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Decline в предложении (на )

Nor did he decline it.
They could be in decline.
Expected Size of the Decline.
We either advance or decline.
Despite a decline of smoking.
The stock continues to decline.
Feltus waved his hand to decline.

Paul in an area of urban decline.
The subsequent decline to only $1.
The seeds of decline have been sown.
Better than the usual slow decline.
He grows old and his talents decline.
Next comes a big decline from D to E.
Second) The decline of civility, and.
Not even this slow decline in her life.
The Idea of Decline in Western History.
History has known the decline and fall.
And we’re primed for a decent decline.
It also had a low maximum decline of 34.
It will decline in value as time passes.
She must absolutely decline the proposal.
The decline of his fortunes, then?
A decline in the relative importance of.
The decline from point G to H in Figure 14.
I could not decline Jiju and I had to stay.
This decline was due to fear in the market.
He was in terror, in case she might decline.
Yet some sort of decline is often witnessed.
By 1997, Compaq began to see margins decline.
They didnt use the increase or decline in.
Put another way, the greater the decline in.
I decline to describe the scene that followed.
Then Churchill’s condition began to decline.
This pattern normally occurs during a decline.
They didn’t use the increase or decline in.
From there on the relationship began to decline.
That was apparently the reason for the decline.
Hopefully, use of LSD will continue to decline.
Consequently, the option will only decline by 0.
I'm afraid I must decline, he told the two.
Which was declining on the milky head.
The castaways’ bodies were declining.
His condition was declining very quickly.
The number of arriving guests is declining.
I surprised Frank and George by declining any alcohol.
The result will be a diminished EVA, and a declining.
His denominations numbers had been declining steadily for.
He felt morality was declining and society was deteriorating.
You could maybe expand more, but business has been declining.
She reflected for a few moments, and ended by again declining.
We crossed Pao for the last time in the declining rays of the.
Mother Plutarque, whose health was declining, was ill and in bed.
Even the strongest bull markets have periods of declining prices.
It means that declining issues are stronger than advancing issues.
It means that advancing issues are stronger than declining issues.
It is hard in the stationary, and miserable in the declining state.
Declining to rest upon objects of the world, utterly contented with.
Even so, price then declined into a pennant before declining further.
Pressure from people and declining support of the party members led B.
Killing animals that are not declining in a sport is still questionable.
At eighty, and in declining health, she would not be around much longer.
But to a substantial though declining group, these terrorists are heroes.
Prices stalled in early March before declining into the early April lows.
Basically, her business wasn‘t declining but it wasn‘t growing either.
He cleared the emails in his account as he rode the tram home, declining an.
My health was declining steadily as a result I was feeling quite weaker now.
Of course the opposite of a rising market, is a declining market (bear market).
So saying the princess mounted her horse, and, declining to allow even Prince.
This is a very good indicator of declining public interest in the stock market.
Nor would we short the shares of a company just because the market is declining.
With a current delta of +203, there is also some risk of a declining stock price.
In the face of declining net interest margin depository institutions have entered.
In the face of declining net interest margins, depository institutions have entered.
The day was declining; the snow, which had ceased for a moment, had just begun again.
The nutrition in our food has been slowly declining over the decades, because of the.
The day was declining, there was not even a cat in the lane, the hour was propitious.
Its November 20 edition headlined: Stocks Are Hurt by Latest Fear: Declining Prices.
His declining the imperial crown on this occasion, in 1519, has been already mentioned.
Declining the refreshments, they followed him to a tiny office messy with piles of paper.
Normally you want to see a stock drift downward on volume that is declining and drying up.
I declined the home leave.
But she declined to alight.
He was declined, and this was.
He declined to think of her now.
I declined, but he said it was.
Olin declined to reveal anything.
The sexton declined to allow it.
Lov eyed the ring, then declined.
He declined it with full fervor.
The priest declined very politely.
She declined and then walked away.
Sorren declined, shaking his head.
Noghes also declined the offer of.
I thanked him profusely and declined.
He just asked the stuffs and declined.
Mischief is a victim of declined mind.
He offered me a drink, but I declined.
Stocks declined by 22% in a single day.
The bid price declined to as low as 61.
Wolf declined his and requested a Coke.
Meanwhile, use of unique words declined.
And as the Muhgal Empire declined, the.
Some others declined to call it genocide.
I declined accepting more than was my due.
Their stock and credit gradually declined.
Actually Miss K has declined the position.
David declined the invitation to help him.
She declined his offer of dinner, saying.
For the second time, I was declined again.
Counsel for Potter declined to question him.
They declined and said they had places to go.
Overall economic growth rate declined from 4.
When the empire declined, there was an exo-.
This fine he also declined voluntarily to pay.
As a result, the turnover rate of UPS declined.
Instead, prices declined to the upper boundary.
Peter declined to comment as it was all relative.
The trade in fleeces has declined, she said.
He offered a bottle to Samantha but she declined.
Don Fernando declined the invitation to go along.
But Jim Corbett declines it.
He declines to choose a profession.
Cass reluctantly declines the offer.
There have been many subnormal declines.
Their declines seem to stop at invisible floors.
Now, assume the same stock declines 20% each month.
Drastic declines in numbers of predators may cause.
Examples of basic declines can be found in Table 12.
When the society declines, they fall even below this.
Normally the market declines after a sideways movement.
What’s more, risk and maximum declines drop as well.
It grows out of nationalism when the religion declines.
She declines all my promotion offers, Orcher says.
Once again, the market stagnates and innovation declines.
When the economic outlook declines, the Federal Reserve.
All industries experience declines at one time or another.
Sometimes huge stock declines occur for no apparent reason.
If the stock price declines, both stock and call lose value.
This often precedes declines in the general market averages.
They are driven by the fear of further declines in the market.
Broadly based rallies and declines have greater staying power.
Within a few months, all these stocks began substantial declines.
You wil observe also that the caloric requirement declines with.
Religious fervor generally declines with the advance of education.
ADX declines when the spread between Directional lines narrows down.
But whereas the flag’s range is consistent, a pennant’s declines.
It’s a 10-day moving average of advances and declines in the market.
Suspecting what might be happening, the translator declines the offer.
Both suffered extreme declines from which they have not yet recovered.
Thus, certain declines in BRP will directly be offset by widening ERPB.
There will always be recessions, depressions, and stock market declines.
This is why so many of the basic declines have ended at secondary lows.
When ADX declines, it shows that the market is becoming less directional.
As the option moves either into or out of the money, its theta declines.
The peak-to-trough declines are huge, and the total returns are horrible.
Declines are more likely to be irregular in their durations than advances.
Stunningly, Ronald Reagan declines to vote for the office of the presidency.
The time spans for both advances and declines are divided into four groups.
ADX declines when a trend reverses or when a market enters a trading range.
First stage: (1) If the stock declines to 35, the bond may remain close to par.

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