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Sense в предложении (на )

  1. So in a sense, her.
  2. It made sense to me.
  3. I can sense this now.
  4. No, but I sense it.
  5. In some sense we had.

  6. So I had no sense of.
  7. Then it all made sense.
  8. It all made sense now.
  9. Have a sense of humor.
  10. They were in a sense.
  11. I guess it makes sense.
  12. And it made sense, now.
  13. And a sense of failure.
  14. I sense what you feel.
  15. It made more sense now.

  16. It makes a lot of sense.
  17. If that makes any sense.
  18. She has a sense of humor.
  19. Not in a biblical sense.
  20. There was a sense of a.
  21. It made no sense to Jes.
  22. A calm sense of waiting.
  23. Sense at last, I thought.
  24. The Sense of ‘I am’.
  25. THE SENSE OF ‘I AM’.

  26. We have lost a sense of.
  28. It makes no sense to her.
  29. I felt a sense of relief.
  30. There was no sense in it.
  31. They will feel the sense.
  32. The birds sense this too.
  33. I lost all sense of time.
  34. Now it all makes sense.
  35. Ruby could sense the fear.
  36. That made a lot of sense.
  37. You can sense that it is.
  38. Indeed in the sense that.
  39. I had a greater sense of.
  40. Common sense out to lunch.
  41. I do not have that sense.
  42. Ah, it makes sense now.
  43. That makes a lot of sense.
  44. In the most literal sense.
  45. She would sense it always.
  46. I can sense you know that.
  47. It evoked a sense of dread.
  48. She does sense the others.
  49. Does that make any sense?
  50. It all began to make sense.
  51. In a sense, this is what D.
  52. I guess that makes sense.
  53. What is the universal sense.
  54. That makes even less sense.
  55. The sense of just knowing.
  56. Brunch makes a lot of sense.
  57. What sense did that make?
  58. This makes no sense either.
  59. This makes much more sense.
  60. Here she feels a sense of.
  61. The common sense of it all.
  62. Suddenly it all made sense.
  63. I wish I could make sense.
  64. In a sense, it’s a gamble.
  65. And yes, it would make sense.
  66. Common sense is the aspirin.
  67. The loss of the sense of sin.
  68. The threads of sense break?
  69. But this makes little sense.
  70. It made sense and had value.
  71. I sense great things in you.
  72. The sense of identity will.
  73. It makes sense, I said.
  74. I could actually sense that.
  75. Instead there is a sense of.
  76. He wasn’t making any sense.
  77. I suppose that makes sense.
  78. I can sense the small one.
  79. It goes against common sense.
  80. Would it have made sense to.
  81. You have a sense of security.
  82. He couldn't make sense of it.
  83. This made more sense to Laura.
  84. No sense pushing it I thought.
  85. In a very real sense, New St.
  86. Maybe it was a sense of shame.
  87. These, he could sense, were.
  88. The following is common sense.
  89. In a sense, this was her idea.
  90. That doesn't even make sense.
  91. Yes, that makes some sense.
  92. It all makes perfect sense.
  93. I'm not sure that makes sense.
  94. The sense that ones thoughts.
  95. With a dry sense of humor of.
  96. Well, not in the normal sense.
  97. In some sense he was a winner.
  98. But that doesn’t make sense.
  99. Use your common sense on this.
  100. She would give me a sense of.
  1. The girl was sensing change.
  2. Your spirit is sensing things.
  3. He became more nervous, sensing.
  4. She still wept without sensing it.
  5. Sensing it would be best to bring.
  6. Sensing the crowd was now somewhat.
  7. Now it was sensing freedom at hand.
  8. Sensing his moment of truth, Jimmy.
  9. Val touched my hand, sensing my sadness.
  10. Sensing the same, Mya offered a solution.
  11. Sensing my fugue, he repeated the question.
  12. Aya glanced at her, sensing her uneasiness.
  13. Sensing this, Aarav takes her to a corner.
  14. As if sensing his interest, she glanced up.
  15. Blake was sensing there was something wrong.
  16. I remember sensing its majesty and infinity.
  17. Now tapping on table and sensing a chill.
  18. Alex, sensing their thoughts, shook his head.
  19. Sensing the extreme leap of faith she had just.
  20. She looked sideways at him, sensing his teasing.
  21. I am sensing a great sadness in you, my Lady.
  22. Moses, obviously sensing she was at the end of.
  23. There has, Hanor agreed, sensing its pain.
  24. Sensing that, Olin decided to employ an analogy.
  25. Sensing that his PA was about to go into ful OCD.
  26. Sensing this, Philip II of Macedon made his move.
  27. Sensing bad news in the air, I became very anxious.
  28. Sensing that she was being watched, she hesitated.
  29. Sensing my approach, the wild man turned to face me.
  30. As if sensing this; she wouldn’t make eye contact.
  31. The woman turned back, finally sensing his presence.
  32. Colling agreed, sensing that she wanted him to leave.
  33. Many species of animals have this incredible sensing.
  34. The monster, sensing the kill, began to prep its’.
  35. But she still held back, sensing that there was more.
  36. Sensing his mood, they edged away and melted into the.
  37. Sensing that she was tired, he turned then walked away.
  38. Sensing that Gasbag was new to the country, and surely.
  39. Hillary nodded, sensing that she was sincere about that.
  40. Roman cut her off, sensing the onset of world war three.
  41. Shiva nodded, as though sensing where this conversation.
  42. I am sensing his location from a far more distant place.
  43. Gary tapped her on the shoulder, as if sensing her agony.
  44. Perhaps even as a child, sensing the impossible in Roger.
  45. I’m sensing them stronger and stronger as we draw closer.
  46. He sniffed his fingertips and nodded, sensing what it was.
  47. Sensing that a race was afoot, their horses looked up and.
  48. Sensing the man‘s frustration McCall went for the throat.
  49. Doug, possibly sensing the tension, headed off the scuffle.
  50. But he was sensing that their arrival was creating a stir.
  51. As if sensing he was skating on thin ice, his eyes softened.
  52. Lezura slowed down the Thwopter, sensing something terrible.
  53. Patricia was finally sensing that this was about something.
  54. Hope, perhaps sensing his reservations, found his eyes and.
  55. Brandela shivered, sensing the tension in Donovan with this.
  56. Hush, sensing his mood, laid her head on his knee and whined.
  57. The karoti had turned in their direction, sensing something.
  58. The pack, perhaps sensing my interference started to grumble.
  59. Sensing the tension of the situation, she responded directly.
  60. Honey, sensing the time, had rushed to the phone and dialed.
  61. Sensing that he once again may have said the wrong thing, he.
  62. Keep your arrow on them, Dobber said, sensing his fears.
  63. He did not argue, and escorted her off the floor, sensing her.
  64. What Joe was sensing, as he found a way to participate in his.
  65. Alex stared at him momentarily, sensing that the stranger was.
  66. Several God Boys gave up the attempt sensing they had a lot to.
  67. Sensing his serious mood, she took his hand and with a sincere.
  68. As if sensing her fears, he leaned forward and kissed her cheek.
  69. Wickland nodded, sensing that she was genuine with her comments.
  70. Travis, sensing something was wrong, re- arranged the question.
  71. The casket hatch swooshed open sensing the elevated bioactivity.
  72. As if sensing a discord within him, Hope added, And it could.
  73. Perhaps sensing his frustration with the question, Hope offered.
  74. Sensing he was getting nowhere with this mammalian display, Ugg.
  75. Sensing the change in the tone, Alex inquired, Everything all.
  76. Perhaps sensing more than a practice bout, other men drifted over.
  77. The man, sensing the direction of the camera, quickly hurried by.
  78. Sensing something wasn’t right, Michael placed it on the floor.
  79. After a while you have a way of sensing when a storm’s brewing.
  80. Sensing her obstinacy, he leaned back in the comfortable leather.
  81. Sensing no hostility from her, he gave in and revealed the truth.
  82. Th e BPM-1 is comes out in form of sensing the Amniotic Universe.
  83. Emotions are sensing metaphors for the quality of our experiences.
  84. Sensing the change in attitude, Van Thorn stood up and thrust his.
  85. Great question, said Rip, sensing an opportunity for stalling.
  86. I look between them, sensing tension, but unsure of what's going on.
  87. One cannot help sensing, at some level, that this is what animates.
  88. Marc sensing his great anxiety and melancholy asked what was wrong.
  89. Instead he felt tense, sensing a movement heading in his direction.
  90. Hope fidgeted in her chair, evidently sensing his unease about her.
  91. Used to happen to me all the time until I started sensing workings.
  92. Sensing a constant flow of information, Mitchell continued to probe.
  93. As if sensing my thoughts, her eyes gleamed impishly over the table.
  94. What happened? John asked, sensing something bad had happened.
  95. Sensing things about the way that candlelight reflected off my face.
  96. The point is, I’m sensing that something else is bothering you.
  97. Was he interested? asked Robin, sensing the need to be guarded.
  98. Sensing something, the boy runs to the scribe, who holds him tightly.
  99. Sensing he was genuinely concerned, she reached out in a softer tone.
  100. The Queen thankfully came to her help then, sensing her embarrassment.
  1. It can only be sensed.
  2. The crowd sensed it too.
  3. In any case, he sensed.
  4. She was all I sensed now.
  5. He had sensed a certain.
  6. He sensed what was coming.
  7. He had sensed trouble as.
  8. I sensed that these were.
  9. He sensed he was not alone.
  10. At that moment, I sensed.
  11. I sensed that someone was.
  12. He sensed that this was it.
  13. Credit sensed the panic in.
  14. I hoped he sensed my unease.
  15. She sensed strength and pain.
  16. And Theo had sensed it first.
  17. He sensed they were cold now.
  18. Even I sensed the difference.
  19. He sensed eyes following him.
  20. I sensed she was a little sad.
  21. Gabrysia more than sensed it.
  22. But she sensed it would be a.
  23. Breckenridge sensed it was a.
  24. Somehow, I sensed that I was.
  25. He sensed there might be some.
  26. I felt nothing, sensed nothing.
  27. But he sensed he was not there.
  28. He sensed my need to sit down.
  29. Maybe Grover sensed my emotions.
  30. Edwin sensed he’d hit a nerve.
  31. Manny sensed my nod and exhaled.
  32. Del sensed where this was going.
  33. I sensed that he was going to.
  34. He sensed movement to his side.
  35. Claire sensed a loaded question.
  36. Sitting up, he sensed a chill.
  37. Still, she sensed eyes upon her.
  38. The very air sensed that there.
  39. Brian sensed there was more to it.
  40. She sensed that he wanted to talk.
  41. He never sensed the other being.
  42. He sensed her attraction for him.
  43. You had sensed the attack on her.
  44. I was surprised by what I sensed.
  45. Thomas apparently sensed his angst.
  46. Lee must have sensed Sam’s stare.
  47. She would have sensed my presence.
  48. He sensed there’d been no abuse.
  49. He must have sensed my resentment.
  50. Somehow, the princess sensed her.
  51. The creature must have sensed my.
  52. She breathed, she saw, she sensed.
  53. The baby sensed her mood and wailed.
  54. He sensed what was going to happen.
  55. And Mom, I sensed that it was not.
  56. Than sensed this change in her mood.
  57. I even sensed a little hint of joy.
  58. I sensed that there was something.
  59. You sensed a presence there?
  60. Around him, he sensed the bemused.
  61. The moisture level is sensed by a.
  62. I sensed that the resident was sad.
  63. But I sensed Cal wanted a decision.
  64. I sensed a new resolve in these two.
  65. And she sensed John’s humiliation.
  66. I sensed that he was telling me we.
  67. She also sensed the atmosphere had.
  68. He must have sensed something in her.
  69. However, she sensed nothing of that.
  70. She sensed that something was wrong.
  71. Lisa apparently sensed his uneasiness.
  72. I sensed that Picotte was hesitating.
  73. The crowd sensed the end was at hand.
  74. He sensed the presence of Bloodtooth.
  75. I sensed he was reluctant to leave me.
  76. Ricardo sensed it and shook his head.
  77. He sensed his master’s displeasure.
  78. I sensed that there were two of us.
  79. She sensed the unspoken qualification.
  80. He sensed singing would relieve the.
  81. Rhal sensed a wave of fear from the.
  82. Everything he saw and sensed was her.
  83. The captain sensed Quell drawing near.
  84. I sensed their fear and their hatred.
  85. He sensed the change and moved faster.
  86. Sarah sensed something was on his mind.
  87. I sensed I was getting depressed again.
  88. Im sure He sensed what we all needed.
  89. Somehow, I sensed that something was.
  90. Sound sensed Mitch’s minor annoyance.
  91. Without looking, he sensed there was.
  92. Zarko smiled as he sensed her urgency.
  93. Instantly he sensed something abnormal.
  94. But he sensed that was about to change.
  95. The healers sensed it and then I went.
  96. He sensed that he had been here before.
  97. Frank sensed the challenge in her tone.
  98. As he went he carefully sensed the air.
  99. Even Danny had not sensed its presence.
  100. That wasn’t enough for her, he sensed.
  1. I awoke to my senses.
  2. With all of my senses.
  3. The senses blend to film.
  4. All of my senses chilled.
  5. His new senses going into.
  6. It is an orgy of the senses.
  7. Is the pleasure of the senses.
  8. Allow the senses to lead it.
  9. Shock had deadened my senses.
  10. I tried to focus on my senses.
  11. This is because of our senses.
  12. Open the door to your senses.
  13. But in his senses died at last.
  14. The horses are our five senses.
  15. Chunt regained her senses and.
  16. Care of the senses and promo-.
  17. His senses are now confused.
  19. Kandras, too, came to his senses.
  20. Not by their senses and not by.
  21. Harry quickly came to his senses.
  22. The horses are your five senses.
  23. They have very different senses.
  24. It would overwhelm their senses.
  25. I had to come to my senses first.
  26. I felt that I lost all my senses.
  27. Senses are superior to your body.
  28. I came to my senses, I don't know.
  29. Father McGuire came to his senses.
  30. A warmth prickled over his senses.
  31. The fumes overwhelmed her senses.
  32. I'm glad he's come to his senses.
  33. She snapped me back to my senses.
  34. His senses were keener than hers.
  35. I, old fool, am losing my senses.
  36. I nodded my senses on high alert.
  37. His olfactory senses tripped his.
  38. But his senses were now stimulated.
  39. For a second, I lost my six senses.
  40. The five senses are a curious thing.
  41. I just came to my senses is all.
  42. So far his senses had been correct.
  43. Here we have the fire of the senses.
  44. Viruses have none of our five senses.
  45. By and by, he recover’d his Senses.
  46. Manish was shocked out of his senses.
  47. As her senses began to awaken, she.
  48. Phoebe senses you are one of those.
  49. Frank comes to his senses and pulls.
  50. So Arjun must subdue his senses and.
  51. The sharp aroma assaulted his senses.
  52. This principle is true for all senses.
  53. His senses were playing tricks on him.
  54. An illusion of her as body and senses.
  55. They say you need to have five senses.
  56. Finally coming to your senses then?
  57. Alex’s senses were suddenly awakened.
  58. Once the weed senses heat, it changes.
  59. I remember my senses being heightened.
  60. A wave of foul air flooded his senses.
  61. All the five senses demand different.
  62. But then that I got back to my senses.
  63. M: Senses are mere modes of perception.
  64. The third cause : Attachment to senses.
  65. He didnt have to send out his senses.
  66. I see that you are testing your senses.
  67. In the strictest of all senses, he said.
  68. Prathayara or Withdrawal of the Senses.
  69. Every one of his senses is constantly.
  70. Psychobiological pain dulls our senses.
  71. His feline senses were placed on high.
  72. All of her senses were incredibly dull.
  73. He knew her senses were keener than his.
  74. However, Marc brought him to his senses.
  75. Members of the G-8, come to your senses.
  76. His senses pricked up at a foreign voice.
  77. Amazing how tension sharpens the senses.
  78. He only senses the danger, not the help.
  79. Something could be confusing his senses.
  80. He senses something isn't right with her.
  81. He will come to his senses after a while.
  82. It was too much for my fritzed-out senses.
  83. Maybe the bloodlust dulled his senses.
  84. Svidrigaïlov returned to his senses and.
  85. His senses were highly tuned for trouble.
  86. It senses, enjoys and appreciates things.
  87. They are also not all of our inner senses.
  88. His senses were being honed to a fine edge.
  89. His feline senses were considerably more.
  90. He will recover his senses in a few hours.
  91. But the wizard called them to their senses.
  92. But he senses there was more to the story.
  93. Her extra senses detected a wizard around.
  94. I can’t stand it, if I come to my senses.
  95. In the dead of night he came to his senses.
  96. Had Johnny the Killer come to his senses?
  97. For a fraction of second, I lost my senses.
  98. It is indeed the sublimation of the senses.
  99. I final y came to my senses and found the.
  100. She'd realized this and came to her senses.

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