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    1. “After you two bungled acquiring the Super Chip, I put my superior intellect into action trying to pinpoint its new location

    2. Guards made their way to Johnny’s location, trying to get used to their new predicament

    3. Place in location where roaches are seen

    4. What varieties are being grown in your location?

    5. The amount of minerals and the quality rock used to produce rock dust depends on the location of the for quarry, and the mining process

    6. "Using the AmpliMagineer user interface paradigm, you just create this location translation pane here," she drew the boundaries of the magic carpet on an image of her home's foyer, "bundle it with this location," she outlined the magic carpet as it sat there over the beach, "and snap it into this site's continuous instance list here

    7. Glenelle was amazed that she was able to look up that location on a map and to see it thru a small scope as it came around the planet

    8. He carries him to a safer location about a hundred yards away

    9. This would be a good use for the android that was down there, if it was within months of this location

    10. Theo's heart began to race as he watched the lines fill out into a definite location

    11. better what to do than the preacher, given their location and setting

    12. citizen of the community, or he began the church at this location

    13. Some of the stars weren’t where they should have been by only a tenth of a degree, but when the images from all the friendly craft were combined, the positional discrepancies were enough to make the stars appear to grow in angular diameter in one, moving location

    14. The projection in Jordo’s flight helmet now showed the actual location of the enemy, some 300 meters away from where they’d thought he was

    15. Thus began again the endless routine in a new location but with the same old rigmarole

    16. The other burning question that we debated time and again was this; where are we? Our original journeys from London had differed, with Menachem moving straight to our previous location rather than being held underground like me

    17. It also meant that we were being held in the heart of enemy territory, well away, as far as we knew, from any government agency or army, and so our proffered location offered us little hope of successful escape

    18. "At this point in time all I know is that the containment has been removed to an unknown location and the shuttlecraft itself is deep in the bush at an unknown location

    19. Would God get that specific? Would He be that explicit, so to call Israel the center of the nations? Does God really think that the land of Israel is that important? And what for? If we think that Israel is simply a location or a spiritual metaphor for something else, then we have missed it

    20. Whether Jerusalem is in the location of Eden before the flood, I cannot say

    21. All that remains of this story is to say that both Archibald and his darling young lady were married, that they inherited her father's vast fortune, and that, in between location shoots, premieres and promotional tours, they lived happily ever after with an enormous brood of normally featured offspring

    22. The voice was fine except for position, he sounded a bit like a ventriloquist in that his voice seemed to come from a slightly different location

    23. move to a new city location

    24. And so the young man and his wife returned to their new home, which they had recently bought in a prime location just to the northeast of London’s orbital motorway

    25. “As of yet there is nothing in the theory that lets us follow an entanglement to the current location of the anti-particle

    26. And given the location, the rent

    27. This two-bit shop is about to move to a prime location sports store,' I

    28. Undercut banks are a great location to find trout since this location provides them with excellent cover from predators

    29. We will have the best location in the mall'

    30. "She's not guarding her location, she's about fourteen hundred miles west of Alan on the surface of his planet

    31. She could almost always get a location on any member of the crew, but when she was off duty, it was often hard to get a location on her

    32. Instead of answering a channel and giving a location, she stepped into his office, wearing a very stylish shimmering black suitcoat with a generously padded white fur collar that continued down the front

    33. Whatever the reason for its location, the trapped

    34. location shoots, premieres and promotional tours, they lived

    35. a trapped emotion will always have a physical location

    36. To determine the exact location of this energy ball,

    37. intuition for a moment about the location of the

    38. Check that location first, and you will be

    39. Once you have found the location of the trapped

    40. Yellelle pointed to more like where Ohio would be, and Ava pointed to a more exact location

    41. Store House The location in which something (tangible or intangible) is

    42. Or “in what location?" It is important to know the truth, actuality verses

    43. which they had recently bought in a prime location just to the

    44. The Sportsman glanced in the indicated location and looked back at George with an uncertain grin

    45. where one readily identified people when they were in a location

    46. They went to each of the evenly spaced little stakes marking the next post's location

    47. conversation with the lorry driver to ascertain the exact location of

    48. they watched, Briz stabbed a forefinger on a location before making a

    49. “Well if it died of natural causes, that was a most inconvenient location for him to choose as his final resting place,” answered the scotsman and he smiled

    50. tombstones and trees trying to remember the exact location

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