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Din в предложении (на )

  1. The din out of five.
  2. In the middle of the din.
  3. May'st hear the merry din.
  4. By noon, the din in the courtyard.
  5. Police! I shouted over the din.

  6. Feast, Morta shouted over the din.
  7. Din lowered her head in apparent shame.
  8. What is that bloody din? I called.
  9. Din was the hall where the rollers were.
  10. When the din rises and becomes too loud.
  11. The Man of God is concealed, Shamsi Din;.
  12. Through the din and clamor, Senta smiled.
  13. His enormous voice rose above all the din.
  14. But oft, in lonely rooms, and 'mid the din.
  15. The din and hubbub of voices made it almost.

  16. With the explosion of the din we all stood up.
  17. The din and pandemonium are almost unbearable.
  18. What is this?! Goris yelled over the din.
  19. Besides the proper binding adjustment, or DIN.
  20. I had two brothers once, Suhaim and Saif al Din.
  21. Din, like the others, felt relief on hearing that.
  22. These games, and this clatter of arms, is the din.
  23. Woh ek din raaj karengi!’ (One day she will rule.
  24. But above all the din of the meadow, she heard 129.
  25. Footsie’s maniacal laughter sounded above the din.

  26. Around him sounds the din of boots, clatter of rifles.
  27. Drop it now, and even the neighbors will hear the din!.
  28. There is a low din, the Fife said, turning his head.
  29. Do you yield, your Grace? he shouted above the din.
  30. Why did you delay the vote? Bucky shouted over the din.
  31. Saint Urbain joined the din outside, and the interrogator.
  32. The House will be in order, Hap shouted above the din.
  33. Oh, I’m gonna miss this, Rich shouted above the din.
  34. DIN standards, IT HAS TO HAVE LOWER % S, LOWER % P & LOWER.
  35. No noise or shouts of battle or din of arms could be heard.
  36. Keb, keb, keb, keb! The maddening din rang in my ears.
  37. Only then did Din realize that she had just betrayed herself.
  38. The shout rose above the din of battle: it was Black Francis.
  39. When the din finally settled it was Vinny's turn to take the.
  40. Every sound was drowned in the din of rain and revving truck.
  41. That valley rang with a chaotic din unheard of anywhere else.
  42. All flight crews to your ships! Wren shouted over the din.
  43. Even over the din of the crowd, I would have heard any kind of.
  44. The din fluctuated in tempo, worrying how vast the encampment was.
  45. Hi Mark said shouting over the din Can I have a word.
  46. Suddenly, a voice pierced the din of prayers from across the room.
  47. Once done the general said, This is General Din speaking, over.
  48. But with the same ALLOY if you have to meet DIN STANDARDS, you are.
  49. He put her into a cab and drove with her away from the fuss and din.
  50. Suddenly, there arose around me a loud din of talking and laughter.
  51. Grumbling commenced around the room and someone shouted over the din.
  52. The shot made a terrible din amid the silence of the slumbering house.
  53. Despite the din, however, not a single person reacts to our presence.
  54. No longer are the Hari Ram Din, an IT graduate of Bangalore University.
  55. His voice was deep, but he deliberately did not raise it above the din.
  56. Mr Dedalus amid the din walked off, murmuring to himself with a pursing.
  57. Over the din, I shouted as loud as I could, Over there! Stop him!.
  58. She could hear the din of the crowd; she could feel the frenetic energy.
  59. Zelena found herself awaking to the familiar din of the medical scanners.
  60. Lindsay’s been telling me all about you, Cindy said over the din.
  61. Restadicus spoke over the din of battle and issued Zolgnath an ultimatum.
  62. The front door was wide open, and the din of conversation suggested the.
  63. When this horrible din had lasted a certain time, it mechanically awoke Mr.
  64. They were all singing with harsh voices, and laughing, making a hideous din.
  65. Trench mortars, rifle grenades, and machine-gun fire contributed to the din.
  66. As best he could tell above the din, he was on the seaward side of the hull.
  67. He was used to blanking out the din that usually fed the crowd’s bloodlust.
  68. As he separated the night sounds from the din of the helicopter, he realized.
  69. At the same time, the clash and din of battle rose to an even greater height.
  70. Zerstchikov's voice was suddenly heard in the midst of the clamour and din :.
  71. She however suspected that Din was not telling the whole truth, by a long shot.
  72. The din of music and conversation was so great that we had to shout to be heard.
  73. Furthermore, Isabel continued, raising her voice to be heard over the din.
  74. Browne shouted to the bewildered cabman above the din of everybody's laughter:.
  75. DIN specifications are so stringent, that if you can satisfy DIN Standards, you.
  76. At first she’d hated having to stay inside, irritated by the din of raindrops.
  77. Din looked at Ingrid with horror and fear in her eyes, again expecting the worse.
  78. Then he lifted up his hands and cried in a loud voice ringing above the din: The.
  79. Din then saw with a shock that the woman wore the rank insignias of a major general.
  80. I am Dawit son of Dia son of Din, Prince of Dwarfdom; I represent the Second Born.
  81. The owl ruffled his feathers and flapped around a bit at the din the dog was making.
  82. The guard looked towards the door, relieved the din had stopped and then looked away.
  83. In the din Brigit weakly asked Teller beside her: Is it really finished Jason?
  84. The noisy din had increased in intensity once more, and Fionn had to shout to be heard.
  85. Ethan was about to translate when Ludwig made himself heard over the din of the storm:.
  86. Jared slapped Saul on the shoulder and gleefully shouted over the din, You lose!.
  87. Harry could hardly hear what his supervisor was shouting in his ear over the din of the.
  88. But, thankfully, the herd, still feeling quite safe, are not disturbed by the roe's din.
  89. Holms reached over to the wall socket and wrenched the cable from it and the din ceased.
  90. The din of the city that could sometimes be heard across the causeway was not perceptible.
  91. She shouted at the top of her lungs to be heard above the noisy music and din of the crowd.
  92. The din of many voices was too great; all he could hear was: ‘ahahah!’ and ‘rrrr!’.
  93. The din of many voices was too great; all he could hear was: “ahahah!” and “rrrr!”.
  94. We rubbed up close as the din from inside the next room overwhelmed any and all conversation.
  95. The freaks were moaning and growling quite loudly, but I heard a muffled reply over the din.
  96. Do you think your friends will kill the Warlock? Crug shouted over the din of the battle.
  97. Jonah stopped in the center of the city plain and raised his voice above the din of the market.
  98. Din, now sitting straight in her chair, still was crying silent tears while listening to Ingrid.
  99. The din of the storm was overwhelming them, and the added clatter of swords only made it worse.
  100. The din of crashing waves and falling water and arrows whistling in the distance was deafening.
  1. And I led her to the dinning hall.
  2. In the hotel dinning room the next morning.
  3. She started setting the dinning room table.
  4. Sunita joined her mother in the dinning hall.
  5. And I went to have my breakfast in the dinning hall.
  6. I went and sat in the dinning room chair by the window.
  7. Gorham found Sidney waiting for him at the dinning table.
  8. Vir, beta, call Sunita in the dinning hall immediately.
  9. Her mother is waiting for her in the dinning hall, mother said.
  10. We ate at the dinning room table in the big front room off the kitchen.
  11. I stayed in the dinning hall, watching her till she finished her dinner.
  12. Suddenly from the dinning room, was the laughing sound of that bald old.
  13. The parties of groom were dinned in the dinning hall with grand reception.
  14. The rest of the way to the dinning room where a place was already set for breakfast.
  15. They got to the dinning room and after they were left alone, Victor asked, `What problems are those?'.
  16. She was sitting alone in the dinning room and the servants were constantly removing food to go warm them up.
  17. S-Sorry! Actually, Sunita, your mother is waiting for you in the dinning hall, you come with me, I said.
  18. The dinning room table was not a big table, but it looked old maybe centuries old—and heavy, and it was a rich brown color.
  19. The flames from the grill leapt through their iron prison, the heat reaching across the bar to the entrance of the dinning room.
  20. In the dinning room, we came across a wonderfully long oaken table, which had to be dismantled before we could even begin relocating it.
  21. The dinning room chairs were simple and classic and the same rich brown color as the table, and obviously made by the same maker of the table.
  22. Dingleberry had insisted I eat breakfast and dinner in my room; it had been days since I had been in the dinning room while food was being served.
  23. Well, well, well! Stubb knows him best of all, and Stubb always says he's queer; says nothing but that one sufficient little word queer; he's queer, says Stubb; he's queer—queer, queer; and keeps dinning it into Mr.
  24. The better reason for my not being conversant with the slang of the bank, which is here dinning in my ears from morning to night; that noise of jingling crowns, which are constantly being counted and re-counted, is odious to me.
  25. But still I acknowledge that I am perplexed when I hear the voices of Thrasymachus and myriads of others dinning in my ears; and, on the other hand, I have never yet heard the superiority of justice to injustice maintained by any one in a satisfactory way.
  26. We entered the harbour of Moudros and there we were transferred to the liner Mauritania which had been turned into a hospital ship the public rooms had been turned into wards Officers had the cabins and the dinning rooms had been turned into operating theatres.
  1. Let’s face it, that had been dinned into me well and truly.
  2. The parties of groom were dinned in the dinning hall with grand reception.
  3. They will go like sheep to the slaughter, knowing all the while where they are going, knowing that they are leaving their wives, knowing that their children will want for food, full of misgivings, yet intoxicated by the fine-sounding lies that are dinned into their ears.
  4. I had them dinned into me constantly as a child, and I was constantly trying to obey them, and constantly was astonished at the unexpected results I arrived at; and now I know that it is a proof of artlessness to suppose that other people will think and feel and hope and enjoy what you do and in the same way that you do.

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