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    1. age, as a sheaf of grain ripen in its

    2. You can wait for the papaya to ripen and enjoy the gentle soft sweet flesh as a dessert or snack

    3. But don’t let it over ripen as then it becomes mushy and not nice

    4. A bunch consists of 12 to 20 bananas but make sure you buy them green or just turning yellow as they will ripen in a few days and must be eaten

    5. These actions also create more karmic seeds in the mind to ripen in the future

    6. The karmic imprint will then continue to be carried in the consciousness until the conditions are right for it to ripen

    7. The only way to destroy negative potentialities before they ripen as suffering is to do purification with the four opponent powers

    8. These impressions or imprints will also ripen at a future time – either in this life, or possibly in future lifetimes

    9. These seeds will continue to ripen, and thereby continually produce more seeds that may well result in future suffering – particularly if a mind is swayed by delusions, such as greed, hatred, and ignorance

    10. Our actions, whether they are positive or negative, virtuous or non-virtuous, leave imprints or seeds in our minds, and these imprints ripen into our life experiences when the appropriate conditions come together

    11. We realize that without fail, that particular karma is going to ripen, that it will be definite, and that it will be heavier

    12. However, one of the difficulties in discerning or comprehending karma is due to the fact that it often does not ripen in one lifetime (if one considers the possibility of rebirths)

    13. Consequently, we do not know what karmic causes we have produced in the past, and we do not know what karma will ripen in the future

    14. The Buddhist scriptures, for example, show that most of our actions will ripen and bear fruit in future rebirths

    15. When a person dies, the karmic seeds that ripen determine the kind of rebirth that the person will take in their next life

    16. A superior approach is to let the karma ripen and exhaust itself

    17. Therefore, the reality is that our bad karma will cause, or ripen as, unpleasant effects, both in this life, and in future lives

    18. In view of that, while an action may seem small and insignificant, because of this characteristic of increasing, it can ripen as a strong result

    19. Reflect on the various results of suffering that can ripen

    20. This potentiality will ripen whenever the future conditions are right – in the same way that seeds ripen in the spring when they receive adequate sunlight, heat, and moisture

    21. The potentiality may be virtuous or non-virtuous, and therefore it will ripen as happiness or unhappiness

    22. Karma will ripen to results

    23. experiences that happened did ripen and become what it is

    24. Once caught, the fish were placed in a boat, half buried in the sand and allowed to ripen at least ten days

    25. The next leader after him is Hel'emmelek, whom one names the shining sun, and all the days of his light are ninety-one days; And these are the signs of his days on the Earth: glowing heat and dryness, and the trees ripen their fruits and produce all their fruits ripe and ready, and the sheep pair and become pregnant, and all the fruits of the Earth are gathered in, and everything that is in the fields, and the winepress: these things take place in the days of his dominion

    26. kept to ripen in a basket of straw

    27. M: In the attentive and thoughtful reader they will ripen and

    28. up and ripen and shift to a higher level of relationship

    29. The next leader after him is Hel'emmelek whom one names the shining sun and all the days of his light are ninety-one days; And these are the signs of his days on the Earth: glowing heat and dryness and the trees ripen their fruits and produce all their fruits ripe and ready and the sheep pair and become pregnant and all the fruits of the Earth are gathered in and everything that is in the fields and the winepress: these things take place in the days of his dominion

    30. and ripen the fruit

    31. 24 There shall be no man left to till the Earth and to sow it 25 The trees shall give fruit and who shall gather them? 26 The grapes shall ripen and who shall tread theme for all places shall be desolate of men: 27 So that one man shall desire to see another and to hear his voice

    32. Each teaching will ripen for you in its proper season

    33. race, that there they may grow and ripen and fructify

    34. Sunflower Seeds: You can harvest sunflower seeds from flowers raised in your own garden, but you will need lots of plants and will end up with only a few seeds because they are picked by wild birds and squirrels before they ripen

    35. The summer brings warmth and makes the grain ripen and we have picnics under the trees and watch the young lambs and calves play on the grass, and in the autumn, everyone works hard to reap the harvest, collect logs from the forest and gives thanks and prepares for the winter

    36. ‘But, oh, with their ripen wares, aren’t married women truly mouthwatering,’ he continued to delve into the proclivities of women, ‘and are ready-made for affairs

    37. Through this statement God wants to tell us that the creation of blessings and fruits is connected and depending on a system of “Ten Nights” without which no plant may rise, no crops may be produced, no attar may be smelled and no fruit may ripen

    38. We have also explained that the discipline of this universe is depending on these ten nights without which no plant will grow and no seed or fruit will ripen

    39. Through this statement God wants to tell us that the creation of blessings and fruit is connected and depends on a system of “Ten Nights” without which no plant can rise, no crops can be produced, no attar can be smelled and no fruit can ripen

    40. ripen, as well as for the rewards of our life’s activities

    41. could ripen when we die

    42. conditions for them to ripen occur, and then they produce their

    43. collection of merit; (3) to ripen our potentiality to be able to

    44. more if they waited for the situation to ripen, and for their knowledge to evolve

    45. We bless thee that when Jesus was glorified, the Holy Ghost was given to make up the want of his bodily presence, to carry on his undertaking, and to ripen things for his second coming; and that we have a promise that he shall abide with us for ever

    46. according to the Word and in the fullness of time would ripen and drop from the vine its

    47. Thy limitless crops, grass, wheat, sugar, oil, corn, rice, hemp, hops, Thy barns all fill'd, the endless freight-train and the bulging store-house, The grapes that ripen on thy vines, the apples in thy orchards,

    48. But the hot sun of the South is to fully ripen my songs

    49. Let it wait and ripen," was her father's advice, and he practiced what he preached, having waited patiently thirty years for fruit of his own to ripen, and being in no haste to gather it even now when it was sweet and mellow

    50. A little more sunshine to ripen the nut, then, not a boy's impatient shake, but a man's hand reached up to pick it gently from the burr, and find the kernel sound and sweet

    1. watching for the very moment when the crops ripened

    2. A post that has ripened

    3. Immaturity is not (necessarily) a function of age but a by-product, rather, of an under-developed mind that hasn‘t fully ripened

    4. Although the momentary mental intentions that initiated our past actions have ceased, the potentialities they have created in our mind do not cease until they have ripened

    5. And, it is with feelings that we can we experience the ripened effects of actions

    6. The ripened effect of negative actions is rebirth in one of the three lower realms

    7. The ripened effect of positive actions is rebirth in one of the three higher realms

    8. The tables presenting non-virtuous actions show three kinds of result or effect: (1) a ripened effect; (2) an effect similar to the cause; and (3) an environment effect

    9. and it shall be when the time of the age has ripened; And the harvest of its evil and good seeds has come, so that the Mighty One will

    10. 8 And the butler related his dream to Joseph, and he said, I saw in my dream, and note a large vine was before me, and on that vine I saw three branches, and the vine speedily blossomed and reached a great height, and its clusters were ripened and became grapes

    11. A ripened skin hid a flabby cheek in a way he had never seen before

    12. 8 And the butler related his dream to Joseph and he said I saw in my dream and note a large vine was before me and on that vine I saw three branches and the vine speedily blossomed and reached a great height and its clusters were ripened and became grapes

    13. 2 Behold! the days come and it shall be when the time of the age has ripened; And the harvest of its evil and good seeds has come so that the Mighty One will bring on the Earth and its inhabitants and on its rulers perturbation of spirit and stupor of heart

    14. When the grain ripened he came quickly with his sickle in his hand and reaped it

    15. His tail bristled, but the planks under his paws erupted into grape vines, which immediately began wrapping around the monster's body, sprouting new leaves and clusters of green baby grapes that ripened in seconds as the manticore shrieked, until he was engulfed in a huge mass of vines, leaves, and full clusters of purple grapes

    16. But all the choice items, like berries, were being gathered and defended as they ripened, and I heard confrontations over food that in Mapleway Woods is ordinarily shared

    17. As his relationship with Samson and fellow Bureau agents ripened, Skeets found himself developing a strong sense of justice

    18. presence is an indication of ripened experience, and of a

    19. It is the city where evil of every kind is most rapidly conceived, sown, ripened, and brought to maturity,- It is the city where the young man, leaving home, and launching into life, becomes soonest hardened, and conscience-seared by daily familiarity with the sight of sin

    20. Because it is your ripened soul, not those ashes of material bodies changed during development, that is valuable for God, for the Universe as a whole…

    21. Then, a pan fried sea-bass with vine ripened tomatoes and mushrooms and

    22. What must it be like to talk to people who knew and had seen? What could it be like to see for oneself, to travel, to go to France and its cathedrals, to go to Italy in the spring-time when the jewels of the world could be looked at in a setting of clear skies and generous flowers? Or in autumn, when Kökensee was grey and tortured with rainstorms, to go away there into serenity, to where the sun burned the chestnuts golden all day long and the air smelt of ripened grapes?

    23. Rather than be therapeutic as his wife had suggested, Silas’ anger just ripened from the time to stew in his thoughts

    24. seed which ripened in the ruin of the Jewish state (70CE)

    25. If you are ripened for it, it would dawn upon you from within and if you are not suitable to it, it would remain dormant in you all of your life

    26. Just wait in patience, wait and wait …when time is ripened, things would unfold themselves before you at their own

    27. When you are fully ripened for an encounter with reality then the encounter comes and it finally capacitates you to receive the blessed state of God-realization

    28. The sun has shone upon the earth and ripened the crops of former generations, even while men thought, with Ptolemy, that the earth was the centre and the sun a satellite

    29. As a consequence, country airs circulated in Soho with vigorous freedom, instead of languishing into the parish like stray paupers without a settlement; and there was many a good south wall, not far off, on which the peaches ripened in their season

    30. Our parents were aware of our feelings, and were not sorry to perceive them, for they saw clearly that as they ripened they must lead at last to a marriage between us, a thing that seemed almost prearranged by the equality of our families and wealth

    31. prepared, and ripened for such an attack; that I was too green and

    32. When I thought I had sufficiently ripened him for the laudable point I

    33. spectators of, ripened the heat of this exercise, and collecting to a head,

    34. On the delivery of this solemn judgment, the patriarch seated himself, and closed his eyes again, as if better pleased with the images of his own ripened experience than with the visible objects of the world

    35. When I thought I had sufficiently ripened him for the laudable point I had in view, one day that I expected him at a particular hour, I took care to have the coast clear for the reception I designed him; and, as I laid it, he came to the dining room door, tapped at it, and, in my bidding him come in; he did so, and shut the door after him

    36. Now all the impressions of burning desire, from the lively scenes I had been spectatress of, ripened the heat of this exercise, and collecting to a head, throbbed and agitated me with insupportable irritations: I perfectly fevered and maddened with their excess

    37. Lana at a garden-party, and a friendship, which quickly ripened into love, sprang up between them

    38. But those few moonlight nights alone with Charles had not touched her emotions or ripened her to maturity

    39. But then again, what good had Zig done? His manic kibitzing about the dying girl and the Just City never ripened into specific demands

    40. When an apple has ripened and falls, why does it fall? Because of its attraction to the earth, because its stalk withers, because it is dried by the sun, because it grows heavier, because the wind shakes it, or because the boy standing below wants to eat it?

    41. But he moved on into the cool underwater green and wild-persimmon country where the slung and hanging odor of creamy bananas ripened silently and bumped his head

    42. There were always new patches of it ripened, and in his figuring out loud to no one in particular he said, ‘If I cut the wheat for the next ten years, just as it ripens up, I don’t think I’ll pass the same spot twice

    43. I lived with that woman upstairs four years, and before that time she had tried me indeed: her character ripened and developed with frightful rapidity; her vices sprang up fast and rank: they were so strong, only cruelty could check them, and I would not use cruelty

    44. A State which bore this kind of fruit, and suffered it to drop off as fast as it ripened, would prepare the way for a still more perfect and glorious State, which also I have imagined, but not yet anywhere seen

    45. But for all that, their acquaintance had not ripened into friendship

    46. Most beautiful she was, in reality, for the damask roses in her cheeks were dyed with the hot blood of her heart; her eyes, that were wont to be blue as the noonday sky, were black as night, and the pomegranates of her lips had been ripened by passion

    47. Davies, I, with many others, made his acquaintance through this Conference, and I feel, as I am sure many of you do, that I have lost a personal friend with whom intimacy would have ripened year by year into stronger bonds

    48. These, by time, thought and observation, have had their early impressions ripened into convictions

    1. As the night air grew heavy on the scent of herbs and ripening lemons they

    2. Being distracted like that, it was then that I surprised a mystical pomegranate tree, her bold round fruit already ripening amongst long, glossy leaves and she actually tried to trip me amongst her roots, lying like stiffened serpents around her base

    3. There was a wide balcony overlooking the atrium and the rail was thick with vine, heavy with ripening pods

    4. Another newly introduced improvement to agriculture was the use of plastic bags to wrap the ripening bananas

    5. They will come to fruition when the right conditions arise for ripening

    6. 5 For afore the harvest, when the bud is perfect, and the sour grape is ripening in the flower, he shall both cut off the sprigs

    7. " Then, reflect on the possibility: "I created this trouble – I created the karma that is now ripening as this problem

    8. The ripening result of an action

    9. · The resolution not to engage in certain non-virtuous actions again is based on faith in karma and understanding the ripening results of one's karmic actions

    10. When we experience problems – when we suffer the results of karma ripening in our lives – we immediately have a choice

    11. The negative thoughts, as well as any resulting actions, mean that there will be further ripening of karma in the future, in a more pronounced way – making it harder to deal with at that time

    12. [123] Fortunately, there is a way to prevent negative karma from ripening, as has been shared – and this is through purification

    13. However, the regret and consequently the grace received (as far as karmic seeds not ripening in the future) may not have completely freed the person from the law of cause and effect

    14. A karmic seed or imprint is never lost, regardless of the time between an action and the ripening or experiencing of the result

    15. "[141] In view of this, we can aspire to be mindful moment by moment about the actions of our body, speech, and mind – because it is in the present where karma is continually ripening, and where future karmic results are being sown

    16. For us to retaliate with anger and resentment at his words would be an unskillful action on our part, and would result in negative karma (effects) ripening for us in the future, being directly connected to the exact nature of the cause

    17. to practise Yoga and a ripening takes place as a result of which

    18. but the ripening takes time

    19. Q: What makes one ripe? What is the ripening factor?

    20. Q: But what is the ripening factor?

    21. monastery first and drop off some fruit that had been ripening in

    22. His mother drifted in, leaned over the back of Sanjay’s chair and puffed warm breath over his ripening bald spot before kissing it delicately

    23. All the fruits in the garden were ripening

    24. As the company passed along the narrow road, the waving wheat, which was just then ripening, was near at hand on either side, and some of the apostles, being hungry, plucked the ripe grain and ate it

    25. But you should be wise regarding the ripening of an age; you should be alert to discern the signs of the times

    26. Volkswagen, roamed the countless hills and dales, stopped at little villages with ancient churches, castles and monasteries, and they walked through waving fields of ripening wheat and barley, paused to watch farmers harvesting their crops, swam in fishponds, streams and rivers, and wherever they went, they made love

    27. Reuben’s first priority was the farm equipment that would be needed to bring in the harvest ripening in the northern hemisphere

    28. awakened, converted, ripening in grace, they

    29. These phenomena are conducive for the growth of plant life and the ripening of fruit, as well as helping to allow for rest and recreation of human and animal, and for much in creation

    30. when the flowers should turn into ripening fruit

    31. You are a treasury of instructions on the ripening and

    32. ripening seed of the realization mental peace 26, 36, 40, 57, 59, 80

    33. Everything was normal, including the behaviour of the abscess, which went its calm way, unhurried and undisturbed by anything the doctor tried to do to it, ripening, reaching its perfection, declining, in an order and obedience to causation that was beautiful for those capable of appreciating it

    34. Crops were ripening in the

    35. Because when the time of ripening approaches, the berry has to become red

    36. As ripening comes to crops through regular exposure to sunlight; God-realization comes to us through our regular exposure to divine presence

    37. In the fair city of this vision, there were airy galleries from which the loves and graces looked upon him, gardens in which the fruits of life hung ripening, waters of Hope that sparkled in his sight

    38. The captain alone was familiar with the cave where this wonderful fruit of nature was "ripening"; he alone reared it, so to speak, in order to transfer it one day to his dearly beloved museum

    39. Quiet long days: pruning, ripening

    40. There was a look of order and neatness about everything: the hedges trimmed, the ditches straight, the trees planted at measured intervals in the orchard, the fields of ripening grain free of weeds

    41. It offered her the partridge-berries, the growth of the preceding autumn, but ripening only in the spring, and now red as drops of blood upon the withered leaves

    42. When Roland appeared, Ralph was sitting in a field of ripening wheat that had been trampled to shreds by the army

    43. They rode away from the army into territory that had not yet suffered from the arrival of thousands of men, where there were sheep in the pastures and crops ripening in the fields

    44. They all had the same problem: crops ripening in the fields and insufficient men and women to harvest them

    45. Half a year of separation had improved her a little, he thought as another bailiff enumerated the fields of ripening corn and bemoaned the shortage of reapers

    46. There was field upon field of ripening grain, with well-paved roads running between, and pretty rippling brooks with strong bridges across them

    47. The air was close and warm and smelled of rain and ripening barley

    48. I think, but they are ripening

    49. Catherine we would fain have deluded yet; but her own quick spirit refused to delude her: it divined in secret, and brooded on the dreadful probability, gradually ripening into certainty

    50. The Green Machine sailed on in the hot daylight, under the shady chestnut trees, past the ripening apple trees

    1. In other words, whenever we act, speak or think, we create karma and that karma eventually ripens into painful, pleasurable, or neutral experiences for us, depending on the action

    2. According to the philosophical texts, the karmic imprint of ignorance is what causes the appearance of inherent existence, and the karmic seed is what ripens to cause the grasping at that appearance

    3. The time ripens when circuits of the cultural matrix that once fused moral thought to action dissolve, a few molecules at a time, and disconnect

    4. There is an interval of time between the establishment of the kingdom in the soul of man and that hour when the kingdom ripens into the full fruit of everlasting righteousness and eternal salvation

    5. The soul regenerates during reincarnation, it gradually ripens through knowledge and love from our mortal Something as far as Something is connected to the soul

    6. But when the soul completely ripens and leaves the cycle of reincarnation, Lucifer is also sincerely glad for it just as a strict and wise teacher can be glad for his pupil because the soul has passed all tests with honor and joined God in its true Love

    7. When this pasturage which God produces for animals ripens and draws the necessary matters, then it stores them inside, you see it turns to be desiccated and stiff

    8. This pasture, produced for animals by God, ripens and creates what is necessary for the animal’s nourishment, and then stores it inside

    9. reminded of just how lost they are, and their sadness ripens into the profound ache of

    10. Or aught that ripens in all these States or North or South,

    11. That which is hidden is but for a time; it ripens and comes forth at last

    12. ever a fruit ripens, it should be planted, lest the line die out of the

    13. There were always new patches of it ripened, and in his figuring out loud to no one in particular he said, ‘If I cut the wheat for the next ten years, just as it ripens up, I don’t think I’ll pass the same spot twice

    14. ‘That wheat ripens just so

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