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    1. After a few minutes of slashing, the bodies become a body fort

    2. He whirled the club around and wailed it down on one of those slashing scimitars

    3. Oreo leaped on its back clawing and slashing it to the bone

    4. black boots suddenly went into overdrive, slashing and beating at

    5. From goodness knows where, he had produced a knife, lunging and slashing at her clothes

    6. "The sky was soft lavender, with slivers of silver slashing across it

    7. Butterflies in his stomach turned to razor blades slashing at his heart

    8. The being was still trying to cut her down, hacking and slashing as he sailed through the air

    9. A punch to the stomach, a punch to the face, another cut, this time below the previous one, followed by another slashing of the knife on his left thigh

    10. It was a relief from the large slashing pellets of the earlier downpour

    1. After the jokes came the razor slash, and we each comforted the other as the bruises and scabs healed

    2. 'They were so crazed those men, they would bite into their glasses and slash their thighs and forearms without uttering a sound

    3. It makes it easier for Alex to reach down to his belt, grab his hand gun by the butt and slash the barrel across his assailant's nose

    4. confines of Roman’s small living room slash bedroom before

    5. Sending his fast, mobile Orc battle groups deep into enemy territory to slash and burn

    6. With a slash of his broadsword he severed the chain

    7. knife and began to slash away, but hit a steel brace that had been placed around Seward’s neck following his accident, and this

    8. Launching himself off the porch like a missile and growling his fiercest, he landed on the dog’s head with a quick slash of claws across the face that sent the dog running back to the street, shrieking and squealing

    9. Though if I hadn’t had the hood on I would have seen Lt Harrington slash his swagger stick down as the rifles discharged their rounds on the way to the target

    10. The sjamboks (whips), I am afraid to say, were used to chase rioters and students around whilst taking a slash or two at them

    1. two survivors of explosions that slashed long days,

    2. Desa screamed and slashed at the tentacles with the knife

    3. He slashed thru that with an eraser, shifted the equator and had the eye revolve with the bundle on the axis

    4. The Thane slashed

    5. Vietnam jungle watching as a seven foot gray alien slashed Carl with its three

    6. The humans sought to defend themselves as the creatures flooded their ranks, but instead of biting into the demons' flesh, their blades slashed and stabbed at emptiness, cutting harmlessly through the air

    7. The druid with the sickle grabbed his arm and slashed the back of the marine’s hand with the tip of the blade, twisting the sickle as he did

    8. The edge of the blade was covered in blood and Nathaniel could see that an upside down crucifix had been cut into both of the teenager’s chests, the stipes running between their breasts and the patibulum slashed across their lower abdomen

    9. Captain Hycron slashed her breasts

    10. All 4 of his tires are slashed

    1. SAMANTHA: Here, you didn't like this? Now, is this better? And this? I can fix this one too! You happy now? And these are too provocative? Here! (She picks a pair of scissors and slashes more clothes

    2. Mine was white with red slashes through it

    3. All of these appeared as well to have suffered the wrath of a swordsman, two of the bodies even baring slashes to the neck

    4. The young man then comes running out from his hiding place and, using his sword, he slashes a long cut under the dragon’s left fore-arm

    5. She had changed into a pale blue silk dress with silver embroidery across the breasts and dark blue slashes across the thighs

    6. “This is Corn Harvest,” she said as she began stepping forward making sideways angular slashes through the air

    7. When Amaranthe woke, early morning light slipped between the boards across the windows, streaking the maze of hanging papers with slashes

    8. Three slashes across his lower back laid open the material, along with the skin and muscle beneath it

    9. the slashes with the Buster Sword, twisting to meet the onslaught

    10. Some analysts and commentators spread a litany of anti Yankee “buts”, sharpened slashes against the assaulted country and consoling and even cheering hand-clapping for the executors of such atrocity

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    gash lash slice slit sever wound abbreviate abridge alter cut

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    gash slash diagonal separatrix solidus stroke virgule cut slice cut down flog lash lather strap trounce welt whip convulse jactitate thrash thrash about thresh thresh about toss slit sever wound abbreviate abridge alter