grounds

    23. We will close on a permanent residence before year's end I should think

    24. Spelman read the few lines aloud, “My apologies, I'm afraid I didn't have time to assemble the view maps for your residence, but I am quite sure you will find that your vista of the river and lake are framed quite nicely by the near valley's shoulders

    25. She also rode the wave of change to set up permanent residence in Bungalow Seven of the Lodges, the compliment of Bungalow Six already occupied by Sarah Bunker

    26. Jean even passed the residence of the Royal

    27. In turn they produced photographs of their new grand-daughter Hannah and the happy little family of San Francisco, their Pacific Heights house, and the Spelman's new residence above the Lodges

    28. It was just across a tiny cluttered hallway from a back door to her residence chambers

    29. when it was enacted, that forty days undisturbed residence

    30. days residence should be accounted only from the publication of such notice in writing on

    31. His tranquility, and peace of mind, having been compromised at the Wayward Inn, Alec sought refuge at a far less crowded, and less refutable establishment, the Timber Wall Tavern; a dilapidated shack that made his former residence seem as grand as the Archenon

    32. boast a residence that had a separate bedchamber - and

    33. While he wondered about that, she rang the front bell of the McReady residence and the door was soon answered

    34. In those towns which are principally supported by the constant or occasional residence of a court, and in which the inferior ranks of people are chiefly maintained by the spending of revenue, they are in general idle, dissolute, and poor; as at Rome, Versailles, Compeigne, and Fontainbleau

    35. London, Lisbon, and Copenhagen, are, perhaps, the only three cities in Europe, which are both the constant residence of a court, and can at the same time be considered as trading cities, or as cities which trade not only for their own consumption, but for that of other cities and countries

    36. When the Scotch parliament was no longer to be assembled in it, when it ceased to be the necessary residence of the principal nobility and gentry of Scotland, it became a city of some trade and industry

    37. It still continues, however, to be the residence of the principal courts of justice in Scotland, of the boards of customs and excise, etc

    38. The inhabitants of a large village, it has sometimes been observed, after having made considerable progress in manufactures, have become idle and poor, in consequence of a great lord's having taken up his residence in their neighbourhood

    39. residence, with Rishabh and Pritish

    40. The capital of a wholesale merchant, on the contrary, seems to have no fixed or necessary residence anywhere, but may wander about from place to place, according as it can either buy cheap or sell dear

    41. When it sends out from the residence of the merchant a certain value of commodities, it generally brings hack in return at least an equal value of other commodities

    42. Such artificers, too, stand occasionally in need of the assistance of one another; and as their residence is not, like that of the farmer, necessarily tied down to a precise spot, they naturally settle in the neighbourhood of one another, and thus form a small town or village

    43. It wasn’t often that the queen came to visit people at their private residence

    44. When a French regiment comes from some of the northern provinces of France, where wine is somewhat dear, to be quartered in the southern, where it is very cheap, the soldiers, I have frequently heard it observed, are at first debauched by the cheapness and novelty of good wine ; but after a few months residence, the greater part of them become as sober as the rest of the inhabitants

    45. When things are not as they seem to be, or when two truths appear inconsistent with one another the mind will always attend residence in the human body and in this world

    46. Besides this great company, the residence of whose governor and directors was to be in London, it was declared lawful to erect different fishing chambers in all the different out-ports of the kingdom, provided a sum not less than £10,000 was subscribed into the capital of each, to be managed at its own risk, and for its own profit and loss

    47. residence in the base we set up - over there”

    48. The settlements which different European nations have obtained in the East Indies, if they were taken from the exclusive companies to which they at present belong, and put under the immediate protection of the sovereign, would render this residence both safe and easy, at least to the merchants of the particular nations to whom those settlements belong

    49. And they grew, which not only effectively camouflaged my residence, but also provided it with a shield of sorts against the onslaughts of hurricanes, which I would learn were a fairly regular occurrence on the island

    50. Parmayan was seated in a large leatherette chair, and on seeing her he stood up, smiled and said, ‘Welcome to my humble residence

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