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Rumpus в предложении (на )

  1. Why are you having a match in rumpus room I asked.
  2. Why, he is the very man who had that rumpus with my father I told you of.
  3. They bitterly hated; browbeat and rumpus quarreled with each other every day.
  4. I do think you re perfectly beastly, but this is no time for a family rumpus.
  5. The funny thing? Ray Knipe stood in the rumpus room holding the microphone, his.

  6. The space underneath had been enclosed with unpainted concrete blocks and served as a garage and rumpus room.
  7. Her stories and essays have appeared in numerous magazines and journals, including The New York Times Magazine, The Washington Post Magazine, Allure, The Rumpus, Self, The Missouri Review, and The Sun.
  8. Amanda drove straight into the garage under the house, closed the doors and with much difficulty they pushed, punched and dragged Zeno through the doorway into the rumpus room where they cut off his shorts, the only article of clothing he was wearing, with a pair of sharp scissors, and checked the pockets.
  9. At all events he wound up by concluding, eschewing for the nonce hidebound precedent, a cup of Epps's cocoa and a shakedown for the night plus the use of a rug or two and overcoat doubled into a pillow at least he would be in safe hands and as warm as a toast on a trivet he failed to perceive any very vast amount of harm in that always with the proviso no rumpus of any sort was kicked up.
  10. On the other hand what incensed him more inwardly was the blatant jokes of the cabman and so on who passed it all off as a jest, laughing 1530 immoderately, pretending to understand everything, the why and the wherefore, and in reality not knowing their own minds, it being a case for the two parties themselves unless it ensued that the legitimate husband happened to be a party to it owing to some anonymous letter from the usual boy Jones, who happened to come across them at the crucial moment in a loving position locked in one another's arms, drawing attention to their illicit proceedings and leading up to a domestic rumpus and the erring fair one begging forgiveness of her lord and master upon her knees and promising to sever the connection and not receive his visits any more if only the aggrieved husband would overlook the matter and let bygones be bygones with tears in her eyes though possibly with her tongue in her fair cheek at the same time as quite possibly there were several others.

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