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    1. He drank every night to forget his shame

    2. He could feel his own cheeks flush red with shame and anger

    3. That would be a shame, wouldn’t it?

    4. "I know, what a shame

    5. The nod of guilty admission and shame

    6. "He brought nothing but shame to his nation's flag

    7. You put me to shame really, with my little ways and

    8. What they knew about the planet was evil to be sure, but there was so much culture and history hinted at in the reports that it seemed a shame we don't gather some data first

    9. I nod, unable to meet his eyes, my shame burning in my face

    10. “Feeling a bit sorry for yourself? Shame, boy

    11. Their community was so small, it was a shame to fragment it

    12. We have covered our shame with fig leaves

    13. Prostitute: If a man dreams of a prostitute, he will have misfortune, poverty and shame

    14. You put me to shame really, with my little ways and my tidy ledgers…bar one fact

    15. The reason that she played with the ouija board in the first place was because she couldn’t express to her friends and family the guilt and shame she felt from her personal lifestyle

    16. It would be a shame to leave this

    17. courtroom, their heads bowed in shame

    18. But today, to my shame I

    19. Apparently there was something about the demeanor of Moses that would cause for the Israelites to not even question that demand, but to obey and drink their shame

    20. It was a shame they had lost the bikes but they had the balls

    21. shame was that he or Cosmicblasto hadn’t the time to get the

    22. “Well, that’s a shame I suppose” said Catwhiskers

    23. shame that he would have to miss the show, but it was safer

    24. silhouettes in the burning of my shame

    25. It would be a shame to succeed and to then let money be your Achilles’ heel

    26. “Yes, it was a shame that he couldn’t watch

    27. It will be a shame

    28. CARRIE: Many times, women change their minds about having sex after they've had it, and their guilt and shame convinces them that they had not wanted it

    29. It was hard to ignore my shame and my guilt

    30. It'll be a shame to leave in a way, this is probably the citiest city I've ever seen

    31. That he is no longer in direct control of the levers of power is a shame, but in his time of greatness he employed a whole army of secretaries and assistants, whose sole job it was to document every fact and every detail of every case and policy so that he could remain true to his principles

    32. I'd leave her in peace for the time being, she's inconsolable in her shame

    33. And once all life had left, a sense of horror came and turned to shame for lack of true conviction

    34. There's no shame in telling someone you're having a rough day and need some help in getting through it

    35. He was limping home in shame and despaired of being able to contribute anything to disabling any doomsday weapon system out here

    36. Boras looked crushed and hung his head (in shame)

    37. Exploring the pain, guilt, shame, and anger relating to the sexual abuse can help greatly in purging those old

    38. It was a shame the family had fallen apart the way it did

    39. years working in the mire of celebrity shame, the editor of the

    40. The men’s eyes flashed for a second in understanding; and then they were downcast in shame

    41. she was so terribly happy that she’d found a man who loved her and when it all went pear-shaped, she hadn't the wherewithal to deal with the situation at all, not to mention the shame she clearly felt … and not only for the abortion

    42. longer in direct control of the levers of power is a shame, but in his

    43. O ye sons of men, how long will ye turn my glory into shame? How long will ye love

    44. I feel that his treatment of her, combined with her own innate shame, both at the awful abortion event and the discovery of her own sexuality, left her with no self-esteem at all

    45. "Does she know where home is? Does she know that mum, dad and the rest of the fucked-up Brady Bunch are waiting for her with open arms? Shame about the digs

    46. He that answers a matter before he hears it, it is folly and shame unto him

    47. It’s a shame, Alex thinks, because there are so many pretty girls in the world

    48. By the time the new week began he thought it was a real shame they hadn’t connected socially long before this

    49. Shame in one sense, 'cos you know where you stand with JC

    50. "A real shame"

    1. He hated to admit that some of the reason was the way Ava shamed him, making him either continue or admit he was only with her for the sex

    2. He suffered, bled and was shamed

    3. shamed the receptionist into making a greater effort, and

    4. I won’t have my household shamed

    5. long before Theoton shamed her with a new bedmate right in her home

    6. At first it shamed her to be seen in this state, but when she looked at the dark-haired woman, she saw that Terese’s face was also red and puffy

    7. When he didn’t return to Grabensheim, he would be listed as a deserter from the Army, and his family would be shamed

    8. The old legend of the ainatunarit would be shamed

    9. 5 And Joab came into the house to the king, and said, You have shamed this day the faces of all your servants, which this day have

    10. 12 The sons of Elpaal; Eber, and Misham, and Shamed, who built Ono, and Lod, with the

    11. 6 You have shamed the counsel of the poor, because the Lord is his refuge

    12. But after Fee had gotten me a job in Bridgeport the summer of 1966, Dad shamed me into returning to UCLS, and I lived off campus which made life infinitely better

    13. 23 And Judah said, Let her take it to her, lest we be shamed: note, I sent this kid, and you have not found her

    14. 23 And Judah said, Let her take it to her, lest we be shamed: behold, I sent

    15. “You, who know exactly what it is like as much as anyone can without experiencing it themselves, you are now another female’s rapist!! It matters not that you were too cowardly to do the deed with your own hands, and so forced an innocent to be your weapon!! You are still the one who is violating her! And for eternity, Alilia!!! Eternity!!! You are the worst rapist who has ever lived, or who ever will live!!! You have shamed us all!!! How could you do it?!!!”

    16. But I am not the same girl now, and I have already been shamed

    17. My fear is of being shamed and ridiculed and

    18. When Yazadril put me back in my place, my husband told me that I had shamed him and our nation, and he has not spoken to me since

    19. shamed me, they said that letting me live would be worse than killing me

    20. The thought of this unknowing access shamed him into reaching for that which covered her

    21. As the thief is shamed when he is discovered, so the house of Israel is shamed; they, their kings, their princes and their priests and their prophets, who say to a tree, “You are my father,” and to a stone, “You gave me birth

    22. We shamed the Low Heels into passing a

    23. "I know I said I wasn’t going to mention this again because you have been cured of this sickness, but you shamed me and your mother by being with that woman

    24. memory, still shamed at knowing the guards had viewed it all on the

    25. Was it not the beginning of the end of them all? How it would have pained as well as shamed him! Is not Vivek free though it was he who sowed the seeds of this crime? Could the law have reprimanded Sneha, the eye of the storm? How she affected her son’s psyche! Through the impediment of her past, didn’t she clear the way to his fall! But, didn’t Manian, the villain of the piece go scot-free?'

    26. Instead, she was prepared to stake her honor in the interests of justice, that too at the risk of being shamed by Mehrotra, though in camera

    27. She turned and sprang toward the door, but with a movement that would have shamed a leaping panther, Tascela was before her

    28. There was a shamed silence

    29. "But you've shamed us

    30. shamed him to the core

    31. And the disapproving glances of his Angel shamed him to the core

    32. Stallman says he was both impressed and shamed by the

    33. shamed! Neither of us even considered trying to stop the

    34. Doug Wilson then looked at Bill Conway, who stood nearby with a shamed expression on his face

    35. I felt too shamed

    36. some of the more devout women were often shamed into suicide afterwards

    37. The woman holding the child in her arms in the vision was not Faye Underwood but rather represented Linda Cooper, the young nurse tainted by indiscretion and shamed by her pregnancy

    38. The Abwehr man, thoroughly shamed by now, left the room with his head bowed low

    39. The small print reported that the Queen insisted that Smithy come to the lunch at Buckingham Palace to which he had not been invited by Wilson who was shamed into asking Smith over to tea at No 10 that afternoon

    40. So I said nothing, at least for a space of some minutes, before getting up, walking to Barnabas, and apologizing to his face; for of a truth, I was sorrowful and had shamed myself with this immature behavior

    41. I’ll just fast forward here to remind you that Jesus (the second Adam) that went to the cross to redeem man back from his sins, the ones started in the Garden, was then stripped naked, shamed, but had no shame to hide our nakedness that man again could walk with God

    42. keep it, lest we be shamed

    43. shamed his master’s ninjistu talents by the time he was 6 years old

    44. To be absolutely honest myself, she kind of shamed me then with her selfless dedication

    45. You want to dirty my name in order to protect your hold on others? Then expect in return to be shamed publicly in a way that will convince even the most naïve and myopic of your followers that your precious church stands mostly for hypocrisy, misogyny and intolerance

    46. (who have been publicly shamed because of her sin)

    47. He rounded on her, angry that she had shamed him in front of total strangers (and his Mum)

    48. The police was shamed into arresting her husband Pratap Sigh Chauhan and inlaws and 2 neighbours who had been harassing her

    49. A sober Byron watched from the doorway and lit himself a shamed but celebratory cigarette

    50. Institutional shaming, such as URhome's Who's in your neighborhood apps that automatically notify you of any undesirable's location and updates registration information of all those you have ed on your Keep an  on list, creates the shamed into a PTSD

    1. She thinks my testimony shames the household

    2. It shames me to admit it, but I hadn’t twisted my ankle

    3. “That is part of what shames him

    4. purity that shames and grays

    5. I felt ashamed for the first time after that horror night when I lost all my shames of simplicity and innocence

    6. For the pillow shames, you could use either all black or all white and could add throw cushions in the opposite color

    7. Moon Under Water quickly called the village together in the Circle of Wisdom and told them that Antelope Hunter would return in a few days, saying, “When Antelope Hunter returns, it shames me to tell you it will not be a time of happiness and feasting

    8. the truth inside that shames us?

    9. But if we shame this need, fear and criminalize it, then we make it impossible for the needy to come forward, unless they are great souls of humility in a brazen world that shames for profit

    10. went, “It shames me to say it, but I haven’t talked to Keekay in a long time

    11. It shames me as a human

    12. In girlish hopes and fears and shames,

    13. Young Swinton was, to say the truth of him, a fine bold rattling lad, warm in the temper, and ready with the hand, and no man’s foe so much as his own; for he was a spoiled bairn, through the partiality of old Lady Bodikins, his grandmother, who lived in the turreted house at the town-end, by whose indulgence he grew to be of a dressy and rakish inclination, and, like most youngsters of the kind, was vain of his shames, the which cost Mr Pittle’s session no little trouble

    14. It certainly is sad that turpitude heaped up should give a sum total of gayety, that by piling ignominy upon opprobrium the people should be enticed, that the system of spying, and serving as caryatids to prostitution should amuse the rabble when it confronts them, that the crowd loves to behold that monstrous living pile of tinsel rags, half dung, half light, roll by on four wheels howling and laughing, that they should clap their hands at this glory composed of all shames, that there would be no festival for the populace, did not the police promenade in their midst these sorts of twenty-headed hydras of joy

    15. I can remember blushing hotly at the question, but at the same time feeling—for all my efforts to prevent it—a self-satisfied smile steal over my face as I began talking, in the most inflated and long-winded French, such rubbish as even now, after dozens of years, it shames me to recall

    1. “Not another word!” Though Mother never raised her voice, it was a shaming reprimand

    2. Shaming for a Tregannon to yield to tears, but he cannot help himself

    3. No amount of shaming thought could move it farther

    4. happening and why without shaming or

    5. These parameters widen only when the shaming meta-evaluations are reduced or

    6. One strategy for remaining unconscious of the destructive and shaming context, that

    7. His mother tentatively reached out and softly touched his shoulder, giving what comfort she could without shaming her son

    8. hard because secretly he thinks you are shaming the Raza

    9. With the vengeance of a self-righteous victim, you app Where's the Protest? so you can join the shaming to extort a little envious retribution from those who won the game you love to play, but rarely win

    10. Is this what you heard, 'Excuses are for losers'? Were you a victim of shaming?

    11. Crowd accelerated survival of the only arms race cultural practices, like shaming, hating, mocking and voting off, increases the expertise of torturers, the incidence of hate crimes, and divergence of classes

    12. Social shaming is unrelenting

    13. Institutional shaming, such as URhome's Who's in your neighborhood apps that automatically notify you of any undesirable's location and updates registration information of all those you have ed on your Keep an  on list, creates the shamed into a PTSD

    14. For the rest, the Old Bailey was famous as a kind of deadly inn-yard, from which pale travellers set out continually, in carts and coaches, on a violent passage into the other world: traversing some two miles and a half of public street and road, and shaming few good citizens, if any

    15. I may add that they say the author left it on record that he likened their friendship to that of Nisus and Euryalus, and Pylades and Orestes; and if that be so, it may be perceived, to the admiration of mankind, how firm the friendship must have been between these two peaceful animals, shaming men, who preserve friendships with one another so badly

    16. Although imprisoned beneath the abbey, Cruce is still able to project a glamour of himself, and in dreams he seduces Kat nightly, shaming her and making her feel unfit to rule, or be loved by her longtime sweetheart Sean O’Bannion

    17. So basically I have some demanding bear shaming me into creating a less fiery dining room for him to devour me

    18. We’ve hated him so much and showed it so plainly and now he’s “Well, I think he did it partly for Melly’s sake but mostly because he thought it would be got us in a fix where all of you have your choice of saying you were at that Watling woman’s house and shaming yourself and wives before the Yankees—or telling the

    19. God proddings and storms of temper and cutting remarks, for alienating his friends and shaming him by operating the mills and building the saloon and leasing convicts

    20. This, then, was what our rule of frankness had brought us to—the rule that we should “tell one another everything in our minds, and never discuss one another with a third person!” Many a time we had exaggerated frankness to the pitch of making mutual confession of the most shameless thoughts, and of shaming ourselves by voicing to one another proposals or schemes for attaining our desires; yet those confessions had not only failed to draw closer the tie which united us, but had dissipated sympathy and thrust us further apart, until now pride would not allow him to expose his feelings even in the smallest detail, and we employed in our quarrel the very weapons which we had formerly surrendered to one another—the weapons which could strike the shrewdest blows!

    21. Here was an easy chance of shaming Garstin before the gang, of convicting him of rank and unprofessional cowardice, of getting his own back again from the office-desk theoretician, yet—an uncontrollable impulse of generosity prevented his seizing it

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