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Scatter в предложении (на )

  1. This will only scatter the.
  2. Scatter it and you get but.
  3. Bad thoughts run and scatter.
  4. Scatter the walnuts over the salad.
  5. The leper colony was a scatter of.

  6. Scatter the ashes off your property.
  7. Scatter the nuts evenly over the top.
  8. Before her he decided to scatter his.
  9. You scatter in all directions to all.
  10. Use a fine-mesh sieve to scatter compost.
  11. I will scatter them throughout the land of.
  12. Before her he decided to scatter his pearls.
  13. If you are using fruit or nuts, scatter them.
  14. The less stable people panic and they scatter.
  15. They’d scatter, like leaves on the wind!’.

  16. Burn her bed, scatter the ashes, call a priest.
  17. I certainly didn’t scatter this stuff all over.
  18. Allow them to scatter and flee with their booty.
  19. Therefore, Adonai would have to scatter us into.
  20. Yes Wolfgang, we plough the fields and scatter.
  21. His impatience, left her feeling scatter brained.
  22. With the scatter of the bleached bones, they were.
  23. A sea of identical microbots scatter throughout the.
  24. The remaining human and six Bojudai wizards scatter.
  25. They had gold stars scatter ed across their surface.

  26. The birds and animals of the forest began to scatter.
  28. A scatter of ketchupy fries lay in the gutter nearby.
  29. I heard the raven scatter a few pebbles as it hopped.
  30. Scatter the 1 tablespoon butter slivers over the fruit.
  31. And so he progress, and he scatter these graves of him.
  32. His eyes scatter about, as always, never holding a gaze.
  33. It’s no use—my heart pounds and my thoughts scatter.
  34. Scatter over this half the chocolate and half the pecans.
  35. Soon, a few thousand people scatter around the love-in area.
  36. A well‐placed volley and you scatter five gunners to bits.
  37. I said, I would scatter them into corners, I would make the.
  38. Strawed: To scatter; to spread about, (past tense of to strew).
  39. Tear the cake into walnut-size pieces and scatter over bottom of.
  40. Sprinkle the grated smoked mozzarella over the top, then scatter.
  41. Cameron turned his attention to the zombies they began to scatter.
  42. And He said, The kingdom of God is as if a man should scatter.
  43. The men began to scatter, most of them still coughing as they went.
  44. They begin to scatter as they hear something coming from above them.
  45. As soon as our men caught sight of them, they would scatter in every.
  46. His unit tended to scatter instead of riding firm and in battle order.
  47. Jesse almost tripped on the remains of human skulls that were scatter.
  48. There was a scatter of blips as he fired on a smaller needle-like ship.
  49. If old Rad were here now, I'd tell him to jump overboard and scatter 'em.
  50. Diners scatter in fear and Judy is taken into a back room for questioning.
  51. You knew that I reap where I didn't sow and gather where I didn't scatter.
  52. Junya turned on the light and saw a few roaches scatter into the cracks in.
  53. I said, I would scatter them into corners, I would make the remembrance of.
  54. But by now the Efrafans had had time to scatter and hide, as best they could.
  55. The stone Israel rejected made head of the corner; the stone wil scatter as dust.
  56. This is why some families stay connected and others seem to scatter to the winds.
  57. They had tried to scatter, but we were able to capture or kill the bulk of them.
  58. The stone Israel rejected made head of the corner; the stone will scatter as dust.
  59. Effectively attract and kills flies without poison scatter baits or electrocution.
  60. The little grey fish quickly scatter into many directions as they sense something.
  61. They will scatter the wet blue clay as quick as they can and go off to the tavern.
  62. Normally this sort of reaction would cause a crowd to scatter as they ran for cover.
  63. It would be dreadful when they were all grown up and had to scatter over the world.
  64. Your fear will scatter throughout the countless fragments of your mind where I exist.
  65. But if you scatter your thought-force, the subconscious mind will not know just how to.
  66. A cold silvery mist had veiled the afternoon, and the moon was not yet up to scatter it.
  67. So, over a 25-year period, the random scatter (SD) of fund performance will be 8%/5 = 1.
  68. Bats dive and swoop through clouds of gnats, and the insects scatter and re-form once more.
  69. Therefore will I scatter them as the stubble that passes away by the wind of the wilderness.
  70. Then you’d get the RPGs, a flurry of fire; finally, they’d scatter and try to get away.
  71. If the temperature is raised, however, inhomogeneities appear; and these scatter electrons.
  72. A year later most of the trees were established, and came o ut in a scatter of brave leaves.
  73. Late afternoon had seen most people in town scatter to their respective corners for the day.
  74. Cai’s Roman warhorse was so big I saw him scatter and trample the riders who fell under him.
  75. The above scatter plot includes some illiquid asset classes for which only quarterly data exist.
  76. I am always forgetting things; I am such a scatter brain sometimes – it’s part of my charm.
  77. The closest school without deputy marshals patrolling the hallways with tasers and scatter guns.
  78. The stars were cold and numerous; they seemed to scatter when every rocket blasted up among them.
  79. Mitch was yelling out guesses from the door, only serving to scatter Silas’ concentration more.
  80. Then you’d get the RPGs, a flurry of fire; finally, they’d scatter and try to get away.
  81. Again I gave her choice my blessing, for I had no wish to see my people splinter and scatter either.
  82. Instead of having a burial service, she opted for him to be cremated and she would scatter his ashes.
  83. We can only hope that a couple of hours of waiting will be long enough for the wind to scatter the ice.
  84. This makes me wonder, did he also scatter the ashes in the sea? I mean, birds can’t swim, can they?
  85. The remains may legally be in possession of the family or they can scatter it where and how they please.
  86. That he scatter his money in making quick inquiry as to what ship sails for the Black Sea and for where.
  87. And the victor will not only spread Their Hope and Faith, but also force others to receive and scatter it.
  88. Powell, would bear our tribute of love, and scatter the blossoms of holy memories upon this new-made grave.
  89. Even if it is just a handful of apprentices to scatter through our armies, anything would be of great help.
  90. But, right now I'm on my way to help scatter his ashes and say a few words and to be with the people I love.
  91. But he’d made no effort to move the stones that ringed his fire pit, or scatter the ashes, or hide the coals.
  92. On a hunt, the tiny young men followed closely, alert for a signal to scatter and conceal in case of predators.
  93. Where can I set your spirit free? she thought, still having not decided where she would scatter his ashes.
  94. And he who falls on this stone will be broken to pieces; but on whomever it falls, it will scatter him like dust.
  95. Packs of feral young males splinter and scatter in every direction, sowing senseless violence wherever they roam.
  96. If she could have moved enough to hit him, she would have made his white teeth scatter like pebbles on the floor.
  97. Since variance measures the scatter of returns both above and below the mean, it is increased by very high returns.
  98. Samantha began to curse Baja and the elders, her voice became so loud that the birds in the trees began to scatter.
  99. He dropped the half-burnt earth he was holding and watched the remains of the precious seeds scatter across the soil.
  100. It ought to be at Hong Kong, because there our steamers land their passengers, and from that point our brethren scatter.
  1. Scattering just out of sight.
  2. Chickens are scattering its dust.
  3. They were scattering and collecting.
  4. I gave the ashes a final, scattering kick.
  5. There was also a small group scattering.
  6. A life of a maniac scattering dust on life.
  7. The scattering pattern of points in Figure I.
  8. Around him a scattering of bone and bright hair.
  9. There was a small scattering of throw rugs around.
  10. Falcons rocketed into their formation, scattering it.
  11. Another woman was scattering something from her hands.
  12. The rain was beating on the windows and scattering on the.
  13. About all this coming to an end, and his friends scattering.
  14. Kevin ducked and shielded his face from the scattering debris.
  15. My eyes scattering all over the place and at last rested on Lisa.
  16. They were busy scattering the leaves when two more monsters came up.
  17. There was a scattering of people on the beach and some on the rocks.
  18. He answered by wagging his tail, scattering fallen leaves on the path.
  19. Shouts, screams, punches and a scattering of blood fell amongst them.
  20. A breeze blew in from the east, scattering leaves and bringing a chill.
  21. The goblins charged on foot with a scattering of riderless Lykanthros.
  22. The wind wandered in and out, tugging at the small fire, scattering ashes.
  23. Only a few elms, an outcrop of rock, and a scattering of the dreaming herb.
  24. In the Assyrian tablets, it means, the city of the scattering of the tribes.
  25. He was flying straight toward me, and scattering the snow in all directions.
  26. There was no screaming, no chaos, nobody scattering in different directions.
  27. They are scattering, there can’t be more than 15 people left on the lines.
  28. Anyone who wasn’t already moving out of Kyle’s way started scattering now.
  29. The crest of their concealing hill boasted a scattering of northern spine trees.
  30. Finally she lifted her hands and opened them as though scattering the fragments.
  31. His coarse woolen pants dropped to his feet, sending coins scattering and rolling.
  32. Limpy jumped on the first one knocking it to the ground and scattering its leaves.
  33. Into it Norman Douglas bounced, scattering and annihilating its charm in a moment.
  34. Now far below the goblins and the wolves were scattering far and wide in the woods.
  35. However, with the third scattering, a metal identification plate fell from the urn.
  36. They dropped two legs of a table upon the fire and a scattering of twigs and leaves.
  37. On the scattering of the homogeneous rays and the number of electrons in the atom.
  38. Scott Coleman and his team were there, as were a scattering of retired CIA operatives.
  39. The precious box hit the stone floor and burst open, scattering the bones of the saint.
  40. Finding the secured horses they selected their steeds and sent the remainder scattering.
  41. He ground the torch into the dirt and scrambled around the baggage, scattering the birds.
  42. A candlestick, its occupant lost, lay on its side amongst a scattering of wood and glass.
  43. Clifford leapt from the bed, scattering the limp, pathetic balloons, and headed downstairs.
  44. Crowds are scattering backward, and the sky is beginning to redden over the Yorkshire wolds.
  45. Startlingly, a horrific scream pierced the air above the men’s heads, scattering their wits.
  46. When I woke, the sun was a vivid yellow, scattering bright light into every corner of the room.
  47. A scattering of clouds had blotted out the sun and a wind began to rattle through the branches.
  48. He made the floor soft, scattering some straw over it, and put a bucket of water in the corner.
  49. Jerusalem Temple and the scattering of the true members of the tribe of Juda by the Romans and.
  50. All thoughts of telling Raf the truth flew away like birds scattering before an approaching cat.
  51. The walkers turned east, following the path, disturbing sheep and scattering a bevy of rabbits.
  52. Moussa and the Rashids were already scattering, rolling sideways off the red vinyl dining chairs.
  53. If Donald were really on their side, he should know better than to propose scattering the group.
  54. To the eastward of the Milo was some scattering ice, and to the westward, Cape Thaddeus on the.
  55. And its gift? the questing breast caught the rising rays scattering her into clouds of yeast.
  56. The impact of his car hitting the other vehicle sent it toppling over, scattering sheep everywhere.
  57. They fired off a series of gunshots in the air, scattering people back from the front of the crowd.
  58. Go, go, go! Moshe yelled as he caused his horse to lunge at them, scattering them from their.
  59. As the intersection cleared, with rebels scattering in all directions, Sharpie bent over her Captain.
  60. Suddenly, without knowing, he was scattering a handful of cowslips over her hair and neck, saying:.
  61. There was nothing here when we arrived, just a stony hillside with a scattering of scrawny eucalypts.
  62. The crowd surges into administrative offices, carrying out typewriters and sheaves of scattering files.
  63. Ellie suppressed a shudder as Clayton picked his way through the scattering of debris for a closer look.
  64. As he signed the register, he had a view of the dining room, furnished with a scattering of small tables.
  65. Henri wrung his hands as the party stormed from the courtyard, scattering pigeons as they thundered away.
  66. Joey whimpered and barged his way through the bushes, sending tapikes and other small creatures scattering.
  67. She bumped the thrusters to rocket straight out of the scattering of asteroids, and she chopped all power.
  68. He had a thick scattering of brown freckles over his ruddy skin, what you could see of it thru the whiskers.
  69. They say there is more dignity in this practice as opposed to just scattering the ashes on the ground.
  70. Nursing staff wheeled in those who couldn’t walk or shuffle, and an awkward scattering of visitors hovered.
  71. Above, they had a projected view of space outside: brilliant scattering of stars, the swathe of the Milky Way.
  72. The Araknues rushed in at the scattering organism, firing from rotating guns mounted on their shoulder blades.
  73. There was a scattering of laughter, then the tavern keeper said, In truth, you seem like a big shot American.
  74. The track ended at a pile of logs, a scattering of cans and a rusty tow-bar in the centre of a muddy turn-around.
  75. The animal’s jaw and head have been torn from its body and he sees only a scattering of green across grey fur.
  76. Vassily pointed to the mark with his foot, and Levin went forward as best he could, scattering the seed on the land.
  77. You run your hands along the grooves in the bottom of foot scattering the schools sticking close to it for shelter.
  78. She had remained hidden, like rats do, and only now she was appearing scattering poisonous judgments in her mouth:.
  79. Once a dozen or so human remains wrapped thus, fall off the back of a pick up truck, scattering the bones everywhere.
  80. Not even close: it was deserted and there was nothing but the damn jungle and a scattering of half-fallen-down shacks.
  81. His hand went right through it, scattering torn wallpaper, pieces of gypsum board, and splinters of wood to all sides.
  82. When Gabriel visited you, did he tell you how this baby should be raised? The wind blew, scattering my hair about.
  83. This time it was my hand that was in motion, scattering the gravel before me, ringing the three of us in a rush of fire.
  84. The sun was up, and there would be no protection from its burning rays this day, except for a thin scattering of foliage.
  85. Many small farmers from far across the river were present and Crackers from the backwoods and a scattering of swamp folk.
  86. A bevy of scampering newsboys rushed down the steps, scattering in all directions, yelling, their white papers fluttering.
  87. Thornton then took a course to the eastward into the scattering ice in hopes of avoiding a confrontation with the unknown.
  88. A pile of coins gleamed in his outstretched hand, then suddenly, the coins leapt into the air, scattering throughout the room.
  89. They galloped flat out through the streets, scattering townspeople before them, careless of men, women, children and livestock.
  90. There was very little left of her companions, save for a scattering of bone and bloodied flesh on the stone floor of the cave.
  91. Virgins, who had been shut up within their chambers, came out with their mothers, scattering dust and ashes on their heads, and.
  92. He flew into Fox’s stack of papers, scattering them, kicked off the wall and turned, launching himself at the skull collection.
  93. Came it not from a scattering mind, incapacitated to gather, associate and concentrate evidence? With him, the deathless nature of.
  94. He ran, and the woman in the black suit ran after him, scattering beach implements behind her, crying, tears rushing from her eyes.
  95. It lay in ruins, decimated, rubble from the ancient buildings and new office blocks mingled alike in a mile-wide scattering of stone.
  96. The seedlings are raised by scattering the rice in a similar nursery field, and they are then transplanted in rows into the muddy field.
  97. Both Çrámerr and I fired at him, the blasts gouging craters out the floor and scattering red-hot chunks of Konkreet in all directions.
  98. They were lying on a scattering of luxury silk sheets and bed covers whilst listening to music, curtsy of someone’s entertainment centre.
  99. With one stroke of one double paw it turned over the whole campsite, scattering the fireplace, the cookware, the clothing and the blanket.
  100. What was that? Suddenly I heard something in front of me: somebody was flying like a whirlwind, and scattering the snow near by, and panting.
  1. So his dirt got scattered.
  2. Some were scattered in the.
  3. The vest was scattered with.
  4. And then, the police scattered.
  5. It was one of many scattered.
  6. By hand, Bucca scattered the.
  7. The horses have scattered and.
  8. And they become scattered dust.
  9. When the planets are scattered.
  10. Carl scattered sugar on his mush.
  11. We feel scattered and stressed.
  12. A handful of patrons scattered.
  13. His men were scattered along a.
  14. Scattered together we run as one.
  15. Everyone scattered out of the way.
  16. Then they scattered and vanished.
  17. They scattered in all directions.
  18. Gathered ‘em up and scattered.
  19. No, the Ancients were scattered.
  20. There were scattered houses here.
  21. He wasn’t the only scattered one.
  22. Her thoughts were still scattered.
  23. The People He Scattered The Blood.
  24. Twenty corpses lay scattered here.
  25. Pots were scattered over the tiles.
  26. They scattered like terrified ants.
  27. A few scattered cars littered the.
  28. The bits were scattered by the wind.
  29. Their locations were also scattered.
  30. They were scattered throughout the.
  31. The Hesperides yelped and scattered.
  32. The army was shattered and scattered.
  33. Again his scattered forces, and anew.
  34. Loose earth was scattered everywhere.
  35. My thoughts are scattered and frayed.
  36. The ground floor contained scattered.
  37. Litter was scattered across the roads.
  38. The barn emptied and people scattered.
  39. An iPod and CDs scattered on the floor.
  40. The stars are scattered around the sky.
  41. Nickbas gathered his scattered thoughts.
  42. They are scattered across the galaxy.
  43. THEM Israel was scattered as dust in A.
  44. There were several scattered around the.
  45. Their clothes were scattered everywhere.
  46. There were only about twenty scattered.
  47. There were plenty of corpses scattered.
  48. The bullets all scattered here and there.
  49. Again the archers in the rear scattered.
  50. I looked down at all the scattered books.
  51. Soon the defending troops were scattered.
  52. They are scattered around here and there.
  53. The Warriors scattered in all directions.
  54. They remain scattered, tumbling through.
  55. The louries scattered, screaming ghetto.
  56. My thoughts were scattered, my focus gone.
  57. Otherwise, the photons would be scattered.
  58. Around it lay scattered crates and sacks.
  59. There were reports of scattered debris.
  60. A big clamor scattered in the whole place.
  61. Four other Cavalry members were scattered.
  62. Huck began to pick up his scattered clothes.
  63. The crowd behind them scattered, screaming.
  64. Layers of colorful rugs had been scattered.
  65. Thankfully, it was clean and the scattered.
  66. The slaves of Jefferson scattered into the.
  67. Limpy jumped on one and it fell and scattered.
  68. His particles scattered across the River of.
  69. The scattered grain, and thievishly resolved.
  70. Note: Not scattered ashes or crushed bones!.
  71. Maybe the signal scattered off the buildings.
  72. Dead bodies lay scattered with careless hand.
  73. His suggestion was met with scattered applause.
  74. But there were scattered, tiny spurts of oil.
  75. Bright stars were scattered over the dark sky.
  76. The pictures scattered across the front porch.
  77. There were four of them, scattered carelessly.
  78. There was some lumber scattered on the ground.
  79. As expected, tools lay scattered over the bed.
  80. Che hesitated and there was scattered applause.
  81. Tiny wooded islands were scattered across the.
  82. The smaller, scattered groups would be to his.
  83. The CDs were still scattered all over the floor.
  84. Finally the show was over and everyone scattered.
  85. And We scattered them into communities on earth.
  86. Thin and scattered stripes flow upwards to the.
  87. We live scattered, and we leave each other alone.
  88. The arena floor was scattered with bodies, some.
  89. Scattered applause indicated less than unanimous.
  90. Scattered thoughts create scattered results and.
  91. Corey has abrasions scattered throughout his body.
  92. I was there a lot, he had several cars scattered.
  93. The humans scattered and changed from one another.
  94. Combustibles should then be scattered throughout.
  95. The barricade was scattered as if by a thunderbolt.
  96. Those rectangles scattered around are solar cells.
  97. The disciples are scattered because of fear that.
  98. His wardrobe was scattered across the country at.
  99. There were people scattered on both sides of the.
  100. Dozens of them are scattered across the landscape.
  1. The wise king scatters the.
  2. He who doesn't gather with Me scatters.
  3. Do not water from overhead, as it scatters.
  4. The wolf snatches the sheep and scatters them.
  5. You dive between cars, your team scatters in the ambush.
  6. Behold, the LORD lays the earth waste, devastates it, distorts its surface and scatters its inhabitants.
  7. You compel me to declare that he who is not with me is against me, while he who gathers not with me scatters abroad.
  8. It was one of those March nights when winter seems to wish to resume its sway and scatters its last snows and storms with desperate fury.
  9. The crowd scatters, everyone running in terror from the threat of bullets, and I try to see who, if anyone, was shot, but the rush of bodies is too intense.
  10. Jarvis said, stepping out on to the moors, "How quiet it is!" Quiet at midday, except when the hunt scatters across it; quiet in the afternoon, save for the drifting sheep; at night the moor is perfectly quiet.
  11. The family is very happy to receive a bit of saw dust and cement in an ash-urn or wooden box, believing wholeheartedly that its grandma’s ash, but grandma’s body is decomposing under a bush at the Tristate crematorium, while the family scatters grandmas ashes at her favourite spot.
  12. I am the good shepherd; and the good shepherd gives himself for his sheep; But the hireling who is not a shepherd and whose the sheep are not when he sees the wolf as it comes leaves the sheep and flees and the wolf comes and snatches away the sheep and scatters them and the hireling flees because he is an hireling and has no care for the sheep.
  13. He had seized all he could of his own that was not invested, and Priscilla had drawn her loose cash from the Kunitz bank; but what he took hidden in his gaiters after paying for Priscilla's outfit and bribing Annalise was not more than three hundred pounds; and what is three hundred pounds to a person who buys and furnishes cottages and scatters five-pound notes among the poor? The cottages were paid for.
  14. Stories of a very different kind are brought by all those who come trooping to Washington for place, appointments, and emoluments; men who will say any thing to please the ear, or do any thing to please the eye of Majesty, for the sake of those fat contracts and gifts which it scatters; men whose fathers, brothers, and cousins, are provided for by the Departments; whose full-grown children are at, suck at the money-distilling breasts of the Treasury; the little men who sigh after great offices; those who have judgeships in hand or judgeships in promise; toads that live upon the vapor of the palace, that swallow great men's spittle at the levees; that stare and wonder at all the fine sights which they see there; and most of all wonder at themselves—how they got there to see them.

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