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Touch в предложении (на )

1. It was a touch odd.
2. But I can touch it.
3. I will be in touch.
4. I want to touch him.
5. He put me in touch.
6. A touch of the lips.
7. Soft touch of a hand.

8. I wait for his touch.
9. All he had was touch.
10. With the touch of a.
11. I quiver to his touch.
12. The touch of the rose.
13. She did not touch him.
14. The touch of our hips.
15. And try touch the sky.
16. An Oath As Lips Touch.
17. And warm to the touch.
18. They will be in touch.
19. He'll kick it to touch.
20. He wanted to touch her.
21. We still keep in touch.
22. He needed to touch her.
23. I'll be in touch soon'.
24. I'll be in touch soon.
25. Her touch was ice cold.
26. I know how to touch it.
27. The touch of bare feet.
28. Get in touch with that.
29. His cold lips touch mine.
30. It was cold to her touch.
31. He was losing his touch.
32. By not keeping in touch.
33. He had to touch himself.
34. He's scared to touch it.
35. It was wet to the touch.
36. Barely a touch, no grip.
37. I would never touch them.
38. He did not touch her.
39. You will touch a life.
40. He shivered at her touch.
1. I felt her touching love.
2. We need our touching core.
3. Then we would be touching.
4. Touching the Heart of God.
5. Touching with a deep look.
6. He had missed touching her.
7. He was actually touching it.
8. And he was touching himself.
9. Feet not touching the floor.
10. I imagined them touching me.
11. How touching this always is.
12. Touching the stone calmed me.
13. With flames touching the sky.
14. Now, we are touching the sun.
15. The person who was touching.
16. Mark shared a touching story.
17. Not touching his, but almost.
18. Our lips are almost touching.
19. Wasn’t the act of touching.
20. They circle, not touching yet.
21. It was quite touching, really.
22. It is certainly very touching.
23. The music is soft; touching me.
24. Your long and touching history.
25. Much More, Touching Him Inward.
26. She couldn't stop touching him.
27. The gesture was oddly touching.
28. Their knees were almost touching.
29. I thought it was very touching.
30. Touching hands and reaching out.
31. He was touching her and she had.
32. Her body almost touching his now.
33. When a boat was almost touching.
34. I came without even touching.
35. Tammas could feel her touching him.
36. Foreheads still touching, she nods.
37. This was a lovers way of touching.
38. Touching Technique #1: The Social.
39. It was a touching, emotional talk.
40. I’m sure it was very touching.
1. He had touched a nerve.
2. I just touched a glove.
3. As soon as he touched.
4. He hated to be touched.
5. Have touched by hands!.
6. As the stock touched 9.
7. We all touched the sky.
8. Sharon was touched so.
9. The plane touched down.
10. Philip touched his hand.
11. Picard touched his comm.
12. The wanderer was touched.
13. He touched the pink one.
14. I hardly touched her.
15. Flavio touched his mouth.
16. He touched the B.
17. He touched his shoulder.
18. He touched her shoulder.
19. We all touched the moon.
20. Merthin touched her hand.
21. Their manas had touched.
22. She’d touched his hand.
23. Ijyu touched the pajamas.
24. I barely touched you.
25. Isis touched my forehead.
26. Then Orphenn touched him.
27. Smith touched her cheek.
28. He only touched my neck.
29. She touched his forehead.
30. She will not be touched.
31. A smile touched his mouth.
32. Touched to the heart, Mrs.
33. Than touched her shoulder.
34. Barbeg touched the injury.
35. It never touched a Greek.
1. And touches not to touch.
2. He touches me and I melt.
3. He gently touches her face.
4. A hand touches his shoulder.
5. They say it touches one up.
6. Russ touches him on the arm.
7. She barely touches her food.
8. His touches were soft, light.
9. He touches his mouth to mine.
10. He touches the spot on his jaw.
11. Whoever touches her feels cold.
12. Touches her cheek just slightly.
13. The red line never touches zero.
15. She reaches up touches his cheek.
16. His touches caused unseen bruises.
17. That touches a man's inmost heart.
18. Their innocence touches you heart.
19. She touches the mane of the horse.
20. Shaun never touches anything else.
21. That book really touches me very.
22. The story of Sakya Muni touches us.
23. There were touches of her life but.
24. He reaches out and touches her hand.
25. Only when the blood touches mortals.
26. She touches it, as if expecting to.
27. More touches on a boundary are good.
28. The Power that touches and withdraws.
29. A jetliner TOUCHES DOWN on the runway.
30. The spirit touches matter and cons-.
31. Between c c the copper alone touches.
32. The 747 touches down without incident.
33. In every raindrop that touches my skin.
34. Her palm touches the flat of his chest.
35. She touches the empty chair between us.
36. Now those finishing touches that make.
37. Grover messes up everything he touches.
38. Who are you that touches my soul within.
39. The boy touches my feet every time he.
40. He slowly walks up and touches the glass.

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