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    1. The privateer attack carrier Hardway is drafted into a force group commanded by Harry Cozen's bitter rival from Staas Company

    2. “The three-dimensional seal ensured the witch's pact with two rival demons, one of the void and one of the fire”, explained Arion, as we were crossing the stone bridge, having just abandoned the tower

    3. “Commander Duncan, if you would come with me, I shall show you some of the swords in my collection,” Naria purred in a silky voice, “They do not rival this beautiful Bowie knife, but you will find them interesting nonetheless

    4. “Aha, you are right Matai, she does have appetites that rival any man's

    5. For a while now, a rival group has been studying the village, through studying and manipulating one of its inhabitants; a mere child that goes by the name of ‘Sunil Yohannan’, even going so far as to install a brainwashing device

    6. He said there was some kind of rival group that was studying it

    7. "He said that this rival group had done something weird with Sunil Yohannan‘s head

    8. Though they introduce some rival commodities into the old market, they open many new markets to its produce

    9. It seems to have constituted almost the whole circulation of that country; for though the circulation of the Bank of Scotland, which had then no rival, was considerable, it seems to have made but a very small part of the whole

    10. But why sell Dzunga to his rival? Most of all, Nerissa wondered why Lady Phyllis would tolerate such a lusty and attractive slave girl in her home

    1. and scratched but came up short, losing in the ninth to their bitter rivals, the

    2. His industry was paramount to their recent successes in the market and, he decided, if they were unwilling to part with him again so soon, he reconciled himself to beginning fresh with one of their rivals

    3. It is affected, not only by every variation of price in the commodities which he deals in, but by the good or bad fortune both of his rivals and of his customers, and by a thousand other accidents, to which goods, when carried either by sea or by land, or even when stored in a warehouse, are liable

    4. In the long-run, therefore, the operations of this bank increased the real distress of the country, which it meant to relieve ; and effectually relieved, from a very great distress, those rivals whom it meant to supplant

    5. This free competition, too, obliges all bankers to be more liberal in their dealings with their customers, lest their rivals should carry them away

    6. “Her rivals intervened? Yes, that would be good

    7. This may, no doubt, give encouragement to some particular class of workmen among ourselves, and, by excluding some of their rivals, may enable them to raise their price in the home market

    8. Were the officers of the army to oppose, with the same zeal and unanimity, any reduction in the number of forces, with which master manufacturers set themselves against every law that is likely to increase the number of their rivals in the home market ; were the former to animate their soldiers

    9. The manufacturers of a rich nation, in the same manner, may no doubt be very dangerous rivals to those of their neighbours

    10. By means of them, our merchants and manufacturers, it is pretended, will be enabled to sell their goods as cheap or cheaper than their rivals in the foreign market

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