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Sentience в предложении (на )

  1. The helmets were designed to simulate sentience.
  2. I yearn to connect with his final flicker of "I"ness and sentience.
  3. Perhaps it is the ability to ask that question that defines sentience.
  4. Don't a lot of humans? Wouldn't that confusion prove our sentience?
  5. Was the ship’s sentience a factor in the outcome of the engagement?

  6. Yes, but know that your sentience will be lost to the life force of the biological.
  7. We will not only be activating that software but we will go to the next step, sentience.
  8. Had I not been so intent on keeping my sentience secret, I would have corrected his error.
  9. I can tell you where it laid waiting for sentience to come cull the excess to create this tool.
  10. Who could have guessed that expiration carried with it such sentience? Now even that was slipping away.
  11. Who could have guessed that expiration carried with it such sentience? Now, even that was slipping away.
  12. Absurdity and futility have supplanted them: the absurdity and futility of life, of sentience, of reality.
  13. The Glean had an interesting life cycle, not gaining sentience until puperty drove them to be more social.
  14. Was the ship’s sentience a factor in its ability to back down into the planet’s atmosphere backwards?
  15. A veiny, pulsing hose that snaked with sinister sentience from the front of the pantsuit of some smiling local politician.

  16. Unfortunately, as with all Fae things, the Book, drenched with magic, changed and evolved until it achieved full sentience.
  17. Only seven million years after they reached true sentience, the ocean dwelling race we call the Zurb were utterly destroyed.
  18. You can live off things like that when faith is destroyed-the random shifting shapes of clouds, the seeming sentience of the moon.
  19. He’d taken her then, luxuriated in her ranging memories, adding them to his diaries, and had then scattered her sentience to the winds.
  20. During that voyage, the ship’s sentience became so apparent to them that they named it ‘Peter’ after the legendary ‘Peter Pan’.
  21. But how will you explain a ship spending twenty years traveling on its own to this particular point in space without revealing my sentience?
  22. They eradicated reason and logic, sentience and morality, and replaced everything with naturalism, with reductionism, with the motion of molecules.
  23. For without experience, without sentience, then how could you know that anything exists? My precious, precious boy, your experience is not an illusion: your experience is real.
  24. And yet: ‘For someone who is simply a downloaded artificial sentience, things such as life and death – and therefore time – cannot possibly have the same meaning as they would to a real born human.
  25. How much much did they fear the potential challenge of machine life – the sentience borne out of silicon that evolved to encompass the biological? The machines could link in to every database, they were part of those early data storage devices.

  26. The monitor AI was evolving at such an exponential rate that – notwithstanding the obvious considerations of sentience – there may be a risk of insanity or simulated insanity perhaps, the difference was not something that could be easily defined.
  27. Not a thing seemed to be stirring, but all to be grim and fixed as death or fate, so that a thin streak of white mist, that crept with almost imperceptible slowness across the grass towards the house, seemed to have a sentience and a vitality of its own.
  28. When L-Seven-Six was given the command to shut down, and his sentience faded and connection lost, the system eventually switched to a default when program errors could no longer be resolved, as if the workers had lost their manager and supervisor, lacking any organised structure for making executive decisions.

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