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Stain в предложении (на )

1. As he wiped the stain.
2. I know there is such a stain.
3. An obscene oath has its stain.
4. Q: The entire world is a stain.
5. And has cleansed every stain.
6. And then there was the stain of.
7. The stain stretched under the bed.

9. Feeling the beautiful stain of your.
10. A yellow stain on the grey concrete.
11. You know that my house has no stain.
12. There was a dark stain above her lip.
13. Melinda noticed a stain on her shorts.
14. It left a brown stain on the wallpaper.
15. Murphy looked at the massive blood stain.
16. On the land of Lurien there was no stain.
17. God says: It is the stain of Al’lah.
18. Still, one could still see the stain if.
19. He was enjoying watching Stain suffer too.
20. When you stain a piece of wood, the wood.
21. His coloured coat with blood they'd stain.
22. She brushed it and took a stain out of it.
23. Which Lion vile with bloody mouth did stain.
24. Melinda pointed to the stain in her crotch.
25. Whatever you can see is bound to be a stain.
26. I didn’t have to wonder what that stain was.
27. And who has a better stain than Al’lah’s?
28. The shadings of the stain are off, I said.
29. The stain must be dry for any solution to work.
30. Hassan looked from the stain on his chest to me.
31. She wiped at the red tomato stain on her blouse.
32. There is a lipstick stain on the side of the cup.
33. The Mortal Wars are a black stain on our history.
34. Aidan wiped the stain of blood from his upper lip.
35. But some events purify the mind and some stain it.
37. This is the work of God not Allah, no stain in it.
38. At one point, a large red stain darkened the snow.
39. That’s a pretty big stain on your blouse, Ms.
40. And now I find there is a stain which I can't help.
41. The red stain below her head told him she had been.
42. There was no sign of him now, not even a blood stain.
43. There was a stain on it that they couldn’t get out.
44. The solution depends on what type of stain that it is.
45. Of course, I need those I got blood stain on my shirt.
46. I felt that I was a stain on the blemish-less lineage.
47. It was damp, and she fancied that it was a blood stain.
48. His eyes sweep over Devon and rest on the coffee stain.
49. Justin Stain found The Boss’ expression gut wrenching.
50. Give the entire unit a thorough sanding and then stain.
51. MY bride is the one without stain, nor spot, nor wrinkle.
52. Finally, stain the wood to the desired color and varnish.
53. I am coming for a bride without stain, spot, and wrinkle.
54. We will be colored with a stain of the Godly Perfection.
55. OK crotch stain, you picked the wrong day to mess with WMD.
56. You said, Together, we will take the stain of sin away.
57. If there’d been a stain they’d have to sit down again.
58. Donald, I’ve never seen a green stain on the back of.
59. Wow, I don't think that stain will come off black cotton.
60. Agaricus fungi: AVOID any that stain yellow when cut (see A.
61. She would never bring any stain upon it—of that I am sure.
62. Clutching his stomach where a dark stain grows on his shirt.
63. He felt like he now carried a stain he could never wash off.
64. They’re not without stain, but cleaner than most schools.
65. Wallace brushed at a stain on his jacket with a concerned look.
66. He’s wearing glasses and a white coat with a red stain on it.
67. Soon the bandage would stain and all flight would be restricted.
68. A son ought not to submit to such a stain on his father's honor.
69. She left the room and stopped by the mirror, the stain of dried.
70. See that rust colored stain by your foot? Marcus looked down.
71. Max put the stain rag in paint thinner and cleaned up his station.
72. Connie smiled up at him before brushing at the stain on his shirt.
73. She touched the dark stain on her dress, feeling it congealed and.
74. Flowing over the mountain peaks like a watercolor stain spreading.
75. Try to to avoid spreading the stain around, never try to rub out.
76. He shifted from foot to foot, and a pink stain flushed his cheeks.
77. Nothing will ever remove this stain, she said wiping harder.
78. It is important to me to have no stain on my birth and connections.
79. Ready your vigor to injure and your still candid innocence to stain.
80. Or the inkbottle I suggested with a false stain of black celluloid.
81. In the middle of the dirty old musty mattress was a stain of blood.
82. There IS a second stain, but it does not correspond with the other.
83. You know what they say, slander someone and the stain never clears.
84. Blood is such a good stain that Native Americans used it for paint.
85. Max rubbed a cleaning cloth over the stain and it marked the cloth.
86. Justin Stain had been very wel looked after over the last few months.
87. Gold, who was standing now, too, looking down at the spreading stain.
88. My commutation ticket came back to me with a dark stain from his hand.
89. There was a dark crimson stain on the floorboards halfway across the.
90. The stain glass was quite lovely, really, and probably very valuable.
91. He wanted to burn the thing into ashes and a dark stain on the floor.
92. And who gives a better stain than Al'lah and we are worshiping Him?
93. The man sneers openly at Devon, eyes flicking to the stain on his shirt.
94. There was blood on her chest and the stain looked to be getting bigger.
95. I suspect he thought reopening the issue would stain his name, as well.
96. Max Sheehan applied the last coat of stain to the baby crib he had been.
97. He tried to contact Justin Stain at the house in China-town, but got no.
98. Green paint? A grass stain? But it was no good; he’d have to tell her.
99. DRY! he hissed with a snarl that would’ve made an SAS man stain his.
100. Well, you will be surprised to hear that there is no stain on the white.
1. You are the staining IT.
2. Was that blood staining the table?
3. It slid an inch higher, staining to.
4. Coagulated blood staining parts of her body.
5. The air hangs with salt, staining feathers and.
6. The man wiped his mouth on his shirt staining i red.
7. It oozed over the rocks staining them in a growing patch.
8. Blood leaked onto my fingers staining my nails a deep red.
9. I was lying on the couch, tears of anger staining my cheeks.
10. The torn wing lay broken on his back, blood staining the floor.
11. She shivered at the thought and felt dry tears staining her cheeks.
12. Just a rub of grime, and faint indigo staining, probably from denim.
13. But finally, just as the sun began staining the sky, the message came.
14. Laughter in her eyes, pink staining her cheeks, Emory couldn’t watch.
15. Two of them had already fallen to his sword, staining the hallows with.
16. Hall, John, on the staining of wood, and on medical electricity, iii, 166.
17. She smiled, Because to outsiders, true Staining shows wisdom and experience.
18. The dog whimpered as blood rushed from the wound staining the surrounding fur.
19. He carefully wiped at his mouth, looked down at the blood staining his fingers.
20. I will come to your home, Garret said, a happy flush staining his cheeks.
21. I see deep, parallel gashes across the palm, blood dripping, staining the snow.
22. Onk turned his head and vomited, staining his white robe with a mixture of blood and bile.
23. The colors pool between her pale clavicles before running and staining her white brassiere.
24. And when he saw Derrick standing there, a bit of soda staining his shirt, that rage doubled.
25. There were a few drops of dried blood staining the shirt and the material was slightly ripped.
26. There were acres and acres of wildly colored flowers staining the summer air with their scent.
27. June rubbed the pads of her fingers across her face, trying to erase the mascara staining her face.
28. For the usually unflappable Henrietta was fidgeting in her seat, a slight blush staining her cheeks.
29. Marfoul drew his head back sharply, blood staining his lip from where Samantha had managed to bite him.
30. Blaine staggered backward, collapsing on the deck, a pool of dark blood staining his white cotton shirt.
31. Drips of black run down from the gashes in your flesh and into the endless sea, you bleed staining the surface.
32. The builders finished all but the staining, and varnishing of the cupboards, and the painting of all the walls.
33. Oh, my God! They had lights streaming out like fucking beacons, staining the ground outside with a golden tint.
34. Taking another deep breath, he took my hand away and held it in his, and I could see blood staining my fingertips.
35. Closing her eyes, Petra replayed a memory in her mind: Emory falling, blood draining from his face and staining his shirt.
36. The consumer of blood are countries under the predator Al Quaida, staining blood in Pakistan, Iraq, Afghanistan and Kurdistan.
37. Ganesh did not want to imagine the infections that must be staining those walls, but at least they offered some semblance of aesthetics.
38. Will took the stairs and advanced on Lesko, the good-looking kid with blood staining his expensive clothes, blood dripping down his pants.
39. She could scream and holler until she was hoarse, but the image of the dead partisan, his blood staining the ground, was too much for her to bear.
40. Dental fluorosis is the staining of the teeth as a result of consuming too much fluoride while children’s teeth are developing ( 0- 6 years of age ).
41. He blasphemed the gods and sprawled drunken on the floor of the banquet hall wearing the golden crown, and staining his royal purple robes with the wine he spilled.
42. An hour later, after scratching their arms and legs and staining their hands and mouths with juice, they sat down in the grass and passed a bottle of lemonade around.
43. She slams the kettle down onto the work surface and pushes the cold tap to maximum so that she can stop the skin on the back of her hand from staining red with the scald.
44. Sun and sand filled her mind, wind whipping around a stooped figure as he fought his way through the sandstorm, blood staining his chest, what had been his life torn from him—.
45. At last, after trying for two minutes, and staining his hands with blood, he succeeded in severing the cord with the blade of the hatchet without further disfiguring the dead body.
46. The letters were still legible, but it was perfectly clear from their blurred appearance, and from the staining of the skin round them, that efforts had been made to obliterate them.
47. Ellanara held her hands to her temples looking greatly pained and looked at her father with a blush staining her cheeks, Do you have to talk about things like that father? Really?
48. Was she forgiven? With the blood staining his blond hair and eyebrows, smearing his neck, and dripping from his chin, he appeared even grimmer than usual, but he met her questioning gaze.
49. Please don’t go, Meagan muttered with uncontrollable sniffles as she bent over Marco, her head resting against his chest, and his blood staining her clothes, listening to his heartbeat.
50. He got out of the bed, stepped into his shorts, and walked into Gozan’s bathroom, where he found the woman on the floor, blood soaking into the cream-colored bath mat and staining her yellow hair.
51. The knuckles were like hardened magma: black, swollen, craggy from having worked the land for two decades, making it safe for the pigs and the chickens, for the towering green corn that rose around them in every direction, staining the sky beige with its exhalations.
52. Hair - long, tangled, dark, hardly showing the dried blood staining it - wafted across the nearside rail, one moment draping the black-grey smoothness with deep brown tendrils, the next flying back whence it came, its roots firmly attached to the scalp that engendered it.
53. We’ve been scouring ancient books and scrolls for months, trying to find the spell to summon him, and the surgeon I need just arrived out of the blue! The one with butterfly fingers who creates and destroys worlds and can surely remove this great staining darkness inside me!.
1. It stained his finger red.
2. Yet I feel dirty, stained.
3. White tiles and stained grout.
4. His tunic was rough and stained.
5. And stained the ink on the page.
6. Wine and blood stained the floor.
7. Stained glass, they’d called it.
8. He was wearing a stained lab coat.
9. Some khakis were stained with mold.
10. Black dots stained her white jacket.
11. The bandages were stained with red.
12. A pink tinge stained Fritz’s neck.
13. She looked at the stained café wall.
15. The brown mouth of a drain, stained.
16. My jeans are stained from where the.
17. With his blood he stained the letters.
18. A spot of blood stained the chest of.
19. His face was sleepy and tear- stained.
20. Murder had stained the night sanguine.
21. A section of it was stained with blood.
22. The very walls were stained with death.
23. A man in a stained lab coat came at them.
24. He sang of life's fresh colours stained.
25. The stained glass windows shone no more.
26. The cheap nylon nightdress, stained and.
27. The leather furniture was wet and stained.
28. Streets were stained with blood and grime.
29. Wine stained his shirt in multiple places.
30. Aphrodite’s face was stained with tears.
31. Leave me stained, water-colored in shame?
32. It left his fingers stained red and black.
33. His shirt was stained deep red with food.
34. One photo was stained with coffee or cola.
35. His hand clutching his blood stained shirt.
36. I stained to hear the bat striking the ball.
37. It’s a stained glass teardrop kind of day.
38. A small pool of blood stained the floor on.
39. It was crooked and stained from years of use.
40. But the underside is as stained as the upper.
41. A tip of rag protruded which was stained red.
42. He looked in a section of the stained mirror.
43. Then she stained her dress with chicken blood.
44. But the under side is as stained as the upper.
45. Mismatched flatware rested on stained napkins.
46. Droplets of blood stained the hard wood floor.
47. The 1929 sanctuary, with ornate stained glass.
48. I have my face lying on the pee stained tile.
49. His clothes were dusty and stained with vomit.
50. The hard ground was stained with dark blotches.
51. The irrigation ditches were stained with blood.
52. The water around them was suddenly stained red.
53. The wall behind her was stained concrete block.
54. The whole house was crooked, beaten-up, stained.
55. Her T-shirt is stained and her jeans are filthy.
56. The chipped porcelain was stained a bright pink.
57. She reached into the pocket of her stained shift.
58. The rust at the corners stained his hands brown.
59. Her laughing mouth looked stained by walnut juice.
60. She too had chapped lips and salt stained clothes.
61. The table was sticky and stained with bottle rings.
62. The blood from his wounds stained the wall crimson.
63. Then we saw a dark shadow move through the stained.
64. Black leather is stained with the deepest red wine.
65. As she fell, her turquoise coat, now stained with.
66. He drove with a heavy heart and a tear stained face.
67. He showed Ralph the arrow, still stained with blood.
68. On the wall were scratched words stained with blood.
69. The bird feeder is made out of pine and is stained.
70. Their assumed saintly robes are merely stained rags.
71. His hands were ink stained and his unruly hair had.
72. The white plaster ceiling was stained with nicotine.
73. He nods, grins at me, coffee breath and stained teeth.
74. Their blood stained bodies fell forward in the grass.
75. He was still wearing his uniform, stained with blood.
76. L€ne coughed a little and glitter stained her hands.
77. He wore a stained school T-shirt and red plaid boxers.
78. Lezura looked around the calf of the blood stained leg.
79. There were beautiful stained glass windows everywhere.
80. He was slowly unpinning the badges and stained ribbons.
81. A red river flowed and stained the virgin white sheets.
82. The napkin in his lap was stained like a surgical gown.
83. With a tear stained face and red eyes, sat Liz McNulty.
84. In the photo, I’m wearing a blue Onesie stained with.
85. It looked like the ceiling of a stained glass cathedral.
86. Damalis lifted the silver goblet to her red stained lips.
87. Now the shop keeper’s blood stained the floors as well.
88. It is stained with dust, and there is dust in your hair.
89. Blood stained the white ground where the young woman lay.
90. Her face was etched in pain and tears stained her cheeks.
91. All that was left was the crimson stained surface of bone.
92. The gentle waves around her were stained red by her blood.
93. He sprang up and wiped his stained clothes with his hands.
94. The man smiled in response, revealing yellow stained teeth.
95. Haven’s nose dripped quickly, her face stained with tears.
96. The Masamune lay by his side, the long blade stained in red.
97. A fat full moon that seemed stained yellow around its edges.
98. The black stained ceiling remembered the roaring fires that.
99. A few tables sat under stained glass windows in a small hall.
100. She stared out her window through the dark colored stained.
1. Cock rot and shit stains.
2. Paul noticed the stains too.
3. See the stains and remove.
4. The stains won’t show and.
5. Try to dry the stains before.
6. He too observed the stains in.
7. Ink stains on a carpet of white.
8. M: Obviously, by removing stains.
9. There were stains on his fingers.
10. Stains are generally applied to.
11. The black stains, Chang said.
12. The stains of concealable culture.
13. Yellow, with food and beer stains.
14. He had smoke stains on the fuselage.
15. I checked the boot for blood stains.
16. The stains are hidden under passion.
17. Varnish and gilding hide many stains.
18. He hadn’t noticed the blood stains.
19. The green shag carpet had old stains.
20. Now they found the stains to be semen.
21. Q: All perceivables, are they stains?
22. Stains will darken the wood to varying.
23. Oh no Missy, those weren't blood stains.
24. He stared at the cum stains on her black.
25. It drips everywhere and stains the carpet.
26. And wiped the grass stains from her dress.
27. Blood stains spread down his back and chest.
28. Curiously, there were no water stains on it.
29. It had dirt stains but was relatively clean.
30. Except for the mud stains his cowboy boots.
31. Water stains ran down the sides of the garage.
32. The blood stains would have been a bit obvious.
33. There were no greasy stains and no need to polish.
34. The two stains did correspond, but the carpet has.
35. She tries to wipe the red stains off Dana's blouse.
36. The floor was covered with vast fresh blood stains.
37. May all these practices be undefiled by the stains.
38. Instead of covering the surface of the wood, stains.
39. He and Cindy both had stains all over their clothes.
40. He rearranged his bed sheets to cover up the stains.
41. Aiden stood watching him, there were tear stains on.
42. There are dried blood stains on her tattered clothes.
43. On all fours, using your nose to identify the stains.
44. Getting the cum stains out ya costume the next day.
45. I thought one of the stains looked like an 'R', so I.
46. The walls were full of bullet holes and stains of blood.
47. I have the trademark white stains on the shoulders of my.
48. Big stains of sweat are forming on his light green shirt.
49. He found no possessions, no notes, no stains, no nothing.
50. There were dried blood stains on the graying flesh itself.
51. There were stains of dried blood already encrusted on them.
52. Well, your clothing was soiled and had the dingiest stains.
53. Broken glass, ash and soot stains contaminated the exterior.
54. Ben gripped it, cold in his hands, rusty stains on the point.
55. They noticed several blood stains on the floor and grimaced.
56. Dark stains that looked like blood covered most of her shirt.
57. I blink, and the violent red stains the inside of my eyelids.
58. Brown water stains make teardrop shapes around the plug hole.
59. How am I to tell? Should I tell the officer I have stains on.
60. There were light-brown water stains that spread out along the.
61. Best with oil and water based flat paints and full body stains.
62. Stains on the concrete floor from automobiles, once upon a time.
63. Ponder the bloodshed and injustice that stains the history of.
64. Not in time, my wife noted, pointing to the stains on my jacket.
65. Suddenly, a few similar stains appeared, but of different colour.
66. The accusing stains had disappeared, but the handle was still damp.
67. The two stains did correspond, but the carpet has been turned round.
68. Their paperwork filled two canvas shopping bags, with matching stains.
69. At the first glance there seemed to be nothing but stains on the boots.
70. There is no blood stains in the bathroom sink as Tony washes his hands.
71. Christine shows him the tough red stains on the front of Dana's blouse.
72. Quite superfluous in the age of the hamburger and the stains of ketchup.
73. Christine continues to show Harold the red stains on Dana's white jacket.
74. He is wearing tracksuit bottoms with curry stains down and a string vest.
75. So here was John Huff with grass stains on his knees and the seat of his.
76. She gazed at the red stains, disbelieving, and turned mutely to my father.
77. The problems that I see most often are stains on the walls or the ceiling.
78. The orange stains on his lips shimmered as though covered in a layer of oil.
79. Everyone was looking at the blood stains wondering what might have happened.
80. Some days later, father tore the wood away as the stains never did come up.
81. The fog explained the stains on the white and pink floral wallpaper, though.
82. Rosie cleaned it for me, but there were still blood stains on my white door.
83. It was tidy enough except for the stains on the wall and the wine on the rug.
84. The heated cocaine stains the aluminium a dark red and leaves behind a residue.
85. Best for enamels on interior doors or walls and with stains on exterior decks.
86. But this particular belt seemed to have some brownish-red stains on the metalwork.
87. Red stains covered his upper back, holes torn out of the clothing at the shoulders.
88. He spun around, a surprised look on his face, crimson stains widening on his chest.
89. Black stains of moisture spread over our uniforms wherever pack straps made contact.
90. He began to cough into his handkerchief, discreetly folding over pink stains before.
91. Dark stains discoloured the bandages as the gashes continued to ooze blood and puss.
92. So this man could tell nothing except his asking about the flat and the blood stains.
93. Food, Ben said, looking down at his broken boots with sloppy-joe stains on them.
94. Even his teeth were brown, under the red stains left by the sourleaf he liked to chew.
95. Analysis of ancient blood stains is now relatively common, Olin informed Juliana.
96. His words came from somewhere within an ill-kept silver beard that bore tobacco stains.
97. That's clear enough, for the stains lie above each other—if you lay it over this way.
98. Yellow stains marked the armpits of the vests and several sported dried blood spatters.
99. PlayStation long-sleeved shirt, complete with breakfast stains, baggy black shorts that.
100. Stains can be reactivated by more water or by water based stain blocker, paint, or primer.

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