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Rub в предложении (на )

1. Rub it in my face.
2. He can only rub his.
3. That’s the rub of it.
4. With a sigh and a rub.
5. I longed to rub myself.
6. Mac gave the noses a rub.
7. And therein lies the rub.

8. Ah, but there's the rub.
9. So, not to rub it in, Mr.
10. Go ahead and rub it in.
11. But who? That was the rub.
12. She gave him a vigorous rub.
13. But again here’s the rub.
14. He reached to rub his eyes.
15. Herein lays the rub, however.
16. With a rub of a dry rag to.
17. Ah, and there’s the rub.
18. The Lottodung began to rub.
19. Rub in the butter until the.
20. Knew and wanted to rub it in.
21. Tentatively, I rub my backside.
22. There’s always a rub, though.
23. Rub in the butter and moisten.
24. Rub it in gently and carefully.
25. Henchy began to rub his hands.
26. Kikka continued to rub his hands.
27. For the all-purpose red rub:.
28. You can always rub it off later.
29. You want I should rub it?
30. But how to get there was the rub.
31. Rub this on your exposed skin.
32. I rub my mouth and shake my head.
33. Nobody can rub his shoulder?
34. Rub it in as you deal out hold ‘em.
35. Aazuria lifted a hand to rub her eyes.
36. Now Bill started to rub my nose in it.
37. Afterwards rub in lots of hand cream.
38. There seemed to be no rawness to rub.
39. As soon as you’re ready, rub your.
40. Sabina watched Inacio rub his shoulder.
41. Abuse their masters, rub their hands:.
42. Rub the ball with about 1/4 teaspoon.
43. And my hands were cold, that I did rub.
44. Rub the Smart Balance and almond meal.
45. And that’s the rub, said Puller.
46. He grunted, but continued to rub softly.
47. Really rub salt in the wounds that way.
48. Now it was Cecily’s turn to rub it in.
49. So, obviously, when you rub two humans.
50. Be careful not to rub it into your eyes.
51. Did they really rub jelly on the belly?
52. He then proceeded to rub this stuff all.
53. I wanted to rub elbows with the famous R.
54. I felt his bristles rub against my cheek.
55. Mix flour and sugar, and rub in the butter.
56. The root meaning of jan is to rub with oil.
57. I began to rub my temples and put my head.
58. Then smiling oddly he added, The rub is.
59. Sometimes, all you had to do was rub it off.
60. Rub any hard skin gently with a pumice stone.
61. When done baking, rub the crust with butter.
62. Rub off the microbes with your handkerchief.
63. Rub the peppers with a little olive oil and.
64. Law gives man power to rub out his mistakes.
65. Her hand runs up his arm to rub his shoulder.
66. His pants are starting to rub him raw anyway.
67. I was going to rub it in his face when I saw.
68. Rub the bottom of a baking dish with coconut.
69. Now rub the cream into the backs of the hands.
70. I giggle and rub my wrists as they’re freed.
71. Rub all over with salt and dredge with flour.
72. Rub half of the sugar-salt mixture into the.
73. I rub the stone across my body and in the sea.
74. Rub the Smart Balance and flour together in a.
75. You are no doubt aware that when you rub two.
76. After roasting, rub the bones with tomato paste.
77. He began to rub his eyes and opened them again.
78. The point is, all I did was rub his shoulder.
79. Why does she have to come rub it in my face?!.
80. Here’s the rub is it’s obviously a biased.
81. Rub a drop of Joy oil over the heart and on the.
82. And I’m telling you not to rub his shoulder.
83. After a while, he thought he felt her thigh rub.
84. Add the 4 tablespoons on oil and rub it in with.
85. You tried to steal my girl and rub it in my face.
86. You know I’d rub your bunions or warts anytime.
87. Another long pause… This time you rub your chin.
88. However, I told Corey that I preferred a rub of.
89. Rub two drops of Joy oil on the armpit area for a.
90. He did not try to rub his obviously hurting chest.
91. He eventually asked to rub some down the rest of.
93. Anne sighed, bringing her hand up to rub her temple.
94. Rub the meat with the oil and cover with the onion.
95. Rub 1-2 drops of Peace & Calming oil on the bottom.
96. He liked that image, the rub of it inside his mind.
97. Lanis hair, and started to rub his hands all in it.
98. Holy shit… that tie! I rub my wrists reflexively.
99. Linda continued to rub Buddy's shoulders while the.
100. I ducked my head to rub my ears on my overcoat lapel.
1. He said rubbing his belly.
2. He got up rubbing his ass.
3. She was rubbing her hands.
4. Beatrice is rubbing her eyes.
5. They’re rubbing off on me.
6. She sat up, rubbing her eyes.
7. They were rubbing each other.
8. He was rubbing his eyes and.
9. He seemed to be rubbing the.
10. Rubbing his eyes, he looked.
11. Rubbing a straining brow, he.
12. He kept rubbing his eye brows.
13. He began rubbing his forehead.
14. Elfric came in rubbing his eyes.
15. Rubbing his hands together in.
16. Dad, thanks for rubbing it in.
17. My heat is rubbing off on you.
18. Rubbing his eyes he looked again.
19. He got back up, rubbing the pain.
20. He grinned at me, rubbing his jaw.
21. Actually, he was rubbing his eyes.
22. Now you’re just rubbing it in.
23. It is done by rubbing their chests.
24. I reckon my hosen are rubbing a bit.
25. He was vigorously rubbing his arms.
26. The Indian continued rubbing his ear.
27. Sue’s breasts rubbing up against me.
28. I think DumBill's rubbing off on you.
29. Rubbing her ringing ear, she hung up.
30. Mm, said Teddy, rubbing his eyes.
31. Mullino was rubbing his hands together.
32. And then she went back to her rubbing.
33. I smiled, rubbing a hand over my eyes.
34. Jane woke up, slowly rubbing her eyes.
35. Rubbing his face as if suddenly con-.
36. I know, he said, rubbing her arm.
37. I started rubbing his arm and feeling.
38. Rubbing his cheek, he just grins at her.
39. Sam stood by the door, rubbing his brow.
40. She blinked, rubbing her hands together.
41. He leans on his elbow, rubbing his chin.
42. Watson grimaced while rubbing his chin.
43. All that rubbing heats it up in a hurry.
44. After rubbing the grease over his hand.
45. He hailed a taxi rubbing his tired eyes.
46. It's ok, he said, rubbing her back.
47. Maybe I was rubbing off on the youngster.
48. Hartwig kept rubbing the side of his face.
49. Rubbing his forehead, pressures increased.
50. Of course, I said, rubbing her back.
51. She started rubbing the back of her head.
52. Hi, Boy, she said, rubbing his back.
53. She stopped her rubbing when he sat down.
54. Tommy was rubbing his crotch and giggling.
55. No, Garcia said, rubbing his forehead.
56. I could see her rubbing her hands together.
57. Olin was still rubbing the back of his neck.
58. Rubbing the back of her head, Azura groaned.
59. That rubbing the poor itch of your opinion.
60. He glared at her, rubbing the back of his.
61. Soon he was rubbing their soft warm muzzles.
62. Aesa walked into the house, rubbing his arm.
63. You okay? Dylan asked, rubbing my back.
64. Boston was rubbing our faces in our failure.
65. Holden nodded, rubbing the scars on his arms.
66. Kevin thought for a moment, rubbing his chin.
67. She kept rubbing subconsciously at her bump.
68. Ashley was rubbing her eyes when they entered.
69. Rubbing it as she backed out she said: Shit.
70. Mum calmly stays on the ground, rubbing her.
71. Then she moved his hands in a rubbing motion.
72. I'm sorry, he said, rubbing his shoulder.
73. She left the house rubbing her right underarm.
74. I glanced at Ben, who was rubbing his forehead.
75. That’s a relief, he said rubbing his.
76. Your paranoia is rubbing off on me old man.
77. William started rubbing the stubble on his chin.
78. What he was saying was rubbing me the wrong way.
79. Taylor handed me a towel while rubbing my back.
80. Dad! Ali complained, rubbing his shoulder.
81. When Joseph began rubbing his eyes and pulling.
82. Ashi stopped and sat on the ground rubbing her.
83. His hands were velvet, rubbing all over my body.
84. She was silent for a moment, rubbing her hands.
85. He began rubbing the cold and stiffness out of.
86. He tried rubbing his eyes a bit, with no effect.
87. Okay, that’s just rubbing it in, he said.
88. You miss him too, he said, rubbing its ear.
89. Gwenda was there, rubbing her back as if it hurt.
90. He does this by rubbing the glass on the concrete.
91. He frowned at me, rubbing the stubble on his chin.
92. And Hilary Handy? Rand said, rubbing his eyes.
93. I hope so, she said, rubbing her eyes again.
94. Tyrus recoiled, rubbing the spot with his fingers.
95. I sat rubbing my arms, contemplating my next move.
96. My accomplices were actively rubbing their bodies.
97. The phone rang, he says, rubbing his eyes.
98. Then covers the spot with her palm, rubbing softly.
99. He was circling the boat, rubbing his hands on it.
100. He stood rubbing the bits of dough from his hands.
1. I rubbed at my head.
2. I rubbed my left eye.
3. He rubbed at his hair.
4. I rubbed my sore neck.
5. Rubbed part of it away.
6. Al rubbed his soft chin.
7. She rubbed at her eyes.
8. He had rubbed down and.
9. Then he rubbed his chin.
10. She rubbed her right arm.
11. He rubbed his chin and.
12. The pixie rubbed his nose.
13. Toby rubbed the side of.
14. The sailor rubbed his arms.
15. I rubbed dirt from my eyes.
16. There, I rubbed the side.
17. You want your feet rubbed.
18. He rubbed up a large heap.
19. He rubbed at her shoulders.
20. She rubbed her arm where.
21. She rubbed her nose on him.
22. Aunt rose rubbed her cheek.
23. The old man rubbed his eyes.
24. Flavio rubbed his right ear.
25. He rubbed my head lovingly.
26. He rubbed his hair crossly.
27. Joey rubbed his aching head.
28. The wanderer rubbed his eyes.
29. I rubbed the back of my head.
30. I rubbed the tiger’s eye.
31. He rubbed his face, thinking.
32. I rubbed my hand on my face.
33. He rubbed the bridge of his.
34. Gilpin rubbed his vulpine jaw.
35. My father rubbed his forehead.
36. He rubbed his hands cheerily.
37. Elowen rubbed her aching legs.
38. Rubbed her large belly as if.
39. He smiled and rubbed my hair.
40. He rubbed his shoulders again.
41. He sat up and rubbed his eyes.
42. For a few minutes, I rubbed.
43. They both rubbed their wrists.
44. He rubbed the back of his neck.
45. He rubbed his eyes trying to.
46. I sighed and rubbed my temples.
47. Alex said as he rubbed her knee.
48. I coughed and he rubbed my back.
49. He sat back and rubbed his chin.
50. He rubbed a hand down her back.
51. Alex paused and rubbed his chin.
52. He rubbed his chin thoughtfully.
53. He rubbed his head and grinned.
54. She rubbed the coarse hair of.
55. Paul rubbed his eyes and sat up.
56. Dad rubbed his whiskered cheeks.
57. Hope rubbed her hand on his arm.
58. The congressman rubbed his eyes.
59. She rubbed her forehead gingerly.
60. Their lives had been rubbed raw.
61. He stretched and rubbed his eyes.
62. Bruce rubbed his eyes and sighed.
63. Desa rubbed on his side and arm.
64. He rubbed his hand over his face.
65. He rubbed his throbbing temples.
66. Tony stood and rubbed his chin.
67. Alec rubbed his wrist, grimacing.
68. Trevor rubbed his hands together.
69. He chuckled; he rubbed his hands.
70. Emily sat up and rubbed her eyes.
71. He rubbed his hand over his chin.
72. He rubbed his palms on his jeans.
73. Mike rubbed the back of his head.
74. I rubbed my face with both hands.
75. Jimmy rubbed his belly as they.
76. Michael Shepherd rubbed his chin.
77. Pippin sat up and rubbed his eyes.
78. Giry passed, rubbed up against M.
79. Doug rubbed his chin thoughtfully.
80. I rubbed the sleep out of my eyes.
81. Douglas rubbed his hands together.
82. He rubbed his head exaggeratedly.
83. Joseph sighed and rubbed his eyes.
84. In response, he rubbed the side.
85. Mick eased up and rubbed his face.
86. Thomas rubbed his eyes and yawned.
87. Norah rubbed a hand down his back.
88. Jim rubbed the sweat off his face.
89. He rubbed one hand over his mouth.
90. Mitch rubbed the back of his head.
91. Sabina rubbed his hand and smiled.
92. Lily grinned and rubbed her belly.
93. He rubbed his hands over his face.
94. He rubbed mud over his hands and.
95. The woman rubbed it with her shawl.
96. Thomas rubbed his forehead wearily.
97. He rubbed his hands in sheer joy.
98. John rubbed the Saint more rapidly.
99. He released me and rubbed his eyes.
100. He rubbed his fifty-year-old eyes.
1. His tummy rubs the ground.
2. Loki sighs and rubs his eyes.
3. Werner rubs his aching eyes.
4. She rubs at her stinging eyes.
5. He rubs at the back of his neck.
6. He rubs his eyes in frustration.
7. He rubs his temple with his fingertips.
8. Robinson rubs his head and calms down.
9. Luke's jaw ticks and he rubs his temple.
10. Next chap rubs on a new batch with his.
11. He takes a long breath and rubs his face.
12. He sighs and rubs a hand across his face.
13. Emerson nervously rubs her hands together.
14. He chuckles and rubs his knee delightedly.
15. She rubs her hand over the note and sighs.
16. She rubs her foot up and down his bare leg.
17. Shannon rubs her back, trying to warm her.
18. She winces occasionally, rubs at her bruises.
19. His free hand rubs up and down my bare thigh.
20. The chief clicks off the TV and rubs his eyes.
21. Confusion covers his face as he rubs his chin.
22. The mullah recites the prayer, rubs his beard.
23. Then he rubs his hand in his eye and says he:.
24. He squeezes his eyes shut, rubs his forehead.
25. She rubs her eyes as he lifts her up to his side.
26. He rubs his mouth and stares at me for a long time.
27. Here, he says and his free hand rubs my back.
28. Ted grimaces and rubs his teeth with his forefinger.
29. He tightens his jaw and rubs the bridge of his nose.
30. Captain Blitner rubs the tips of his fingers together.
31. No, it wasn’t, He rubs his chin with his thumb.
32. She laughs as she rubs this honest mistake in my face.
33. Finally Galluk slowly relaxes and rubs his sore bottom.
34. Werner rubs his eyes against the glory of the starlight.
35. She rubs her wrists up and down in a suggestive manner.
36. He rubs his blurry eyes, yawns again, and slowly sits up.
37. Cass rubs the backs of her hands with his soothing thumbs.
38. As the chip curls up, it also rubs on the tool, generating.
39. He lies next to me and rubs my back while I drift in and out.
40. Remember when Myagi rubs his hands together and warms the.
41. The scribe blinks, rubs at his scarred face and stares upwards.
42. He rubs grimly his grappling hands, knobbed with knuckledusters.
43. She rubs her eyes, blinks several times and then, slowly, sits up.
44. With a few rubs and a push on the secret codes, nothing happened.
45. Nobody there! He rubs his ear and asks himself, if he's dreaming.
46. Orcher examines the watch again, then rubs its face on his sleeve.
47. He moves to her, offers the pipe, and rubs his body against hers.
48. Jerry sighs to calm down and nervously rubs his hand over his face.
49. What happens to Autumn Reigns? He rubs the nape of his neck.
50. She sniffs his finger carefully, and then rubs her head against it.
51. She rubs my back while I cry and lets me talk and vent all afternoon.
52. She rubs her throat, which is bright red with Tobias’s fingerprints.
53. Simon licks the matches on his fingers and rubs his knuckles with them.
54. He combs his whiskers and rubs up his shoes and brushes his clothes.
55. She pinches the arm of my uniform and rubs the cloth between her fingers.
56. Throwing his legs over his bed, Erik rubs his eyes and looks out his window.
57. Gently, he rubs my fingers and plants a tender kiss on the back of my hand.
58. The froeken, bonne a tout faire, who rubs male nakedness in the bath at Upsala.
59. She rubs at her nose, still startled by the phantom pain that shoots through her.
60. Captain Blitner rubs the back of his wrist with one hand and frowns thoughtfully.
61. She rubs her foot on his leg under the table, seems to be considering what to say.
62. Diane D’s eyes are tightly shut as Mary quickly rubs her face with the bath oil.
63. I have had a severe galling to begin with: that will make the small rubs seem easy.
64. Dont have to go that far to find cheesy, she smirks, then rubs Peters head.
65. Long pause… He rubs his chin in a manner keen, calculating, and annoying as all hell.
66. We stay silent for a moment, Zachary’s hand in my wet hair, while the other rubs my back.
67. He rubs the tears from her cheeks with a thumb, and she chokes out a muffled little giggle.
68. Karmas are to be done? So he burns all his Karmas (actions) and rubs its ashes on his body.
69. He rubs the back of his neck, and I wonder if he’s thinking about the tattoos on his back.
70. Turn the pedals and see if the chain rubs on the inside of the derailleur cage while moving.
71. Now freed, Dolly stands and rubs her rope burned skin and asks, How can I repay you?
72. Is it here or here or here or here? He rubs his hands together, then lies back on the bed.
73. As Jaden walks, something rubs against his legs, but he is too hypnotized to care what it is.
74. She plays with objects on the table, fondles keys, or rubs a drinking glass in a flirting manner.
75. She continues to have a look of discomfort on her face as she holds and rubs her painful stomach.
76. She pulls back from the queen and brutally rubs at her eyes to remove the traces of her weakness.
77. Yeah I’m okay Grandma, Dana says as she annoyingly rubs and scratches the back of her head.
78. She rubs her chin or touches her cheek, and in a bold way may even unconsciously touch her breasts.
79. Rape, Peaches’ uncle mutters from between his hands as he rubs his temples with his fingers.
80. Zachary freezes for a few seconds, calmly rubs his eyes, wiping some of the cream off, and then ….
81. Stacey holds Jaden’s hands and rubs his head as he lies in bed with scratches on his face and body.
82. He swaps out the peanut for a gummy bear, rubs a little chocolate on Todd's face, and unfreezes time.
83. She used to give Gothel shoulder rubs, and with years of corrections she has gotten fairly good at them.
84. Teresa, who is wearing a red turtleneck shirt with blue jeans painfully rubs her neck as the phone rings.
85. He first realizes that he wants sex  he rubs on her  and then asks her if she wants to have sex, too.
86. I gave a few kopecks to Petroff to buy soap and a bunch of the twigs with which one rubs oneself in the bath.
87. Four stern looking guards frown at him as he rubs the side of his head sleepily and blinks at them a few times.
88. Women immigrates to western world to do the dirty jobs such as sexual message, hot body rubs, male escort and so on.
89. Picking up the towel he rubs his hands hard into the material hoping the absorbent towel will soak up the silicone.
90. He moves a hand to my clit and rubs it, causing me to relax my muscles, and then thrusts his hips forward all the way.
91. Why not bet on him instead of those creeps? She rubs the stub on her left hand, deciding, I have to look out for myself.
92. Furiously he rubs his nose with the towel and succeeds in only removing a small amount as his nose and hands still remain slimy.
93. I’ll make this real quick, promise! Mary holds Diane D’s chin up and rubs the bath oil all over Diane D’s face again.
94. He stretches, yawns and rubs his eyes to clear them of the dreams of night, because Sloth always dreams, although Prudence does not.
95. He felt himself in the position of a puppy, when its master, taking it by the scruff of its neck, rubs its nose in the mess it has made.
96. Once on the flower of a different plant, the moth rubs the underside of her abdomen on the stigma, intentionally pollinating the flower!.
97. That sounds good, Evelyn says, and she rubs my arm briskly with a gloved hand, like she used to when I came in from the cold as a child.
98. Luke rubs a hand over his face and mutters, "Jesus," before wrapping his hand around my upper arm and physically hauling me towards the street.
99. Hearing the door being unbolted, Malcolm rubs his tongue around the inside of his dry mouth to try to provide some moisture in readiness to speak.
100. When an insect visits a flower of this kind, it rubs off some of the viscid matter, and thus at the same time drags away some of the pollen-grains.

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