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Divide в предложении (на )

Divide this by the 8 vega).
Divide the days of the year.
And yet we thus divide people.
Divorce has the seed of divide.
Divide dough into two portions.
At evening he will divide the.
Then add four and divide by 10.

Divide and conquer he would say.
The pathways of your life divide.
The second: to that land divide 5.
If you want to divide it up, the P.
With Mary I'll divide the treasure.
Divide mushrooms among four plates.
They are used to divide the zodiac.
Divide into 4 parts and roll out on.
These differences do not divide them.
Divide the greens onto 4 salad plates.
We should divide ourselves into groups.
The Red sea will then in two divide –.
That is the divide between them and the.
In fact, we need to divide this area by.
Kepler said if you divide T2 with a3 it.
But when you begin to divide money into.
The black and white divide was rampant in.
How are we going to divide them up?
Shall I divide this with you? he said.
But, in this land of freedom, a divide was.
Kneed the dough and divide it into 12 parts.
It refuses to divide information into neat.
In chapel they were obliged to divide, but Mr.
Simply divide share price by sales per share.
You merely add up the numbers and divide by 5.
When you divide 5764 by 11, the result is 524.
First, let’s divide 1955 by 17 (1955/17=115).
Divide the width of the consolidation box by 2.
Stalin) agreed to divide Europe in the zone of.
The deep racial divide in the school could not.
Rows of pines divide endless metal-colored plains.
Divide dough into two cakes, 1 inch in thickness.
We can divide safelists into these two categories.
Dividing the two yields 1.
Change is a dividing idea.
Where the dividing line lies is.
He had a high fence dividing our.
With that in mind, consider dividing.
Dividing the globe, it is everywhere.
The low at point E is a dividing line.
He disappeared around the dividing point.
The energy ratio is calculated by dividing.
Stop dividing waters , Stop polluting water.
So they made an end of dividing the country.
A counter went across, dividing it into half.
Apophis is dividing us, attacking us one by.
He had no intention of dividing up his assets.
Wealth of Nations by dividing the economy into.
Taking the inverse of that number (by dividing 4.
Dividing of the thoughts and intents of the heart.
This is simply a matter of dividing the Potential.
Slaying wealth is not the same thing as dividing it.
Sometimes these are called Dividing (furiwake) Lines.
Dividing $10,622 by the then-current IJR price of $70.
The dividing line need not fall between quads, however.
The offices have those glazed dividing walls and plates.
After dividing the food, the four of them eat in silence.
Most likely they’ve been dividing the meadow into lots.
You then calculate the wager amount by dividing $50 by 1.
Nobody even thinks of dividing the land into equal shares.
Dividing the total cost $617,771 by this figure we have $3.
This is calculated by dividing the COGS by average inventory.
It is the dividing line between superstition and intelligence.
Dividing a long putt depends on the terrain of the golf course.
There is a dividing line between unconditional immortality and.
Our driver was busily dividing the mail into parcels and envelopes.
The efficiency is generated by dividing one sensitivity by another.
Four of these shafts sat evenly around the pool dividing the beaches.
He could just make out a darker section dividing the top of the cone.
The truth is that there is a dividing line between nature and the Su-.
Dividing the square by eye into further tenths pinpoints the location.
I told him to simplify 24/64 and he started dividing the numerator and.
The ratio is calculated by dividing the gross profits by the gross losses.
I divided my six thousand.
This place is much divided.
They had divided up the ill.
As churches are divided on.
The space had been divided.
Eight divided by 10 equals 0.
The world is divided into two.
A House divided will not stand.
Evolution of the Divided Brain.
Mesopotamia was weak and divided.
How we are divided and insecure.
Graisco was divided on that issue.
Astronomers have divided the sky.
Their system is still divided.
The house is divided up into two.
They are divided into four major.
Hence asanas can be divided into.
They were divided into two groups.
In this case, 1 divided by 0 is 1.
They are divided into four classes.
Then I divided 324 by 524 an got 0.
See also: Great City, Divided into.
India was divided in to two nations.
They were divided in their opinions.
I divided the money into four stacks.
Until at last the world was divided.
The Norse gods are divided into two.
So our attention is divided two ways.
A divided India can swing either way.
Leaving the experts divided and mixed.
He divided it and gave Valeriya half.
A house divided against itself falls.
Human Game was divided into two halves.
Three compartments divided the coffer.
The site is divided into two reactor.
I have divided the screen into 1 and 2.
They can be divided in two categories.
The house has been divided ever since.
By lot I’ve divided the land for you.
That’s just 3 divided by 20 to get.
But the prize divides him.
A ravine divides the two.
Lambert also divides the ratio by 0.
Nice cutting is her function: she divides.
The discretion is more due to, uh, class divides.
She now divides her time teaching yoga, speaking.
She creates wealth admirably, she divides it badly.
Well, as it is now, abortion divides the country.
He has one assistant who divides the watch with him.
Spring divides his time between Florida and Mexico.
The moment when the nucleus divides from one into two.
Jesus divides what the believer will receive into two time.
Maps almost always carry a grid of lines which divides them up.
Your perception of us & them divides and keeps you from it.
Thinking, by nature, divides and alienates the knower and the known.
I Chronicles 24:118 In this text King David divides the descendants of.
When matter divides into space (7 ÷ 21,999) the result from that is Π.
Jesus divides what the believer will receive into two time periods, (1).
A remarkable projection of the rock divides the back part into two stories.
As if the man has reached a point where a path divides and has made a decision.
The laws in action were meant to force the unhappy state of thoughts that divides.
But poverty may be as bad as leprosy, if it divides us from what we most care for.
The son unborn mars beauty: born, he brings pain, divides affection, increases care.
It divides the waters of the Tennessee from those which proceed directly to the gulf.
The mathematical approximation divides the number of days between the two dates by 365.
The devil divides families under a secular society that recognizes laws and not values.
This element divides a full single article into a teaser text and the rest of the article.
He sort of knows this is one of those generational divides, but the basic prejudice lingers.
It also divides the two mountains, Mount Diablo to the north and Sierra Blanca to the south.
Each state legislature decides the amount that divides a grand larceny from a petty larceny.
This is usually evident when there is an argument or a debatable policy that divides the community.
I can see with my own eyes, goes the singer of this album he loves so much, It’s a scheme that divides.
Polytheism, by multiplying the objects of its followers’ adoration, divides its claims on their belief.
It divides the democratic West Berlin portion of the city from the Soviet-occupied area known as East Berlin.
If the fire divides in two then it’s an omen that the present company will divide into factions and dispute.
Public divisions into political parties drives wedges into growing divides; stressing conflict instead of unity.
I have prepared an org chart that divides responsibilities in an equitable fashion based on our relative skills.
Predestination divides humanity into saints and sinners, those destined to go to heaven and those bound for hell.
THE RIVER LIFFEY: The river that divides Dublin into south and north sections, and supplies most of Dublin’s water.
This concept not only applies to size, but to all limits and divides we wish to create forming borders we can appreciate.

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