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Polish в предложении (на )

The polish was too perfect.
Your mother was not Polish.
Could be Andrzej in Polish.
My Polish is also on a par.
The great man of Polish letters.
I am Polish, first and foremost.
Scoured means to scrub, or polish.

He sold shoe polish on the street.
He began to speak in fluent Polish.
Sponsoring is a very Polish thing.
But the polish workers were ignorant.
His shoe has never tasted shoe polish.
English and only answered me in Polish.
You speak Polish well for an American.
They will believe a Polish maiden more.
She continued to polish the windshield.
The nails and crimson polish were intact.
The next day they talked of Polish culture.
Polish up your grammar and literary skills.
That woman and the little girls are Polish.
Her red nail polish was the same colour as.
Its first founders were three Polish nobles.
It was sandwiched in between a lot of Polish.
The same would hold in the Polish countryside.
Maybe raise a stink with the Polish Red Cross.
You know how hard it is to spell Polish names.
I can’t even see them to take the polish off.
He will acquire, so to speak, a society polish.
She plugged the polish brush back in its bottle.
I’ll polish it up and head for the courthouse.
They rambled on in Polish laughing intermittently.
The only problem was that I didn’t speak Polish.
There were no greasy stains and no need to polish.
What I mean is that those pretty Polish ladies.
In my view, it put the final polish on what he did.
Polish, originally, and jealous, and a nasty drunk.
The Polish farmers played their parts to perfection.
An elderly Polish lady was standing in the hallway.
Relative to our family tree, thank God I’m Polish.
Apparently, the fingernails have red polish on them.
And Day has been polishing that.
Felicity had been polishing the.
The others were polishing their weapons.
Noelene was in the stable, polishing a saddle.
The thought ‘I am’ is the polishing cloth.
Jags watched her polishing away with such precision.
Kendy took them from me, her polishing cloth in hand.
As I was polishing it up, I had a disquieting thought.
It had been neglected and needed tuning and polishing.
Nathan was polishing up his Mustang when I found him outside.
He took great pride in it, always cleaning and polishing it.
But for all of her polishing, she was not a buttoned-up girl.
She hurried past the secretary who was now polishing his nails.
All that cleaning, dusting, vacuuming and polishing! It's not.
Miller lumbered towards them, polishing a large apple in her apron.
He stopped the polishing expecting to see one of the other janitors.
John was nursing his goblet and Harald was polishing his eyeglasses.
As you can probably guess, this method is best used for polishing or.
Aarav turned back towards him, only to find him polishing his gun with.
It is another popular way of polishing the online identity of your organization.
He’d left about eleven, after we ended up polishing off both bottles of wine.
Cleaning the rail with degreaser and polishing it up had made it look brand new.
It was a quiet afternoon and Norma was whiling away the time polishing the gantry.
Idiots… polishing their armor for days and months: until it shone like mirrors.
Because of Sal? Are you polishing shoes and giving the proceeds to the poor?
Byronville are home? William had walked over to the young lady polishing the car.
Cyril frowned and looked at his dirty shoes that were in desperate need of polishing.
He could see the pike-men polishing their halberds in an almost ceremonious fashion.
The boy looked at him, with black, disinterested eyes, and went back to his polishing.
So I was supposed to be spending the day polishing up my CV and my interviewing skills.
No, they made the clubs out of tree branches and the ball by polishing a round stone.
A shift change eased into the successive realm, polishing things at home and what have you.
At once he was relating the theory to Adam, while at the same time polishing it for himself.
At seven o’clock each morning I would pass his shop while he would be polishing his apples.
Once you die, that table will not care one speck about all the hours you wasted polishing it.
I’m sure several schools have put up new course monuments by polishing the old one since then.
And sitting on the floor of the 'closet' were a pair of new black dress boots with polishing kit.
Polishing them was a redundant task, perhaps like much of the doctrine that infected their faith.
So they wanted me to go to Harvard for two years, get a polishing job, and become more sophisticated.
We hastily made camp and spent much of the evening polishing up all metal and oiling up all leather.
They are both nicely polished.
He had a shiny coat, polished.
This 5-inch polished specimen of.
They were a mixture of polished.
He polished and brushed the limo.
A polished shield would be better.
A highly polished burnisher creates.
The finely polished upper portion of.
She had already polished her diplomatic.
Tony polished up the prep work for the.
The hardwood floors were polished to a.
Her teeth had been trimmed, and polished.
Every piece of silver had been polished.
His manners were as polished as he looked.
His mother was stroking the polished wood.
Despite its age it was polished to a high.
His hand glided over it like polished marble.
Josef was told to sit on a polished log that.
Yes, Chip, my skills are very well polished.
The rest of it was more polished white stone.
Candles flickered on a polished oak bar table.
She placed her fists on the polished mahogany.
I have with me gold bars and polished emeralds.
He’s always well dressed and polished, I.
The polished white casing, vandalized to build.
He‘d polished off the doughnuts and was wiping.
Every window had been washed and polished, every.
He thanked her, wiping his polished shoes on the.
They were highly polished and appeared to be made.
The floor beneath her feet is white polished stone.
These were so polished that they reflected the grass.
Even the street signs had been cleaned and polished.
And thereupon, he spattered the polished boots of a.
The floor and furniture were clean and well polished.
His boots had been polished into black mirrors; his.
Then he polished his eyeglasses with his handkerchief.
The sound echoed off the polished tiles on the floor.
A polished diplomat, he was quick to regain his poise.
When he added that he had polished some dust off the.
Someone facets it, someone polishes it.
Shiny peels: polishes them up with a rag or a handkerchief.
Amy was gratified, but of course didn't show it, and demurely answered, Foreign life polishes one in spite of one's self.
I cracked an egg and cupped out the yolk and dropped white and shells into the pot, for I know nothing that polishes coffee and makes it shine like that.

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