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Rout в предложении (на )

  1. It was a complete rout.
  2. The retreat became a rout.
  3. Of creditors a hungry rout.
  4. The vast rout held their peace.
  5. Rout ’em out, said I to Joe.
  6. The rout of the left flank had begun.
  7. I felt so helpless watching the rout.
  8. His conjectures were put to the rout.
  9. The rout behind the Guard was melancholy.
  10. The rout halted as quickly as it had begun.
  11. This rout should be 1/8 in from each side.
  12. The Belmarsh charge reversed and became a rout.
  13. I'll rout out Bob and send him round as soon as may be.
  14. We turned their near ambush of us into a rout on their part.
  15. He would answer, he said, for the utter rout of the Russians.
  16. These carriage-loads form mountains of mirth in the midst of the rout.
  17. There we’ll join a caravan of traders and will follow The Great Silk Rout.
  18. Determine that you wil constantly rout al negative thoughts which attempt to.
  19. It was the beginning of the rout of civilisation, of the massacre of mankind.
  20. The test is in the normal rout of descent, but for what ever reason, they can.
  21. Had the battle been on open ground, it surely would have been a rout for the Muslims.
  22. But what a retreat! From the very first, says Fezensac, it resembled a rout.
  23. Flitter managed to cut the harness from the wagons and the beast joined in to the rout.
  24. The gods must be proud, thought I, with such forked flashes to rout a poor unarmed fisherman.
  25. He strives to detain the army, he recalls it to its duty, he insults it, he clings to the rout.
  26. Yet he is resolved to stay with the rearguard, lest the retreat over the Pelennor become a rout.
  27. Our exit poll had predicted a comprehensive win for the SP and a rout for the Congress and the BJP.
  28. Here was the New York Times headline that morning: Market Continues Four-Month Rout; Dow Plunges 390.
  29. These are signals of a market on the turn and indicate that it is time to start selling before the rout starts.
  30. It was on that night that the Lady Barbara received an ovation at Lord Grimsby’s rout as the belle of London town.
  31. Opinion polls show that if an election were held today, Margaret Thatcher would lose to her liberal opponents in a rout.
  32. In vain he trotted, signalling in vain among the rout of barekneed gillies smuggling implements of music through Trinity gates.
  33. I have only watched it follow this rout a few times while I have been on this street but I doubt it’s going to change anytime soon.
  34. A retreating army that suddenly reverses its retreat into an attack can take the winning army by surprise and turn a rout into a victory.
  35. The rout was shaken, their ranks were broken, all ran, fled, made their escape, some with shouts of attack, others with the pallor of flight.
  36. I followed the rout of the restless shadows that shied away from the streams of light that gathered on the sidewalk and flowed along the street.
  37. Theodore was quite pleased with his tumen’s performance and very happy to have finally taken part in a real battle rather than the more typical rout.
  38. Sensing victory with the enemy close to rout they swept up the track forcing the defenders back against the valley edges as they raced upwards towards the town.
  39. Cherva smiled contentedly, secure in the knowledge that he would soon rout the invading force and raise his credibility even further in the eyes of the Preceptor.
  40. The men had followed their orders well and the scripted rout on the first charge had looked convincing or perhaps they had genuinely routed? It had been so chaotic.
  41. After all, we did send her to rout a flock of bandits by herself, from which she came back looking no worse for wear… Tullius shifted steady eyes to his officer.
  42. But Philostratus 88 pretends to describe a painting, in which two ships are portrayed, the pirate-craft lying in ambush for the other, which bears Dionysos and his rout.
  43. The second was the wood itself where, in the event of a rout, the remnants of the English army could flee, and the mounted French knights would find it difficult to follow.
  44. Ten minutes into the fight it was a rout, as the surviving smaller class ships tried to escape the arena of war they had but mastered completely not fifteen minutes before.
  45. With the Napoles fleeing the battle, Gonzalo conducted an orderly retreat, constantly and ferociously counterattacking the enemy to keep them off balance and prevent a rout.
  46. The cuirassiers quitted the cavalry to return to the infantry; or, to put it more exactly, the whole of that formidable rout collared each other without releasing the other.
  47. Soon the battle turned to a wild rout, and then to a grim massacre; for the French sailors had seen bits of D'Arnot's uniform upon several of the black warriors who opposed them.
  48. During this period Aquilonia's only defeats were: her failure to annex Nemedia; the rout of an army sent into Cimmeria; and the almost complete destruction of an army by the Aesir.
  49. Letitia Hennen, owner of the feudal castle on the shore three miles from the village, whose splendors put to utter rout the modest opulence of all the rest of Agonquitt’s summer colony.
  50. Duke Eastshare’s rout of the Army of Glacierheart and—even more—the cataclysmic destruction of the Army of Shiloh had made that brutally clear, and his original strategy had changed as a result.
  51. It had not been unusual for Greg to rout a substantial pirate force using only his lasers and the externally mounted missiles returning to base with his full inventory of internally mounted missiles intact.
  52. They’d never been trained in the movement and fire tactics the ICA routinely employed, but sheer, dogged stubbornness prevented their retreat from turning into a rout, despite the confusion, chaos, and casualties.
  53. Across the sea of heads and spears Conan's madmen saw Amalric's riders forging steadily through the rout, to the rise and fall of axes and maces, and a mad joy of victory exalted each man's heart and made his arm steel.
  54. Not only along the road through Barnet, but also through Edgware and Waltham Abbey, and along the roads eastward to Southend and Shoeburyness, and south of the Thames to Deal and Broadstairs, poured the same frantic rout.
  55. But he made play with them though they cast stones and struck him as they laughed, and in the midst of laughter and their cries, as the rout followed him, he came to that hall where, at the Queen’s side, King Mark sat under his canopy.
  56. The compact martial columns in which they had been hitherto rapidly and steadily swimming, were now broken up in one measureless rout; and like King Porus' elephants in the Indian battle with Alexander, they seemed going mad with consternation.
  57. There, no more false appearances, no plastering over is possible, filth removes its shirt, absolute denudation puts to the rout all illusions and mirages, there is nothing more except what really exists, presenting the sinister form of that which is coming to an end.
  58. Norbert, still dressed, sprung towards the bed, where I got my head under the clothes, and defended them a good while before he could even get at my lips, to kiss them: so true it is, that a false virtue, on this occasion, even makes & greater rout and resistance than a true one.
  59. Where the fuck are we, this is a bloody joke didn’t anybody recce this rout before the attack started? If I had the breath I would have answered no I don’t think they did the whole thing smelled of incompetence but I knew enough about the army to know nobody would admit it.
  60. In the darkness, the Imperial Guard felt the army losing ground around it, and in the vast shock of the rout it heard the desperate flight which had taken the place of the "Vive l'Empereur!" and, with flight behind it, it continued to advance, more crushed, losing more men at every step that it took.
  61. It was characteristic of an old, atavistic callousness that went with her delicacy that, even at this crisis, she did not think it unreasonable to put Sebastian in Rex's charge on the journey to Dr Borethus, and Rex, having failed her in that matter, went on to Monte Carlo, where he completed her rout.
  62. It’s hard to remember the long-term prospects for equities after suffering such a serious rout, yet it is when equities are priced well with low valuations and high-dividend yields that they go on to offer great returns for investors who had the courage to stay true to their long-term asset allocation.
  63. At nightfall, in a meadow near Genappe, Bernard and Bertrand seized by the skirt of his coat and detained a man, haggard, pensive, sinister, gloomy, who, dragged to that point by the current of the rout, had just dismounted, had passed the bridle of his horse over his arm, and with wild eye was returning alone to Waterloo.
  64. It was necessary to let the French reach Shamshevo quietly without alarming them and then, after joining Dolokhov who was to come that evening to a consultation at a watchman’s hut in the forest less than a mile from Shamshevo, to surprise the French at dawn, falling like an avalanche on their heads from two sides, and rout and capture them all at one blow.
  65. It was necessary to let the French reach Shámshevo quietly without alarming them and then, after joining Dólokhov who was to come that evening to a consultation at a watchman’s hut in the forest less than a mile from Shámshevo, to surprise the French at dawn, falling like an avalanche on their heads from two sides, and rout and capture them all at one blow.
  66. It was sailing by dead reckoning to them, and they saw not clearly how to make their port so; therefore I suppose they still take life bravely, after their fashion, face to face, giving it tooth and nail, not having skill to split its massive columns with any fine entering wedge, and rout it in detail;—thinking to deal with it roughly, as one should handle a thistle.
  67. Then came an innumerable, strange, agitated multitude, the sectionaries of the Friends of the People, the Law School, the Medical School, refugees of all nationalities, and Spanish, Italian, German, and Polish flags, tricolored horizontal banners, every possible sort of banner, children waving green boughs, stone-cutters and carpenters who were on strike at the moment, printers who were recognizable by their paper caps, marching two by two, three by three, uttering cries, nearly all of them brandishing sticks, some brandishing sabres, without order and yet with a single soul, now a tumultuous rout, again a column.
  68. In the broad meadow a gay rout,.
  1. Do you want this routing or.
  2. Where are the routing rules defined in an asp.
  3. The routing table is cleared with clear ip route *.
  4. See Chapter 12 for more information on routing protocols.
  5. Correctly summarizing routes can lead to smaller routing.
  6. Likewise, routing and sub-routing are fine left on "AUTO".
  7. Unlike standard internetwork routing, PVCs are not dynamic.
  8. EIGRP uses Split Horizon by default to prevent routing loops.
  9. Jared, seated to Fiona’s right, focused on scheduling and routing.
  10. We may need to change our ship inventory to support the new routing.
  11. Your mother and I will be routing for you in the stands, I soothed him.
  12. Therefore, routing cannot determine where to separate the value for the.
  13. The workstation then modifies the entry in its routing table accordingly.
  14. Routing Is Explicitly Disabled for a URL Pattern - Use the RouteCollection.
  15. The power routing was something he might even have a legitimate interest in.
  16. She asked me to check and see if the correct routing number was on the checks.
  17. Because of the additional processing involved, routing is slower than switching.
  18. He would never know how close he was to routing them, most likely for all time.
  19. The router will accept that command without the "broadcast" option, but routing.
  20. We'll also look at ways to implement SEO-friendly URLs using CodeIgniter routing.
  21. NET web application that does not make use of routing, an incoming browser request should.
  22. NET web application that does make use of routing makes use of URLs that do not have to map.
  23. The computer controlled orbital path you have is the quickest routing available at this time.
  24. A routing table may contain information about many different networks all over the enterprise.
  25. The router forwards packets by maintaining a list of networks and hosts, called a routing table.
  26. At some point, you might want to alter how CodeIgniter handles the routing of URLs to controllers.
  27. It meant answering the phone and routing the calls to either Mattie or Annette, or simply stalling.
  28. And I saw one, one day, out by Wandsworth, picking houses to pieces and routing among the wreckage.
  29. Until then, the existing ship inventory was not flexible enough for a change in the routing system.
  30. The officers stopped every fifth vehicle, as is their routing, with no regard to race of the driver.
  31. There are two types of routing protocols: interior gateway protocols and exterior gateway protocols.
  32. The RIF consists of a 2-byte routing control section and a number of 2-byte route designator sections.
  33. This has led to a number of new technologies that integrate routing and switching to varying degrees.
  34. Most systems can update their routing tables with information from ICMP Router Advertisement messages.
  35. Switching is faster and cheaper than routing, but it raises some problems in most network configurations.
  36. Without knowing the routing affected, where the hell would you start? It could be anywhere in the world.
  37. This is called static routing, as opposed to protocol-based configuration, which is called dynamic routing.
  38. The routing guidelines are published with the assumption that not all boats can shift/move with the same ease.
  39. There are no broadcasts, which means that switching, and not routing, is an integral part of this technology.
  40. To create static entries in a computer’s routing table, you use a program supplied with the operating system.
  41. Chief among these is the capability of routers to use ICMP messages to provide routing information to other routers.
  42. Broadcast indicators (3 bits) specify the type of routing to be used by the frame, according to the following values:.
  43. To create a new entry in the routing table on a Windows computer, for example, you use a command like the following:.
  44. The most complex part of the routing process is the manner in which the router determines where to send each packet next.
  45. IP first scans the routing table, looking for a host route that exactly matches the destination IP address in the packet.
  46. The entire idea is that the larger accumulation of packed men wins by routing and dispersing the other pack of massed men.
  47. If they can put an operative on my ship, they can certainly put a false routing tag in a mail message, Kelvin pointed out.
  48. Routers receiving the message respond with Router Advertisement messages that the host system uses to update its routing table.
  49. Routing protocols enable each router to compile a table of networks with the information needed to send packets to that network.
  50. Dynamic routing doesn’t alter the actual routing process; it’s just a different method of creating entries in the routing table.
  51. To avoid the wasted bandwidth caused by broadcasts, it has become necessary to implement certain routing concepts on switched networks.
  52. When a network is designed in this way, another important part of the routing process is selecting the best path to a given destination.
  53. While most entries have network addresses in this field, it’s also possible to supply routing information for a specific host address.
  54. Most of the routers used on large networks, though, are stand-alone devices that are essentially computers dedicated to routing functions.
  55. Routers that support dynamic routing use specialized protocols to exchange information about themselves with other routers on the network.
  56. For example, the Windows 2012 Server system with its Routing and Remote Access Server service running enables you to create static routes.
  57. Jared and his team reported that once the new ship was on line, they definitely could use it with the triangle and rectangle routing scheme.
  58. After selecting one of the routes, the system generates its data packets and includes the routing information in the Token Ring frame header.
  59. Although it may sound trivial, routing to a specific exchange can get trades filled at better prices relative to the price of the underlying.
  60. When a router has to forward a packet to a network represented by multiple entries in the routing table, it chooses the one with the lower metric.
  61. The Internet is totally dependent on dynamic routing because it is constantly mutating, and no manual process could possibly keep up with the changes.
  62. On the Internet, however, there are so many networks and so many routers that no single routing table can contain all of them and function efficiently.
  63. Calvin had no mercy as he unleashed a combination of attack after attack, keeping the pressure on, routing Summers’ pieces, and threatening her king.
  64. The -k parameter provides strict source routing, in which you must specify the address of every router that packets will use to reach their destination.
  65. The -j parameter provides loose source routing, in which the packets must use the routers whose IP addresses you specify but can use other routers also.
  66. When too much traffic occurs between systems in different subnets, the routing slows down the process too much, and the speed of the switches is largely wasted.
  67. An address by which individual networks can be uniquely identified is vital to the performance of the network layer protocol’s primary function, which is routing.
  68. The most significant 48 bits are designated as the global routing prefix, and the 3 most significant bits of the prefix are always set to 001, as shown in Table 14-1.
  69. The manufacturer prefix is useless, as far as routing traffic is concerned, because any one manufacturer’s cards can be scattered around the network literally at random.
  70. If no matching host route exists, IP uses the subnet mask to determine the network address for the packet and scans the routing table for an entry that matches that address.
  71. A routing table consists of entries that contain the network identifier for each connected network (or in some cases the network and host identifiers for specific computers).
  72. If the destination is on a distant network, the intermediate system consults its routing table to select the router that provides the most efficient path to that destination.
  73. Instead, these networks use dynamic routing, in which specialized routing protocols share information about the other routers in the network and modify the routing tables accordingly.
  74. Now, with the shifter still at the highest numbered position, insert the cable back behind the locking nut on the cage and pull slightly to remove any slack in it all along its routing.
  75. By splitting the routing chores into a two-level hierarchy, packets traveling across the Internet pass through routers that contain only the information needed to get them to the right AS.
  76. In most cases, routers gain knowledge about other networks by communicating with other routers using specialized protocols designed for this purpose, such as the Routing Information Protocol (RIP).
  77. The biggest difference between the two types of bridging is that, on Ethernet networks, the routing information is stored in the bridges, while on Token Ring networks, it’s stored at the workstations.
  78. The routers within an AS use an interior gateway protocol, such as the Routing Information Protocol (RIP) or the Open Shortest Path First (OSPF) protocol, to exchange routing information among themselves.
  79. When a user on one LAN performs an operation that requires access to the other LAN, the server automatically dials in to a server on the other network, establishes the connection, and begins routing traffic.
  80. Because of the way TCP/IP networks distribute routing chores among various systems, there is no way for either of the end systems involved in a transmission to know what has happened during a packet’s journey.
  81. This particular arrangement is sometimes referred to as switch where you can, route where you must because routing is used for communication only between VLANs; all communication within a VLAN is switched.
  82. Once configured, dynamic routing needs little or no maintenance from network administrators because the protocols can create, modify, or remove routing table entries as needed to accommodate changing network conditions.
  83. In Figure 4-12, Router A is connected to Networks 1, 2, and 3 as before and has the identifiers for those networks in its routing table, but it has no direct knowledge of Network 4, which is connected using another router.
  84. I think I’m done here; releasin’, With masterful dexterity, Walter and Lester maneuvered their longboard gliders away from the comet tail and harvester, and punching in port coordinates now, routing back home.
  85. Once completely naked, save for his socks and T-shirt, Michel first fitted a urinary tube to his penis, then put on an adult diaper, carefully routing the urinary tube so that its end stuck out of the top edge of the diaper.
  86. They were happy that Chinese forces had withdrawn the hand of friendship in the Middle East and Chinese and NATO forces were now activity involved in routing out Islamic groups across Afghanistan, Iraq, Tibet and North West Pakistan.
  87. The use of dynamic routing on the network typically results in all possible routes to a given network being entered in the routing tables, each of which includes a metric that specifies how many hops are required to reach that network.
  88. The routing process performed at the network layer is dynamic; in the course of a transmission, it is possible for the segments to take different routes to the destination and arrive in a different order from that in which they were sent.
  89. When the router receives a packet addressed to a workstation on Network 3, it looks at the network identifier in the packet’s destination address, compares it to the routing table, and forwards it to the network with the same identifier.
  90. The Indian ruler had so arranged his army that Simeon could not even get within shooting distance, while the bombs from the flying-machine carried destruction and terror in their path, completely routing his army, so that Simeon was left alone.
  91. How then does Router A know where to send packets that are addressed to a workstation on a distant network? The answer is that routers maintain information in their routing tables about other networks besides those to which they are directly attached.
  92. While such enhancements as Classless Inter-Domain Routing (CIDR) and Network Address Translators (NATs) forestalled the issue for a time, the dramatic increase in the use of smart phones, tablets, and other such devices created the demand for more IP address availability.
  93. RFC 1933 defined mechanisms designed to facilitate the transition process, such as support for both IPv4 and IPv6 layers in the same system and the tunneling of IPv6 datagrams within IPv4 datagrams, enabling the existing IPv4 routing infrastructure to carry IPv6 information.
  94. On larger networks, static routing becomes increasingly impractical, not only because of the sheer number of routing table entries involved, but also because network conditions can change too often and too quickly for administrators to keep the routing tables on every system current.
  95. So, as it is easier for me to imitate him in this than in cleaving giants asunder, cutting off serpents' heads, slaying dragons, routing armies, destroying fleets, and breaking enchantments, and as this place is so well suited for a similar purpose, I must not allow the opportunity to escape which now so conveniently offers me its forelock.
  1. Kim was routed in the.
  2. The Union forces routed the.
  3. He’d routed his tyrant of a.
  4. In a word, I was routed by the professor.
  5. The bad guys had been thoroughly routed.
  6. They more than fell back; they routed.
  7. Again his men were routed with heavy losses.
  8. Our course is routed and we are ready to go.
  9. Carlus did not even know that he had been routed.
  10. Then, when you have routed them, bind them firmly.
  11. Routed up the earth like a pig, said another.
  12. Custom software allows calls to be routed directly to the.
  13. The brain is highly adaptive and most damage can be routed.
  14. All he saw that way was the backs of the last of the routed army.
  15. First Regiment routed under the lash of that hurricane bombardment.
  16. Walnut and poplar are common hardwoods, but they can be routed and.
  17. In retreat, a large part of the Mexican army and cavalry were routed.
  18. When a banknote is dropped, it is routed to the appropriate receptacle.
  19. An army of five thousand had been caught in a pincer movement and routed.
  20. The matter was reported to the sergeant, who went and routed out the groom.
  21. I want the call to be routed through some other location in case he has a.
  22. Bent on revenge, the Suizos attacked his army near the city and routed them.
  23. When the sample valve is closed, the condensed pure steam is routed to drain.
  24. Ganga had been routed into a system of elaborate canals around the main temple.
  25. If officers are running faster than the men, the regiment is likely to be routed.
  26. Within seconds she was routed through to DC Farrow at the Wightport police station.
  27. Tom routed him out, told him the trouble he had been causing, and urged him to go home.
  28. Instead he had simply routed name, number, day, and time straight to a folder marked C.
  29. Prior to this a mainly South African force routed the Italians in Somalia and Ethiopia.
  30. Order in hand, and correctly routed, off to the NOK trading post we went (Figure 9.
  31. Messages that are broadcast on a VLAN are limited to the subnet, just as in a routed network.
  32. The name of Javert routed them by its mere utterance; the face of Javert petrified them at sight.
  33. Your orders are sometimes routed electronically or are placed during the open outcry trading session.
  34. The fighting grew so ferocious that the raiders had routed the local garrison, so they sent for help.
  35. Drawing a sword, the knight who had speared Gaétan plunged along the road after the routed Providentials.
  36. Since jumps were dependent on missing large gravity wells, they had to be carefully routed well in advance.
  37. Federal regulations only require rafts if we are routed over water for more than thirty mintues….
  38. We routed some rear guards, but from the tracks, it was clear that the bulk of their forces had fled south.
  39. Since we were docked in a secret location, all our communications had to be routed via the station’s systems.
  40. But in New York City the tables were turned and it was the Americans under George Washington that were routed.
  41. The hotline is staffed by trained counselors and callers are routed to the crisis clinic nearest their location.
  42. The farm tracks had never been intended for the traffic required to support even a routed army, especially in winter.
  43. As I had expected, they were covering all three of the passes in the area with the poorly armed troops we had routed.
  44. Their army had been routed by Henry’s forces and was fleeing headlong toward their capital with Henry in hot pursuit.
  45. The BSP leader had been routed in the 2012 Uttar Pradesh assembly elections and hadn’t fully recovered from the defeat.
  46. He hurried back to his companions, but he said nothing: the bones were best left in peace and not pawed and routed by Gollum.
  47. Having held Bojoston for eleven days and routed its attackers, you are now assigned to the defense of the nation of Membitra.
  48. The German army of 1940 with fresh ideas plus a well organised air support had routed the 1918 French army with 1918 theories.
  49. The nearest showed the terminus from above, ships were routed with colored tracks showing where they had to dock or their exit.
  50. Later that morning it was reported to the Military Zone that a band of fifty guerrillas had been observed, encircled, and routed.
  51. The architects and sculptors, the unknown soldiers who routed the Persian hordes, they cannot have been different from us, today.
  52. Our breathing and heart rate speed up, and blood vessels contract in our extremities so that oxygen is routed to essential areas.
  53. Most of the routed men had jettisoned their arms and such armor as they could easily detach on the run, to speed them on their way.
  54. At about five thirty in the morning, five thirty-three to be exact, an anonymous call came into the station and was routed to my desk.
  55. Ergo, when the prince saw his kith effectively routed by Kalkin’s cavalry he knew no alternative but taking matters into his own hands.
  56. Before we left, word reached us that Luis de Vera and the rear guard had been surprised by D’Aubigny while sacking a village and routed.
  57. Keeping at the centre of the lake, we were occasionally visited by small tame cows and calves; the women and children of this routed host.
  58. About 50,000 were engaged and utterly routed, losing some 4000 killed and wounded, thirty-eight guns, one flag, and the whole of the baggage.
  59. If, which is more probable, Constantius prevails, and Conan is routed, we must steal out of the city with the queen and seek safety in flight.
  60. It was the same expression he had on his face when he had those captains nailed to the rafters for being routed by the Islanders so many weeks ago.
  61. As long as a packet has the correct information in its headers, it can be routed on the appropriate path through the stack to the intended destination.
  62. By afternoon, the final results were out—the Samajwadi Party had indeed swept the polls, the BJP had been routed, our numbers had been proven absolutely correct.
  63. The men had followed their orders well and the scripted rout on the first charge had looked convincing or perhaps they had genuinely routed? It had been so chaotic.
  64. Some said there had been another battle after Borodinó at which the French had been routed, while others on the contrary reported that the Russian army had been destroyed.
  65. While a site link object groups two site objects, a site link bridge object groups two site link objects, making it possible for replication traffic to be routed between them.
  66. Hood’s deposit, although I would suggest that it originated somewhere in Africa, and was routed through a clearing bank in the UK, since it was paid to us in pounds sterling.
  67. Orders are routed via an algorithm that calculates where the broker will make the most money from the order, not based on where the order is mostly likely to receive the best fill.
  68. One of the finest exhibitions of Cockney spirit I saw during the war occurred in Mesopotamia after the Battle of Shaiba (April 1915), in which we had completely routed the Turkish army.
  69. Eventually, I found out that the road we followed was called the military road and was purposely routed away from all the towns and villages, although branch roads connected them to it.
  70. Your money flow will be automatic, and each dollar that comes in will be routed to the right account in your Conscious Spending Plan from Chapter 4 without you really having to think about it.
  71. Napoleon sat at the foot of the knoll, drinking punch, when Murat’s adjutant galloped up with an assurance that the Russians would be routed if His Majesty would let him have another division.
  72. By identifying the network on which a system is located, IP addresses can be routed to the proper location using a relatively manageable list of network addresses, not a list of individual system addresses.
  73. Both the Spanish battalions, Isabel la Catolica and Andalusia charged the position, but were driven back; and had Rabbi and his force been sent over, Escario admits that the Spaniards must have been routed.
  74. A volley of crossbow quarrels routed the mob, and a charge of horsemen littered the market with bodies, but Athemides was smuggled out of the city to plead with Trocero to retake Tamar, and march to aid Shamar.
  75. Once the data arrives at the edge switch, it is transmitted through the cloud to an edge switch at another POP, where it is routed to a private link connecting the cloud to the destination site (see Figure 7-4).
  76. I marched into Gary Nelson’s office with the anonymous note and said, among other things, that I was tired of being the conduit by which news of all corruption at the ACC was expected to be routed to him personally.
  77. The lighter-armoured Tanarian troops pursued the routed invaders for several leagues continuing their revenge where possible, but the bulk of the Tanarian force held their ground celebrating their victory with wild cheers.
  78. But if not, then who did and why? Still, it had to be him, otherwise, why would inquiries about Raul be routed to Captain Flores and not some junior officer? It almost looks as though he is starting to believe his own lies to the press.
  79. And in the Second Punic War, that dragged on from 218 to 201 BC, the Carthaginian general Hannibal famously marched an army, including elephants, through Spain and Gaul, and over the Alps into Italy where he repeatedly routed the Romans.
  80. This is more efficient, and if any one piece of equipment is not working properly in the network while a message is being transferred, the packet that would use that piece of equipment can be routed around the problem area and sent on another route.
  81. At night he sat on neighbors' crowded porches, listening to the old folks weigh and balance life, and at each explosion of merriment Leo Auffmann quickened like a general who has seen the forces of darkness routed and whose strategy has been reaffirmed.
  82. At night he sat on neighbors’ crowded porches, listening to the old folks weigh and balance life, and at each explosion of merriment Leo Auffmann quickened like a general who has seen the forces of darkness routed and whose strategy has been reaffirmed.
  83. The King of Naples placed himself at the head of his Cuirassiers and Carabineers and attacked a column of the enemy’s light infantry, consisting of four battalions, which had been sent to support the Cossacks, with such success that he routed and annihilated it.
  84. The over-the-counter dealer market has been enhanced in recent years by a wide range of ECNs (electronic communication networks), such as Instinet, SelectNet, Redibook, and Archipelago, which bring buyers and sellers together within each network, and through which orders can be routed and executed.
  85. There is no doubt that if Napoleon had made use of the twenty-three battalions and twenty-seven squadrons of which this select force consisted, he would have utterly routed the Russians, and compelled them to spend the remaining four hours of the day in continual retreat instead of preparing for attack.
  86. He soon recovered himself and was about to continue the review, when an aide-de-camp from Murat came galloping up with the information that the King’s first line had been taken by surprise and routed; that his left flank had been surrounded under cover of the woods, his right attacked, and his communications cut.
  87. Had not a hundred and fifty dragoons of the Old Guard met, been attacked, and routed by a horde of these barbarians? And this took place but two days after the armistice on the road to Mozjaisk, his principal line of communications, which connected him with his stores, his reserves, his depots, with Europe itself.
  88. Senor, you have ended this perilous adventure more safely for yourself than any of those I have seen: perhaps these people, though beaten and routed, may bethink themselves that it is a single man that has beaten them, and feeling sore and ashamed of it may take heart and come in search of us and give us trouble enough.
  89. Hadn’t I traveled all the way to King’s College after reading of the infamous scuffle between Karl Popper and Ludwig Wittgenstein in the book Wittgenstein’s Poker? So enthralled that with a mere slip of paper scribbled with an enigmatic H-3, I successfully routed out the whereabouts of the Cambridge Moral Sciences Club, where the contentious battle between the two great philosophers occurred.
  90. An attendant who was on foot, seeing the encamisado fall, began to abuse Don Quixote, who now moved to anger, without any more ado, laying his lance in rest charged one of the men in mourning and brought him badly wounded to the ground, and as he wheeled round upon the others the agility with which he attacked and routed them was a sight to see, for it seemed just as if wings had that instant grown upon Rocinante, so lightly and proudly did he bear himself.
  91. Perfect house and perfect garden, lying in that land of lovely gardens, England, the garden just the right size for perfection, not a weed ever admitted, every dandelion and daisy--those friends of the unaspiring-- routed out years ago, the borders exquisite examples of taste, the turf so faultless that you hardly like to walk on it for fear of making it dusty, and the whole quite uninhabitable for people of my solitary tendencies because, go where you will, you are overlooked.
  92. Hottman, Hansen, and their subordinates were using the 200 and 300 series of accounts essentially as “revolving funds” to make purchases and sales “off the books”; which was expressly contrary to the lab’s Policies and Procedures Manual which required all such transactions to be routed through Contracts on a green sheet that had to be signed by all senior management—preferably after a joint meeting to discuss pros and cons, and then be signed again by either myself or the Director.
  93. And it is of this period of the campaign—when the army lacked boots and sheepskin coats, was short of provisions and without vodka, and was camping out at night for months in the snow with fifteen degrees of frost, when there were only seven or eight hours of daylight and the rest was night in which the influence of discipline cannot be maintained, when men were taken into that region of death where discipline fails, not for a few hours only as in a battle, but for months, where they were every moment fighting death from hunger and cold, when half the army perished in a single month—it is of this period of the campaign that the historians tell us how Milorádovich should have made a flank march to such and such a place, Tormásov to another place, and Chichagóv should have crossed (more than knee-deep in snow) to somewhere else, and how so-and-so “routed” and “cut off” the French and so on and so on.
  1. I predict from all this an avalanche of dinners and routs.
  2. He managed to ally with the local gang and knowing the routs of the tax money being.
  3. At five o'clock Albert returned, delighted with his day's work; he had been occupied in leaving his letters of introduction, and had received in return more invitations to balls and routs than it would be possible for him to accept; besides this, he had seen (as he called it) all the remarkable sights at Rome.
  4. They struggle unsuccessfully with the diseases caused by the need of physical exercise, and with the ennui which pursues them—unsuccessfully, because labor is a pleasure only when it is necessary, and they have need of nothing; or they undertake work that is odious to them, like the bankers, solicitors, administrators, and government officials, and their wives, who plan receptions and routs and devise toilettes for themselves and their children.

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